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We are thinking about the

same thing you are
How to make your products greener and their performance pure gold.
Our customers come to us to help them stay ahead of competitive pressures by helping to re-formulate
existing products and innovate new ones meeting green goals while preserving and even enhancing
performance. We call it Greenability. Youll call it genius.
Another ne result of the Innovation Principle

. Let us help you work through the

formula for Greenability.
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br eat he easy.
Have you looked at vinyl-based
resin technology lately?
f o r mu l a t e . ma n u f a c t u r e . ma r k e t . p a i n t . l i v e .
When we introduced our new EcoVAE emulsions last year, we told you
that VAE (vinyl acetate ethylene) technology would be the foundation for a new
generation of consumer pleasing, eco-friendly paints. After just over a year in the
market, formulators of all types of paints have found that EcoVAE strikes the bal-
ance that everyone has been looking for in making high quality, high performing,
people-friendly products.

Theyve discovered that formulating with EcoVAE is uncomplicated. That the paints
they make with it show excellent scrub, stain resistance and touch-up performance.
And that EcoVAE technology is suitable for a broad range of interior paints from
premium brands to contractor flats.
If youve already found EcoVAE, thanks for your support. If you haventmaybe its time
you discovered the next generation low VOC emulsion that everyone in the North American
paint industry is talking about.
Your future is our focusworldwide.
Find the balance youre looking for.
Contact us.
Brian Duke
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22 International Coatings Scene
Europe Wind turbine coatings in demand.
Latin America Chilean paint market evolves.
28 Business Corner System development.
Where value selling begins: Part 2.
OCTOBER 2010 VOL. 15, NO.10
30 Exterior Architectural Coatings
A profile of Benjamin Moores latest offerings to the market.
34Automotive Refinish Market
A Q&A with DuPont Refinish Systems provides perspective on the market.
36Additive Suppliers Directory
A comprehensive listing of the latest additives to hit the market.
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New Jersey man arrested
for stealing trade secrets
Editors Page
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m sure has gotten around the industry by now that a former
Valspar employee recently admitted to stealing trade secrets
from the paint maker with plans to take them to a new employ-
er in China. David Yen Lee, 54, of Jersey City, New Jersey, pleaded
guilty to theft of a trade secret with intent to economically benefit
someone other than its owner before U.S. District Judge Robert
Gettleman in Chicago, IL.
Lee worked as a technical director at the Wheeling, Illinois,
facility of Minneapolis-based Valspar from 2006 to 2009, when he
left to take a job in Shanghai with Osaka, Japan-based Nippon
Paint. Nippon wasnt charged with any wrong doing.
When he was arrested in March 2009, Lee had a pocket-size com-
puter thumb drive containing Valspar data in his possession. The
information he took they said is worth $7 million to $20 million.
Lee, whose crime is punishable by as long as 10 years in prison
and a $250,000 fine, is scheduled to be sentenced on Nov. 23.
According to his plea agreement, beginning in September 2008
and continuing through February 2009, Lee discussed possible
employment with Nippon. On February 27, 2009, Lee accepted an
employment offer from Nippon to serve as the vice president of
technology and administrator of research and development in
Nippons Shanghai, PRC offices. Lee resigned from Valspar on
March 16, 2009, and prepared to relocate to Shanghai.
As a technical director at Valspar, Lee had access to Valspars
secured internal computer network, including access to trade
secrets in the form of proprietary chemical formulas, paint prop-
erties calculations, and emerging research and development
According to his plea agreement, during the period from
November 2008 through March 2009, Lee downloaded trade
secrets from Valspars secured computer system and transferred
electronic files to external thumb drives with the intention of
using the trade secrets for the benefit of another.
This case makes me wonder how much information has slipped
through the cracks and made its way to foreign competitors. Do
you know of any other instances of trade secret theft that has
occurred in the paint and coatings industry recently? If so, I
would like to hear about it. Thank you.
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ResIn Components
5mart FormuIating.
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As We Go To Press
RPM acquires Turkish distributor
RPMs Building Solutions Group has
acquired Park Dis Ticaret A.S., a
leading supplier of sealants, tapes
and membranes to the construction
markets in Turkey. Based in
Istanbul, Park has annual sales of
approximately $10 million. Founded
in 1994 by Adnan Akkin, Park dis-
tributes high-performance sealants,
weatherseals, structural silicones,
one-side and double-side adhesive
tapes, and adhesives to customers in
Turkey, Russia and the Middle East.
This acquisition will provide Tremco
illbruck and the RPM Building
Solutions Group (BSG), a strong base
from which to grow our international
presence, said Frank C. Sullivan,
RPM chairman and chief executive
officer. As part of the RPM BSG,
Park will also be able to expand its
product offerings into new categories,
such as firestopping. We look forward
to having Adnan Akin and his man-
agement team join RPM.
Valspar has implemented price in -
creases for protective coatings prod-
ucts in the companys general indus-
trial line serving the pipe and rebar
markets. Pricing changes will take
effect for all shipments on or after
Oct. 15. The continued escalation in
the price for epoxy, a key raw materi-
al used to manufacture fusion bonded
epoxy coating products, necessitated
the action.
Arkema has announced the construc-
tion of a latex plant in China to pro-
duce a range of emulsion polymers for
use primarily in the coatings and
adhesives markets. Arkema will invest
$30 million in the new plant located on
its Changshu platform. Start-up is
expected in late 2012. Expanding man-
ufacturing into China for emulsion
products enhances Arkemas position
as an integrated global raw materials
source for its customers in many
industries, and reinforces Arkemas
strategy to grow its position in Asia
and increase its acrylics downstream
integration. Adding capability for
emulsion products will further
enhance Arkemas offering in the
region to coatings manufacturers,
especially after the completion of the
Coatex acrylic polymer plant which is
expected to start up mid 2011 as
announced in July 2009. CW
Index to Companies
This index gives the starting page for a department or feature with
a significant reference to a manufacturer of paint, coatings, adhesives and
sealants. Subsidiaries are indexed under their own names.
AkzoNobel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10, 45
Alexseal Yacht Coatings. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
APV Engineered Systems . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30
BASF Coatings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
Benjamin Moore . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30
DuPont . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10, 34
Henkel. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
Kansai Paint. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
Linetec . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
Lord Corp. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
MesoCoat . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
Modern Masters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
Nelson Firestop . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
PPG. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10, 20, 26
Performance Coatings Intl . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
RPM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
Sto Corp. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
Teknos . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
Valspar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8, 10, 50
Vista Paint . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
Xurex. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
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Fresh Paint
BASF Coatings Spa has sold its Italian
production site in Burago Molgora for
the manufacturing of industrial coat-
ings to Alcea Industries Srl, effective
October 1, 2010. In addition to the
manufacturing facility for liquid paint
in Burago Molgora, the transaction
encompasses the business of BASF
Coatings Spa in Italy with anodic, elec-
trodisposition coatings for home appli-
ances, heating and general industry
and liquid paints for automotive sup-
ply metal (ASM) as well as the related
customer portfolio. Employees working
in these businesses will transfer to
Alcea Industries Srl which is part of
Alcea Group. BASFs customers for
anodic technology and ASM will be
supplied by Alcea. The agreement with
Alcea Industries Srl includes a distri-
bution contract for cathodic technology
and a license agreement related to liq-
uid paints for automotive supplier
metal (ASM) and commercial trans-
port (CT). BASFs business in Italy for
automotive OEM coatings and refinish
coatings are not affected by the trans-
action. BASF will also continue to mar-
ket and to grow Salcomix brand and
products for small industry. Employees
working in the refinish and OEM coat-
ings businesses will relocate from
Burago to BASFs site in Cesano
Maderno (MB) in 2011.
Teknos and Oliva have signed an
agreement to merge together and
become one of the leading players in
the Polish metal paint market.
According to the agreement the new
company will operate under Teknos-
Oliva name and brand. This deal is
expected to close by the end of
October. Oliva is a well-known brand
in Poland in the metal industry paints
and yacht paints markets. The compa-
ny has 90 employees with its main
office and paint factory in Gdynia.
Olivia recorded sales of approximate-
ly 8 million in 2009. The new compa-
ny Teknos-Oliva will have a turnover
above 20 million and it will be one of
the leading players in the Polish
metal and industrial wood coatings
markets. Pro duction will continue in
Gdynia. Krzysztof Bruski, owner and
CEO of Oliva Group, will continue to
work for Teknos-Oliva as a member of
the supervisory board and managing
director of Teknos Poland. Piotr
Niedzilka will be the managing
director of the new Teknos-Oliva.
Sto Corp. is set to begin operations in
Santiago, Chile to support an expand-
BASF Coatings Spa sells production site in
Burago Molgora to Alcea Industries
In a deal with Alcea Industries Srl, BASF Coatings Spa has sold its production site in
Burago Molgora, Italy.
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Quality. Reliability. Global knowledge. Technical expertise. WACKER silicone-based materials are so versatile and adaptable, they have
virtually unlimited applications just about anywhere imaginable, making WACKER an integral part of our daily lives. Engineered to deliver
consistent and dependable performance, WACKER materials are known the world over for helping create new business opportunities
through innovation. Ask our technical experts how we can help you meet the competitive challenges of a global economy.
Get to know us even better. Visit
Wacker Chemical Corporation, 3301 Sutton Road, Adrian, MI 49221, USA
TEL: +1 888 922 5374, FAX: +1 517 264 4068,
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Fresh Paint
ing market in the region. Sto Corp.
has been working in partnership with
a group in Santiago since 2006 and
has now completed an acquisition of
manufacturing and marketing opera-
tions to help support the growing mar-
ket there. Target markets include both
commercial and residential as well as
exporting material to other Latin
American countries. The operations
will manufacture wet materials on-
site along with stocking meshes and
other materials needed to supply mul-
tiple markets. Sto Corp., based in
Atlanta, Georgia, is a producer of a
broad range of cladding and coating
systems for building construction,
maintenance and restoration. Sto
Corp. is ISO 14001:2004 as well as
ISO 9001:2008 certified and operates
production plants strategically located
to serve more than 200 distributor
shipping locations across North and
South America. Sto Corp. is a sub-
sidiary of Sto AG, headquartered in
Sthlingen, Germany, located in the
heart of the Black Forest.
MesoCoat Inc.s PComP nanocompos-
ite cermet coatings have been identi-
fied and selected as a breakthrough
nanotechnology of potential benefit to
the oil and gas exploration and pro-
duction industry by EPNanoNet.
MesoCoat Inc.s CEO, Andrew
Sherman participated in the first
EPNanoNet webinar on Sept 28th,
briefing leading oil and gas industry
members on the companys nanocom-
posite coating solutions for extending
equipment life and operational
envelopes in extreme environments.
This is the first in a series of
Nanotechnology for E&P webinars
to be hosted by EPNanoNet, and
MesoCoat was chosen as one poten-
tially stand-out technology over a
highly competitive pool of nanotech-
nology-based solutions companies and
technologies to participate in this
flagship event. EPNanoNet was
launched in 2008 with the mission of
accelerating the development and
uptake of nanotechnology within the
upstream oil and gas exploration and
production industry. MesoCoats
PComP nanocomposite cermet family
of coatings incorporate solid lubricant
and other ceramic nanoparticles into
a hard, tough, extremely durable coat-
ing system that is used to protect
metal parts from wear and corrosion
in extreme environments, such as
those encountered in the E&P indus-
try. The PComP coatings are applied
using thermal spray, and provide up
to 10 times life extension over carbide
and hard chrome coatings in sliding
wear applications because of extreme-
ly low coefficients of friction combined
with high hardness. The nanocompos-
ite coatings also provide improve-
ments in ductility, toughness and
spallation resistance compared to
ceramic coatings such as diamond
like carbon, tungsten carbide, or alu-
mina-ceramic, and are easier and
faster to apply and grind than con-
ventional, larger grain size coating
Modern Masters, a manufacturer of
high-end specialty paints and deco-
rative finishes, has launched an
innovative retail integrated e-com-
merce site designed to offer the con-
venience of shopping online with the
benefits of quality local service and
support. Now, professionals and seri-
ous amateurs can shop for popular
Modern Masters products like
Metallic Paint Collection, Venetian
Plaster, Metal Effects and Decorative
Painters Products online at and have
their orders fulfilled by their local
p10-19:p. 10-11 fresh paint june 9/24/10 10:49 AM Page 12
participating Modern Masters deal-
er. Orders can be shipped from deal-
er inventory or customers can opt to
pick up their order at the store. At, customers
also can access up-to-date informa-
tion on all of the specialty paints and
decorative products in the Modern
Masters line, including recent addi-
tions like Modern Masters Polished
Venetian Plaster, which is now avail-
able in fifteen ready-to-use earth
tone and hard-to-reach dark colors.
Full color palettes and technical
information on all Modern Masters
products are also available to make
product selection easy. Special recipe
finishes and information on Modern
Masters Platinum Training Centers
and regional workshops also are
available for those professionals and
serious amateurs in search of fresh
ideas and training on the latest prod-
ucts and finishes, like Shizen and
The American Institute of Architects
(AIA) Committee on the Environment
(COTE) has named its top ten green
building projects for 2010 and at least
five of them feature environmentally
advanced glass or coatings made by
PPG Industries. The curtain wall for
Manitoba Hydro Place in Winnipeg,
Manitoba, Canada, features
Starphire ultra-clear glass in combi-
nation with Duranar XL and
Duracron coatings on the mullions.
Duranar XL coatings were used for
exterior mullion finishes, and
Duracron coatings were applied on
all non-anodized interior mullions.
The Michael J. Homer Science and
Student Life Center in Atherton,
California, and Manassas Park
Elementary School in Virginia both
feature Solarban 70XL glass, the
industrys highest-performing solar
control, low-emissivity (low-e) glass.
Twelve/West, a mixed-use building in
Portland, Oregon, is the first urban
building with wind turbines in the
U.S. Duranar XL Bright Silver coat-
ing was used to cover the buildings
exterior aluminum surfaces, and
standard Duranar coatings were
specified inside the building. Lastly,
the City of Watsonville Water
Fresh Paint
p10-19:p. 10-11 fresh paint june 9/24/10 10:49 AM Page 13
Resources Center in California incor-
porates 2,215 square feet of Solarban
60 solar control, low-e glass.
