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Audience and scope of description

ThiS deScripIion deScribeS Ihe concepIual Cold SIorage. Audience only need high School
level oI knowledge.

Cold Storage Background

According lo Jay Farikh (VF of lnfraslruclure, Facebook), ln 2011, OCF (Open Conpule
Fro|ecl) published all lechnologies lo build a dala cenler nore econonical and nore
efficienl. And in January 2013, an exanple of dala in Facebook referred lo lhe need for a
slorage server for lhe cold dala [1| (Cold dala is lhe sane as old dala lhal is nol oflen

Figure 1 Increasing data Facebook photos

Look al Figure1, Facebook lhal nanages lhe dala of 0.BZH in 2010 and 2.BZH in 2012. lf a
sleady increase in lhe lrend of lhis degree, il is inlended lo record lhe 40ZH in 2020.
Facebook now nanages pholos of 240 billion. and every day, pholo of 3b billion pholos will
be uploaded. Monlhly, 7FH(Fela byle) pholo dala will be uploaded.

l lhink Facebook users wanl lo conlinue using Facebook, especially lo keep old piclures.
1hal is why Facebook now has a greal cosl burden in order lo increase lhe server by
keeping lhe power on al al lines.

Mosl dala cenlers have been been oplinized lo handle lhe lasks required conpuling
processing power of high-speed (conpuling power). ls powered always servers in lhe dala
cenler, il is wailing lo be able lo lransfer dala al peak perfornance al any line. However,
nosl of lhe dala is cold and lhe server will alnosl lurn off and is direclly connecled lo
wasled energy consunplion. Dala lhal is frequenlly used in praclice represenls aboul 10%
of all dala in lhe dala cenler. [3|

Facebook recognized lhese problens and lried lo analyze lhe pallern of access lo lhe
dala of Facebook users.

Figure 2 Analysis of the pattern of access to the
photo data of Facebook users

Look al lhe Figure 2, B% of all pholo dala lhal have been uploaded recenlly caused B2% of
pholo lraffic. As a resull, lhe dala lhal lhe user will frequenlly use is snall, bul wilhoul
dislinclion of dala, all servers will consune energy sane way.

if Facebook wanls lo save nore efficienl pholo dala, and nol only can reduce lhe energy
consunplion, environnenlal and cosl savings will also be solved. Syslen was developed
as a solulion lo lhese problens, is Cold Slorage. ln olher words, cold dala lhal is lefl
wilhoul being used frequenlly lransferred lo Cold Slorage, nol lhe speed of conpuling
processing power, Cold Slorage is a proposal, which operales wilh an enphasis on energy
efficiency[2| .
Figure 3 Cold Storage effect

Look al Figure 3, energy efficiency is beller lhan 3B% when nol using cold slorage and
also cosl reduclion is beller lhan 24% when nol using cold slorage.


1his is called big dala currenl, increasing dala rapidly is causing a na|or change in lhe
slorage induslry and l1 infraslruclure. Accordingly, l1 induslry requires dala cenlers, bul a
huge anounl of energy consunplion is a disorder building dala cenlers easier [2|.
Conpanies wilh dala cenlers worldwide are under aclive research provides Cold Slorage
lechnology as a solulion lo lhis problen, relaled.


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