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Demand Analysis



Submitted to

Kum.m.h.gardi school of it & management
In partial fulfillment of the requirement of the award for the degree
Master of Business Administration
Gujarat Technological University
Under the guidance of

Faculty Guide: Company Guide:
Pro.Nilesh ankleshvariya Gautam Patel
(Assistant Professor) (Marketing executives)
Submitted by
Sanandiya Alpesh
Enrolment No.: 137270592023
MBA Semester III
Kum.M.H.Gardi School of Management
MBA Program
Affiliated to Gujarat Technological University



I Sanandiya Alpesh c. hereby declare that report for summer training project
Demand Analysis If a result of my own work and my indebtedness to other
work publications references .if any have been duly acknowledged.
Date :
Place : Rajkot ( Signature )

Sanandiya Alpesh C.



The processes of extraction, Production, conversion, processing or
fabrication of products are described as industry. These products of
industry are sold either for further transformation into finished goods or
for ultimate consumption goods used by consumers are caller
consumers goods. BLUEART GRANITO PVT LTD also produces
consumer goods.

BLUEART GRANITO PVT LTD is a partnership firm. It has its factory at

Marketing management assumes unique importance under the
widened marketing Concept.

Personnel management is that part of management process which is
primarily concerned with the human constitution of an organization.



It is my greatest pleasure to present this report before you. I would like
to thank all who helped me in the preparation of this report. First of all I
would like to thank BLUEART GRANITO PVT LTD for greeting me
permission to prepare a report on their firm and also for their excellent
guidance with the complete interest.

I express my sincere thanks to dean Dr. Reddy Sir of Marwadi
Education Foundations Group of Institutions, Rajkot, for my training. I
express my many thanks to Mr.Ruturaj Doshi helped me a lot to
prepare this report. I would like to thank my project guide Mr.Gautam
patel who helped me in preparing the project report.



Sr. No. Particulars Page No.
Part I General Information
1 Industry overview
1.1 History 8
1.2 Growth and Development 11
1.3 Performance and other statistical data 13
1.4 Market players in the industry 15
2 Company Overview
2.1 History 16
2.2 Growth and Development 17
2.3 Products/ Service overview 21
2.4 Departmental overview 25
2.5 SWOT and/or PESTEL Analysis 27
Part II Research Work
3 Introduction of study
3.1 Background of the study 29
3.2 Review of literature 31
3.3 Statement of problem 33
3.4 Objectives of the study 34
3.5 Contribution and learning from the project 35
4 Research Methodology
4.1 Research design 37
4.2 Sampling Method 38
4.3 Sampling Size 39
4.4 Sources of data 40
4.5 Data collection method 41
4.6 Data collection instrument 42
5 Analysis and Interpretation of data 43
6 Results and findings 55
7 Suggestions and conclusion 56

8 Limitations of the study 58
9 Bibliography 59
10 Annexure 61



General Information

Industry Overview
1.1 History
Ceramic Tiles today have become an integral part of home improvement. It
can make a huge difference to the way your interiors and outdoors look and
express. The Indian tile industry, despite an overall slowdown of the economy
continues to grow at a healthy 15% per annum. Investments in the last 5
years have aggregated over Rs. 5000 crores. The overall size of the Indian
ceramic tile industry is approximately Rs 18,000 crore (FY12). The production
during 2011-12 stood at approx. 600 million square meters.

The Indian tile industry is divided into organized and unorganized sector. The
organized sector comprises of approximately 14 players. The current size of
the organized sector is about Rs 7,200 Crores. The unorganized sector
accounts for nearly 60% of the total industry bearing testimony of the growth
potential of this sector.