Colorcon, Ltd. has opened a new
technical service laboratory in
Turkey. Located in Atasehir, the
southern area of Istanbul, the new
laboratory contains fully equipped
processing suites for laboratory-scale
immediate and modified release film
coating trials. The facilities are avail-
able for customer use, operating
under the highest standards of confi-
dentiality and safety. They provide a
convenient resource for formulators
to test aqueous or organic solvent
coatings and identify the most effec-
tive system and production process
for their pharmaceutical or food sup-
plement dosage formulations. Head -
quartered in Harleysville, Penn -
sylvania in the U.S., Colorcon manu-
factures formulated film coating sys-
tems, modified release technologies
and functional excipients for the
pharmaceutical and nutritional
industries. The new lab represents
the seventh Colorcon technical serv-
ice laboratory in the EMEA region,
and brings the number of facilities
Colorcon offers worldwide to 18.
PPGs senior vice president of auto-
motive coatings, Cynthia Niekamp,
has been named by Automotive News
magazine among the 100 leading
women in the North American Auto
Industry. Cindy joined PPG just last
year, but she has already led our
Fresh Paint
PPGs senior vice president of automotive
coatings, Cynthia Niekamp.
p10-19:p. 10-11 fresh paint june 9/24/10 10:49 AM Page 14
automotive coatings business
through the industrys most chal-
lenging period in decades, said PPG
chairman and CEO Charles Bunch.
She has brought leadership, clarity
and focus to our companys global
approach to marketing, manufactur-
ing and technical development, and
we are very proud that shes being
recognized by the automotive indus-
try. Overseeing more than 4,000
PPG employees, Niekamp managed
the implementation of broad restruc-
turing efforts to align costs with
market demand, and she helped to
position the companys automotive
coatings business to capitalize on
growth in global markets. The list
recognizes 100 women who are lead-
ers in the automotive fieldthose
who make major decisions and have
significant influence at their compa-
nies. Award recipients were selected
from among several hundred nomi-
nations by a committee comprising
Automotive News staff and other
industry figures.
BASF Coatings in India has received
three supplier awards from Tata
Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra and
Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India
(HMSI). BASF received the Best
Supplier Award for its performance
in the paints category for the year
2009 from major motorcycle manu-
facturer HMSI. This is the third con-
secutive and fourth time in the past
five years that BASF in India has
earned the title for the Best
Performance in Paints category. Tata
Motors Limited, Indias largest auto-
Fresh Paint
FAX (814) 723-8502
Stirrers Or Complete Units For:

r r s TM
Patented blending/dispersing blade design makes radical
improvement over old saw tooth designs
* Most efficient and aggressive blending/dispersing blade
* Provides proper combination of pumping action and shear/
dispersion essential for fast consistent results.
* Built in pumping action cuts processing time.
* Longer life due to heavier gauge construction.
* Less heat due to shorter required running time.
* Excellent for high or low speed and high or low viscosity.
* Supplied with hubs or mounting holes required to retrofit
and upgrade present equipment.
* Pumping blades without teeth are available and are excellent
for gentle blending and agitation.
Since 1948
CO., L.L.C.
Shrikant Kulkarni (left), general manager,
automotive OEM coatings solutions, BASF,
received the Best Supplier Award from the
hands of the senior official at Tata Motors
in New Delhi, India.
p10-19:p. 10-11 fresh paint june 9/24/10 10:49 AM Page 15
mobile company, awarded BASF
with the Best Supplier Award for its
performance in the paints category
for the year 2008-2009, considering
parameters such as quality, cost,
delivery and development. Ma -
hindra, leader in the utility vehicle
(UV) segment in India, honored
BASF with the Best Performance
Award in Value Addition and Value
Engineering category for the year
2009-2010. Today, BASF is one of the
top three players in the thriving
automotive coatings industry in
India, supplying all major automo-
tive and motorcycle companies.
Valspar closed its $142 million
acquisition of Australian paint man-
ufacturer Wattyl Ltd. Valspar
announced the deal in June as part
of a broader expansion in the Asia-
Pacific region. Wattyl, which brought
in revenue of about $380 million last
year, distributes paint through home
improvement and hardware outlets
as well as a network of 140 company-
owned stores.
Zirconium is used as an anti-corro-
sive finishing/surface treatment on
metal substrates. If the coating of
zirconium is too thin, then the
sought-for metal property will not be
achieved. Similarly, applying too
thick a coat means that treatment
material is wasted and so is money.
Therefore, ASTM International
Committee D01 on Paint and
Related Coatings, Materials and
Applications has developed a new
standard, ASTM D7639, Test Method
for Determination of Zirconium
Treatment Weight or Thickness on
Metal Substrates by X-Ray
Fluorescence, to assist in the produc-
tion of fit-for-purpose and cost-effec-
tive parts. According to Christelle
Petiot, XRF coatings product manag-
er, Oxford Instruments Analytical,
U.K., This standard will be used to
measure the zirconium treatment
weight or thickness applied to metal
substrates, either along the process
line, or in the quality control lab. In
both cases X-ray fluorescence instru-
ments are used; handheld XRF
instruments are typically used along
the process line for rapid quality
control with no sample preparation,
and benchtop XRF instruments are
used in the quality control lab. The
XRF instruments are used to provide
qualitative and quantitative data
about the metals. ASTM D7639
shows users the performance (preci-
sion) that can be achieved by follow-
ing its simple procedure and using
the instrumentation defined in the
method. The next step for
Committee D01 and its Sub -
committee D01.53 on Coil Coated
Metal is to develop methods for
other treatments such as chromium
and titanium. The committee wel-
comes participation from all inter-
ested parties, particularly coil coater
Fresh Paint
AkzoNobel, Walmart Form
Partnership in the U.S.
AkzoNobel has been selected by Walmart to be the primary paint sup-
plier for the retailers U.S. stores. The company will develop and manu-
facture a portfolio of interior and exterior paints for more than 3,500
Walmart stores nationwide. This agreement builds on the existing rela-
tionship with Walmart, the worlds largest retailer, for paints in Puerto
Rico and Canada, and with Liquid Nails adhesives in the U.S.
This is an excellent opportunity for us to work with Walmart and
offer their customers an exciting new in-store program, said Tex
Gunning, the AkzoNobel board member re sponsible for decorative
paints. This is a landmark deal
which will significantly boost our
market share in the U.S. and con-
tribute to further enhancing the
value of our Glidden brand there.
Walmart will begin the transition
to AkzoNobel early next year.
AkzoNobel Decorative Paints in the
Americas (Canada, US and Latin
America) currently employs around
7,200 people and generates revenue
of close to 1.5 billion. It operates
eight paint manufacturing and dis-
tribution sites in the U.S. and a
global research and development
center in Strongsville. The portfolio
consists of architectural coatings
and wood care products, as well as
adhesives and caulks.
p10-19:p. 10-11 fresh paint june 9/24/10 10:49 AM Page 16
PPG participated in a ceremony Sept. 27
that celebrated the awarding of $129
million in federal funds to create the
Greater Philadelphia Innovation Cluster
(GPIC), a five-year initiative designed to
improve the energy efficiency of build-
ings in the U.S. PPG is one of five indus-
try partners in the project, which
includes 11 academic institutions, two
U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) labo-
ratories, and several regional economic
development agencies and community
colleges. PPG will offer expertise in a
host of energy-efficient building tech-
nologies for both new construction and
retrofit applications with a focus on inno-
vations for the building envelope. The
funds, which were awarded to a consor-
tium organized by Penn State Un -
iversity, will create an Energy In -
novation Hub at the Philadelphia Navy
Yard, a 1,200-acre waterfront business
development that includes 80 compa-
nies, 7,500 employees and 5.5 million
square feet of building space. Because
the Philadelphia Navy Yard operates its
own utility infrastructure, including an
independent electric grid, it is considered
an ideal site for testing the real-world
impact of new energy-related technolo-
gies and policies. The award ceremony,
which took place at the Philadelphia
Navy Yard, included remarks from U.S.
Energy Secretary Steven Chu,
Pennsylvania Gov. Edward Rendell,
Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutting
and U.S. Rep. Bob Brady. Other members
of the GPIC are Bayer MaterialScience,
Ben Franklin Technology Partners of
Southeast Pennsylvania, Carnegie
Mellon University, Collegiate Con -
sortium, Delaware Valley Industrial
Resource Center, Drexel University, IBM
Corp., Lawrence Livermore National
Laboratory, Morgan State University,
New Jersey Institute of Technology,
Philadelphia Industrial Development
Corporation, Princeton University,
Purdue University, Rutgers University,
Turner Construction, United Tech -
nologies Corp., University of
Pennsylvania, University of Pittsburgh,
Virginia Tech and Wharton Small
Business Development Center. To learn
more, visit
AkzoNobel has underlined the im -
portance of wood stewardship to its
Fresh Paint
Successful Strategies for Decision-Makers
230 N.Bennett St., Ste. 3 Southern Pines, NC 28387
910-692-2492 E-mail:
Web Site:
Partner Offices: Dorking, ENG Research Triangle Park, N Detroit, MI
Core Competencies
Value Implications for CLIENTS
Value Systems Analysis
Customer Relationship
Market Integrity Assessment
Position, Growth,
Competitive, Image Analysis
New Business Development
Market Research
Strategy Business Assessment
Chemark Consulting Group is
a 30-year-old management
consulting firm that
concentrates on tactical &
strategic activities surrounding
all industries pertaining to coat-
ings, adhesives, sealants,
resins, polymers and additives.
Since 1975, its global clients
include product formulators,
raw materials and application
equipment suppliers and
p10-19:p. 10-11 fresh paint june 9/24/10 10:49 AM Page 17
sustainability agenda by signing a landmark agreement
with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The agree-
ment makes AkzoNobel the FSCs first global partner
outside of products that are FSC certified. Both parties
will now cooperate to increase understanding of the orga-
nizations work in promoting responsible forest manage-
ment, and to boost awareness of FSC certification being
a label for wood and paper from well-managed forests.
Under the terms of the agreement, the company and
most notably its woodcare brandsCuprinol, Pinotex,
Xyladecor, CetaBever, Sparlack, Flood and Sadolinwill
now work closely with the FSC to promote forest stew-
ardship and drive demand for responsible products. The
agreement includes setting up a global partnership fund
with the FSC to support agreed social policy projects;
educating customers about the FSC and its objectives;
and helping to drive demand for FSC certified products.
A new partnership logo has also been developed which
will be used extensively on all branded material, includ-
ing packaging.
DuPont Shinto Automotive Systems (DSAS), part of the
DuPont Performance Coatings (DPC) business, recently
introduced the latest global color trends in the DuPont
Global Color Trend Show 2010. The event was hosted in
the DuPont K.K Japan office in Tokyo and at customers
offices in Nagoya, Japan. The color trend show attracted
68 representatives from the countrys four leading auto-
motive manufacturers and focused on automotive color
trends that were based on: colors for cars produced in
Europe, the U.S. and in Asia Pacific (AP) in 2009; colors
for cars exhibited in motor shows held in Geneva,
Switzerland; Beijing, China; and Tokyo, Japan; and the
latest paint technology.
The Wall Systems business of BASF Corporation and
SPEC MIX, Inc., specializing in factory preblended con-
struction products and silo material delivery systems,
have formed a joint marketing agreement. The program
enables contractors to combine the advantages of BASFs
stucco finishes, water-resistive barriers, reinforcing base
coats and PermaLath 1000 fiberglass lath with comput-
er-batched SPEC MIX Fiber Base Coat (FBC) stucco in
systems that are covered by a single source warranty.
SPEC MIX Fiber Base Coat stucco (FBC) is an ICC code
approved, dry, preblended cement stucco basecoat that is
engineered with proprietary admixtures and fibers that
reduce shrinkage and checking. Produced at more than
Fresh Paint
a registered
All rights reserved.
Best Under
the Sun
With exceptional tint retention, chalk resistance
and photochemical stability, MINEX

can enhance the color and extend the service
life of aqueous and solvent based architectural
paint. Forty years of real time exterior
exposure tests verify MINEX is the best
functional filler under the sun.

For more information and our complete product portfolio visit:
p10-19:p. 10-11 fresh paint june 9/24/10 10:49 AM Page 18
40 manufacturing facilities in the
U.S. and Canada, SPEC MIX FBC is
computer batched for consistency
and performance. It can be installed
as a one coat stucco basecoat or as
the scratch and brown coat in a tra-
ditional stucco application. Available
in 80 and 3,000 pound packages, the
product meets the requirements for
ASTM C 926.
Frank Krakowski, Lord Corporations
senior staff scientist for Materials and
Process Development, has been select-
ed as the winner of the 2010 Donald
M. Alstadt Technology Innovation
Award. Established in 2006 to recog-
nize innovative technological achieve-
ments that have led to successful com-
mercialization of projects within the
last five to eight years, Krakowski
was honored for his work with elas-
tomers for industrial products and
fixed-wing aircraft systems. Kra -
kowski has more than 35 years expe-
rience within the industry, with Lord
Corporation for 28 years, and special-
izes in formulating elastomers for
specific mechanical and dynamic
properties applicable to diverse aero-
space, defense and industrial environ-
ments and applications.
Alexseal Yacht Coatings, the paint
system manufactured by German-
based Mankiewicz Gebr. and Co.,
moved its U.S. operations from St.
