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Quang trung specialized and gifted high school

English subject : Formation of nouns

Chuyn ting anh
Formation of nouns C!ch th"nh l#p danh t$ %
I. Forming nouns from adjectives
1. Adj+ ity = noun
Adj noun
Formal formality s& trang tr'ng
Creati(e creati(ity s& s!ng t)o
*uperior superiority s& m)nh h+n , c-p trn
.opular popularity s& ph/ bin, th0ng d1ng
*imilar similarity s& gi2ng nhau, t3+ng t&
.rosper prosperity s& th4nh (35ng
Comple6 comple6ity s& ph7c t)p
*ensiti(e sensiti(ity s& nh)y c8m
9enerous generosity s& h"o ph:ng
;bnormal abnormality s& <h0ng b=nh th3>ng, s& <h!c
2. Adj+ ness = noun
Adj noun
Cle(er cle(erness s& th0ng minh
?appy happiness s& h)nh ph@c, h)nh ph@c
Aude rudeness s& th0 lB
Effecti(e effecti(eness tCnh hiDu Eu8
Fea< Gea<ness s& yu Ht , t=nh tr)ng yu Ht
Ionely loneliness s& c0 +n
;Gare aGareness s& nh#n th7c
Careless carelessness s& b-t cJn
Klind blindness s& mL Eu!ng
Foolish foolishness s& ngu ng2c
*ad sadness s& buMn rNu, nBi buMn
3. Adj+ ance/ ence
Omportant importance tNm Euan tr'ng
Aeluctant reluctance s& d3 th$a
Ondependent independence s& Pc l#p
4. Adj+ ty = Noun
Adj noun
*afe safety
Ioyal loyalty
Cruel cruelty
Freedom : s& t& do
Zear \]^^_ \]^\ prepared by ?o Shuy ?ang
Quang trung specialized and gifted high school
English subject : Formation of nouns
Fisedom s& <h0n ngoan
Srue truth
Farm Farmth
Zoung youth
Iong length
*trong strength
Kroad breadth
.oor po(erty
II. Forming nouns from verbs
1. erb + ation = noun
`erb Woun
Omagine imagination s& t3ang t35ng
Omitate imitation s& bbt ch3Hc
E6plain e6planation s& gi8i thCch
Consider consideration s& 6em 6ct, 6ct duyDt
Continue continuation s& lin t1c, tip t1c
;dmire admiration s& ng3dng mP
Ci(ilize ci(ilization s& (en minh, nn (en
occupy occupation s& chim gif
Ae(eal re(ealation s& tit lP
Aela6 rela6ation s& gi8i lao, nghg ng+i
;bbre(iate abbre(iation s& (it tbt
Onform information s& th0ng b!o
Ontergrate intergration s& hPi nh#p,
s& <t h5p
Sranslate translation (iDc d4ch thu#t
;pply application 7ng d1ng
Xrganize organization t/ ch7c
2. + ion = N

erb Noun !eaning
Onter(ene inter(ention s& can thiDp
Ontroduce introduction s& giHi thiDu
On(ade in(asion s& 6hm chim
On(ent in(ention s& ph!t minh
Aebel rebellion n/i lo)n
Compel compulsion s& bbt buPc
Aecognize recognition s& nh#n ra
Xppose opposition s& ph8n 2i
Zear \]^^_ \]^\ prepared by ?o Shuy ?ang
Quang trung specialized and gifted high school
English subject : Formation of nouns
iistribute distribution s& phhn ph!t, phhn ph2i
.ro(ide pro(ision s& cung c-p
ii(ide di(ision s& phhn chia
Conclude conclusion s& <t lu#n, <t lu#n
E6plode e6plosion s& n/
E6hibit e6hibition cuPc trijn lkm
iecide decision Euyt 4nh
;cEuire acEuisition yu cNu
;dhere adhesion s& tuhn thl
;dd addition s& them ("o
Compete competition s& c)nh tranh
Coerce coercion s& cp buPc

