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Section 16010

General conditions for electrical work

Part I - General:
1-1 items covered:
A - all electrical work shown on the drawings or that can be drawn, inclding 0
1-! to ensre "alit#:
A - general conditions contained in this section match is $art of an# and ever#
section of the s$ecifications, section %16& electrical work 0
' - contractor to make sre materials, devices, e"i$ment and tools s$$lied
b# (he installed nder this contract, meet the code re"irements and
s$ecifications, and will acce$t the card or a list of laboratories those
s$ecifications %A)*+, +aeters& to be identical to those re"irements and
instead of the e-isting card or $rovide $roof of inde$endent contractor
./)SI*,+,* '0 (he engineer s$ervising the materials, devices and
e"i$ment conform to s$ecifications known and inclde the testing methods
sed in the contr# of origin 0
. - as well as the re"irements described or defined in the contract
docments, all e"i$ment shold be manfactred and tested and installed
according to the latest versions of the s$ecifications listed below 0
1& SAS/: S$ecification Athorit# Sadi Arabia 0
!& I,.: International )arcotics Alkahrffineh 0
1& the owner of Indstr# and ,lectricit#, Sadi Arabia 0
2& S.,./: Sadi ,lectricit# .om$an# .onsolidated 0
3& AS(4: American Societ# for (esting and materials 0
6& IP.,A: Association of ,nerg# ,ngineers cables isolated 0
5& 67: laboratories garantors %A)*+, +ider of ,ro$e Atri8& 0
9& A)SI: American )ational Institte of Standards 0
:& 7,,,: Institte of ,lectrical and ,lectronic ,ngineers 0
10& 7,S: General ,ngineering lighting 0
11& );PA - 50: erratic electrical national %)ick& 0
1!& A)SI-.!: )ational ,lectrical Safet# S#stem 0
11& );'A: )ational Association for the $revention of fires 0
12& );'A-59: $revention of n<st lightening 0
13& 'S: 'ritish S$ecification 0
16& =*,: Association of German ,lectrical ,ngineers 0
And sch other s$ecifications contained recogni8ed world-wide 0
* - reglations and s$ecifications contained in the sections of the
s$ecifications are intended to $rovide an acce$table standard of "alit#
materials and $rodcts, the contractor ma# $ro$ose reglations and
s$ecifications $rovided that the alternative will be similar or better "alit# of
reglations and s$ecifications of reference, and to sbmit for consideration and
ado$tion b# the engineer s$ervising 0
, - inclde all the items of labor and materials re"ired to match those levels
of standard and reglations in conformit# with the re"irements of the contract
docments, and will invoke the s$ecifications and > or gra$hics in the case of
whether the "antities and si8es and other re"irements based on the
drawings more than the record levels re"irements and reglations are
introdced, inclding the S$ecifications and > or gra$hics 0
And - the $r$ose of the drawings that show the electrical design general
otline of the varios items of e"i$ment bt the otline design of e"i$ment
and s$$lies, characteristics and showing the rotes nless gra$hic shows and
> or define its dimensions in $articlar 0
G - a #ear of installation of electrical circits and e"i$ment, as shown on the
detailed drawings and $ro$osed changes in accordance with realistic field
conditions or other reasons sbmit to the engineer s$ervising the std#, and
the contractor to e-amine thoroghl# all drawings and be res$onsible for
$ro$er installation of materials and e"i$ment at the site, as indicated, withot
0 sbstantial amendments, as the contractor carefl e-amination of the
conditions of constrction and finishing affecting his work, and arrange the
work accordingl#, the s$$l# of those fi-tres s$$lies as necessar# to meet
those conditions 0
? - ,nerg# rates engines and machiner# @ shown on the drawings are
considered discretionar#, and the contractor to confirm harmoni8ed standards
for ntrients and electrical e"i$ment s$ecific to serve, was to secre the
engines and a$$liances with the greatest rates of #ears if necessar# to meet
the re"irements of varios sections in which the# are made of s$ecifications
and whenever insrance 7arger engines or e"i$ment coming from rates and
the largest, is similarl# ntrients and electrical e"i$ment are serviced b# the
increase in