Louis to Charleston, SC. Mankiewicz
renovated a 24,000 square-foot build-
ing, which includes a state-of-the-art
lab, production, technical training
and warehouse facility and provides
new employment opportunities for
the local community. The move pro-
vides faster access to Alexseal ship-
ments from Germany through the
Charleston port of entry, decreased
delay for West Coast shipments via
direct access to Southern trucking
routes, closer proximity to the hub of
its U.S. customer base and better
resources for their employees, the
company said. CW
Fresh Paint
An event co-organized by AITIVA
Mr Cyril LADET - Email:
Tel.: +33 (0)1 77 92 96 84
Fax: +33 (0)1 77 92 98 21
eurocoat 2010
international exhibition & congress
for the paint, printing ink, varnish, glue and adhesive industries
9 - 11 November 2010
GENOA - Italy
Fiera di Genova
w w w. e u r o c o a t - e x p o . c o m
t 2
p10-19:p. 10-11 fresh paint june 9/24/10 10:49 AM Page 19
Patents Update
Patent No. U.S. 7,744,962 B2
Kansai Paint Co. has been grant-
ed a patent for a thermosetting liq-
uid coating composition for an alu-
minum wheel comprised of a
hydroxy- and carboxy-containing
acrylic resin having a hydroxyl value
of 90 to 150 mg KOH/g and an acid
value of 1 to 30 mg KOH/g, the
acrylic resin being obtained by
copolymerizing a monomer mixture
comprised of 10-50% weight of a C6-
18 alkyl ester of (meth)acrylic acid,
8-40% weight of a secondary
hydroxy-containing unsaturated
monomer, and a carboxy-containing
unsaturated monomer; and an amino
Patent No. U.S. 7,737,197 B2
PPG Industries has received a
patent for a method of producing a
powder coating composition com-
prised of the steps of providing a pig-
ment composition comprised of flake-
like, color effect pigment particles
and a polymeric binder, the pigment
composition having an initial parti-
cle size distribution with fine parti-
cles; mixing and heating the pigment
composition to a temperature to
achieve a second particle size distri-
bution substantially without fine
particles, wherein the temperature is
more than 2 F greater than the TG
of the pigment composition; and cool-
ing the pigment composition from
the second step to produce the pow-
der coating composition.
Patent No. U.S. 7,737,195 B2
Xurex, Inc. has been granted a
patent for an anti-graffiti surface coat-
ing consisting of the combination of
alkali metal silicate, ethylene-glycol col-
loidal silica, aminopropyl oxysilane, flu-
orinated polyurethane and alkali metal
methyl siliconate. The coating charac-
terized in that it is a surface-penetrat-
ing coating, is chemically resistant and
possesses a surface tension higher than
the surface tension of the surface to
which it is applied, whereby paint
applied to the coating is easily removed.
Patent No. U.S. 7,737,270 B2
Canon Kabushiki Kaishahas has
been granted a patent for a method
for producing a copper phthalocya-
nine pigment or titanyl phthalocya-
nine pigment. The method is com-
prised of a step of obtaining a mix-
ture by mixing at least one com-
pound selected from the group of
phthalonitrile, phthalonitrile deriva-
tive, isoindoline derivative and sub-
phthalocyanine derivative, and a
compound supplying copper or titani-
um with a solvent; and a step of hold-
ing the mixture at not less than a
temperature where a subcritical
state or a supercritical state of the
solvent occurs to obtain the pigment
by reacting the compounds.
Patent No. U.S. 7,736,745 B2
Hontek Corporation has been
granted a patent for a solid and liquid
erosion resistant article comprised of
an airfoil shaped substrate having a
leading edge surface exposed in use to
high speed impingement of liquid
and/or solid particles, the leading
edge surface covered with a protective
coating comprised of a matte topcoat
layer comprised of a polyurethane or
polyurea composition forming a coat-
ing disposed on the leading edge sur-
face having a tensile strength greater
than 1000 psi (70 kg/cm
), an elonga-
tion at break greater than 400%, a
tensile set of less than 150%, and a
Shore A hardness of 44A to 95A as
measured at 68 F and having a
matte finish as measured according to
ASTM D 523-89 (1999) with an 85
degree surface gloss less than 15,
wherein the polyurethane or polyurea
coating composition is selected from
the group consisting of a water dis-
persion of a pre-reacted polyurethane
and a polyisocyanate or an iso-
cyanate-terminated prepolymer cured
with a curing agent selected from a
group consisting of an aldimine, a
ketimine, a polyaspartic ester and
mixtures thereof and an optional
cocuring agent selected from the
group consisting of a polyamine, a
polyol and mixtures thereof.
Patent No. U.S. 7,741,403 B2
BASF Corporation has been
awarded a patent for an effect pig-
ment PVC plastisol comprised of at
least one finely divided PVC
homopolymer, prepared by emulsion
polymerization or microemulsion
polymerization, having particle sizes
of from 0.04-40 m, and which as a
dispersion in a plasticizer exhibits
dilatancy; at least one finely divided
PVC homopolymer, prepared by
emulsion polymerization, having
particle sizes of from 1-400 m, and
which as a dispersion in a plasticizer
exhibits pseudoplasticity; at least
one plasticizer; at least one effect
pigment and at least one additive,
wherein the additive is comprised of
an organic solvent, and the weight
ratio is chosen so that the PVC plas-
tisol exhibits pseudoplasticity. CW
Kansai Paint patents thermosetting coating
p20:p. 14 -15 patents-nov 9/22/10 4:30 PM Page 20
Project44:Layout 1 9/13/10 10:59 AM Page 1
Wind turbine coatings in demand
International Coatings Scene
rotective coatings companies, particu-
larly those with experience supplying
coatings for marine vessels and struc-
tures, are positioning themselves to exploit a
potentially massive new market in northern
It will be for coatings for offshore wind tur-
bines and to a lesser extent tidal and wave
power installations in which investment is
being driven by the European Unions target
of 20 percent renewable energy by 2020.
This year as much as 1,000 mega watts (MW)
of offshore wind power is expected to be
installed, most of it in the North Sea and adja-
cent marine areas. This compares with an instal-
lation of 577 MW in 2009, according to the
European Wind Energy Association (EWEA). By
mid-2010 there were nearly 1,000 offshore wind
turbines operating in 43 wind farms in Europe
with a total capacity of around 2,400 MW.
Currently there are 16 offshore wind farms
under construction and a further 52 with
planning permission, totalling around 20,000
MW. Another 80,000 MW is expected eventu-
ally to be built, pushing total investment in
European offshore wind power to 100-150
billion ($130-200 billion).
The market is a huge opportunity, said
James OBrien, power market manager for pro-
tective coatings at AkzoNobels International
Paint, citing his companys experience in the
supply of paints for offshore oil and gas rigs and
in marine coatings.
AkzoNobel is competing against other lead-
ing European suppliers of marine and off-
shore coatings like Hempel of Denmark and
Jotun of Norway.
The turbines are bigger than those operating
onshore with larger blades and also large subsea
foundations, said Dimitris Lik ouressis,
Hempels group marketing manager for protec-
tive coatings. They need high performing paints
so that the surfaces do not have to be repainted
for a long time because of the high costs of doing
maintenance work offshore.
Hempel is well established in the coatings
market for wind turbines since their first
development around 20 years ago while it also
has a long involvement in marine and oil and
gas rig coatings.
But other European coatings companies
like BASF Coatings and Bayer Mat -
erialScience for whom the marine and off-
shore sector is less of a major market have
been moving into the new offshore turbine
segment while non-European players are
thought to have been looking for opportuni-
ties there as well.
The proportion of imports into Europe at the
moment is relatively low, said Likouressis. But
it is expected to go up through suppliers from the
U.S. and China and India. The Chinese are very
active in the wind turbine sector.
Offshore wind turbine manufacturers want
coatings that comply with quality standards
used for coatings for oil and gas platforms,
which can mean additional R&D work for
newcomers. This is particularly the case for
coatings for the foundations and splash zones
of the machines.
The protective coatings systems are relative-
ly similar to those used on oil and gas rigs, said
Likouressis. The big difference is that they have
to be formulated in order to help the turbine
makers raise their productivity. This means that
they have to be systems that are easy to apply
during the manufacture of the turbine compo-
nents. A key requirement is a quick drying time.
The most technologically complex part of
the turbine for coatings producers are the
blades, which can rotate at speeds of around
200 kilometres (124 miles) per hour.
Protection of turbine blades in offshore envi-
ronments is proving to be an interesting coating
opportunity, said OBrien. Offshore winds, by
definition, mean stronger and more reliable
are looking to
the offshore
wind turbine
market for
p22-23:columns 9/22/10 4:31 PM Page 22
International Coatings Scene
winds. They are also driving the devel-
opment of larger and larger turbine
sizes. Larger turbines means bigger
blades, which means faster tip speeds
and therefore more aggressive service
Hitting anything at this speed,
including rain drops, can generate a lot
of impact energy, he continued. Being
able to withstand this constant better-
ing year in and year out has proven to
be a challenge to many current wind
blade coatings, and it remains one of the
largest challenges for future product
Anti-fouling coating systems for
ships hulls can be applied to the static
foundations of wind turbines despite
the absence of the fast moving waters
around marine vessels.
The static water performance of our
Intersleek fouling release fluropolymer
range has proven to be very effective,
said OBrien. It has been successfully
employed on a range of static structures
from offshore fixed platforms, to ocean
moored sea buoys. In many cases nor-
mal tidal or wave motion has proven
more than adequate to keep the surface
fouling free.
Anti-fouling coatings are also being
applied in tidal and wave power
installations, which offer a wide range
of surfaces for marine organisms such
as algae, barnacles, mussels and tube
worms to adhere to.
With tidal and wave power there will
be a greater need for anti-fouling coat-
ings, said Likouressis. Our anti-foul-
ing silicon gel technology will help in
this area.
Energy from tidal and wave power
is an example of a new technological
area where protective coatings suppli-
ers feel the need to be involved in the
early stages because it has the poten-
tial to be a huge market. Among sys-
tems under development are oscillat-
ing water columns, compression-driv-
en turbines and hydraulic rams that
power motors.
The sector has big potential but at the
moment it is at the same stage of devel-
opment that wind power was around 20
years ago, said Likouressis.
Europe in fact has the largest tidal
wave power station in the worlda 54-
year-old 240 MW generator at Rance
estuary in northern France. But it uses
conventional hydro-electric technology to
drive turbines.
AkzoNobel is already participating in
two wave power schemes both being
developed by two Scotland-based com-
paniesPelamis and Aquamarine
Power. Aquamarine Powers goal is to
develop commercial wave farms around
the world.
The biggest challenges technologi-
cally in tidal and wave scheme are
related to keeping up with technologi-
cal changes, said OBrien. This
includes the number of differing tidal
and wave power prototypes currently
available. Those that will be ultimate-
ly not economically feasible is difficult
to predict.
Understanding the true protective
coating requirements of these struc-
tures is the daunting task before us,
OBrien said. CW
Use grind gages more consistently.
Little Joe Industries offers the ADM Automatic Draw-Down Machine for use with
grind gages. The ADM automates the draw down process controlling scraper
angle, speed, and force. Since these aspects are no longer operator depend-
ent your grind gage draw-downs will be more consistent while requiring less
operator training and supervision.
Uses existing grind gages and scrapers from your current supplier.
US and foreign patents apply.
Little Joe Industries
10 Ilene Court, Suite 4, Hillsborough, NJ 08844-1922
Phone: (908) 359-5213 Fax: (908) 359-5724
Web: Email:
The most technologically
complex part of the turbine for
coatings producers are the
blades, which can rotate at
speeds of around 200 kilo -
meters (124 miles) per hour.
p22-23:columns 9/22/10 4:31 PM Page 23
International Coatings Scene
he Chilean paint market is returning
to growth at a steady pace as manufac-
turers rationalize production, focus on
niche marketing and elevate quality product
lines. According to a recent forecast by Oxford
Economics, the $220 million paint industry in
Chile averaged 9.3 percent expansion over the
five-year period ending in 2009. The analysts
forecast for the next five years is 5.5 percent
average expansion.
Given the global economic slowdown last
year, Chiles paint industry still was touted as
the 10th fastest growing in 2009, despite log-
ging a mere 0.2 percent expansion on the
heels of double-digit growth in 2008. The
industry represents only 1.1 percent of all
manufacturing in Chile, producing some 20
million gallons per year.
Architectural paint sales represent about 60
percent of total sales in Chile, while industrial
sales represent about 40 percent, according to
Fitch Ratings. Among leaders in the sale of
architectural paint for the Chilean do-it-yourself
(DIY) market are Pinturas Ceresita and
Sherwin-Williams, according to Euromonitor
International. Homecenter Sodimac and
Centosuds Homecenter are the largest DIY
retailers in the country. And at retailer
Construmart, an official was recently quoted
saying that paint represents 50 percent of the
chains total sales.
Other national paint companies include
Chilcorrofin, Pinturas Sipa and Soquina. In
June, Ceresita and Sipa merged, with plans for
the former to focus on the architectural segment
and the latter to focus on the industrial segment.
One analyst suggests that the Ceresita-Sipa
partnership is estimated to represent a 35 per-
cent share of the total Chilean paint and coat-
ings market, edging out both Sherwin-Williams
and Tricolor as the largest player.
The paint and coatings sector should
expand rapidly this year as recovery from the
widespread February earthquake continues
on new investments. Over the first half of this
year, the Chilean economy grew by 6.3 per-
cent. Reductions in the price of oil and other
raw materials have begun to help some com-
panies recover financial margins, like
Tricolor, Fitch reports.
Among new product launches, Ceresita is
now offering an anti-bacterial formulation,
"Bio-Pruf," enhanced with additives made by
Rohm & Haas. Similarly, Sherwin-Williams
has introduced a formulation that includes an
insect repellent. And Sipa has introduced a
thermal insulating paint, Aisla-Tex.
Behr has become the latest entrant to the
Chilean paint market in September 2009. The
companys paint is being sold in the Sodimac
chain, where Behr has installed its ColorSmart
planning stations.
Apart from traditional points of sale, Chilean
paint companies also are moving into the elec-
tronic markets of social media. Ceresitas web-
site, for example, has a variety of Facebook,
Youtube and Twitter postings and links. Web
analyst Alexa reports that the website received
two million hits over a recent quarter.
Social projects remain a key form of mar-
keting for Chilean paint companies. Following
the February earthquake, for example,
Pinturas Sipa rolled out a program to help
hardware stores replace damaged paint cans
and other materials, with offers to help
upgrade sales aids. CW
Chilean paint market evolves
paint sector
to report
despite the
Given the global economic slowdown last
year, Chiles paint industry still was touted as
the 10th fastest growing in 2009, despite
logging a mere 0.2 percent expansion on the
heels of double-digit growth in 2008.
p24:columns 9/22/10 4:33 PM Page 24
ROM rst line qualit y to low-cost paints, Optiwhite MX contributes signicantly to hiding
properties, wet and dry. This leads to greater extending of Ti0
. Bet ter properties at less
cost gives you a competitive edge
in value. Call or e-mail us for
guidelines and condential
Optiwhite MX. Still making a world of difference.
