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Mobile : +918793036018.


Seeking a challenging and responsible position where my knowledge,
professional experience can be shared and enriched in all spheres, to have a sustained
career growth and be a value addition to the organization.

Technical Skills

Design software: AUTO CADD, PRO-E, ANSYS,
Operating systems: Windows 9X/2000/XP/Vista.
Softwares: SQL, COGNOS.

Working Experience

Company: SRR Projects Pvt Ltd.
Designation: Site Engineer.
Project: STG &ACC Structural Buildings 1X388MW Combined Cycle Gas Based
Power Plant.
Client: Pioneer Gas Power Limited (PGPL).
Inspection: Tata Projects Limited (TPL).
Period: Aug-2012 to till date.


Study of the Scope Drawings, Shop Detail fabrication Drawings and G.A
Follow drawings, codes and ISO/ASME standards.
Hand full experience in mechanical clearances, painting follow up of protocols
and documentation, Installation and handover.

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Carry out the welding processes according to the instructions given in the WPS
I.e., maintaining the Preheat and Interposes temperatures and to carry out the
PWHT also if necessary for the required material.
Visual Inspection of the welded joints i.e., to identify the spatters, slag inclusions,
porosity, undercuts, lack of fusion, stray arcing etc if any laying on the surface and
get them removed with the help of manual grinding by the use of an air angle
grinding machine.
Maintaining the required leg length and reinforcement of the welded joint,
depending upon the thickness.
Expertise in carrying out the repair of the welded joints by means of DYE
PENETRATION test till the flaw has been found.
Perform Outbound Inspection as identified per Customer Requirements.
Ability to adjust to changes without compromising Quality or Performance.
Preparation of monthly bills depending upon the progress that has been achieved
as per the monthly plan and forwarding them to planning department for the issue
of bills to the contractor.
Job allocation to the workmen basing on the manpower available and the work
load, i.e., optimum utilization of man power & machine power.
Co-ordination with the various departments such as QC, Planning, TSS (Technical
Support Service), Safety, P&M departments for obtaining optimum production
without interruption.
Conducted weekly safety PPE talks to concerned work force, implemented all safe
working methods.
Following the Safety rules & regulations to create the working zone as a Hazard
free zone, and achieving the aim TARGET ZERO ACCIDENTS.

Academic Record
M.Tech (Cad/Cam) : Masters of Technology (2009-2011)
College : CVSR College of Engineering, Hyd.
Percentage : 78%
University : Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad.
B.Tech (Mechanical) : Bachelor of Technology (2005-2009)
College : SBIT, Khammam.
Percentage : 63%
University : Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad.

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Intemediate : Board of Intermediate education from Shanthi Junior
SSC : Secondary School certificate from ZP High School.


1. Quickly adaptable to new skills, fast learner and a good team-player.

2. Major strengths include problem solving and smart worker.

3. Efficient management and organizational abilities.

4 Have good problem solving with analytic thinking.

5 Open minded to work in complex environment and projects

Personal Details

Name : Bhargav Teja Chava
Fathers Name : Sangemeswar Rao
Date of Birth `: 18-05-1988
Gender : Male
Nationality : Indian
Languages : English, Hindi and Telugu
Permanent Address : H.No:11-11-122/D, N.S.PCAMP, Khammam,
Khammam (DT), Andhra Pradesh-507002.


I hereby declare that above information furnished is correct up to my knowledge.
Date: (Bhargav Teja. Ch)