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Role Profile
Job Title Country Human Resources Manager, Saudi Arabia
Directorate or Region MENA Department/Country HR/Saudi Arabia
ocation o! post Riyad" #ay $and %rade %
Reports to Country Director Duration o! &ob 'nde!inite
Purpose of job:
To support t"e ac"ie(ement o! t"e $ritis" Council outcomes t"roug" e!!ecti(e and e!!icient
Human Resources management) T"is *ill include leading on HR strategy de(elopment and
implementation, *it" particular responsibility !or learning and de(elopment) T"e post "older *ill
be responsible !or t"e management o! all country HR processes, suc" a #er!ormance
Management, disciplinary, grie(ances etc) in line *it" corporate HR policies in order to meet t"e
business needs and e+empli!y corporate (alues and standards)
T"e post "older *ill be responsible !or promoting a caring and supporti(e *or,ing en(ironment
t"at emp"asises ac"ie(ement t"roug" learning, ,no*ledge s"aring and team-*or,ing and to
pro(ide leaders"ip and e+pertise on HR policy, standards and practice across Saudi Arabia
Context and environment:
Saudi Arabia employs around .// sta!! across its . o!!ices in Riyad", Jedda" 0 Al 1"obar)
T"e businesses include Teac"ing Centres, E+aminations, Arts, Englis", Education and Society)
2ur o!!ices are underta,ing c"allenging c"ange programmes) T"ese include e+pansion to
ac"ie(e c"allenging gro*t" targets, managing costs, mo(ing to di!!erent and smarter *ays o!
Country operations eac" "a(e a designated Senior Management !or t"eir respecti(e
departments and Resources o!!ices in eac" city) T"is net*or, needs pro!essional support in
terms o! ad(ice on aspects o! $C policy and "o* to deal *it" HR related issues as t"ey arise)
T"e Human Resources Manager *ill "a(e a HR Coordinator and *ill *or, closely *it" Country
Director, Senior E+ecuti(e team and Resources Managers in eac" city to manage HR issues in
t"e !ace o! !re3uent comple+ c"allenges resulting !rom go(ernment and local legislation *it"in
Saudi Arabia)
4 o! 5 Recruitment Team June 6/44
Accountabilities, responsibilities and main duties:
Accountabilities, responsibilities and main duties:
Leading HR strategy, management & implementation across Saudi Arabia
7nderstand t"e businesses and t"e HR re3uirements in eac" city !or Saudi Arabia by
liaising *it" Country Director)
Establis"ing and maintaining appropriate sta!! structures, numbers and s,ill 8sta!!ing
pro!ile/modeling9 t"roug" liaising *it" E+ecuti(e team and Country Director, to include
o!!ice space)
#articipate in management meetings as re3uired by Country Director to include *ee,ly
e+ecuti(e team meetings and mont"ly Regional HR metings)
Contribute, and identi!y HR related ris, to business operations t"roug" :CC: meetings
and reporting tools)
eading t"e management o! per!ormance management and moderation processes across
Saudi Arabia
Ad(ising Senior Management and department "eads on t"eir approac" to talent and
succession planning programmes
Ma,ing policy recommendations re!lecting on HR corporate and best practice and
ensuring all HR matters comply *it" local Saudi labour la*)
Communicating to Country Director, managers, HR/Resources colleagues and sta!! about
HR matters
Ensuring sta!! sur(ey results are analysed and assist *it" de(eloping HR strategy in
liaison *it" sta!! and Country Director)
Recruitment & Selection:
eading and managing on recruitment 0 selection in compliance *it" corporate HR
policies, E3ual 2pportunity and Di(ersity and local legislation)
Responsible !or pro(iding support to managers *it" recruitment and selection to ensure
decisions made pro(ide best disposition !or t"e $ritis" Council at a country le(el)
Responsible !or ensuring appropriate role pro!iles, ad(ertising, induction, re!erence and
ot"er necessary c"ec,s and e+it process are completed !or all sta!! &oining and lea(ing t"e
See,ing legal ad(ise as necessary)
Ensuring recruitment records are ,ept and maintained as per corporate re3uirements)
People and performance:
En"ancing business outputs by enabling sta!! to per!orm at t"eir optimal le(el, t"roug"
e!!ecti(e and e!!icient use o! t"e #er!ormance Management process !or all sta!! in MENA)
To ensure accurate and up to date Sta!! !iles !or all sta!!)
E!!ecti(e management o! annual lea(e, T2', sic,ness absences and ot"er lea(e
To ensure sta!! *el!are, by promoting a caring, supporti(e *or,ing en(ironment)
6 o! 5 Recruitment Team June 6/44
Ensuring TAC2S and corporate HR policies are ad"ered to and communicated country
Lead on Learning and Development for Saudi Arabia
ead on de(eloping and implementing an 0D programme *"ic" supports t"e
ac"ie(ement o! business ob&ecti(es t"e de(elopment needs o! sta!!)
