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1.The differences between Human Resources Planning and Human Resources Recruitment .

Human resource planning and recruitment process goes in hands with each other. Human
resources planning allows the human resources managers to do complete analysis of organizational
human resources needs. It tends to determine the gap between the supply and deman of labor in the
organization which helps to analyse the need for recruitment in the departments.
The purpose of recruiting greatly depends on the objective of recruitment which is decided
in Human Resources Planning. The organizational strategy may determine the need for young
employees to change the organizational structure for which they ask Human Resources department to
conduct a recruitment process for hiring young graduates only. Therefore Human resources planning
and recruitment process are highly related to each other.
The Human resources planning involves all the steps of planning. As example anticipating
,looking the available human resources ,forecasting of human resources and planning for the future
requirements of business plan of the organization.In addition, the objective of human resources
planning is to achieve optimum utilization of existing human resources and planning for the future
requirement.And for the human resources recruitment is to creates an applicant pool should a labor
shortage occur.

Internal recruitment is identify current employees who are capatable of filling position as they
become available.In deciding requirement of employees,initial consideration should be given to a
company`s current employees,which is concerned with internal recruitment.This is important source
as it provides opportunities for better development and untilizatin of existing human resource in the
organization.There are four methods in the internal of the recruitment:

-Promoting the employees who is ready existed in the pay roll and contributed for
organization performance.Its done by shiffing an employee to a higher position with
high responsibilities,facilities,status and pay.Many company fill the higher job vacancies by
do a promoting employee who are considered fit like a position.This because to fact that it
has a great psychological impact over the employees for their motivation to get a better
employee in the organization.

-Transfer is the alternative technique to the promotion.Transfer is the internally reqruited
employees transfer from the one work place to the others places.Its mean,transfer refer to the
process interchanging the job responsibilities and duties of employees from one department
to other department.It are shifting one job to another job without any promotion in the grade
or position.


-Job posting is the informing the employees about the job opening exist.The organization
will posted at the bulletin board,similar outlets and electronic methods and also can posted in
the internet.This is very important because it can give more advantage to the
organizations.This offer can chance a higher qualified working within the company to look
for growth opportunities.But an organization must need to be sure to treat internal candidates

-Employee referrals is a recruiting people based on the recommending a friend or associated
as a possible member of the company.Usually this is nomination by the supervisors.It is very
effective to find the critically skilled candidate for the organizatons.This continues the best
way that top performers are identified.

External recruitment is a strategy which is human resources department will systematically search
the new employee pool from outside to fill the position. Carry the external recruitment have their
own advantages of getting the right s like a wider audience can be easily reached. This will increase
chances of getting the right candidate for the job and ones with skills that the organization requires. It
also can motivate old employees to work hard and sources of encouragement. Externa recruiting may
lead to team stability, as team may remain intact when hiring externally.

Most of the organization use these way to attract the employee join their company.
1. Advertisement
-advertisement of the vacancy in newspapers and journal are widely used sources of
recruitment. The main advantage of this method is that it has wide reach. It is an most
important place in recruitment process.
2. Employment exchanges
-there are certain employment exchanges which are run by government. Most of the
government undertakings and concern employ people through such exchanges. Now a day
recruitment in government agencies has become compulsory through employment exchange.
3. Educational Institution
-various management institutes, engineering colleges and medical colleges are o good sources
of recruiting well qualified executives, engineers or medical staff. It a good for the company
to get a new and fresh staff because they have special recruitment cells which help providing

4. Recommendations
-there are certain people who have experience in a certain jobs. They enjoy goodwill and a
stand in the company. There are certain vacancies which are filled by recommendations of
such people. The biggest drawback of source is that the company has to relay totally on such
people which can later on prove to be inefficient.
5. Internship
-special form of recruitment that involves placing a student in a temporary job with no
obligation either by the company to hire the student permanent position with the firm
following graduation.
6. Job Fair
-recruiting method engaged in by a single employer or group of employers to attract a large
number of application to one location for interviewrs.

Internal recruitment has some natural advantages . You do not have to " reinvent the wheel
" with internal recruiting . He will probably understand your business model , culture and processes
prior to assuming the new position. Revenue generated that he would assimilate into a new position
faster than a new employee must be trained with many of the benefits of formality of your firm to
any fire exit door before he can start the job-specific training . Workers take a long time to find more
time to train , more money to prepare for work and can not fully integrate into the culture you are
after all the training . Often , providing the opportunity to develop a strong motivation in firms using
powerful internal recruitment strategy .

Advantages of External Recruitment.External recruitment also has some significant
advantages . Unlike internal recruits , you get frequent inflow of new ideas with an employee who is
not exposed or overexposed to your corporate culture . Prospects outside often produce new ideas .
He can take information from a former employer or a methodology that can be integrated into best
practices. An internal work can cause a variety of problems with a mixture of larger companies , and
lead to problems with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in terms of promoting a
diverse workplace . Recruiting external work allows rebalancing in this realm if needed . Recruiting
outside can lead to the stability of the team , because the team can remain intact when hiring

In my opinion external recruitment is better than the internal recruitment . This is because
, external recruitment can avoid hiring cronies themselves or their immediate family members in the
administration of the company. Furthermore, workers who found a job with his efforts to be more
determined than those who do the job using a cable from the close family members . They feel how
difficult it is to get a job at the moment and they will not waste the opportunity that was given to
them.While of workers employed in the efforts people will not hesitate to commit the offense
because they feel they have a strong position in a company .
Besides, it also helps graduates who graduated got a job more easily and avoid
unemployment . Most companies looking for workers with experience , but if a new person is given
the opportunity to hold a position in the offer then they will not get the experience you want every
company to any occasion. Most graduates who graduated with brilliant ideas and more adept at using
new technology.This will help raise the name and company profits.