,nerg# ntrients and e"i$ment withot additional costs in retrn for the
em$lo#er 0
1-1 offerings:
A - ,-ective Gra$hics: Gra$hics contractor $rovides a detailed o$erational
s$ecific dimensions as $rovided for in other sections of Part 16 - electrical
work, the engineer s$ervisor for e-amination and the contractor to $re$are
these drawings based on the instrctions of installation $rodction com$anies
shold not be remnants or refrbished versions of the gra$hics design And
take into accont in the $re$aration of drawings that define the o$erational
levels of bsiness lines and renovated in the s$ecifications, drawings and vet
college to avoid overla$ with featres of constrction work and other activitiesA
Sbmission of materials: $rovide material for three different com$anies 0 give
$riorit# to materials and e"i$ment that $rovide energ# 0 gra$hics are
o$erational and > or docments data (he information contained in the
s$ecifications, as shown in the drawings, which are evident all information and
data necessar# for $rodction and installation com$lete 0
' - the com$an# $rodcing $blications: $rovide docmentation of data
available to the com$an# $rodcing illstrated
Installation dimensions and weights and the necessar# materials and
information im$lementation, and incldes fll im$lementation of electrical data
inclding conditions of energ#, s$ecies and distinctive figres as available
gra$hs necessar# electrical, has given the above information throgh $a$ers
and catalogs and sales of standard distinctive mark indicating the t#$e of
e"i$ment that had been sbmitted 0
. - o$erating and maintenance instrctions: (he contractor $roviding models,
which covers data, s$ecies and serial nmbers and ca$abilities, as well as
maintenance and o$eration of each of the main e"i$ment and a$$liances in
accordance with the re"irements of the contract docments, covering all
$hases of o$erating instrctions control 0
* - Parts: (he contractor as $art of this decade sfficient "antit# of s$are
$arts for maintenance for two #ears after the handover of the $ro<ect and also
$rovides lists of $arts re"ired $atches as recommendations maintenance
com$an# 0
1-2 handling and storage $rodcts:
A - the contractor res$onsible for the conservation of materials and e"i$ment
stored in bildings in $laces clean and orderl# manner 0
' - (he contractor cleaning the e-$osed srfaces of the destrction of $aths
and networks of $i$es or $revention e"i$ment that might be covered in dirt
and remnants Plastering or an# other materials dring handling and
constrction and before the $re$aration of sch srfaces for the final finish,
$aint, or ke$t within the $lant bildings 0
. - (he contractor cleaning and maintenance work in accordance with the
re"irements of the contract 0
1-3 $rotection:
A - $reserves the contractor all channels of electric wires and tbes to the wire
b# a $rotective seals or blankets to $revent the entr# of foreign matter 0 covers
all fi-tres, e"i$ment and devices as necessar#
' - the seals and covers s$ecies that $revent conversion of flood waters into
an# condct or $i$e or channel $rotecting wires, and an# fi-tres, e"i$ment or
devices inflict damage before final acce$tance of the a$$ro$riation shall be
retrned to their original condition or re$laced entirel# b# the contractor, and
cleaned fi-tres and e"i$ment .ollege $on com$letion of the work 0
. - (he contractor res$onsible for all the damage that occr ntil all its
acce$tance of final
1-6 .oordination:
A - (he contractor res$onsible for the coordination of all $hases of work nder
this contract 0 lies with the contractor res$onsible for coordinating the work and
e"i$ment as s$ecified here and work to be $erformed and e"i$ment to be
$rovided b# other sections of these s$ecifications to ensre the installation of a
fll and $atientsA
1-5 "alit# e"i$ment:
(he "alit# of the best level for each t#$e or categor#, even thogh the "alit#
ma# not be identified, in $articlar in the s$ecifications, and are all materials
and $rodcts, new $rodcts are well-known com$anies, and shold be sond
and niform "alit# and si8e, sha$e, color and content, and be free of Alth""at
and @ar$ And other defectsA (he e"i$ment mst be energ#-consming t#$e,
which $rovides energ# wherever sed sch e"i$mentA
