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10 Key Success Quotes that you NEED to Hear

10. “To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of bei!
The fear of being wrong is often seen as the most inhibiting factor of unsuccessful people. One cannot
hope to succeed let alone do anything if they are not willing to overcome their fear of being wrong.
Have faith in yourself and your ideas.

%. “& have ot faile'. &(ve )ust fou' 10,000 ways that wo(t
#Thomas $. E'iso
The greatest inventions of our time are the result of none other than persistence. These innovators
realized that they can only accept failure if and only if ALL options have been completely and totally
+. “,heever you see a successful -erso you oly see the -ublic
!lories, ever the -rivate sacrifices to reach them."
#.aibhav Shah
Nothing comes without a payment of some sort. The people you see on T.! for the most part! wor"ed
incredibly hard to get there. They wor"ed on their craft and ma"ing a name for themselves until
they/$DE their own success. #ou must always be willing to put in more hours! ta"e more steps! and
grind harder then the other guy who is also trying to ma"e his dreams a reality. $t%s all a matter of who
wants it more.
0. “Do(t be afrai' to !ive u- the !oo' to !o for the !reat."
#1oh D. 2oc*efeller
$f you are afraid of losing what you have for what you could have then you will probably never ma"e it
to where you want to be. &ome of the most successful people in the world got to where they are
because they had no other choice. They ris"ed everything and as a result didn%t accept failure as an

3. “Nothi! i the worl' is more commo tha usuccessful
-eo-le with talet."
&eriously. $f you have ever told yourself '$ can do that(! then you probably can. The truth is! everyone
has the potential for success in one form or another. $t%s the decision to follow your passion which can
turn potential into reality.
4. “There are two ty-es of -eo-le who will tell you that you
caot ma*e a 'ifferece i this worl'5 those who are afrai' to
try a' those who are afrai' you will succee'."
#2ay 6oforth
This realization will ma"e all the difference in your mindset. )hy are you listening to the people
around you who may or may not be older on whether or not your idea is great* Or whether or not your
going to be successful in whatever your doing* #ou are actually listening to advice from those who
haven%t reached success themselves. $f you are going to listen to anyone! ma"e sure it%s the good guys
who have already become successful. $ bet they will tell you how many doubters they had to face.
7. “8ly -ut off util tomorrow what you are willi! to 'ie
havi! left u'oe."
#9ablo 9icasso
$f you are putting off something that you truly desire to do then you are effectively accepting the fact
that you may never be able to do it. Life is not concrete. #ou must ta"e advantage of every moment at
hand and never give yourself the opportunity to regret what could have been.
:. “The first ste- towar' success is ta*e whe you refuse to be a
ca-tive of the eviromet i which you first fi' yourself."
#/ar* ;ai
)hy are you settling* +on%t you want more* Travel the world* ,xperience more*
#ou are not stuc". )hy is it that people who are born poor can ma"e it to the top* )hy is it that those
with roots in the worst situations can prosper and succeed*
-ecause they all refuse to remain where they are. #ou have to be so set on being somewhere else!
somewhere better! that you have no choice but to end up there.
<. “,heever you fi' yourself o the si'e of the ma)ority, it is
time to -ause a' reflect."
#/ar* Twai
$f you want to be part of the one percent then you have to stop doing things li"e everyone else. There is
a reason that ../ of people aren%t a part of that group and the longer you analyze why! the better you
will understand the importance of thin"ing on your own.
1. “$ real etre-reeur is somebo'y who has o safety et
u'ereath them."
#Hery Kravis
This is something $ am actively trying to overcome. $f one is to find true success then they must have
no way out. -y giving yourself a way out you are actually doubting your ability to succeed. #ou must
be willing to ris" it all.
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