Manage t"e relations"ips *it" 0D suppliers, as necessary
Ensure in(estment in 0D is ade3uately e(aluated)
Support department "eads on 0D *it" ad(ise and consultancy
All Sta!! complete t"e corporate mandatory training and ensure records o! training are
Ensure ade3uate HR training and *or,s"ops !or #M, recruitment 0 selection etc are
pro(ided as re3uired by business and/or sta!! needs
Grievances and Disciplinary:
To address grie(ance and disciplinary case *it" complete con!identiality, sensiti(ity and in
compliance to local legislation and *"ere applicable 71 legislation)
To manage any operational and/ or !inancial ris, t"at may result !rom a disciplinary or
grie(ance case
To ensure Country Director is ,ept up to date and a*are o! all suc" cases, and *"ere
applicable liaise *it" HR business partner and Country Director
Provide leadersip and e!pertise on HR policy, standards and practice across Saudi
'nternal consultancy, ad(ise and guidance is pro(ided !or all managers to ensure consistent
practice in t"e !ollo*ing areas;
#er!ormance management and moderation
Disciplinary matters
E3ual 2pportunity 0 Di(ersity
Sta!! engagement and t"e sta!! sur(ey
Any ot"er HR related topic
"anagement of HR administrative processes and procedures:
To ensure e!!ecti(e management and o(er (ie* o!;
Sponsors"ip trans!er, '3ama rene*als, e+it/re-entry (isa
<isa re3uest 8*or, (isa, business (isit (isa,!amily (isit (isa, residence (isa9)
Sta!! lea(e records !or Riyad" city and liaison *it" Resources Managers in Jedda" and
Dammam !or sta!! lea(e record compliance)
. o! 5 Recruitment Team June 6/44
ocal sta!! medical insurance sc"eme, to include procurement e+ercise e(ery 6 years)
Sta!! !iles and records
Teac"ing sta!! accommodation *it" Resources department !or Riyad" city
E!!ecti(e use o! :A$ *"ere re3uired by t"e role and in compliance *it" essential !inance
Responsible !or completing miscellaneous researc", returns, and coordinate update o!
HR data as re3uired by t"e line manager, 71 and Regional HR
Responsible !or conducting pre-Audit re(ie*s and ensuring action plans "a(e been
success!ully completed !or past audit re(ie*s
"anagement of contracts
Responsible !or managing all employment contracts *it"in Saudi Arabia, t"is *ill include;
See,ing legal ad(ise as necessary !or contract c"anges
Ensuring all contracts are signed only by Country Director
'ssuing o! contracts !or Riyad" employment 8including teac"er contracts9 and liaising *it"
Resources Managers in Jedda" and Dammam !or employment contracts
#ro(iding ad(ise/consultancy on contracts
#ontinuous Professional Development
Ensure compliance and !ull engagement to t"e corporate #er!ormance Management process)
Responsible !or ,eeping up to date on all in!ormation relating to t"e HR role by as,ing !or
rele(ant *ritten guidance, brie!ings, coac"ing, s"ado*ing and training *"ere appropriate
t"roug" t"e line manager or Regional HR)
'denti!y impro(ements you can ma,e to your ser(ice deli(ery as a HR Manager
Line management
Responsible !or e!!ecti(e line management o! t"e HR coordinator to include area=s around
per!ormance management)
Regular communication and coac"ing in HR related matters, as necessary)
Key relationships:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
British Embassy
Senior Management
Regional HR
Internal & external customers
Legal lawyers
Other important features or requirements of the job
!omestic tra"el will be re#uire$ on a #uarterly basis to %e$$ah & Al &hobar' (ccasional
> o! 5 Recruitment Team June 6/44
international tra"el may also be re#uire$'
#lease speci!y any
passport/(isa and/or nationality
Must be permitted to *or, in Saudi Arabia
A Saudi national
Holds a (alid and trans!erable '3ama
?ill be sub&ect to appro(al !rom t"e Ministry !or a Saudi *or, (isa
#lease indicate i! any security
or legal c"ec,s are re3uired
!or t"is role)

@ o! 5 Recruitment Team June 6/44
Person Specifcation
Assessment stage
%eaviours $eing accountable &most
Creating s"ared purpose
&more demanding'
)onnecting with others
(most demandin!
Ma*ing it haen (more
?or,ing toget"er &most
Shaing the future (more
Re3uired !or t"e role
but not assessed at
t"e inter(ie* stage
S(ills and
Consultancy and coac"ing s,ills
in a HR conte+t
1no*ledge o! contracts and
Saudi employment la*
Hig"ly pro!icient in *ritten and
spo,en Englis"
Ad(anced le(el o!