1-9 interim energ#:
A - a contractor to s$$l# and install all the electric tilities inclde tem$orar#
lam$s for the constrction and o$eration safet#, and lost the e"i$ment owned
b# the contractor and remain after the com$letion of the $ermanent wiring, and
if fond dring the constrction $rocess that tem$orar# facilities installed after
overla$ with other constrction o$erations, the contractor ma# be (hose
facilities is transferred to an a$$roved manner elsewhere, ma# not se an#
wires or bars or an# distribtion of electrical e"i$ment are $art of a network of
electric $ermanentl# in tem$orar# electrical services for constrction and wiring
be tem$orar# safe and identical to the master acce$ted, the contractor
res$onsible for an# harm cased to e"i$ment (he reslt of those articles and
inaccracies in the $rotection of tem$orar# installations, and are all costs of
materials and fi-tres for tem$orar# electric tilities and energ# necessar# to
o$erate the contractor died 0
' - $rovides @elders ,lectricians who work in the installation of an
inde$endent (aris, directl# related to establishment, which is where it Aktar
4en welding $i$es and tbes $revention neighboring 000 etcA 0
1-: $aintings name of the com$an# $rodcing:
.larifies name of the com$an# $rodcing both an essential $art of the
e"i$ment, as well as the address and nmber of models and rate, recorded at
the $late installed in $lace of the $rovisions of the a$$arent e#ewitness, does
not acce$t the $anel on behalf of the 6nder-distribtion, as well as embossed
rates regimes secretar# or an# other data engraved on the srface e"i$ment,
$laced in Place to facilitate his vision 0
1-10 - (erms of Service site:
All e-isting e"i$ment be able to work abroad in ever lost the following
1 - elevation 600 m !
! - @eather: dirt, bt saline In the case of a$$lication of these s$ecifications in
different climates de to the aforementioned standard s$ecifications 0
1 - the $revailing ma-imm tem$eratre: 26 . Boe dr# 0
2 - tem$eratre $revailing micro: 8ero degrees .elsis air dr# 0
3 - ma-imm relative hmidit#: 23C 0
1-11 electric tilities:
A - site energ# s$$l# 11900 volts 1 wins, 60 hert8 D3C overla$ into line with
the com$an#Es s$$l# room $ressre is lowA
' - (he contractor linking with the main lines of commnication within the
manner described on the site drawings 0
Part II - Prodcts:
!-1 #ear:
A - All goods and $rodcts covered b# these s$ecifications in the case offered
to b# from one of the $rodcing com$an# in Sadi Arabia, while $rchases of
all goods and $rodcts from abroad mst be ado$ted b# the engineer
s$ervising ;bl 0
' - with the e-ce$tion of those items which are within the s$ecifications of Part
III of this section, refer to the second $art of the varios sections of the
s$ecifications of section 16, electrical 0
Part III - Im$lementation:
1-1 ;actor#:
(he installation of all materials, $rodcts and e"i$ment s$$lied b# the
contractor, and all work will be im$lemented at the level of first class from the
factor#, according to the best of their assets, according to directives $rint
$rodction com$anies and the client and knowing that skilled workers
e"i$$ed to achieve satisfactor# reslts, in a safe and concrete o$inions to
avoid nnecessar# and 'e stable enogh to $revent nwanted dislocation so
as not to overla$ with that of other activities, inclding creating the a$$earance
elegant and strctred, and facilitate the o$eration and service and
maintenance and re$airs 0
1-! e-cavation and filling:
@ere digging and filling in trenches for the installation of electrical services and
networks tract and lower the $rotective tbes in the bilding, and deliver# of
electrical services in accordance with the lower e-ternal s$ecifications 0
contractor mst be asked to a$$rove e-tensions in writing before the landfill 0
1-1 fondations and $illars:
A - a contractor to s$$l# the concrete $illars, rles and s$$orter and frie8es
and the masses of installation, nails and installation, tiles and concrete reslts
and $resentation of the commentar#, and channels and incbators
s$ecifications in varios sections of the s$ecifications, section 16, electrical 0
' - be s$$orting the concrete at 130 mm, nless otherwise s$ecified, and be