P.O. Box 349 Sandersville, GA 31082 USA
478-552-2544 fax 478-552-4274
Template 3/23/07 12:10 PM Page 1
New Products
CLK Sealant protects buildings from fire
Contractors can quickly and easily
maintain the integrity of fire-rated con-
struction with the new CLK silicone
sealant from Nelson Firestop. Installed
by a caulking gun, or by manually trow-
elling using a mason's trowel or putty
knife, CLK Sealant is ideal for firestop
penetrations and construction joints,
such as around metallic pipes or con-
duits, and for floor-to-wall, floor-to-floor
and head of wall applications. CLK is
waterproof, smoke-proof and gas-proof,
so nothing gets through. Highly adhe-
sive and simple to apply, this non-
shrinking and non-toxic sealant main-
tains its flexibility and allows for move-
ment or vibration, so it retains its seal-
ing qualities even with expansion, con-
traction or other fluctuations. In addi-
tion to protecting and preventing the
spread of fire, smoke, gases and water,
CLK has been acoustically tested to
demonstrate excellent noise reduction
properties. Nelson Firestop CLK meets
UL1479, ASTM E-814, ASTM E-1966
and ASTM E-84 standards.
Vista Paint Corporation of Fullerton,
California, has released to the market-
place a new stain blocking primer,
Carefree Prime-ZALL. This 50 g/l
water-based product blocks tannin
stains from cedar and redwood, covers
common household stains such as lip-
stick, hilighters, marks from various
marking pens, and ink from ballpoint
and fluid ink pens, and can additionally
be used to cover smoke and water dam-
aged surfaces. This primer has great
adhesion over many surfaces including
aged alkyd and various metals. It out-
performs any water-based product in
the market and is equal to or better
than high VOC solvent-based products
designed for that purpose, according to
the company. For more information
about Prime-ZALL and other Vista
Paint products visit them on the web at
PPGs protective and marine coatings
(PMC) business has introduced PSX
700SG for use by United States Navy
vessels and other federal marine coat-
ings applications. The new product is a
semi-gloss version of PPGs patented
PSX 700 epoxy polysiloxane coating
and has been engineered to meet and
exceed marine coating requirements
established by the U.S. government.
PSX 700SG is approved on the U.S.
Navy Qualified Product List (QPL) for
topside and freeboard applications and
meets the U.S. Navy Federal Standard
Color standards for Haze Gray. PSX
700SG also complies with U.S. De -
partment of Defense MIL-PRF-
24635E, Type V (high-durability), Type
VI (high-durability, low-volatile organ-
ic compound), Class 2 (semi-gloss),
Grade B (low solar-absorbing) specifi-
cations. PSX 700SG is a cutting-edge
product that can reduce the total oper-
ating cost of government vessels. In
addition to its low-VOC formulation,
PSX 700SG has unlimited recoatabili-
ty, making touch-up and maintenance
easier while being a color-stable LSA
(low solar-absorbing) coating. PSX
700SG also offers superior abrasion
resistance, wide cure-temperature
flexibility and unique surface tension
to minimize rust or dirt streaking.
Linetec's Field Service team offers a
new, environmentally-responsible
coating system for on-site repair and
restoration of architectural aluminum
products' finishes. The innovative for-
Nelson Firestops new CLK Sealant protects
buildings from spreading fire, smoke and
p26-27:columns 9/24/10 12:02 PM Page 26
New Products
mulation of Trinar Aqua air dry sys-
tem (ADS) coating was developed in
partnership with AkzoNobel. This
new, on-site finishing option from
Linetec helps preserve commercial
and residential properties' green
goals, as well as performance and aes-
thetics. The water-based Trinar Aqua
ADS was created to meet the interior
specifications for the Green Seal
Standard and the U.S. Green Building
Council's LEED (Leadership in
Energy and Environmental Design)
Green Building Rating System, offer-
ing very low-VOC content. As a fluo-
ropolymer finish, Linetec's applica-
tion of Trinar Aqua ADS meets weath-
ering requirements of AAMA 2605,
the most stringent specification for
architectural coatings. Finishes of
this quality are the most resistant to
humidity, color change, chalk, gloss
loss and natural weathering of any
coating available today.
Recognized for its ease of use and cost-
effectiveness with die attach processes
for leadframe packages, Henkel has
extended its Wafer Backside Coating
(WBC) portfolio to also include a solu-
tion for stacked die packages. Ablestik
WBC-8901UV has been designed to
address the demanding requirements of
multiple die stack applications for the
memory market segment, including
packages such as TSOPs, MCPs and
FMCs (Flash Memory Cards). The
unique formulation of Ablestik WBC-
8901UV offers a robust and cost-effec-
tive alternative to current film-based
solutions for die stacking processes,
reducing the total cost of ownership as
compared to film by as much as 30% to
50%. Process flexibility is also
enhanced, as packaging specialists can
now adjust die attach thickness based
on specific manufacturing require-
ments and can also select their dicing
tape of choice. Film die attach materials
are generally supplied in predeter-
mined thicknesses as a bundled product
which incorporates the dicing tape.
Applied via a spray coating method fol-
lowing the wafer thinning process,
Ablestik WBC-8901UV is precisely
deposited across the back of the silicon
wafer following which the material is B-
staged using a UV irradiation process.
After this step, dicing tape is laminated
to the wafer, backgrinding tape is
removed and the wafer is diced in
preparation for die pick-up and place-
ment. Henkel is currently partnering
with spray technology and backgrind-
ing equipment manufacturers to deliver
an integrated, inline process solution
for this unique WBC advance.
Performance Coatings International
(PCI) has introduced Vueguard 941
anti-static coating for plastic products
required to dissipate a static charge.
Vueguard 941 is a crystal clear, sol-
vent-based UV curable coating that
maintains optical clarity on molded
plastics. It is designed for applications
where a permanent, clear coating is
required to dissipate or prevent a
static charge. A typical use would be
to prevent static build-up on a person-
al electronic display. Vueguard 941
can be applied via spray, dip, spin, roll
or flow coating. CW
Coming next month in Coatings World
Adhesives & Sealants
p26-27:columns 9/24/10 12:02 PM Page 27
ast month, in the first part of this series, we
returned to the basic principles upon which
Value-Selling is supported. There have been
more than 100 books and countless articles dis-
cussing alternative selling techniques. A few of these
titles may ring a familiar bell: Competitive Selling,
Best PracticesCustomer-Focused Solutions, The
Grid for Sales Excellence, Growth Partnering
How to Build Your Companys Profits by Building
Customer Profits and Customer Centered Growth
to name a handful.
In part one we said that there is nothing
worse in a sales situation than in trying to
market a naked product, or one that has been
stripped of its unique performance value. In
other words, it is a product or service that has
been stripped of its value. This happens when
an abundance of similar offerings are being
made available on the market. In addition
buyers compress these offerings even further
into a common and familiar phrase that says,
your product is no different from a dozen oth-
ers we could use in our operation and for less
Remember the often used phrase, the cus-
tomer is always right? Well it is more accu-
rate to alter this phrase and to always remem-
ber that, the customer is always right, some-
times. Understanding this principle is the
first rule of understanding how customers
Customers are made up of many depart-
ments and individuals with as many different
opinions about common issues as there are
numbers of people. Therefore, to take one, two
or even three of your customers individual
judgments and use them for your direction
solely is a path laid out in degrees of failure.
Why is this true? Because the individual
within your customer is only right sometimes.
They may only see parts of the issue, problem
or opportunity. As a result, they are biased
their direction is skewed.
So guess what it takes to fully understand
what your target customer(s) really want and
more importantly, what they really need? It
takes you, the salesperson, to gain more com-
prehensive customer data, information,
knowledge and wisdom, beyond the individu-
als in your single customer and yes, beyond
their collective knowledge as well.
In the first four sentences of a customer dia-
logue, a successful sales person does these four
things very well:
Identifies a customer problem in financial
terms. That is, in terms of what the current
situation (problem, issue, opportunity) is cost-
ing the customer, or what the customer could
be earning (gaining) without the problem;
Quantifies a profit-improvement solution to
the problem;
Takes a position as manager of a problem-
solving system and accepts single-source
responsibility for its performance. In the
course of defining the system in terms of
the contribution its components make to
improve customer profits, products and
services are mentioned for the first time in
this space; lastly
The fourth sentence proposes a partnership
in terms of applying the system to solve the
customers problem, or unmet need.
You may be saying this system selling
must take a great deal of time. You may also
be saying, I dont think I can afford the time
to do this. I cant cover all my accounts if I try
this concept.. Well, you would be right!
It takes more time to become an effective
system seller and furthermore, you probably
System development. Where value
selling begins: Part 2
The second
of a three-
part series
the topic of
Business Corner
p28-29:columns 9/22/10 4:34 PM Page 28
Business Corner
cant handle all the accounts youre
assigned if you become and effective
systems seller.
Roughly 80 percent of profit generat-
ing sales are made by 20 percent or less
of the sales population. Over the course
of my career two sales individuals who
I had the distinct pleasure of manag-
ing, or should I say had the pleasure of
watching them manage me, were Carl
Peraino and Walt Pascoe.
The two are as different as night and
day in terms of personality. Carl is an
outgoing and gregarious, hail-fellow-
well-met kind of guy. One you might
meet at a party and say later, I really
like that guy Carl, hes entertaining
and I think he may have some sub-
stance under all that bluster. Walt, on
the other hand, came out of the lab
where he was a technical director and
would be considered a complete wall-
flower at this hypothetical party. He
was somewhat bashful and lacked
much of a sense of humor as well.
What these two had in common was
the ability to system sell. They both
set sales records however they were
able to set these sales records in par-
allel with also setting the highest prof-
its per sale in the process. When I tell
people about these two star salesmen,
I refer to the The Peraino or Pascoe
When I first started to manage
Walt, I asked him to defend his low
calls per customer ratio. At the time
he was averaging one call per day
where the other 11 sales persons aver-
aged almost three per day. Walt simply
referred to the records, which said he
was selling 30 percent of the divisions
revenue at 49 percent gross margin
while the other 11 were selling the
remaining 70 percent at 38 percent
gross profit. It wasnt too long after
this encounter that I began traveling
with Walt to learn how he did it.
The Peraino model was very similar.
I hired Carl on a trial basis and 14
months later, he was salesman of the
year for my division as well as the
whole corporation and contributing
the highest per sale profits of any of
the 32 national sales people. What was
Carls call frequency? He actually
averaged less than one call per day.
So what can these two diametrical-
ly opposite personalitiesthe extro-
vert and the introverthave in com-
mon that made them so successful?
They both had a passion to under-
stand and to become wise in what
each of their core customers
goals/objectives were from the top to
the bottom of these organizations, and
they were analytical.
Most of all, as system sellers, they
both knew that they must position
themselves as the vital ingredient in
the selling process. That is, they knew
to be ultra-successful, no other indi-
vidual could hold the epicenter posi-
tion except the systems seller.
Additionally, there were key tactics
they understood, such as:
In industrial products where there is
a multiplicity of customer positions
that can block or enhance the sales
process, as a system seller, they could
handle only 10-17 accounts;
As a system seller they must spend
a 12/1 ratio of preparation to sales per-
suasion time;
As a system seller they would live
with an account at every customer
position until they knew the overall
organization better than any one indi-
vidual in that target account; and
They could, therefore, speak to all
issues within that account from plant
production, marketing, finance, inven-
tory, to the customers problems and
issues with their own customers
Heres one example. Carl saw a
South Carolina Japanese transplant
company producing airbag housing,
instrument panels, center consuls and
arm rests among other components.
They were using more than $2 million
annually of a Japanese coating. Carl
saw this as an enormous opportunity
for his company. So where did Carl
start the system selling process? One
might think the purchasing depart-
ment would make sense or the plant
engineering manager, or the paint line
supervisor. No, Carl started on the sec-
ond shift when he drove around to the
back of the plant about lunch break
time to speak with the workers on the
paint line. At first he simply stated
and mused aloud about how difficult
its going to be to crack this account
and he let the workers fill him in on
the elements most critical to being
successful from their vantage point.
During the first visit he gleaned
critical intelligence not just in what
they said but who had the best view of
the political ins and outs and how oth-
ers have failed.
The second visit Carl brought coffee
and the local bakerys best pastries
along with a few choice cigars. More
information flowed and by the fourth
visit, one of the key workers suggested
that Carl should bring in a couple of
five gallon pails and run against the
incumbent just to take a look. Carls
product outperformed the competitor
in several aspects including the all-
important piece-cost reduction.
The second shift foreman unofficial-
ly showed his results with to the first
shift foreman who decided to run a
similar bank of products to compare
consistency. Results were very similar,
so the two foremen took their collec-
tive results up the line and eventually
told purchasing they were changing to
Carls product.
Yes, system selling takes a lot of
time and it normally cant be done
over night but it can be done on the
night shift as Carl has demonstrated.
We look forward to bringing you the
third and last of the series on system
selling and its benefits. CW
p28-29:columns 9/22/10 4:34 PM Page 29
One of the leading North American paint manufacturers, Benjamin Moore
continues to innovate new technology for the exterior architectural
coatings market place. Jeff Spillane, senior product marketing manager
at Benjamin Moore discusses some of these new advancements as well
as the market in general.
What is the current state of the exterior archi-
tectural coatings market in North America?
Jeff Spillane, senior product market-
ing manager at Benjamin Moore &
Co.: The recession, overall, has
caused a drop in the demand for
exterior coatings. Generally speak-
ing, many property owners are
stretching their dollars and putting
off painting for an additional year, if
its possible to do so without causing
damage to the structure. This, along
with the replacement of paintable
substratesEIFS, stucco, stone and
synthetic sidinghas further less-
ened the demand. However,
Benjamin Moore, with its recently
introduced exterior paints and
stains, notably its waterborne
Arborcoat Exterior Stain, has experi-
enced strong sales. This is an indica-
tor that homeowners are turning
towards high performing, premium
coatings that provide longer lasting
durability for their exterior projects.
Who is dominating the market, DIYers or
professional painters?