India ranks in the top 3 list of countries in terms of tile production in the world.
With proper planning and better quality control our exports (presently
insignificant) contribution can significantly increase.
Apart from their decorative looks, Ceramic Tiles are primarily hygiene
products and that is how our broad spectrum of consumers view the product.
This is fairly evident from its varied usage from bathrooms and kitchens in
average Indian households to medical centers, labs, milk booths, schools,
public conveniences, shopping malls and numerous other centers; which dot
our day to day life. A ceramic tile is basically a "utility product" and that
remains our promotional slogan. Popular housing projects are increasingly

switching over to Ceramic Tiles moving away from the traditional use mosaic
and even granite or marble, owing to several factors viz. ease in laying ability,
versatility, low price and hygiene.
Nevertheless, this decorative aspect of a Ceramic Tiles has forever been in
the forefront. Heavy churning out of bolder and colorful designs by the
industry are testament to the fact that most households4 regard a ceramic tile
as an "adornment" for an otherwise "drab look" of their age-old floorings or an
unfurnished wall.
Ceramic tiles as a product segment has grown to a sizeable chunk today at
approximately 680 Millions Square meters production per annum. However,
the potential seems to be great, particularly as the housing sector, retail, IT &
BPO sectors have been witnessing an unprecedented boom in recent times.
The key drivers for the ceramic tiles in India are the boom in housing sector
coupled by government policies fuelling strong growth in housing sector. The
retail boom in the Indian economy has also influenced the demand for higher
end products. Overall the bullish growth estimates in the Indian economy has
significantly influenced the growth of the Indian Ceramic tile industry.
The main product segments are the Wall tile, Floor tile, Vitrified tile and
Industrial tile segments. The market shares (in value terms) are 20%, 23%
50%, and 7% respectively for Wall, Floor, Vitrified, and Industrial tiles. The
tiles are available in a wide variety of designs, textures and surface effects.
They cater to tastes as varied from rustics to contemporary marble designs in
super glossy mirror finishes.
Both, traditional methods of manufacturing (tunnel) and the latest single fast
firing methods are deployed in manufacturing. Some of the latest trends in
manufacturing methods can be seen in India.
The industry also enjoys the unique distinction of being highly indigenous with
an abundance of raw materials, technical skills, infrastructural facilities despite
being fairly capital intensive. A total of over 5,50,000 people are employed in

the sector. Out of this, 50,000 people are directly employed and 5,00,000 are
indirectly associated. The potential is huge considering the per capita
consumption of ceramic tiles in India. Currently it is at 0.50 square meters per
person in comparison to over 2 square meters per person for like countries
like China, Brazil and Malaysia
As a foreign exchange earner or a global player, Indian Tile industry has
captured the attention of the world in the ceramic tiles segment. To compete
internationally, our plants must be geared up to large units currently operating
in China and Turkey are driven by economies of scale. These will also help us
in lowering our cost of production significantly. Also, infrastructural support is
a key factor that determines the speed of growth. Better infrastructure will
bring in better growth in terms of consistency and sustenance. Freight, supply
of power and gas remains the key cost-related issues impacting the industry.
Availability, consistent supply and reasonable rates are extremely important
for the growth of the ceramic tile industry.


1.2 Growth and Development

Industries are one of the major players of economic development in this fast
changing world. Many developed and developing countries depend
significantly on industries. BRICS countries, (Brazil, Russia, India, China and
South Africa), which are now booming economically, have made a remarkable
achievement in industrialization. Industrialization will also contribute to the
growth of a large number of production units especially in fast developing
countries like Ethiopia. Ethiopia has become a country where enterprises
make a significant progress in industrialization.

The dynamic characteristic of ceramic industry is attracting a growing number
of customers who adopt new living styles and follow latest fashions of life.
This is a change that follows changes in economic status, and over a period
of time such change influences the living patterns of a society at large. The
ceramic industry grows as the status of a society grows. For instance, having
a good house is a dream of every individual. That will at the same time make
the ceramic industry to flourish.

The ceramic industry lays an important role in modern manufacturing, and this
role expands with each major improvement in technology. Since the dawn of
the 21st century, a large percentage of electronics and other goods have
continued to contain some form of ceramic products. The use of ceramic
products has grown immensely in mobile phones, medical equipment, and
other items. Part of the reason why manufacturers choose ceramic products is
due to their strength and durability apart from their not metallic character.
Their non-metallic character makes ceramic products more suitable for many
purposes since they give services that metals give without the need for
thermal and electrical current transfer associated with metallic products.