com$lete iron and nails fi-tres for 000 etcA, in the case of a s$$orter of
concrete directl# on the concrete grond needed to connect *saer installed
base of land and e-tend those s$$orting 100 mm, at least ntil after the
borders ,"i$ment on all for as$ects 0
. - are $rovided Alamaalk individal, Amaalk Atrabi8 %semi-deviant& and the
e-isting fi-tres to install $rotective tbes and wires are all s$are $arts and
scra$ metal $lated 8inc %.ilvenh&A
* - installing $i$es and rods ta$es commentar# b# inserts in the concrete nails
or e-tension, and $rove the tem$lates blocks b# nails and e-tension 'rick
constrction *ischarger b# nails Arawi, are not sed .harges wood and
shields in (hiebad sectors $i$es and Alamaalk 0
, - do not se an# rotes and deliver# $i$es and mechanical e"i$ment to
s$$ort electric tilities 0
1-2 sleeves and (helma and o$enings:
A - be a $i$e sleeves of all $reventable electrical $i$es $ass throgh the
barriers and walls and ceilings, floors, etcA 000 of sfficient length to e-tend
throgh the fll thickness of constrction, with the late 4tsatha with ;inishing
on each side, nless otherwise indicated 0
' - works contractor (helma and the necessar# o$enings in walls and barriers
and floors to accommodate its 0
. - (helma and $ackaged sleeves and o$enings in walls and floors of fire
resistance %in conference rooms tele$hone and electrical 000 etcA& and will
serve the se$aration So$hie acce$table or metal barriers
* - if necessar# to $enetrate an# work in the electric grid inslator against an#
leakage of water, this work carefll# and lead after the network had a $art in
$lace dring the se$aration, and the o$enings that are isolated against water
leakage $rovisions 0
1-3 slash-and-$romotion:
A - $rovides the contractor (helma and holes and o$enings for installation
carefll# created and then corrected and restore it, and in a wa# that makes
another crrenc# acce$table 0
' - the s$$l# and installation of all the sleeves and inserts for that work and
are ctting o$erations and Patching an# $art of the constrction after
e-amination b# the engineer s$ervising 0
1-6 sheets of access:
+ide the boards where access is clear and needed to reach the e"i$ment and
devices, whether boards are re"ired to enter - from the view$oint of the
contractor - bt not shown on the drawings for the contractor to sbmit their
conter$arts and conve# the $osition of the drawings F'# im$lementationF 0
1-5 $aints:
A - all $rodcts of the factor#-installed e"i$ment and Alcilvenh or $ainted or
$ainted finish to set a record, will be cleaned and give the $ainting $aint factor#
of lead-free basis, $rior to deliver# to the site, ma# not nder an#
circmstances cover $late $rod or card or the hallmark of an# e"i$ment
Paints site 0
' - are finishing the oter srface of the $aintings electricit# distribtion $anels,
cabs and a ke# focal cha$ter, transformers and similar gra# a$$lied the
standard A)SI-16 (he internal srfaces greas# white or light-colored 0
1-9 finali8ed:
A - $aint:
.leaning and $ainting are the basis for an# $ainting materials alread#
$rofessionall# different metal factor# and destro#ed or $aint were not enogh,
as well as all srfaces that can reach the site of the welds and bolts of an#
deliver#, and have $ainted the finishing toches on Sbstances that essential
fatt# $ainting factor# and nails-Alcilvenh of the same $aint sed in (aliani core
factor# 0
' - Glf %hero 8inc&:
Almkhaddocheh com$letel# cleaned srfaces or otherwise damaged dring
the e-tradition $rocess, discharge or installation, so Ptfrc region s$eclation
wire brshing to remove the effects of broken and cracked and
Almkhaddocheh, then fat areas that have been cleared $ainted 8inc rich
Almgelovn of 8inc-organic com$ond com$osed of 8inc dst and 8inc o-ide,
(he $ro$ortion of 8inc content of the soil of 53C or more weight of the total
content of non-volatile materials, fat $ainting of $retending finali8ed Almgelovn
thin thickness of not less dr# ot after the 0A53 mm 0
1-: tests:
A - before the start of electrical installations shold be the contractor that
investigates the validit# of voltages, stages and consm$tion trend of all-se
e"i$ment to be delivered, it mst be all the wire services sbsidiar# and
voltage, circit sfficient in each case 0