Spillane: Exterior projects tend to be
contractor-centric versus DIY due to
the scope of the work. Benjamin
Moore plays a significant role in the
premium residential painting con-
tractor market and our products
Leaders in Exterior Deco Technology
Photo: Benjamin Moore
Benjamin Moore
p30-33:features 9/27/10 2:31 PM Page 30
Project3:Layout 1 5/5/10 11:01 AM Page 1
meet their demands for performance
and durability.
What are your thoughts on the effect the reces-
sion has had and continues to have on the
Spillane: Benjamin Moore has experi-
enced a strong response to our exterior
product lines. As we emerge from the
recession, employment numbers will
improve and with that increased con-
sumer confidence. People will begin to
spend on normal life stage projects and
pent-up demand will drive sales; the
real estate market will gain momentum
and housing prices will begin to stabi-
lize. While it will take some time, we are
confident that the economy is moving in
the right direction, albeit slowly.
What are the current trends and issues in the
market? What challenges does the market
face moving forward in the years to come?
Spillane: Although we are experienc-
ing gradual improvement, coatings
manufacturers are faced with raw
material shortages. With the signifi-
cant cutbacks initiated during the
recession by many home improve-
ment product suppliers in production
and inventories, as business increas-
es, there could be a strain to meet
growing customer demand.
What are the key issues with your cus-
tomer channelsprofessional painter and
DIYand how is your company addressing
those needs?
Spillane: Our independent channel is
strong and getting stronger across
North America. Our existing retail-
ers continue to grow and we add
additional distribution every year.
What is Benjamin Moores latest technolo-
gy being offered for exterior architectural
coatings market?
Spillane: Benjamin Moore is not just a
manufacturer of coatings. We also man-
NeverFade exterior paint receives MVP Award
APV Engineered Coatings NeverFade exterior paint was recently recognized for its technological
achievement by Building Products magazine.
NeverFade paint, warranted to last 15 years against fading, has been named a winner of the 2010 Most Valuable Product
(MVP) Awards presented by Building Products magazine. Manufactured by APV Engineered Coatings, NeverFade profes-
sional exterior paint is formulated with Kynar Aquatec polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) to make it resistant to fading, algae,
fungus, stains and abrasions.
While the residential construction industry sees hundreds of new product introductions each year, the MVP winners
stand apart for their thoughtful design, smart technologies or even pure wow factor, said Jean Dimeo, editorial director for
Building Products and In a struggling economy, its innovations like these that can help contractors woo cus-
tomers, save time and money, and surpass the competition.
APV Engineered Coatings worked with Arkema, Inc. to create NeverFade paint.
Kynar Aquatec is dispersed into the water-based formula for NeverFade paint, so
VOCs are drastically reduced, making NeverFade. The homopolymer in Kynar
Aquatec is a tough, engineered thermoplastic that offers a balance of properties.
As a result, NeverFade paint withstands harsh thermal, chemical and ultraviolet
environmental conditions. In essence, it resists abrasions, restricts the growth of
mold and mildew, and will not pick up dirt.
We created this top-of-the-line exterior paint with ultraviolet blockers and
high quality pigments mixed with fluoropolymer resin to prevent against fad-
ing and chalking, said David Venarge, chairman of APV Engineered Coatings.
To show our confidence in this product, we provide an unprecedented 15-year
warranty against fading. In the unlikely event that someone is obliged to apply the warranty, we will provide the
replacement of the product and payment for job-related labor costs.
Available nationwide for use on both residential and commercial projects, NeverFade may be applied to vinyl siding, PVC,
wood, aluminum siding, stucco, masonry and fiber cement surfaces. Since each paint order is custom made, NeverFade is
available in an unlimited number of colors.
Benjamin Moores Aura Exterior
p30-33:features 9/27/10 2:31 PM Page 32
ufacture our own resins and colorant
systems. With the introduction of our
Aura Exterior Line and proprietary,
patented Gennex zero VOC colorant
system, we are able to offer superior
performance in a low-VOC product. Our
new Arborcoat Waterborne Exterior
Stains are also powered by that same
Gennex colorant technology and is a
huge success with its advanced technol-
ogy for preserving wood.
Aura Exterior is a quality, 100%
acrylic exterior semi-gloss latex fin-
ish. This product combines the
advantages of Benjamin Moores
resin technology and its proprietary
patented Gennex colorant system to
provide the ultimate exterior coating.
This high solids formula is suitable
for a variety of exterior surfaces and
can be applied as low as 40 F.
Attributes include improved hiding,
especially in dark colors, superior adhe-
sion and excellent resistance to chalking
as well as low temperature application
and greatly improved resistance to sur-
factant leaching in dark colors. It also
offers excellent flow and leveling, is easy
to apply with a brush, roller or by spray.
It can be cleaned with soap and water; is
resistant to fading, cracking, peeling,
blistering, dirt pick-up, alkali and fumes.
Aura Exterior is also mildew
resistant, specially formulated to
contain agents which inhibit the
growth of mildew on the surface of
the paint film. It offers fast dry and
recoat times, is vapor permeable,
offers color lock technology and
extreme UV resistance.
Arborcoat Waterborne Exterior
Stains offer low odor, repel UV rays,
are water and mildew resistant and
tinted with the Gennex colorant sys-
tem. Arborcoat Stains also contain
under 100 grams VOC per liter.
Five products comprise the Arborcoat
family. Transparent, Semi Transparent
and Protective Clear Coat provide
exceptional protection while allowing
the natural color and texture of the
wood to show through. Transparent and
Semi Transparent are a unique compo-
sition of both water dispersible alkyds
with acrylic resins. The alkyd portion
allows for deep penetration and the
acrylic resins deliver incomparable
durability over time. Protective Clear
Coat ensures added defense against
foot traffic and the elements. Semi Solid
and Solid are acrylic formulations with
superior protection. CW
Benjamin Moores Arborcoat
p30-33:features 9/27/10 2:31 PM Page 33
Coatings World spoke to Matt Robertson, global marketing director, DuPont
Performance Coatings, Refinish Systems about the state of the refinish market
including the impact of the recession as well as some of DuPonts latest technology.
What is the current state of the auto refinish
market on a global level as well as in the
NAFTA, Western & Eastern European and ROW
(rest of world) markets?
Matt Robertson, global marketing direc-
tor, DuPont Performance Coatings,
Refinish Systems: The market in North
America and Western Europe is bounc-
ing back a little slower than we would
have guessed in mid-2009. As opposed to
a steady recovery to 2008 volume levels
over two to three years, it now appears
these markets have sought a new, lower
volume level and will show only incre-
mental growth in the immediate future.
Of course, that growth picture is vastly
different based on the segment youre
talking about. We see strength in the
U.S. MSO segment as further consolida-
tion happens, and increases in the econ-
omy sector as cost pressures force some
work in that direction.
Its no secret that India and China
continue to boom, both in premium and
economy segments, so we see continued
strong growth there. The China market
is particularly dynamic with the rise in
power of OEMs and buying groups and
rapid growth of the economy segment.
ROW we see as a mixed bag. Premium
and economy segments in both Latin
America and Eastern Europe should see
better-than-GDP growth, as should
developing Asian countries excluding
China and India. In developed Asia, we
are looking for a modest growth outlook.
China is particularly dynamic for a
few reasons. Extremely rapid growth of
the car park in all segments is one. Im
not sure a few years ago I would have
guessed that Porsche would sell more
cars in China in 2012 than in Germany
or that China would produce more pas-
senger cars than the U.S. in such a
short time.
In addition, there is a huge number of
domestic OEMs fighting to grow and, in
some cases, sell internationally. There is
also a huge push on the part of existing
OEMs for central billing agreements
with the multi-national paint suppliers.
In China there is also a rapidly evolv-
ing insurance situation and a large num-
ber of local players, particularly in the
economy segments.
What are your thoughts on the effect the reces-
sion has had and continues to have on the
Robertson: Clearly the recession has had
a dramatic impact on our markets. Many
of our leading indicatorsmiles driven,
consumer confidence, claims frequency
and the vehicle repair indexshow lots
of weakness. On the consumer side, many
people decided to live with minor collision
damage instead of triggering a deductible
and getting their cars repaired. On the
supplier side, shops, distributors and
paint suppliers drew down inventories to
generate more cash. I think this type of
downturn makes a lot of people in our
value chain hesitant to invest until they
see signs of a strong recovery. We see it as
a once in a decade chance to grow our
share in targeted segments.
What are the current trends and issues in the
market? What challenges does the market face
moving forward in the years to come?
Robertson: Their are several prevalent
and impactful issues in the market such
In the Shop With DuPont Refinish Systems
p34-35:features 9/27/10 1:35 PM Page 34
as overcapacity in developed markets.
This means shops have to select those
paint suppliers that will be great part-
ners in helping them survive and thrive
in their marketplace.
Continued consolidation and rising
strength of MSOs and mega-dealers
in the U.S. is another trend as is the
continued demand on the part of
body shops, globally, for paint and
supporting systems that deliver
greater productivity.
VOC legislation in many nations is
driving a push to waterborne systems
and continued pressure from OEMs,
insurance companies and consumers
is squeezing available margin space.
Lastly, growing economy segments in
developing markets are requiring busi-
ness models beyond the traditional mix-
ing machine/body shop model prevalent
in premium segments. A potential bar-
rier to growing business in these mar-
kets is the shortage of qualified, trained
What are the key issues with your customers
and how is your company addressing those
Robertson: Clearly everyone needs a
paint system that is robust, reliable,
productive and provides great color
match. With shops under greater pres-
sure for improved cost and throughput,
there is an ever-increasing desire for
paint that hides better and dries faster.
In response we work hard to maintain
our leadership in paint technology and
feel like those companies whose next
generation of waterborne paint sprays
like solvent instead of taking a techno-
logical leap forward will be at a com-
petitive disadvantage.
Continuing to be seen as the premiere
business partner for the body shop
owner requires much more in addition to
the best paint, so we focus a great deal of
our effort on the non-paint pieces of our
value proposition. The key is driving
more business to our body shops, and
then driving those cars through the body
shop faster and more efficiently. This
means heavy investment in our
Performance Alliance network, insur-
ance relationships, lean consulting, pro-
prietary color systems and offerings
uniquely tailored to serving the needs of
specific segments. We believe weve got
the best non-paint value proposition to
the body shop to go with our world-class
paint systems.
What is the latest technology being utilized
in the market?
Robertson: DuPont is a technology leader
with over 35,000 patentsan average of
about one every other day since our
founding in 1802. So, we could constant-
ly advance the state-of-the-art in
advanced coatings technologies. But I
don't think the wider auto refinish mar-
ket is asking for nanotechnology or
smart coatings, for example. They are
asking for technology tha most cost-effec-
tively allows the shop to bring in busi-
ness and make repairs with a perfect
color match. So our latest technology
innovations are tools to help connect the
shop to insurance companies and tools
that allow faster and better color match
such as DuPont's Performance Services
and best-in-class spectrophotometers
and electronic color delivery systems.
Our newest and most important prod-
uct is our water based Cromax-Pro line.
Its clearly the most productive water-
borne on the market, providing better
hiding and color match than any com-
petitive offering, allowing for significant-
ly better throughput times and greatly
reduced energy consumption.
Are there any other developments on DuPonts
refinish front worth noting?
Robertson: We are constantly on the
lookout for ways to grow what is the
largest and most successful refinish
business in the world. To that end, we
continue to assess tactical acquisitions
that expand our footprint either geo-
graphically or into an adjacent seg-
ment. One highlight for us is the open-
ing of our new Coatings Technology
Center. We closed an outdated facility
and have stood up our U.S. technology
organization in a new state-of-the-art,
multi-million dollar facility at DuPonts
Experimental Station, our worldwide
technology headquarters. This is a
major commitment to ensure our con-
tinued product and technology leader-
ship in the industry and allows our sci-
entists to leverage the knowledge of our
wider technology organization that has
continuously produced market-altering
innovations. CW
DuPont Performance Coatings (DPC) has partnered with The Body Shop,
which specializes in lean collision repair. The agreement between the parties
covers the sharing of The Body Shops Star-Link Collision Repair System, a
Kaizen centered lean business model that was developed by John Sweigart
and Brad Sullivan over the past 12 years. The model is currently practiced in
all of The Body Shops Pittsburgh and
New Jersey locations, as well as in
several other independent repair
shops in the United States and
Canada. DPC is partnering with The
Body Shop to offer a refined version of
the model to DPC body shops. The
Body Shop operates a customer-
focused group of collision repair cen-
ters with plans to continue rapid
expansion over the coming years. Sweigart and Sullivan created the Star-Link
Collision Repair Network, made up exclusively of repairers who are committed
to genuine improvement through Kaizen. This group exists to promote to the
customer a substantially better offering, and to work together through shared
learning for the sake of a better collision repair industry, according to the com-
pany. DPC will offer courses at NACE, SEMA and other events featuring the
learning from exposure to The Body Shop.
p34-35:features 9/27/10 1:35 PM Page 35
Angus Chemical Company
Buffalo Grove, IL
Fax: 989.832.1465
Web site:
Additives offered: Corrosion inhib -
itors, dispersing agents, emulsifiers.
Product name: AEPD VOX 1000
Neutralizing Amine
Attributes/comments: AEPD VOX
1000 neutralizing amine offers ad -
vantages in zero VOC paint formula-
tions. Compared to other low VOC
alkanolamines, AEPD VOX 1000 is
the most cost-effective choice, with
more efficiency at lower use rates.
AEPD VOX 1000 offers effective pH
control, efficient pigment dispersion,
improved freeze-thaw performance
reducing glycols and exceptional per-
formance with no odor when com-
pared to ammonia.
Arch Chemicals, Inc.
Atlanta, GA
Fax: 866.705.0465
Web site:
Product name: Proxel BZ Plus
Attributes/comments: This unique
combination of Proxel preservatives
and Omadine antimicrobials offer a
dual mode of action for inhibiting
microbial growth in latex emulsions,
water-based paints, adhesives and
pigment dispersions. Other features
include:color-stable formulations;
dual-action protection; zero VOCs;
CMIT / MIT and formaldehyde-free;
long-term preservation; and broad-
spectrum activity.