Ceramic industry has several categories of products including sanitary ware,
refractories, cement, advanced ceramics and ceramic tiles. Ceramics is a
broad term used to describe natural and synthetic materials with a crystalline
structure. Ceramic products like crockery, sanitary ware and tiles play a very
important role in our daily lives. Thus, the industry gives opportunities for
production and distribution of ceramic products to both the domestic and
international markets.

The emergence of the ceramic industry dates back thousands of years back.
In fact, much of modern archeology deals with extracting and studying clay
pots. By the 20th century, manufacturers had developed a number of
synthetic ceramics that could be used in more advanced and technical
applications. In this century, the field of nanotechnology has opened new
doors for the ceramic industry, as manufacturers seek materials that can be
used in impossibly small-scale applications.

The global ceramic industry has undergone a period of significant changes
over the years, driven by the demands of the globalized economy. While the
traditional markets of Europe and the US continue to grow, primarily led by
public sector investment, the most significant developments are however to
be found in the emerging economies. In recent years emerging economies
also have become among the most significant players in the ceramic market,
in terms of consumption and investment


1.3 Performance and other key performing data

High-performance ceramic coatings are one of the special classes of
ceramics that are beneficial in extending the shelf life of various products. The
rising applications for the market are due to the heightened interest in these
coatings from different industries. The market is segmented based on the
technologies that are utilized such as thermal spray, physical vapor deposition
(PVD), and chemical vapor deposition (CVD).
Increasing applications in different industries and ongoing research in this
field are the primary driving factors fuelling the market globally. High
performance ceramic coatings are widely preferred nowadays by many
manufacturers and include fiber-optic communications, aerospace, medicine,
defense, automotive and environmental protection sectors. The market has
gained popularity in different sectors since it extends the life span of various
products due to its application. The extended life of different products is one
of the basic requirements for many consumers due to which different
industries are adhering to the utilization of high performance ceramic
coatings. The government is supportive of the research carried out by most of
the leading players of the market.
Some of the companies in this industry include Accuwright Industries Inc.,
APS Materials Inc., Praxair Surface Technologies Inc., American Roller
Company, Flame Spray Coating Company Inc., Heany Industries Inc., High
Performance Coatings Inc., Aremco Products Inc., Cetek Ltd., Materials and
Electrochemical Research Corp., Honeywell International Inc., Precision
Coating Inc., and Sermatech International Inc.


This report provides comprehensive analysis of
Market growth drivers
Factors limiting market growth
Current market trends
Market structure
Market projections for upcoming years
This report is a complete study of current trends in the market, industry growth
drivers, and restraints. It provides market projections for the coming years. It
includes analysis of recent developments in technology, Porters five force
model analysis and detailed profiles of top industry players. The report also
includes a review of micro and macro factors essential for the existing market
players and new entrants along with detailed value chain analysis.


1.4 Market players in the industry

1) Siyaram vitrified
2) Simpolo vitrified
3) Coral Vitrified
4) Zed Vitrified
5) Lenz ceramic
6) Varmora Vitrified


2. Company Overview

2.1 History
Established in the year 2008, we Blue Art Granito Private Limited is a Major
Manufacturer.Exporter and Supplier of an array of Vitrified Tiles. Ours it a
Sole proprietor firm, with a huge turnover of around up to Rs 1 crors Aprprox.
Owing to the high quality design of our products, we are bound to serves in
the leading sectors of the industry such as retail and construction companies.

To deliver a flawless range of products, we have established a commodious
and sound manufacturing unit at our premises. As we are a quality-oriented
firm, we procure the raw material from trusted vendors of the market. These
production process is scrutinized by our team of quality controllers and
continuous monitoring is kept at every stage of post production activities. The
operations are manged by our adept professionals who hold years of
industrial experience. We also provide customized solutions in the designing
of our products as per the preferences of our valued clients. All the
consignments are properly stored and packed using quality packaging
material. We have developed a huge client base in the Indian Subcontinent,
East Asia, Middle East and South-East Asia over the years and also endeavor
to capture other major markets.

Under the missionary guidance of our mentor Mr.Gautam Patel we have
been able to position ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers and
exporters in this domain. His rich experience of this domain and ethical
business policies have enabled us to lead over our competitors in this
competitive industry.