' - the contractorEs s$$l# of an# materials or e"i$ment or em$lo#ment of the
crisis, and testing varios s$ecific sections within the s$ecifications section
%16&, as deemed necessar# for the im$lementation of these actions are
$ro$erl# 0
. - is knowing the contractorEs e-$ense and withot an# increase in contract
$rices re$air an# defects or Anagaed discovered as a reslt of those tests 0
o$eration, and be sre that all the e"i$ment and machiner# o$erated in
accordance with the re"irements contained in the contract docments, and
condcted tests $resence of the engineer s$ervising, and the contractor
$roviding electrical $ower , (ools and workers needed to $erform varios tests
1-10 connections e"i$ment and o$eration of motor starters:
A - in addition to electrical work, the contractor im$lement all electrical wiring
for mechanical e"i$ment to be s$$lied nder sections contained within
section %13& and $rivate affaires mechanical 0
' - nless stated otherwise in the s$ecifications, the contractor install and align
all 'wade o$eration and control devices and safet# switches and other
electrical e"i$ment on both the s$ecifications contained within this section or
other sections s$ecifications 0 4ia e-ce$t those items that have been installed
in the $lant mobile e"i$ment (he installation and alignment engines and
'wade o$eration, and control e"i$ment and other e"i$ment in which
ntrients closed ke#s to safet# s$ecifications as contained in later sections is
covered nder section %13& S$ecial mechanical work containing the
s$ecifications for motor-000 engines, etcA 0-ca$able %3& Gilowatt or above mst
be $rovided with e"i$ment Starr *elta @orks 0
. - nless stated otherwise in the s$ecifications, the contractor shold be given
all the s$$lies wire inclding $rotective tbes and wires and <nction bo-es,
and the ke#s to se$arate the grain, and increased $rotection from (rend 000,
etcA, etcA, which was not defined elsewhere in the s$ecifications of those
s$ecifications and the necessar# (o deliver to and between all the engines and
'wade o$eration and control devices and all related electrical e"i$ment,
whether received in this section s$ecifications or s$ecifications of other
sections, with the e-ce$tion of those items which were s$$lied and installed
wire factor# on mobile e"i$ment, wires and all e-tensions of the $oints
mentioned above end$oints to the ,ngine and 'wade o$eration and control
e"i$ment for e"i$ment mentioned, are covered 0
* - are e-tensions of s$ecifications for wiring e"i$ment to control tem$eratre
within this section 0
, - nless stated otherwise in the s$ecifications, are all e-tensions of (eslic
engines and control devices and related electrical e"i$ment within the
$rotective metal $i$es and strong connections with fle-ible where necessar#,
be $rotective of the wire tbes to absorb ntrients large engines, and Altaarb
condctors, wires and control whether /r have not been identified on the
drawings for the *ecade, and the si8es of wires as indicated or as re"ired b#
the international code I,. 0
1-11 installation of e"i$ment:
A - General:
(he installation of all electrical e"i$ment or set $ in accordance with the
recommendations of the com$an#Es $rodctive assets to good electrical
engineering, drawings and s$ecifications related
' - dis$arities are allowed in $laces:
'e develo$ed within the limits of the e"i$ment %1 mm& variation on the
s$ecific sitation on the contract drawings, nless otherwise $ermitted b# the
engineer s$ervising 0
. - lbricants:
(he contractor $roviding the agenda and all lbricating oils and lbricants and
other t#$es of lbricants according to the manfactrerEs recommendations,
and a$$roval of the engineer s$ervising 0
* - oil isolation:
(he contractor to $rovide oil se$aration e"i$ment re"ired for the isolated oil,
and the contractorEs test sam$les nder the s$ecifications of AS(4 - * 955 to
acce$t the inslation and electrical s$ecifications nder AS(4 - * - 115 if there
were other tests re"ired b# the engineer s$ervising 0
1-1! electrical connections installed with nails:
A - General:
1& are fll of cleaning alminm srfaces where there are $roven links with
nails with alminm srfaces, and will be cleaning brshes wire, and then
$ainting 'mrk$ commas then SI*A.(I/) well again on the boat, and then