Memphis, TN
Fax: 901.276.5343
Web site:
Product name: Flamebloc GS 500
Attributes/comments: Flamebloc GS
500 is a polymeric amino phosphate
clear flame retardant coating that
meets GRAS (generally regarded as
safe) specifications and requires no
halogen to achieve additional perform-
ance. It can be applied over substrates
such as wood, paper, clean metal and
most plastics with excellent adhesion
and flame protection after curing but
prior to cleaning is easily cleaned with
hot soapy water.
Product Name: Flamebloc GS 503
Attributes/comments: Flamebloc
GS 503 is a primer and/or tie coat
fire retardant barrier that provides a
functional interface between the top-
coat and substrate. For interior and
exterior applications, Flamebloc GS
50 is a moisture-resistant, non-flam-
mable coating product that can be
used on many types of materials
from aerospace to the construction
industry and is easily cleaned with
hot soapy water.
Buhler, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN
Fax: 763.847.9911
Web site: glob-
Additives offered: Oxylink for
water borne resin systems
Product name: Oxylink
Attributes/comments: Oxylink is an
additive for better waterborne coat-
ings to increase cross-linking density.
Results in improved blocking, chemi-
cal and humidity resistance as well as
shorter drying times.
Wallingford, CT
Fax: 203.284.9158
Web site:
Additives offered: Compounds, adhe-
sives and sealants, PVC, paper coat-
ings, printing inks, can and coil coat-
ings, wood and furniture coatings,
industrial coatings, pigment concen-
trates, powder coatings, ambient cur-
ing resins, architectural coatings, ther-
moplastics, automotive.
Product name: Disperbyk-198
Attributes/comments: Disperbyk-
198 focuses on classic slurries for pig-
ment concentrates and coatings, with
a special profile as a complementary
partner of Disperbyk 190 pigment con-
centrates for printing inks.
Product name: Disperbyk-2012
Attributes/comments: Disperbyk-
2021 is a new high-performance
additive based on CPT technology
Suppliers Directory
The following pages contain a directory of select additive
suppliers and their products. For more details on the products
listed in this guide, contact the companies directly.
p36-41:p. 52,54,56 additives 9/24/10 9:33 AM Page 36
that provides outstanding results in
resin-containing grinds and slurry
Chattem Chemicals
Chattanooga, TN
Fax: 423.825.0507
E-mail: herman.echeverri@chattem
Web site:
Additives offered: Epoxy crosslinkers
and UV rheology modifiers
Product name: E.C Gel
Attributes/comments: Low tem-
perature activation crosslinkers for
solvent- and oil-based coatings.
Product name: ATC-30
Attributes/comments: Crosslinker
for epoxy solvent systems offering
excellent chemical resistance and
improved film hardness.
Cytec Industries Inc.
West Paterson, NJ
Fax: 973.357.3050
Web site:
Additives offered: Additol, Cycat and
Modaflow coatings additives help for-
mulators optimize performance, paint
processing, appearance, application
and stability.
Product name: Additol XW 6535
Attributes/comments: The univer-
sal, ultra low VOC pigment grinding
medium for both waterborne and sol-
ventborne coatings used in decorative
and light industrial coatings, Additol
XW 6535 addresses the needs for a
truly universal pigment concentrate
system that sustains the properties of
the original coating. Tinting pastes
made with Additol XW 6535 are used
in both point-of-sale and factory tint-
ing machines. Applications in all deco-
rative, DIY and light industrial coat-
ings enable processing flexibility and
economic advantages.
Product name: Additol XL 6526
Attributes/comments: The new
bench mark in flow and leveling for
transportation coatings, Additol XL
6526 is a 100% solids additive for high
solids acrylic clear coats and topcoats
used in automotive, refinish and heavy
equipment. It has the unique combina-
tion of effectiveness at low dosage and
compatibility. At just 0.1% on formula-
tion, it allows for extremely smooth,
defect-free, orange peel-free coatings
without sacrificing recoatability and
Double Bond Chemical
Industries USA, Inc.
West Simsbury, CT
Fax: 860.408.1216
Web site:
Additives offered: Antioxidants, UV
absorbers, HALs
Product name: Chisorb 2966
Attributes/comments: Economical
UV absorber and blends with 944 and
770 types designed to provide superior
UV resistance at an economical cost.
Product name: Chinox B1686
Attributes/comments: New lactone-
based antioxidant for resin manufac-
turers. Provides free radical protection
to polymer at lower applied cost.
Dow Coating Materials
Philadelphia, PA
Fax: 440.777.8630
Web site:
Additives offered: Dow Coating
Materials provides a wide range of
innovative specialty additives to the
coatings industry including rheology
modifiers, thickeners, dispersants and
opaque polymers.
Product name: Acrysol RM-845
HEUR rheology modifier
Attributes/comments: Acrysol RM-
845 HEUR rheology modifier is a sol-
vent-free product that contains no
alkyl phenol ethoxylate (APEO) sur-
factants and has little discernable
odor. Acrysol RM-845 rheology modifi-
er can be used as a solvent-free,
APEO-free replacement for Acrysol
p36-41:p. 52,54,56 additives 9/24/10 9:33 AM Page 37
RM-825 and RM-8W rheology modi-
fiers, offering a 15-20 percent lower
use level for greater efficiency with
the same rheology balance.
Evonik Goldschmidt Corp.
Hopewell, VA
Fax: 804.541.6290
Web site:
Additives offered: Anti-graffiti add -
itives, adhesion promoters, deaerators,
defoamers, hydrophobing agents,
multi-functional additives, substrate
wetting additives, surface control
additives, radiation-curable, wetting
and dispersing additives
Product name: Tego Twin 4100
Attributes/comments: New wetting
and anti-cratering additive without
foaming, raise the performance of
waterborne coatings, lowers surface
tension, improves wetting and flow.
The good compatibility and long-term
activity impress in problematic
binders. The solvent-free Tego Twin
4100 has proven itself particularly in
waterborne wood and industrial fin-
ishes and printing inks and lacquers.
Product name: Tego Wet 240
Attributes/comments: Tego Wet 240
is first choice particularly for spray-
applied waterborne industrial and
plastic coatings independent of co-sol-
vent content. Defect rates and remedi-
al work in the painting process are
reduced. The solvent-free product
guarantees fine atomization and
defect-free films even at minimal film
Fuji Silysia Chemical, Ltd.
Durham, NC
Fax: 252.413.0490
Web site:
Additives offered: Micronized silica gel
Product name: Sylysia 950
Attributes/comments: Our Sylsia
950 maintains a high efficiency of
matting while reducing dust, minimiz-
ing agglomerations and improving the
overall material handling.
Gelest, Inc.
Morrisville, PA
Fax: 215.547.2484
Web site:
Additives offered: Silane, silicone and
metal-organic molecules for adhesion
promotion and crosslinking; improved
chemical resistance and corrosion pro-
tection; controlling hydrophobicity,
hydrophilicity and oleophobicity; rheo-
logical aids (improved processing, dis-
persion flow).
Hammond, IN
Fax: 219.933.1570
Web site:
Additives offered: Corrosion
Product name: Halox 550 WF
Attributes/comments: Haloxs new
water-free inorganic-organic sol-gel cor-
rosion inhibitor has been designed to
eliminate corrosion, maintain high gloss
and is suitable for thin film coatings.
Product name: Halox SZP-391 JM
and Halox 430 JM
Attributes/comments: Haloxs jet-
milled technology delivers outstand-
ing think film protection and offers
improved efficiency and cleaner
grinds. It also does not impact gloss
compared to traditional corrosion
inhibiting pigments.
Macon, GA
Web site:
Additives offered: Hydrous and cal-
cine kaolin clays
Attributes/comments: KaMin is a
manufacturer of high quality hydrous
and calcined kaolin clays. KaMins
high quality reserves and proprietary
processing technologies produce quali-
ty kaolin clays utilized in a variety of
coatings applications. KaMin LLC
mines and produces its kaolin exclu-
sively in the U.S. and sells its products
Product name: Polygloss 90
Attributes/comments: Ultrafine
particle size kaolin makes for excel-
lent TiO
extender; high brightness
kaolin for color pigment extension;
used in high-gloss and semi-gloss
paints and coatings; easy to disperse
and chemically inert.
Kenrich Petrochemicals, Inc.
Bayonne, NJ
Fax: 201.823.0691
Web site:
Additives offered: Ken-React titanate,
zirconate and aluminate coupling
agents; Kenflex aromatic hydrocarbon
resins; Kenplast aromatic and ester
plasticizers; Ken-Stat antistatic agents;
Kenrich dispersions
Product name: Ken-React LICA 38J
Attributes/comments: Ken-React
LICA 38J induces hydrophilicy and
anaerobic biodegradation of polymers
under ASTM D 5526 conditions of
darkness (no UV); >40% moisture; no
oxygen; anaerobic microbes to create
bio-gas and biomass.
Product name: Ken-React CP-03
Attributes/comments: Ken-React
CP-03 hybrid titanate is useful for
non-exothermic MEKP unsaturated
polyester thermosets thus reducing
bubbles while coupling completely all
manner of inorganics and organics.
Heat replace cobalt as the accelerator
and impact strengths of unfilled resin
and increased 14-fold.
Additive Suppliers Directory
p36-41:p. 52,54,56 additives 9/24/10 9:33 AM Page 38
Troy Corporation, 8 Vreeland Road, Florham Park, New Jersey USA 07932 Telephone: +1 973-443-4200 Fax: +1 973-443-0258
The new Z-line of performance additives aims to provide improvements to customers developing
environmentally sustainable green coatings.
As the demand for "green" coatings continues to rise at a furious pace, Troys Z-line offers
formulators enhanced performance in making greener coatings possible without adding
undesirable components such as VOCs or HAPs. With the Z designed products, Troy continues
its commitment to assist industry in addressing the need for performance products that are
environmentally responsible and yet economically viable.
Contact your Troy Sales Representative for information on the Z-line of Troy performance additives
or visit
Project18:Layout 1 8/24/10 2:50 PM Page 1
King Industries
Norwalk, CT
Fax: 203.866.1268
Web site:
Additives offered: Nacure and K-
Cure acid and blocked acid catalysts
for amino thermoset systems; K-KAT
non-tin, Hg-free catalysts for ure-
thanes; K-Flex resin modifiers and
reactive diluents; K-SPERSE disper-
sant for non-aqueous systems; K-
STAY rheology modifiers; NACORR
rust and corrosion inhibitors and DIS-
PARLON thixotropes and surface con-
trol additives.
Product name: K-KAT XK-614
Attributes/comments: K-KAT XK-
614, an environmentally friendly
alternative to tin catalysts for coating
applications, offering improved stabil-
ity in the polyol component of WB 2K
PU systems and better selectivity for
the polyol reaction versus the water
reaction with isocyanates.
Product name: Disparlon AQ-380
Attributes/comments: Disparlon AQ-
380 is a new dispersant for use in
waterborne coatings. It was specifically
designed to disperse carbon black and
organic pigments in all types of water-
borne formulations. Highly efficient,
AQ-380 offers excellent color develop-
ment, gloss and hiding power.
Lehigh Technologies, Inc.
Tucker, GA
Web site:
Additives offered: High quality fine
rubber powders made from end of life
Product name: PolyDyne and
Attributes/comments: Lehigh Tech -
nologies produces PolyDyne and
MicroDyne high quality fine rubber
powders from end of life tires. These
powders allow coating manufacturers
to formulate the performance charac-
teristics of rubber into their product
delivering enhanced performance,
environmental benefits and cost sav-
ings. The line ranges from 80-300
mesh or 177-50.
Lubrizol Advanced Materials Inc.
Cleveland, OH
Fax: 216.447.5238
Web site:
Additives offered: Wax additives,
hyperdispersants, rheology modifiers
Product name: Solsperse 44000
Attributes/comments: Solsperse
44000 hyperdispersant is a 50% active
APE-free polymeric dispersant in
water, which improves pigment dis-
persion and stability in aqueous
paints and coatings. It enables highly
pigmented resin-free dispersion that
are compatible with a wide range of
binders, including acrylics, epoxies,
polyurethanes and alkyds. It also pro-
vides excellent early water resistance.
Cincinnati, OH
Fax: 513.793.2504
Web site:
Additives offered: Wax emulsions
Product name: Michem Guard 7140
Attributes/comments: Michem Guard
7140 a water-based emulsion of large
particle polyethylene wax which im -
proves rub and abrasion resistance in
pigmented coatings and semi-gloss coat-
ings, ink and OPVs at very low addition
rates. Typical uses inks and OPVs, exte-
rior wood and wood composite, interior
wood furniture and flooring.
Product name: Michem Emulsion
Attributes/comments: Michem Em ul -
sion 21930 an emulsion of tung oil, a
drying oil, which provides a tough, high-
ly water-resistant finish which does not
darken noticeably in either exterior or
interior finishes; popular because of its
light golden tint. It can also be used as
a component in transit coatings for
stone and mineral surfaces.
Micro Powders, Inc.
Tarrytown, NY
Fax: 914.472.7098
Web site:
Product name: AquaKlean 410
Attributes/comments: AquaKlean 410
is a specially formulated wax polymer
which will impart resistance and washa-
bility when added to low VOC paints and
coatings. AquaKlena 410 is a zero VOC
dispersion of finely micronized, cross-
linked polyethylene and carnauba for
easy addition by means of conventional
mixing equipment.
Product name: MicroMatte 1011 UVW
Attributes/comments: MicroMatte
1011 UVW is the newest in a line of
finely micronized, modified polypropy-
lene waxes specifically formulated for
use in water reducible and UV cured
paints and coatings. It incorporates
high molecular weight polymers and
micro encapsulated inorganics in
order to provide optimum mar and
abrasion resistance while providing
uniform and efficient gloss retention.
Organic Dyestuffs Corp.
East Providence, RI
Fax: 401.434.8136
Web site:
Additives offered: Anti-foaming non-
silicone, anti-foaming silicone, anti-
foaming agents, anti-rust agents,
thickening agents, thickening agents
water, water repellents.