2.2 Growth and Development
Size of an organization depends of their capital investment in fixed
assets industries are divided in 4 parts.
Tiny scale industry
Small scale industry
Medium scale industry
Large scale industry

So, BLUE ART GRANITO PVT. LTD. ceramics in a private company
established under the companies act 1956

Thus, BLUE ART GRANITO PVT. LTD. ceramics is a medium scale industry.
It is limited on membership, restriction on public is issue of shares, and
ownership is separate, legal existence. In short, we can say that this company
is Pvt. Ltd. company.

Established in the year 2008, we, BLUE ART Granito Private Limited, are an
ISO9001: 2000 certified firm engaged in manufacturing, supplying and
exporting a wide collection of Wall, Floor and Vitrified Tiles. Manufactured
using high quality raw material, procured from esteemed vendors, our
products are known for features such as innovative designs, smooth finish,
uniform dimension and low maintenance. Owing to these quality features, our
tiles have gained a wide demand in the Middle East, Sri Lanka., Germany,
U.S.A., U.K, Trinidad & Tobago, Kenya, Mauritius, Singapore, Turkey and
Oman among others.




Year of Establishment : 2008

Form of Organization : Private limited.

Size of Organization : Medium scale

Location of Office : Paneli road,
8-A National highway,

Location of Factory : BLUEART GRANITO PVT.LTD.
Paneli road,
8-A National highway,
Morbi 363641

Cell no : 997888884


E-mail : blueart

Web site : www.blueart

Product : Vitrified tiles
Name of Promoters : Shri.Gautam.B.Patel
Shri.Sailesh Bhai M.Patel
Shri.Vijay Bhai R. Patel
Banker : HDFC BANK
S.B.I. Bank

Objective of the To became the huge exporter and
Organization : manufacturer of vitrified tiles .

No. of Employee : 101-500 workers

Investment : 15 crores

Market : National and international



ISO: 9001:2000
NSIC (National Small Scale Industries Certificate)
(Director General Of Suppliers & Disposal.)
(Importer Exporter Coder)


2.3 Products/ Service overview


Clay & Mineral
Air Heating
Spray Drying of Slurry
Storage of powder
Powder Feed
Loading into Dryer
Unloading of Transfer car
Screen Printing of Tiles Firing
Sorting & Packing F.G. dispatch


(2) Batching includes the following types of clay:-
Ukraine Clay : - 16 %
Ball Clay : - 05%
China Clay : - 20%
Soda Feldspar : - 19%
Potash : - 35%
Quiroz : - 05%


The unit is ultimately concerned with the final product. Products are the
final out comes of the whole manufacturing process.

Different Plain Color of Ceramics vitrifide tiles:-
The colors which are used in their products are........
Different Marble of Ceramics Vitrifide Tiles:-



Type of Production
1. Continuous Production Process
2. In term
3. Edited Production Process

The Manufacturing of vitrified process are depends at list of
machineries. So the most of machines is Italian & the plant is already
Italian. Thus, machineries used by BLUEART ceramics for preparing
vitrified tiles are as under.
1) Ball mill
2) Spray dries
3) Slip pump
4) Vibration
5) Roller plant
6) Press
7) Water system
8) Fully automatic & unloading machines.
9) Glaze line
10) Plastic strapping machines


2.4 Departmental overview

The production manager has full responsibility, authority
and accountability of any task related to the production. In
short, the production manager is the top accountable person
of the production department.
The authority line of the department flow from top to the
bottom and responsibility from bottom to the top. The
production manager is answerable to the managing director.

Management Group

Directors : Mr. Gautam Bhai
Finance Manager : Mr. Vijay Bhai
Account : Mr. Viral Bhai
Office Work : Mr. Ravi Bhai
Sales Executive : Mr. Ramji Bhai
Factory In charge : Mr. Jit Bhai
Production in Charge : Mr. K.B. Patel
Management in Charge : Mr. L.J. Amrutiya



A/c In charge
Office workers
Marketing In
Sales In charge
Production In
Skilled Labour
Quality In
Skilled Workers

2.5 SWOT Analysis
Evaluation of a companys strengths, weakness, opportunities, and
threats is called SWOT analysis.
1. A good reputation & a strong Brand name.
2. Better export policy

1. Inability to take outside Advice.
1. New technology,
2. Improved access to potential New customer and
3. The development of new Distribution channels
Threat: 1. Price rises from suppliers.