3. + er/ or/ist / ant

erb Noun !eaning
iri(e dri(er
Collect collector
Qi6 mi6er m!y trPn th7c en
Aecord recorder m!y ghi hm
iirect director gi!m 2c
Conduct conductor ng3>i so!t (c, ng3>i h3Hng dmn
Counsel counsellor c2 (-n
On(ent in(entor
Sype typist ng3>i !nh m!y
*er(e ser(ant ng3>i ph1c (1
.ollute pollutant ch-t ghy 0 nhinm
Onhabit inhabitant ng3>i c3 tr@
*eal sealant ch-t ch0nhs ro rg
;ttend attendant ng3>i tham gia, tham d&
4. erb + y = Noun
erb noun meaning
Aeco(er reco(ery
iisco(er disco(ery
ieli(er deli(ery
rob robbery
Embroid embroidery
Sric< tric<ery
Kribe bribery
Zear \]^^_ \]^\ prepared by ?o Shuy ?ang
Quang trung specialized and gifted high school
English subject : Formation of nouns
". erb+ ment = Noun
erb Noun !eaning
;nnounce announcement s& th0ng b!o
;gree agreement s& Mng p
AeEuire reEuirement yu cNu
E6cite e6citement s& h"o h7ng
ie(elop de(elopment s& ph!t trijn
.ay payment s& chi tr8
;ttach attachment s& Cnh <qm
;rgue argument s& tranh cki
Qanage management s& Eu8n lp
#. erb + a$ = Noun
erb Noun !eaning
Aent rental s& thu nh"
Kury burial s& chon c-t
Ketray betrayal s& ph8n bPi
iismiss dismissal s& gi8i t!n, sa th8i
FithdraG GithdraGal s& r@t lui
ieny denial s& t$ ch2i
;ppro(e appro(al s& Mng p
AeneG reneGal s& t!i l#p
%. erb+ ence = Noun
erb Noun !eaning
.ersist persistence s& nh-t Eu!n
Cohere coherence s& gbn <t
Sransfer transference s& chuyjn /i
Xccur occurrence s& 6Jy ra
Ae(ere re(erence s& t0n <Cnh
iepend dependence s& ph1 thuPc
E6ist e6istence s& tMn t)i
Emerge emergence s& n/i ln
Onsist insistence s& n"i ng
&. erb + ing = Noun

erb noun !eaning
*tudy studying (iDc h'c
Zear \]^^_ \]^\ prepared by ?o Shuy ?ang
Quang trung specialized and gifted high school
English subject : Formation of nouns
Ii<e li<ing s& thCch th@
Aead reading (iDc 'c
Coo< coo<ing (iDc n-u n3Hng
!'( )* (+ ,-.N/ (-01 234 (56
erb Noun !eaning
*pea< speech K"i dinn thuyt
*ell sale (iDc b!n h"ng
Choose choice s& l&a ch'n
Enter entryr entrance s& i ("o
Iose loss s& m-t m!t, s& m-t i
Fly flight chuyn bay
*it seat chB ngMi
*ee sight s7c nh=n, th4 l&c, c8nh, c8nh t35ng
iie death c!i cht
io deed h"nh Png
UnoG <noGledge <in th7c
Feed food th7c en
.ro(e proof ch7ng c7

III. Forming com7ound nouns
1. Noun + erb = Noun
*unrise b=nh minh mst tr>i m'c%
*unset ho"ng h0n
Footprint d-u chhn
Footstep b3Hc chhn
2. Noun + Noun = Noun
;ir_ raid cuPc <h0ng <Cch
iay dream m+ ban ng"y
Sea_ bag t@i tr"
*ea_ horse c! ng&a h8i mk%
Koat race cuPc ua thuyn
Aace horse con ng&a ua
?orse race cuPc ua ng&a
Friendship tinh ban
3. Adj + Noun = Noun
Iongleg chhn d"i
Ioudmouth miDng rPng
iar<room phong t2i
Qadman ng3>i <hLng
.aleface mst 6anh 6ao
Zear \]^^_ \]^\ prepared by ?o Shuy ?ang
Quang trung specialized and gifted high school
English subject : Formation of nouns
I. /ive t9e correct form of :ords.
^t O Gould li<e to shoG you my latest create% , Ghich O ha(e called u
Koats on a Ia<evt
\t iuring the festi(al decorate% Gere hanging from e(ery treet
wt She charity organization recei(e a large gift from the donate%t
xt Sheir failure to act is indicate% of their lac< of interestt
yt Sheir study is getting on satisfy%
zt Shis is a repeat% of a pre(ious tal<t
{t |ohn}s Keha(e% impro(ed at his neG schoolt
~t ?e has no intend% of lea(ing the cityt
t ?is decide% to retire surprised us allt
^]t ?e is unhappy because of his deaf%
^^t Fe found the true% about himt
^\t ?e is the young man Gith great e6pect%t
^wt Qay O borroG your calculate%
^xt Shey thought that the e6am Gould be difficult% but Shey all passed
their e6am Githout slightest difficult%t
^yt Zou can trust himt ?e is alGays true% and e(erything he says is
^zt She lose% of his Gife Gas a great bloG to himt
^{t Wot long ago, O Gas introduced to famous art%
^~t `iolence is not the best sol(e% to an argue%t
^t she argue% Gith her husband about child caret
\]t the ;merican Far of depend% Gas Gon in ^{{z
\^t the thing O lo(e about john is his rely%t
\\t Ge earn our li(e% today in peaceful compete%t
\wt O li<e your neG calculate% machine
\xt O}ll gi(e you further e6plain%t
\yt Zou should be decide% to tell them e6actly Ghat you thin<t

Zear \]^^_ \]^\ prepared by ?o Shuy ?ang