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Tesla fire bring disaster to their

share price volatility

I believe we have a concern about the developments in the Tesla electric car, it's
every action will cause strong reactions in the industry, unfortunately Tesla battery
recently had a problem that people are most concerned about: safety, this month in
American, a Tesla Model S electric vehicle battery module hit by fire. In Tesla this
year became the focus of the automotive industry background, the case caused an
uproar, Tesla shares soared this year, and therefore volatility.
Local time on October 1, a Tesla Model S at the Washington State Kent (Kent) of
road metal objects on fire after the collision. Then fire scenes photos and video
widely disseminated on the Internet, causing concern and hot, and for questioning
the safety of electric vehicles.
Tesla shares this year, an increase of about five times, thus "Tesla Tornado" famous.
And this after the fire incident sharp fluctuations in stock prices, only 2 October
afternoon in less than an hour, the stock price plummeted from $ 185.74 to $ 175.76.
Landslide to 23, the stock was more than 10%, the stock had reached its lowest
point around $ 168, which means a $ 2.3 billion market value evaporated.
In order to "fire", October 4 Tesla CEO Aron Musk (Elon Musk) on the blog
published an open letter by the principles of interpretation of the safety performance
of the Tesla Model S defense.
Musk noted, Model S at the time and chunks of metal objects collided with a large
area of the body damage. Later on the road near the scene and found a possible fall
from the truck bent metal panels, which may be the culprit. In relative motion, the
panel drill into the vehicle, piercing the Model S Body leveraged to form a hole
diameter of 3 inches, while the body of the car to protect the car only a quarter-inch
shell thickness, can not stop up to 25 tons penetration force. In crashing, the lithium
battery fire.
But Musk stressed that due to the early warning system to help car, Model S owners
succeeded in escaping from the trouble spot. Front-end collision resulting in the
battery module fires, Model S battery pack includes a total of the entire 16 modules,
most mounted on the front of the car, separated from the interior of each module by
fire apparatus. Ventilation holes on the battery pack makes the flame spray down
along the road and away from the car. It also believes that compared with traditional
fuel vehicles, electric vehicles are relatively low flammability, if a combustible fuel by
the impact, the consequences will be more serious.
After publication Musk defended Tesla stock was back up to $ 180 level, to October 7
and even return to the $ 186 level. But October 8 Tesla shares plummeting to near
$ 175 again, the day to close at $ 174.73, $ 194.50 from the highest point of this
year's significant gaps.
Security issues can not be ignored in today's focus on new energy development,
power type lithium trends generally optimistic, but security problems have been an
issue of great concern to everyone, I hope the first company can focus on this issue.
General Electronics Battery Co., Ltd. electric vehicle battery has been committed to
the development, production, for consumers to create a safe, environmentally
friendly batteries.
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