add another boat and install $artitions with nails
!& are fll of cleaning metal srfaces where there are $roven links between the
roofs of co$$er nails red and #ellow, and then $ainting 'mrk$ anti-corrosion 0
1& is to ensre that dring the installation of e"i$ment and deliver# of the
$rovisions of each nail installed in each link in the electric $lant installed with
nails 0
2& falls within the res$onsibilit# of the contractor to endorse the terms of each
nail installed in all electrical connections installed with nails, or at the factor#
site in accordance with the recommendations of the com$an# $rodcing 0
3& are the $rovisions of the electrical connections installed with nails wrenches
hand, and be bilt to link the ke#s to show vision or hearing determined the
re"ired $rovisions, and are investigating the accrac# of ever# ke# link
throgh the testing laborator# acce$table b# the engineer s$ervising, before
direct se in e"i$ment that is Installed nder those s$ecifications 0
' - criteria for the determination of $rovisions:
-- If not contain instrctions for the e"i$ment manfactrerEs
recommendations on tightening standards intention of nails or did not s$ecif#
an alternative method for wiring $rovisions tightening the criteria for the
determination of tensile strength, according to those listed on the table entitled
Fcriteria for the determination of 7hd nails dr#-coated, non-greasingF
. - make sre the $rovisions of nails links:
1& are checked nails cort in random testing of electrical connections as
determined engineer s$ervising the e-amination to be in his $resence, and
the contractor $roviding wrenches manal calibration and $latforms necessar#
e"i$ment and $eo$le needed to check indiscriminate 0
!& (he nmber of nails that are being tested acce$table to the engineer
s$ervising the basis of nails in each link, at a minimm nail in each link 0
1& (he contractor res$onsible for coordinating the $rocess of e-amining the
$rovisions of nails so that there is onl# minimal overla$ with the deliver# and
installation of e"i$ment, the $rocess of removing blankets or things like that
mask e"i$ment, inclding allowing the test engineer s$ervisor watching
$rovisions nails covered links, $art of the bsiness covered @ithin those
s$ecifications 0
2& intended to e-amine the $rovisions of the electrical connections in the
$resence of the engineer s$ervising the contractor to hel$ avoid the costs of
re$airing mistakes deliver# charge, bt will not e-em$t from this screening
contractor fll res$onsibilit# for the integration of electrical connections 0
1-11 Palace Service stdies and coordinate $reventive devices:
A - the contractorEs res$onsibilit# to ensre the information given to the tender
docments and s$ecial beans and vibration with the electricit# com$an# and
confirm this in writing to the s$ervisor engineer 0
' - mst $rotect all links and devices against e-cess crrent and severit#
de$ending on the crrent ,lmar 0 $rotection e"i$ment installed in $laces
arrived organs and electric $ower connections 0
. - bringing the nmber %2& booklets, each of which incldes stdies on the
$alace and coordination with the coordination of $reventive devices and crves
of the crrent time the entire $ower distribtion network 0
* - to std# wa#s to limit the availabilit# of a$$reciation and assm$tions, the
base case "antities chosen, and gra$hs with a single line, and data sorce
Amaaogah inclde characteristics of the electricit# grid and gra$hs of
Amaaogah, estimates the t#$ical, and schedling estimates of "antities,
reslts and conclsions and recommendations, calclated break Palace
Service %nmber (hoght& and dties Instantness abot the alleged failre of
the crrent three-stage, in line each gro$ ke#s $oints and se$aration of high
voltage, and at terminals high voltage nit conversion station, the line set ke#s
$oints and cha$ter low voltage, and ke#boards, and motor control center,
distribtion $anels, boards .hambers Sb-related and other $rominent $laces
in all other $arts of the network, is being stdied malfnction ,arth ever#
medim voltage network and incldes gra$hs related and $rivate 'amaaogah
se"ence of 8ero, and inclded in the tables Amaaogah holida#s, and rates