RockTron Limited
Bristol, UK
Additive Suppliers Directory
p36-41:p. 52,54,56 additives 9/24/10 9:33 AM Page 40
Fax: +44.117.986.6870
Web site:
Additives offered: Recycled fly ash
from coal-fired power plants is pro -
cessed into valuable ecominerals for
use as fillers in coatings and other
Product name: MinTron
Attributes/comments: Solid ammi-
no-silicate glass spheres; <1ym -
100ym; 2.0 - 2.3 g/cm3; naturally
spherical; freeflowing; 5-6 mons hard-
ness; 6w oil (resin) absorption; even
dispersion; good chemical resistance;
low carbon footprint (0.07-0.08 kg
Co2/kg product).
Product name: MagTron
Attributes/comments: New spheri-
cal magnetite; particle density 3.5-3.6
g/cm3; particle size range <1ym-
100ym; color - black; paramagnetic;
low carbon footprint (0.07-0.08 kg
Co2/kg products).
Sartomer USA, LLC
Exton, PA
Fax: 610.363.4140
Web site:
Additives offered: Reactive diluents
and modifers
Product name: M-Cure 201
Attributes/comments: M-Cure 201
is an aliphatic acrylated monomer
that can be added to epoxy resin as a
reactive diluent to give excellent vis-
cosity reduction light fastness in low
VOC and zero VOC amine cure epoxy
coating formulations. M-Cure 201 also
provides faster cure and cold tempera-
ture cure properties.
Product name: M-Cure 203
Attributes/comments: M-Cure 203
is an aromatic urethane acrylate that
can be added to epoxy resin as a reac-
tive modifier to improve the flexibility
and toughness of low VOC and zero
VOC amine cure epoxy coating formu-
lations. Cured epoxy coatings contain-
ing M-Cure 203 will have improved
elongation properties, moderate ten-
sile strengths and improved abrasion
Shamrock Technologies, Inc.
Newark, NJ
Fax: 973.242.8074
Web site:
Additives offered: Shamrock Tech -
nologies offers a full line of fluoro poly-
mer and wax additives. These prod-
ucts include our EverGlide wax emul-
sions, dispersions and compounds,
UltraGlide PTFE dispersions,
UltraMatte UV matting agents, as
well as our PTFE powders.
Product name: EverGlide UV 691
Attributes/comments: EverGlide
UV 691 is an oxidized polyethylene in
UV monomer (TRPGDA). The small
2-3 micron particle makes this prod-
uct ideal for thin film applications to
provide slip and abrasion resistance
while maintaining gloss and clarity.
Product name: UltraMatte
Attributes/comments: UltraMatte
UV 50-GDA is an innovative 50%
polyethylene/silica dispersion in UV
monomer that can efficiently matte
even thin films with no appreciable
effect on viscosity. This product also
provides excellent slip, mar resist-
ance and burnish resistance.
Taminco Inc.
Allentown, PA
Fax: 610.366.6784
Web site:,, www.advantex
Product name: Advantex
Attributes/comments: With the Ad -
vantex Advantage, you get superb pig-
ment dispersion, excellent emulsion sta-
bility and outstanding syneresis control.
Advantex protects against flash rust bet-
ter than all other amine additives.
Advantexs ideal film-forming properties
allow for enabling corrosion protection.
Product name: Vantex-T
Attributes/comments: Vantex-T en -
ables environmentally friendly, low-
odor, zero-VOC paint formulations.
Vantex-T is a cost-effective neutralizing
agent and a highly effective coalescing
aid, providing for the reduction or com-
plete elimination of coalescing solvents.
Paints formulated with Vantex-T dis-
play excellent corrosion inhibition prop-
erties, freeze-thaw behavior, emulsion
stability and shelf life.
Troy Corporation
Florham Park, NJ
Fax: 973.443.0853
Web site:
Product name: Troysol ZLAC
Attributes/comments: Troysol ZLAC
is a superior substrate wetting additive
for aqueous coatings and has zero contri-
bution of VOCs to aqueous systems.
Troysol ZLAC provides the same bene-
fits and attributes long associated with
Troysol LAC, but without the VOC. The
product is particularly effective in wet-
ting low energy and contaminated sur-
faces, without causing undesired
fisheyes and other problems. Troysol
ZLAC eliminates surface defects,
improves adhesion, gloss, flow and level-
ing and color acceptance.
Product name: Troysol Z370
Attributes/comments: Troysol Z370
is a universal wetting, mar and slip
additive for solvent, water-reducible or
aqueous systems. This green additive
does not contain any VOCs, APEs or
HAPs and approximately 40% of the
components are from renewable re -
sources. Troysol Z370 is a multi func-
tional additive and is extremely effec-
tive in industrial coatings with dem -
onstrated superior properties over
leading competitive products. CW
Additive Suppliers Directory
p36-41:p. 52,54,56 additives 9/24/10 9:33 AM Page 41
Industry News
AkzoNobel has been ranked in first
place in the Chemicals supersector on
the Dow Jones Sustainability World
Indexes (DJSI). Produced by Zurich-
based Sustainable Asset Management
Group together with Dow Jones Indexes
and STOXX Limited, the DJSI Indexes
evaluate the economic, environmental
and social performance of sustainabili-
ty-driven companies across 57 industry
groups. Only the top 20 percent of the
600 largest North American companies
are ultimately selected for the DJSI
North America Index.
A variety of sustainability criteria are
considered in determining the best-in-
class performers, including climate
change strategies, energy consumption,
human resources development, knowl-
edge management, stakeholder rela-
tions and corporate governance.
The latest listing reveals that
AkzoNobel achieved the highest total
score in the sector and improved on
last years second place. The company
was also ranked in the top three in
2008 and 2007.
Our first place ranking, coupled with
our consistent performance over the last
few years, is clear evidence of how of how
successfully sustainability is being inte-
grated into our global business opera-
tions, said CEO Hans Wijers. We are
fully aware that the future success of our
customers and our own business activi-
ties is inextricably linked to the effec-
tiveness of our sustainability efforts. We
therefore refuse to let our standards slip
and will continue to strive for improve-
ment in all areas in order to maintain
our leadership status.
Air Products has been included on the
Dow Jones Sustainability North America
Index as one of the best performing sus-
tainable companies for 2010/11.
Our people are very proud to have
our sustainability accomplishments rec-
ognized by the DJSI Indexes, said John
McGlade, chairman, president and chief
executive officer of Air Products. We
are proud of our performance against
our environmental goals and will con-
tinue to push to higher levels of per-
formance. At the same time, were
pleased to be able to help our customers
in their efforts to improve the efficiency
and sustainability of their products and
manufacturing processes with our ever-
expanding portfolio of gas, materials
and technology offerings and solutions.
Air Products recently released its
2010 Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
G3 Sustainability Report describing its
sustainability priorities, impacts and
Eastman Chemical Company will
expand production of hydrogenated
hydrocarbon resins at its Middelburg,
The Netherlands and Longview, TX
facilities. The Middelburg expansion,
which is the third expansion of its
Regalite hydrogenated hydrocarbon
resins at this site since 2006, will
increase current capacity by more than
20%. It is expected to be completed in
the second half of 2011. In Texas, the
company is planning a capacity increase
of greater than 10% for its Eastotac
hydrogenated aliphatic hydrocarbon
resins. This expansion is planned for
completion in early 2011.
The Hydrocarbon Specialty Chemical
division of Cray Valley has obtained
approval for a 40% capacity increase
for its plant at Channelview, TX. The
additional capacity is expected to be
online by September 2011. The plant
produces Poly bd hydroxyl terminated
polybutadiene materials.
Polybutadiene polyols typically react
with isocyanates to produce high-per-
formance urethanes that are used in
coatings, adhesive and sealants, encap-
sulants and other specialty applica-
tions. Polybutadiene polyols provide
low temperature flexibility, resistance
to strong acids and bases, superior
electrical properties and a low mois-
ture transmission rate.
Hydrite Advanced Resins, LLC, (HAR), a
new company formed from the combined
AkzoNobel ranked first by DJSI
BASF: Effective immediately200/MT increase
for MDI and polyols and polyurethane systems in
Clariant: Effective immediately10-15%
increase for its coating additives.
Cytec: Oct. 1$0.05/lb. increase for Aero
Huber: Oct. 15Up to 8% increase for its pre-
cipitated silicas and silicates.
Songwon Industrial: Sept. 15%-15%
increase for its Songnox antioxidants, Songlight
and Songsorb UV stabilizers, Songstab acid
scavengers and its range of aminic antioxidants.
Celanese Emulsion Polymers has
appointed Boysan to distribute its line of
emulsion products for the paint, coatings,
construction and adhesives industries.
Dow Corning has extended its distribution
contract with Antala Industria S.L., which will
begin distributing Molykote specialty lubri-
cants in Spain and Portugal.
p42-43:columns 9/22/10 4:35 PM Page 42
Industry News
resources of Hydrite Chemical Co. and
the technologies of Polymers 2000 LTD,
has begun epoxy resin production at its
new facility in Cottage Grove, Wisconsin.
In March, HAR commissioned a major
expansion at Hydrite Chemical Co.s
facility near Madison, Wisconsin, includ-
ing twin 12,500 gallon reactors custom
designed for the manufacture of
epichlorohydrin derivatives including
specialty liquid epoxy resins. The HAR
equipment is housed in a new custom
designed process building adjacent to
Hydrite Chemicals Organic Processing
site. Hydrite Chemical serves as the toll
(contract) manufacturer for HAR in pro-
viding all manufacturing and support
services in the production of HARs
epoxy resins and other epichlorohydrin
derivatives. The sites existing extensive
organic synthesis and distillation equip-
ment complements the epoxy plant with
capabilities of downstream processing
and advancement of epoxy resins as well
as purification by fractional distillation
and/or thin film evaporation. The expan-
sion includes bulk storage of epichloro-
hydrin as well as solid and liquid co-reac-
tants. HARs initial offering includes
resorcinol diglycidyl ether (RDGE) and a
series of mono and multifunctional gly-
cidyl ethers commonly used as reactive
diluents in epoxy formulations. The
design includes the capability of vacuum
distillation of epichlorohydrin and pro-
cessing solvents, including azeotropic
separation. Multiple support vessels pro-
vide the ability to achieve very low levels
of hydrolyzable chloride (HCC) and
residual epichlorohydrin.
Pigment supplier Nubiola is set to
expand capacity of its ultramarine vio-
lets and pinks by 30 percent at its Llodio
production plant in Basque Country,
Spain. The expansion will be achieved by
installing new equipment that operates
with Nubiolas proprietary manufactur-
ing technology and is scheduled to be
fully operational in early 2011. This
investment strengthens the position of
the Llodio plant as a Center of
Excellence for the production of high
added value ultramarines specialties.
Ultramarine violets and pinks are
key products in many of our customers
applications, said Alex Capuz, Nubiolas
global marketing manager. Market
demand has grown significantly in
recent years and we want to ensure that
our production capacity is sufficient in
avoiding any supply tightness that could
affect the operations of our customers.
This additional capacity is a key step for-
ward we want to take as a responsible
ultramarines leader.
In response to increased demand, and
to better serve its growing U.S. cus-
tomer base, Michelman has added new
reactor capacity at its Cincinnati,
Ohio headquarters. The company has
also been adding personnel in busi-
ness units and departments through-
out the company. Reactors are used in
the processing of a variety of the many
water-based surface modifiers, addi-
tives and polymers Michelman offers
for applications including interior and
exterior wood coatings, industrial
coatings, fibers and composites, con-
struction coatings, digitial printing,
paper and packaging.
Global specialty chemicals supplier
Cognis and IGM Resins B.V., based in
Waalwijk, The Netherlands, announced
that the sale of Cognis UV acrylates
business has now been formally complet-
ed. Following the signing of the Sale and
Purchase Agreement in April 2010, and
fulfillment of the necessary closing con-
ditions, the sale has now been formally
concluded. The UV acrylates business,
which had been part of Cognis
Functional Products strategic business
unit, manufactures and sells monomers
and oligomers for UV applications mar-
keted under the Photomer brand name.
The sale of the UV acrylates business
includes the Photomer trademarks,
intellectual property, inventory and the
Charlotte manufacturing site in the U.S.
The employees at the Charlotte manu-
facturing site as well as other employees
in the U.S., France and Asia directly
related to the business have been trans-
ferred to the new owner. The sale is in
line with Cognis strategy to focus on its
core businesses and product groups sup-
porting the wellness and sustainability
Coatex, a subsidiary of Arkema Group,
has affirmed its ambition to develop
its business in Asia with a new plant
to start up mid 2011 and a technical
service application laboratory launch
early 2011. To attain its objective,
Coatex is making solid inroads in all
Asian markets with its local partners
in domains such as paper coating,
paints and coatings, construction and
mineral processing.
Coatex will also open mid 2011 its new
plant in Changshu, China. This will
increase its worldwide production capac-
ity by 80 kilotons per year of rheology
modifiers. A new application laboratory
will also open on the same site in the
beginning of 2011.
By this new milestone in China,
Coatex is paving the way for a
stronger and a long lasting presence
in Asia. Coatex designs and produces
rheology additives for aqueous formu-
lations and waterborne processes.
These high-performance environmen-
tally friendly additives are used all
around the world in a wide variety of
applications, such as paints and coat-
ings, paper coating, minerals process-
ing, detergency, concrete, gypsum,
ceramics and water treatment. CW
p42-43:columns 9/22/10 4:35 PM Page 43
Suppliers Corner
Troy Corporation has received ap proval
from The Pest Management Regulatory
Agency of Health Canada for the use of
Polyphase PW20 for the protection of
interior and exterior paints. Polyphase
PW20 is a zero VOC, broad-spectrum
fungicide engineered to replace conven-
tional solvent-based products. The prod-
uct contributes zero VOCs, has a low tox-
icity profile, and contains no alkylphenol-
ethoxylates. Zero VOC Polyphase PW20
offers manufacturers the ability to meet
sustainability and environmental goals
without sacrificing performance, accord-
ing to the company.
DSM Powder Coating Resins has
expanded its portfolio of polyester resins
for epoxy-free coatings with a new resin
in its Uralac Veranda polyester resins
range. Uralac Veranda is based on a
patented technology and it meets a press-
ing demand for epoxy-free alternatives to
hybrid powder coatings. The new Uralac
Veranda P 542 features excellent flow in
highly filled coatings and improved pro-
cessing properties. The product, further-
more, is HAA curable and designed for
coating systems that can replace epoxy
hybrid systems with an equal or better
performing system. Uralac Veranda prod-
ucts provide excellent chemical and
staining resistance, good boiling water
resistance, as well as improved outdoor
durability with reduced yellowing.
