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Depictions The movie all relates to what we are discussing in CLE.

Firstly, the movie depicts human dignity as it depicted the dignity of the human person as incomplete. The movie also depicted human dignity as a victim of various shortcomings and problems that led to its irrelevance to the people in the movie, especially the kids and the teachers. Human acts on the other hand is depicted as having various effects on everyone in the movie. Like Miss. G’s act to change the children into better persons. Another example of the depiction of human act in the movie is when the teenagers do what they want be it good or bad. In the movie, the part where the kids were fighting, I was shocked to see chaos. Not only in the areas were the children live but wholly in the lives of the kids themselves. Also, the kids themselves are causing these chaos and they cause these for one reason, freedom. This statement of mine tells the depiction of the definition of freedom in teenagers. Chaos and rampant fighting is always in the movies because the kids want to be free in society’s grasp and structures. They don’t care what will happen and what they can do to their enemies. When Miss G. threw away the usual teaching style of teachers in order to thoroughly teach the kids what needs to be learned, she exhibits one of the definitions of one the principles of the purpose of created reality. Another example in the movie that depicts the principles of the purpose of created reality is coming from the teachers, again. Some of the teachers there were not fulfilling their true purpose of being a teacher. They mostly don’t care about the teenagers’ future and they don’t really give a damn about them in the first place.

Reflection As I was watching the movie, I was shocked to see how dangerous racial tensions can cause. I also was astounded to see that much rebellion and chaos caused by just young teenagers. No time in my life I saw that and since the movie said that the events are true, my feeling towards the movie was raised to the nth level…positively. I know that violence, disrespect, disorganization is everywhere in the movie. But like anything in the world, there’s an end. The end of the bad life of the teens is no exception to that. When there’s an end, there’s a start that will happen. To those teens, their life changed to a better one. Almost all part of the movie was striking my soul with mixed emotions. Be it happiness because the teenagers changed or sadness caused by the insatiable hunger of the teens to take control over their peers by fighting and other demeaning actions. I learned that violence is not the key to solving problems. Always think of the effects in every action that we do. We need to love and care for each other no matter what status in life that person may be in. The most important of all, do the right things for God.