Part II Research Work
Introduction of the study

3.1 Background of the study

Definition: Demand is the amount of goods that consumers or buyers are
willing and capable to buy at a specific price in a specific time period all else
remaining the same.
Demand is an economic principle that describes the willingness and desire of
consumers to purchase specific goods or services at a specific ceteris
Law of Demand:
The Law of Demand describes the inverse relationship of price and the
quantity demanded, all else remaining constant. If the price is high, the
quantity demanded decreases and if the price goes down, the quantity
demanded will increase.
Substitution Effect:
In substitution effects, when the price of a good or product decreases, the
relative price of that good makes buyer more eager to buy that good or
When the price of a good increases, the relative price of that good makes the
buyer less eager to buy that good or product. The price of one product is
contrasted with the prices of other products, thus causing the substitution
effect. Consumers will substitute towards the cheap or less expensive

Income Effect:
Income can be measured in terms of the services and goods that one can
purchase. If the price of goods and services decreases and nominal income
remains constant, real income increases. In this way, when one can buy
goods at the cheapest rate, then ones income goes furthest and thus
increases in real terms.
Change in Consumer Income:
Changes in consumer income causes demand to fluctuate on par to the
change in ones income. If income increases, demand for normal goods will
increase. If income decreases, demand for normal goods will decrease.
Contrarily, if income increases, demand for inferior goods decreases and if
the income decreases, the demand for inferior goods will increase.
Change in Related Goods Price:
Price change in one good can change the demand of other related goods. For
example, if the price of one good is increased, more consumers will buy
another relative good and if the price of the first good decreases, more
consumers will buy it.
Change in Consumer Expectations:
Any change in consumer expectations affects demand. If a consumer expects
his or her income to rise in the future, the existing demand will increase and if
the consumer expects his or her income to reduce in the future, the existing
demand will decrease accordingly.


3.2 Review of literature
Author.- jimmy norrington, demand analysis on ceramic ind. Jun (2013)
international monthly referred journal of research in management.
Turbocharger rotors represent one of the most likely early uses for
engineering ceramics. The use of ceramics in turbocharger rotors is currently
limited by technical, institutional, and economic barriers. Cost simulations
illustrate that if technical barriers are overcome, in a full-scale production
facility ceramic rotors could be produced at a cost level competitive with
metallic rotors. Based on a survey of the preferences of turbocharger
manufacturers in terms of the value they place on cost, weight and
performance, the future ceramic turbocharger market is projected to grow to
over $40 million/year by the year 2013. This implies a silicon nitride powder
demand of approximately 350 t by the year 2013

Author.- Barbosa stelam , demand analysis on ceramic ind. Jun (2011)
international monthly referred journal of research in management.
The elemental geochemical compositions of the ceramics from both
sites were determined by Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis
(INAA). A statistical treatment of the data, using cluster analysis and
principal component analysis, indicates that there are no correlations
between these sites.


3.3 Statement of problem

Demand AnalysisFor Blueart granite pvt. Ltd.


3.4Objective of the Study

Main objective of the study is to Analysis the demand of the tiles

To know the probable opportunity and threats the our product.
To know the present sells of our product.

To know the behavior and perception of customer to our product.
To know advertisement effectiveness to demand of our product.


3.5 contribution and learning from the project
From this report I has learned that how to do demand analysis
Company should focus on more production of size 600*600 tiles,
because almost 50% respondent are agreeing with this size.
Company should maintain good quality at continue basis.



4.1 Research Design

Market Research is related to survey conducted by the company in the
market to know whether customer are fully satisfied with our product or not or
if there is requirement of any change in the product. In short, Marketing
Research is a systematic study and evaluation of all factors concerning any
business operations, which involves the transfer of goods or services from a
producer to customer. BLUEART GRANITO conducting
marketing research through Questionnaires and through customers reply
towards the product.