Arabic language
8*ritten and spo,en9
S"ort listing
and/or 'nter(ie*
$!perience Min 6 years Management
e+perience o! general HR
S"ort listing
and/or 'nter(ie*
A o! 5 Recruitment Team June 6/44
Diploma or 7ni(ersity degree in
HRM or similar 3uali!ication
S"ort listing and/or
Submitted by Sop"ia Date July 6/4>
B o! 5 Recruitment Team June 6/44
Guidance on Preparing a Role Profile
&a' ,ob Description
Complete t"e &ob description section o! t"e role pro!ile
#urpose o! &ob C ?"at is t"e o(erall aim o! t"e &obD ?"y does it e+istD 82ne or t*o sentences are
usually enoug" !or t"is9)
Conte+t and En(ironment C *"at does t"e department doD ?"ic" region does t"e &ob sit inD Are t"ere
any particular c"allenges or attractions o! t"e region or areaD 's it part o! a team, i! so "o* big is t"e
team and *"ere does t"e &ob !itD ?"o does it report toD
Accountabilities, Responsibilities and Main Duties
Accountabilities - results !or *"ic" t"e post "older is "eld accountable not necessarily tas,s t"ey
per!orm t"emsel(es) More senior roles o!ten "a(e more accountabilities as t"ey deli(er results t"roug"
Responsibilities C *"at actions or tas,s is t"e &ob "older responsible !orD e)g) management or
administration o! !inances, managing people, deli(ering or contributing to organisational targets,
deli(ering o*n or ot"ers *or, to agreed standards
"ain Duties C t"e main speci!ic duties t"at &ob "older "as to do in order to meet t"e responsibilities e)g)
pro&ect planning, budget planning, e(ent co-ordination, teac"er recruitment) T"is is not meant to be an
e+"austi(e list o! all t"e tas,s in a &ob, &ust t"e main ones) '! t"ere are one or t*o duties *"ic" !orm t"e
ma&or part o! t"e &ob e)g) reconciliation o! payments !or a !inance role it is "elp!ul to indicate *"at
percentage o! t"e &ob t"ese acti(ities ta,e up)
1ey Relations"ips
?"at people or organisations 8internal and / or e+ternal9 does t"e &ob "older "a(e to interact *it" or
in!luence and to *"at le(elD :or e+ample an E(ents Co-ordinator mig"t "a(e to maintain relations"ips
*it" (enue pro(iders and participants e+ternally and managers and #As internally)
2t"er important !eatures or re3uirements o! t"e &ob C are t"ere signi!icant or unusual demands *"ic" are
essential to t"e &ob e)g) unsocial / e(ening "ours, international tra(el etcD #lease be as speci!ic as
possible on t"ese and only include t"ose *"ic" are essential)
E o! 5 Recruitment Team June 6/44
&b' Person Specification
Complete t"e person speci!ication section) As part o! t"e role pro!ile, it is used !or recruitment purposes
only) 't sets out t"e selection criteria used !or s"ort listing and inter(ie* i)e) nature and le(el o! t"e s,ill,
,no*ledge and be"a(iour *"ic" *ill be assessed) T"ese criteria are classed as eit"er essential or
desirable) Essential criteria are al*ays used in assessment) Desirable ones are used to enable
selection !or inter(ie* *"ere more t"an !i(e candidates meet t"e essential criteria) Candidates *"o
"a(e declared a disability and *"o meet t"e essential criteria are al*ays inter(ie*ed)
To increase opportunity *"ile minimising bureaucracy and t"e amount o! *or, !or applicants and
recruiting managers, no more t"an eig"t criteria s"ould be listed as essential under t"e "eadings o!
be"a(iours, s,ills 0 ,no*ledge and e+perience) ?e recommend t"at a ma+imum o! !our desirable
criteria can be added)
%eaviours C ist all A $e"a(iours 8lin, attac"ed9 and identi!y t"ose C *e suggest no more t"an !our -
*"ic" you propose to use as part o! t"e selection criteria and speci!y t"e re3uired le(el i)e) essential,
more demanding or most demanding) 'n t"e interest o! minimising bureaucracy, please remember t"at
you assess $e"a(iours at inter(ie* only, t"us streamlining t"e application and s"ort listing stage)
S(ills and )no*ledge C Select re3uired s,ills and le(el !rom t"e list o! %eneric S,ills 8lin, attac"ed9)
%uidance is no more t"an t*o - !or e+ample pro&ect and contract management, !inancial planning and
management) Speci!y any additional ,no*ledge re3uirement 8t"is may be not al*ays be applicable9 !or
e+ample, ,no*ledge o! employment la*)
$!perience C ?"at is t"e minimum e+perience 8*or, or ot"er*ise9 *"ic" is re3uired or desirable !or t"e
&ob !or e+ample, leading a dispersed team, implementing a ne* system or policy, *or,ing in t"e public /
pri(ate sector)
+ualifications - #lease list t"e minimum 3uali!ications or e3ui(alent re3uired !or t"is role) Sometimes
t"e Fe3ui(alentF could be practical e+perience or a local 3uali!ication or ot"er similar accreditation)
Guali!ications s"ould only be listed as essential i! absolutely necessary for the job.
5 o! 5 Recruitment Team June 6/44