Perstorp has launched Voxtar, a renew-
able pentaerythritol platform, which can
reduce the carbon footprint by 63% com-
pared to fossil-based Penta and Di-
Penta, according to the company. Voxtar
products maximize value by helping for-
mulators and producers capitalize on
the growing demand for renewable
alternatives. It enhances performance
and minimizes environmental impact in
a wide range of end products including
high performance alkyd paints and coat-
ings, synthetic lubricants, cosmetic
emollients, adhesives and printing inks.
By combining the renewability of Voxtar
with the latest waterborne technology,
high-solid alkyd paints and alkyd emul-
sion paints secure superior environmen-
tal performance with up to a 40% reduc-
tion in carbon footprint compared to tra-
ditional petroleum-based latex paints.
Songwon, an additives supplier to the
polymer industry, has developed a new
range of UV additive solutions.
Songlight 2790 GR and Songlight 2930
GR are 100% UV active systems consist-
ing of synergistic blends of several addi-
tives. The innovative new combinations
deliver superior UV protection of plas-
tics compared to standard UV formula-
tions, according to the company. The
additives are particularly suitable for
thick plastic sections where surface and
color protection are key to the cus-
tomers end use applications under
severe UV irradiation.
The Lubrizol Corp. has introduced
Permax 805 vinylidene chloride emul-
sion, an APE-fee, low VOC, small particle
size vinylidene chloride acrylate copoly-
mer emulsion that exhibits extremely
low moisture vapor permeability and
excellent oxygen barrier properties,
according to the firm. Permax 805 emul-
sion is recommended for a variety of coat-
ings in OEM and industrial metal appli-
cations, such as maintenance primers,
underhood and underbody coatings, rust
converting products and barrier coatings.
Recommended at a film thickness of 3-4
mils dry, coatings based on this emulsion
provide both superior corrosion and
humidity resistance, as well as adhering
well to a variety of metal substrates,
according to the company.
Evonik Tego Chemie GmbH now offers
Tego Rad 2010 and 2011 multipurpose
additives. Radiation-curable and cost
efficient, these new high performance
multipurpose additives can be used in
formulating radiation-curing coatings
and printing inks. The 5 - 6 acrylate
groups/molecule render Tego Rad 2010
and 2011 easily cross-linkable thus sig-
nificantly reducing migration tendency
compared to that of non-cross-linkable
products, according to the firm. In rad-
ical-curing formulations, these 100%
active matter products improve proper-
ties such as substrate wetting and flow.
The products are highly compatible
and enable release and slip character-
istics to be adjusted as required, with-
out stabilizing foam.
Hamamatsus new Lightningcure LC-L3
series is a UV light source for fast UV
curing of UV adhesives, UV/radcure coat-
ings, and UV inks. This light source fea-
tures 9 long-lasting light emitting diodes
(LED) that generate stable, high-intensi-
ty UV light to ensure rapid curing with
minimal thermal effects. Depending on
the model, the LC-L3 emits UV light at
365 nm with 250 mW/cm2 intensity or at
385 nm with 325 mW/cm2 intensity.
Special features of the LC-L3 include
individually programmable LEDs. On/off
switching and light level adjustments
can be controlled on each LED, allowing
the creation of tailored profiles for added
flexibility. For more flexibility, multiple
LC-L3 units can be combined to irradiate
large areas or a linear area. CW
Troy offers Polyphase PW20 in Canada
p44:p.50 SC-dec 9/22/10 4:35 PM Page 44
People on the Move
AkzoNobel appoints new head of marketing
AkzoNobel has appointed Sucheta
Govil as the new global head of mar-
keting for the companys decorative
paints business. Based in Slough,
UK, she will officially take up the
position on January 1. Govil joins
AkzoNobel from PepsiCo, where her
last role was vice president innova-
tions and new business for the Asia,
Middle East and Africa division
(AMEA). Her main responsibilities
included setting the long-term strat-
egy for innovation and portfolio
transformation across the foods and
beverages segment in the critical
markets of China, India, Australia,
Southeast Asia, the Middle East and
Africa. Prior to PepsiCo, Govil was
employed by GlaxoSmithKline,
where she also worked in the UK and
was part of the strategic category
management group.
Arch Chemicals has elected Joe
Shaulson and Luis Fernandez-Moreno
executive vice presidents. Shaulson,
who previously served as senior vice
president, wood protection and per-
sonal care ingredients at Arch, will
have responsibility as executive vice
president for the global operations of
Archs industrial biocides, personal
care ingredients and performance
products businesses. He joined Arch in
2008 as vice president, strategic devel-
opment, and he has played a key role
in sharpening Archs focus on its bio-
cides business portfolio. He led the
team that divested the non-biocides
industrial coatings business earlier
this year to The Sherwin-Williams
Luis Fernandez-Moreno has been
named executive vice president with
responsible for the global operations of
Archs HTH water products and wood
protection businesses. Fernandez-
Moreno comes to Arch from The Dow
Chemical Company, where he served
as vice president of Dow Coating
Materials. He assumed this role upon
Dows acquisition of Rohm and Haas
in April 2009. Prior to that, he was the
business group vice president of the
Rohm and Haas paint and coatings
materials division.
Richard Keeler has joined Hall
Technologies Inc. as a technical sales
representative. Keeler is based in the
companys Houston sales office. In his
new position he is responsible for sales
and service to customers in southern
Texas and Louisiana. Keeler has more
than 15 years of experience in the spe-
cialty chemical industry. Most recently,
he was technical sales support manager
for Hexion Specialty Chemicals.
Gaco Western has appointed Pat Hatem
as vice president of operations at is
manufacturing facility in Waukesha,
WI. Hatem was most recently with
JohnsonDiversey where she held
numerous manufacturing and material
leadership positions throughout her 16
year career. The company also recently
hired a number of new managers.
Aaron Kralovic joins Gacos WallFoam
division as a regional manager oversee-
ing California, Arizona and Nevada.
Kralovics background includes experi-
ence as an architectural sales represen-
tative with Pacific Clay Products, as
well as a sales professional with Owens
Corning Masonry Products. Chris
Mayer was hired as a regional manager
for the companys WallFoam division
and will cover the Pacific Northwest. He
has experience as a territory manager
with Masterchem Industries and as a
sales representative for Behr. Ron
Davis has joined the companys
WallFoam division as a regional man-
ager covering Colorado, Utah, New
Mexico and Wyoming. He was previous-
ly a regional sales manager for The
Steel Network, Inc. Adam Scheafbauer
was hired as the new parts manger and
will run the companys parts and serv-
ice department in the Waukesha, WI
facility. He joins Gaco from Coatings
Holding where he was an outside sales
representative for equipment, parts,
coatings and foam.
Datacolor, a provider of color manage-
ment solutions, has appointed Niraj
Agarwal director, new business devel-
opment. Agarwal joins Datacolor with
more than 17 years of experience
developing innovative solutions for
the color industry. Throughout his
career, Agarwal has served in a num-
ber of capacities, including R&D, pro-
gram management and product strat-
egy. In his role as director, new busi-
ness development for Datacolor,
Agarwal will oversee the companys
efforts to expand their current prod-
uct line and identify new opportuni-
ties to better serve the needs of
Datacolors client base. He will also
play a role in strategic planning and
product development.
Air Products has elected Chadwick
Deaton to its board of directors. Deaton
currently serves as chairman and CEO
of Baker Hughes, an oilfield services
company, where he has worked since
2004. He began his career for the
Dowell Division of Dow Chemical,
which was subsequently acquired by
Schlumberger. CW
p45:columns 9/22/10 4:36 PM Page 45
Oct. 18-20: Future of Pigments, Newark,
NJ/USA. More info: IntertechPira,
Oct. 26-28: Latincoat/Adhesives
2010, Sao Paulo, Brazil. More info:
Oct. 26-29: The North American
Industrial Coatings Show, Indianapolis,
IN/USA. More info: NACE International,
Nov. 2-3: Professional Paint
Formulation, Hampton, United
Kingdom. More info: PRA, www.pra-
Nov. 2-4: 3rd Global Marine Coatings
Forum, Singapore. More info: John
Hopewell, International Paint and
Printing Ink Council (IPPIC),
Nov. 9-11: Eurocoat 2010, Genoa,
Italy. More info: ETAI, www.eurocoat-
Nov. 9-11: Fatipec Congress, Genoa, Italy.
More info: DMG World Media, The
Coatings Group,
Nov. 10-12: Spray Finishing
Technology Workshop, Toledo,
OH/USA. More info: DeVilbiss, Binks
and Owens Community College ,
Nov. 15-18: Paint Technology , Hampton,
United Kingdom. More info: PRA, www.pra-
Nov. 16: Winter 2010 Corrosion
Symposium, Corrosion Issues in Utilities,
Hoboken, NJ/USA. More info: Metropolitan
New York Section of NACE International ,
Nov. 16-19: Greenbuild 2010, Chicago,
IL/USA. More info: U.S. Green Building
Nov. 23-25: Advances in Coatings
Technology - ACT 10, Katowice, Poland.
More info: Anna Pajak, Institute for
Engineering of Polymer Materials and
Dyes Paint and Plastics Department,
Nov 24: Paint and Coatings Basics,
Hampton, United Kingdom. More info: PRA,
Nov. 24-25: The 3rd International
Green Coatings Industry Development
Forum (under the 6th International
Chemical Manufacturers Summit),
Shanghai, China. More info: Sino-EU
Manufacturers Association (SECMA),
Nov. 25-28: Paint & Coat Ukraine 2010,
Kiev, Ukraine. More info: IGE Expo Ltd.,
Dec. 6-8: Radiation Curing Technology,
Hampton, United Kingdom. More info:
Jan. 17-19: The Coatings Summit,
Washington, DC/USA. More info:
Vincentz Network, www.european-
Jan. 28-30: The India International
Coatings Show 2011, New Delhi, India.
More info:
Jan. 31 - Feb. 3: SSPC 2011 Greencoat,
Las Vegas, NV/USA. More info: SSPC:
The Society for Protective Coatings,
Feb. 14: TiO2 2011, Scottsdale,
AZ/USA. More info: InterterchPira,
Feb. 23-25: Smart Coatings 2011,
Orlando, FL/USA. More info: Dr. J.
Feb. 28 - Mar.4: Waterborne Symposium,
New Orleans, LA/USA. More info: The
School of Polymers and High Performance
Mar. 1-3: Middle East Coatings Show,
Cairo, Egypt. More info: The Coatings
Mar. 28-30: European Coatings Congress
2011, Nuremberg, Germany. More info:
Vincentz Network, www.european-coat-
Mar. 29-31: European Coatings Show
2011, Nuremberg, Germany. More info:
Vincentz Network, www.european-
Mar. 31 - Apr. 1: EuPIA Annual
Conference, Vienna, Austria. More info:
May 11-13: Coat Expo China 2011,
Guangzhou, China. More info: Wise
Exhibition (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.,
May 18-19: Asia Coatings Congress,
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. More info:
The Coatings Group, www.coatings- CW
NA Industrial Coatings Show opens 10/26
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Stainless IT Stainless ITT
The CONN Blades
Most Efficient & Aggressive Available
w w w . c o n n b l a d e . c o m
(814) 723-7980
Coatings World
Phone: 631-642-2048 Fax: 631-473-5694
Blades Equipment for Sale
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Pigments/ Additives
Products & Services
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Burgess Pigment Company .25 . . . . . .478-552-2544 . . . . . .478-552-4274 . . . .
BYK USA Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . .Cov. 2 . . .203-265-2086 . . . . . .203-284-9158 . . . .
Celanese . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 . . . . . . .972-443-3913 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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Chesapeake Energy . . . . . . .Cov. 4, 21 .405-935-2605 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Conn & Company . . . . . . . . .15 . . . . . .814-723-7980 . . . . . .814-723-8502 . . . .
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Little Joe Industries . . . . . . .23 . . . . . .908-359-5213 . . . . . .908-359-5724 . . . .
Sartomer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13 . . . . . .610-363-4100 . . . . . .610-363-4140 . . . .
Shijiazhuang Goldenfish Paint .12 . . . . . .86 311 85233805 . . .86 311 83035061 .
Troy Corporation . . . . . . . . .39 . . . . . .973-443-4200 . . . . . .973-443-0843 . . . .
Unimin Corporation . . . . . . .18 . . . . . .800-243-9004 . . . . . .800-243-9005 . . . .
Wacker Polymer Systems . . .11 . . . . . .517-264-8790 . . . . . .517-264-8137 . . . .
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Final Coat
Valspar, Habitat unveil house of paint cans
o celebrate the donation of over 1 million gallons of
paint to Habitat for Humanity International,
Valspar created a two-storey home made of Valspar
paint cans at an event in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Valspar
has donated cash and paint cans to Habitat for Humanity
since 1979. The company developed a close relationship
with the organization and created A Brush with Kindness,
a program transforming neighborhoods through the revi-
talization of the home exterior.
Our corporate theme is if it matters, were on it. Through
our wonderful relationship with Habitat for Humanity
International, we continue to learn just how much affordable
housing matters, and it is our great pleasure to help address
this important need, said William Mansfield, Valspar chair-
man and CEO in a statement. We are also very proud that A
Brush with Kindness, a pilot effort that started right here in
the Twin Cities, is now a national program.
One million gallons of paint is an important milestone,
but what were really celebrating is how our partnership
with Habitat for Humanity has allowed Valspar the unique
opportunity to transform neighborhoods, by putting fresh
coats of paint on homes, said Gary Hendrickson, Valspar
president and COO in a statement.
As we seek to build strong communities, we find that
together new construction, rehabs, repairs and even a coat
of paint on some houses can improve neighborhoods, said
Mark Crozet, senior vice president of resource development
for Habitat for Humanity International in a statement.
Valspar is a great partner in helping us touch all the hous-
es in neighborhoods where we are focusing on revitaliza-
tion. We are very grateful for their support.
Valspar became a national partner of Habitat in 2002. CW
Valspar and Habitat for Humanity recently celebrated the one-millionth donated can of paint with a house made
of paint cans.
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