Research : Descriptive
Data source : Primary data and secondary data
Research method : Questionnaires
Type of Questionnaire : Structured
Type of questions : open ended and closed ended
No of questions : 13
Sampling technique : Convenience
Sample size : 50


Define population - Develop sampling frame -Assign each unit a
number - Randomly select the required amount of random
numbers -Systematically select random numbers until it meets
the sample size requirements

4.2 Sampling Method

Probability sample a method of sampling that uses of random
selection so that all units/ cases in the population have an equal
probability of being chosen.
Non-probability sample does not involve random selection and
methods are not based on the rationale of probability theory.
Four main types of probability sampling:
1. Simple random sample
2. Systematic sample
3. Stratified random sample
4. Cluster/ multi-stage random sample
Three main types of non-probability sampling:
1. Convenience
2. Quota
3. Snowball

I have chosen simple random sample for my report.
Stages in random sampling:

4.3 Sampling Size

POPULATION: the total element of the universe from which sample is
selected for the purpose of study is known as population. The
population of my research is the employees/workers/customer/ of
company. The total size of the population is 50(including workers and

SAMPLE: All the items consideration in any field of inquiry constitutes
a universe of population. In this research only a few items can be
selected from the population for our study purpose. The items selected
constitute what is technically called a sample. Here out sample size is
50 customers from the total population to conduct the study


4.4 Sources of data
1. Secondary data
2. Primary data
Secondary data
There are numerous source a of secondary data. Each year
quantity of secondary source a material expands of a
tremendous rate. Secondary data is ready to use. It is much
cheaper to use.
Primary data
It is a vital role for any research. It is act base for preparation of
any project.
In my project work I adopt is survey method. A questionnaire
was drafted and further it was analyzed to prepare the project.


4.5 Data Collection

All marketing researchers can two type source of data for
1. Internal data
2. External data
Internal data is companys own records, register, documents,
etc. The internal data source helpful for me while preparing my
External data those data which are collected from market. It is
availed by
Contacting the retailers by meeting them personally.


4.6 data collection instrument
Questionnaire is a device of marketing research to collect
information. It is a technique of communication with the
respondent. It may be simply defined as formal list of questions
designed to gather information from respondent on a given
Open-ended question
Multiple Choice question
An open ended question has no fix alternates to which the
answers must conform. The responds answers in his own words
and at length he choice.
Multiple questions is one which provide several objectives to
answer for it. It is longer and complex. I use multiple choices



1. Do you know about Granito Tiles ?


Above graph represent that 100% respondents are know about the granito tiles.

Yes No
50 00 50

2. Do you purchase granito tiles ?

Above graph represent that 90% respondents are purchasing grantio tiles
and remaning 10% respondents are not purchasing granito tiles .

Yes No
45 5 50

3. For what purpose do you use granito tiles?

From the above graph we can said that 30% of the respondents are using granito
tiles for hosehold and remaining 70% are using granito tiles for business purpose .

Household Business
Household Business Total
15 35 50

4. Which things do you consider when you purchase the grnito tiles
Price 25
Quality 13
Design 5
Color 7
Total 50

From the above graph we can say that 50% of the respondents are taking price
factor while they are purchasing granito tiles . 26% respondents consider quality
while purchasing granito tiles . 10% respondents are consider design while
purchasing granito tiles .

Price Quality Design Color

5. From whom do you purchase granito tiles ?
Factory 15
Show Room 35
Total 50

In the above graph we can say that 30% of the respondents said that they are
buying tiles from the factory. Remaining 70% of the respondents said that they are
buying from the showroom.

6. From where do you know about this Granito tiles ?
Hoarding 30
Factory Show Room

Family 7
Friends 3
Other 10
Total 50

From the above graph we can said that 60% of the respondents are know about
granito tiles through holdings. 14% of the respondents are know about granito tiles
through family. 6% of the respondents are know about granito tiles through friends
and remaning 20% are came to know about granito tiles through others .

