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Line Spacing 1.5 Standard Spacing
Wrapper Colour:- Mysore Centre- Pista Green,
Bangalore Centre Pale Yellow
No. of pages 80 100
Binding Soft (K.G.Board Binding) Spiral Binding will be rejected
I. Declaration (duly signed by the Student)
II. Original Approval Letter (Issued by the Department) should be attached for the copy submitted to
Department for evaluation and Photo Copy should be attached to remaining copies.
III. Chairman Certificate (Project Certificate should be duly signed by the Chairperson)
IV. Project Completion Letter in the Letter Head of Concerned Company.
V. Internal guide and External guide Certificate (Duly signed by both the Guides)
VI. Acknowledgement
VII. List of Tables
VIII. List of Charts
IX. List of Abbreviations
Details of the Content:
Chapter I: Introduction:
a. About the Topic Chosen
b. Statement of the Problem
c. Scope of Study
d. Objectives of the study
e. Research Design
f. Research Methodology
g. Limitations of the study
h. Chapter Scheme
Chapter II: Related to your topic at Industry level
For Example:-
- Labour Welfare Measure in different companies
- Leading Mutual Funds in India
- Consumer perception towards tourism
Chapter III: Company Profile
a. Regarding the company
b. About the Topic with respect to the company choosen
c. For example: Labour welfare measures practiced in J K Tyres
Chapter IV: Conceptual Frame Work
Theoretical Aspects related to your topic
Chapter V: Survey, Analysis and Interpretation
- Data Collection
- Focus Group
- Research Instrument (ex: Questionnaire, Personal Interview..)
- Sampling Technique
- Sample Size
- Statistical Tools Used for Analysis and Interpretation
- Survey, Analysis and Interpretation
Chapter VI: Summary of Findings, Suggestions and Conclusion
(a) Synopsis should cover all the above chapters.
(b) Minimumtwo pages for each chapter.
(c) Certificates need not be enclosed while submitting synopsis.
(d) Project Report will not be accepted without the submission of synopsis.
(e) Synopsis shall be submitted in-person preferably to facilitate discussions and clarifications
(f) Synopsis should be attached to Project Report
Last date for submission of synopsis is 15
November 2013.
The last date for submission of Project Report will be intimated by Examination Branch, KSOU, Mysore.
DOS&R in Management