from H to +, and as#mmetr# factors, the contribtion of the engines , And the
Palace Gilovolt Am$ere, and similar trends holida#s and as#mmetric 0
, - to std# the coordination of $reventive services, $rovide crves log time
chart showing the $ro$osed coordination of the network, based on traditional
forms of fll-si8e, and inclded with ever# $a$er crve fll title and a chart
single line with the manal e-$lains the s$ecific $art of the network covered b#
the $a$er crve in $articlar, And inclde a detailed descri$tion of each organ
and identif# $reventive fnction and t#$e, manfactrer and the characteristics
of the crrent schedle, and schedled the recommended intakes nloading
devices, disk time, ca$tre, and the circmstances of the immediate and
dela#ed timetable 0
And - to inclde the $a$ers crves rela#s the electricit# com$an# and the
characteristics of the smelter, a high voltage transformer e"i$ment and
characteristics of the smelter, and characteristics of the vehicle for e"i$ment
low voltage, and characteristics of the smelter, and organs .ircit and the
release of their own generators, and characteristics of other $reventive devices
for carr#ing the network and inclde a set of sholder and damage to
$ro$erties within the smelter b# 130 - 200 and 600C of crrent and ending
crves characteristic of organs from the $oint of ma-imm reflect the crrent
malfnction Analog sb<ected to bod# 0
G - select all $rimar# and $reventive a$$arats re"ired for each connection
F*,7(A - @0,F converter so that the advantages of fre"encies or o$erated
within the com$rehensive "alities of the converter or containing a $oint e"al
to 39C of the $oints with A)SI to ensre $revention malfnction line - 0 In the
case of a land where it was not the $rimar# organ Pro$erties within the
converter shows crves transformer malfnction 0 se$aration device
characteristics a$$arats $revention statte )iIo additional 16C to ensre
consistenc# and ade"ate $rotection in case of breakdowns line - the line
se$arating 0 characteristics crves of the high-voltage crves other organs
reserve time for not less than %2& seconds 0
? - all inclded in the booklet featres a fll range of crrent timetable of
individal $rotective e"i$ment to assets trans$arent 0
I - ma# limit the $re$aration of stdies and $reventive services throgh the web
or com$ter anal#sis to a nmber, or the com$ter in translation, bt shold
inclde estimates of the falts as set ot s$ecifications for each gro$
$ro$osed energ# sorce and final 0
B - charts showing the general re"irements or s$ecifications for electrical
e"i$ment $rovided nder this contract, and ma# $ro$ose changes and
additions on the characteristics of e"i$ment throgh the reslts of the stdies
Palace coordinate $reventive devices, and $rovide sch changes and
additions as $art of the brochre std# materials, and will be im$lemented field
conditions necessar# for organs , As well as minor changes and modifications
of e"i$ment so as to achieve com$atibilit# with the Palace and the .hamber
a$$roved stdies coordinate $reventive devices, the com$an# $rodcing
$articlar im$lementation or contractor withot an# additional cost to the
em$lo#er 0
1-12 test e"i$ment and $rocessing of o$eration:
A - General:
(ests inclde all electrical e"i$ment is not to be confined to the items listed
below, in addition to condcting the tests s$ecified within the s$ecifications in
$aragra$h 1-9 or elsewhere of those s$ecifications mst be electric
installations in laboratories and facilities nder the re"irements of the
s$ecifications Sadi Arabia 0
1& $blic scrtin# of e"i$ment 0
!& make sre the site wiring and terrestrial network 0
1& tests isolate 4osl 0
2& control e"i$ment 0
Is the contractor res$onsible for arrangements to $rovide energ# re"ired for
the $r$oses of testing and e-$erimental o$eration, and the $rocess of testing
an ongoing $rocess ke$t $ace with the timetable for constrction to the
satisfaction of the engineer s$ervising, who has the fll right of entr# to note
all the tests, and shold e-amine all terminals and connectors and accessories
and all Inslation blankets, tools and seals, and s$$lies of scra$ metal and
s$$lies installed at the site in order to ensre the accrac# $rovisions 0
' - transformers installed at the base:
Incldes testing of transformers installed at the base inclde bt are not limited
1& measred inslation resistance of the first stage of rec#cling and secondar#
to the grond is the first to the secondar#
!& does not change the test to em$t# loads at each location to ensre $ro$er
o$eration nder instrctions em$lo#er 0 tests are being condcted .atal#tic
converters with revitali8ing 0
1& mst e-amine all rates smelter 0
2& e-amine the ke#s to oil and circit breakers to ensre $ro$er o$eration 0
3& mst be tested oil 0
. - set $oints and cha$ter installed on base:
(est series incldes ke#s $oints and cha$ter erected on the base inclde bt
are not
7imited to:
1& All the ke#s are being tested mechanicall# cha$ter in the develo$ment of an
o$erational sre:
A - health alignment 0
' - ?ealth @orks 4galk *ovetailing 0
. - ?ealth @orks tools $in and .on"est mechanical 0
!& inslation resistance of each bar to the distribtion of the $rocess is being
develo$ed to ,arth with a ke# cha$ter in the develo$ment of Fo$enF 0
1& ,-amine all rates smelter 0
* - .able:
(est all the cables that were s$$lied and installed in accordance with these
s$ecifications a$$lied to the Section %16030& and Section %16060& and Section
%!:0 16& 0
, - Altaarb:
(he $rocess for testing and earthed e"i$ment and cables inclde, bt are not
limited to:
1& tests are Altaarb continit# between each item of e"i$ment and basic
grond rles a$$roved it, and on the basis of grond rods Altaarb 0
!& resistance rods Altaarb selected orbit:
All measrements are resisting the ,arth-,arth s#stem ends a three-terminal
t#$e of F4a<orF, which a$$lies to A. Alambrordat which indicates the time of
writing trend contined and sed two of the sensors grond reference, and all
the tests condcted in accordance with the instrctions of the manfactrer of
the e"i$ment and condct tests for resistance to the grond 0
1& 'efore delivering rods Altaarb terrestrial network shold receive the
contractor access to information abot the resistance of the grond measred
individall# rods Altaarb selected, and sch information is collected and
classified and registered nder the s$ervision of the engineer s$ervising and
send the reslts to engineer s$ervisor within five da#s 0
After the deliver# of the rods Altaarb ?assira Altaarb in each hole ins$ection,
the contractor sed for measrements of the ,arth resistance $late 4tsatha
with ,arth, and that information be com$iled and classified and registered, and
send the reslts to engineer s$ervisor within five da#s
(he information shows that measres grond resistance rods Altaarb grond
necessar# and the contractor to s$$l#, install and deliver additional bs bars
as directed b# the engineer s$ervising
And - control o$eration:
Pts the engineer s$ervising a s#stem of control %control& for o$erating the
e"i$ment is $ermanent and $dated devices ca$able of generating electric 0
(he s#stem consists of marking the occasion ever# item of e"i$ment and
ever# $art of the network, to clarif# the stats of crrent $atents and re"ires
athori8ation from the $ersons concerned o$erator, and $rovide energ# or
remove from service the e"i$ment, devices and switches to control the gro$
inclde the following $hases:
1 - $dated e"i$ment and devices to the e-tent that it can $rovide them with
him from $ower or air $ressre and o$eration, withot having e-amined, is
marking the sorce of energ# or $ressre determines the mark and steers do
not fnction withot the s$ecific athori8ation $arts 0
! - after the initial o$eration of the e"i$ment or a$$arats, are set forth in
labelling %1& and o$erating $arts designated onl# b# the $ersons concerned b#
the engineer s$ervising 0
1 - and ths $laced tags on e"i$ment and a$$liances released, and onl#
o$erated b# $ersons a$$ointed b# the engineer s$ervising, or the ones
removing from service, tend marks
All of the ke#s to control sorces of energ# or $ressre are not o$erating nder
an# circmstance and is entitled onl# to $ersons who have $laced labels on the
devices that alread# after those devices from service 0
Pts the engineer s$ervising the $rocedres and details concerning the
network o$erational control, be informed engineer s$ervising an# notifications
on the stats of crrent a$$lications and o$erating $ermits shold follow those
$rocedres established