7. Are you aware about Blueart ceramic?
Yes No Total
40 10 50
Hoarding Family Friends Other

Above graph said that 80% of the respondents are about blue art ceramic and
remaining 20% of the respondents are not aware about blue art granito

8. Which factories Granito tiles are most preferred according to you in
the market?
A) Lenz ceramic 06
B) Metro city ceramic 05
C) Eros ceramic 08
D) Blueart ceramic 31

12% LENZ CERAMIC Granito tiles are most preferred as per respondents.
10% metro city ceramic granito tiles are most preferred as per respondents.
16% eros ceramic granito tiles are most preferred as per respondents.
62% blue art granito tiles are most preferred as per respondents.

10.Which grade will u give to the blueart ceramic ?
1 3
2 5
3 10
4 12
5 20
Lenz ceramic Metro city ceramic Eros ceramic Blueart ceramic

6% of the respondents are saying that blue art is grad 1 unit , 10% of the
respondents are saying that blue art is grade 2 unit, 20% of the respondents
are saying that blue art is grade 3 unit , 24% of the respondents are saying
that blue art is grade 4 unit , remaining 40% of the respondents are saying
that blue art is grade 5 unit .

11) Rate following brands on the basis of various performance standard
for Granito tiles?

Price Design Color
A) Lenz
15 20 10 5
1 2 3 4 5

B) Metro city
10 15 20 5
C) Eros
20 15 5 10
D) Blueart
15 20 5 10

Above graph represents brands on the basis of various basis of performance
standards , lenz ceramic is having high performance standard in price , metro
city ceramic is having high performance design , eros ceramic is having high
performance standard in quality and blue art ceramic is having high
performance standard in price .

Results and findings
Lenz ceramic Metro city ceramic ) Eros ceramic Blueart ceramic

Majority of the customers perceive Price and Quality to be an important
factors while purchasing Granito tiles.
Customers prefer Blueart Ceramic tiles due to its Design and quality
The highest awareness for Blueart Ceramic tiles is created through
Hoarding, family & Friends
Most of the respondents are aware of the Blueart Ceramics and they
purchase from its factory.

Suggestions and Conclusion


After visiting BLUEART GRANITO PVT LTD. I have some
suggestions to give them which are as follows:

A firm has to mainly focus on cost reduction which will reflect in cost
of production and firm can sell their tiles at low selling price

A firm has to find new untapped market for selling

They have to mainly focus on need of customers and quality of tilles


BLUEART GRANITO PVT Ltd. is a very reputed company
achieving success in the path of ceramic world.

With wide range of products and other machineries, BLUEART
GRANITO PVT Ltd. has a good monopolistic position having
effective management. The all over performance of
administrators, executives and workers is good.

Seeing the present situation, we can conclude that it has got a
bright and delightful future. It has also been successful in
establishing total quality assurance system that means the
requirements of customer exactly.

They have to make their cost attractive to the consumer.

They should improve their transport facilities.


Complicated to fill up the questionnaire from the customer
Sample size is only 50, which may not represent the overall population.
All of them may not give the perfect answer
Due to the sufficient knowledge of English language among them
responder, it is difficult to get response through questionnaire
It may be hard for participants to recall information or to tell the truth
about a controversial question




Marketing management -By Philip kotler
Marketing management -By S. R Sherlekar


Market research on ceramic vitrifide tiles



Market research demand analysis on BLUEART GRANITO

Contect no:
Mail id:
1)Do you know about granito tiles?
A) Yes

2) do you purchase granito tiles ?
A) Yes
B) No

3)For what purpose) do you use granito tiles ?
B) Business

4) Which things do you consider when you purchse the grnito tiles?
B) Quality
C) Design

5)From whom do you purchse granito tiles ?

B) Show room

6)From where do you know about this granito tile ?

7)Are you aware about Blueart ceramic?

8)From where do you know about blueart ceramic?

9)Which factories granito tiles are most perfared according to you in the
A) Lenz ceramic
B) Metro city ceramic
C) Eros ceramic
D) Blueart ceramic

10.Which grade will u give to the blueart ceramic ?
1 3
2 5
3 10
4 12
5 20


11) Rate following brnands on the basis of various performance standared for
granito tiles
) Quality

Price Design Color
A) Lenz

B) Metro city

C) Eros

D) Blueart

12) you like particular vitrified manufacturing unit because ?
13) Give any suggestion,