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Mini test 2

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to show the underlined part that needs correction.
Questions 1: One and more sentences related to the same topic form a paragraph.
Questions 2: Computers are wonderful proof of how clever people are in working out ways
of helping themselves.
Questions 3: Improvements in peoples health are due in part to advances in medical care and sanitary.
Questions 4: It is possible to have wealth but little income and having income but no wealth.
Questions 5: In the beginning radios cost much more than they do today because they turned out slowly
and expensively by hand.

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct
answer to each of the questions.
Question 6. If interest rates are cut, the economic situation may improve.
A. There is no doubt that the economic situation will improve as a result of the reduction in interest
B. The economic situation wont be better if interest rates are cut.
C. A reduction of interest rates may improve the economic situation.
D. The economic situation may improve if we increase the interest rates.
Question 7. Alternative medicine is a complete mystery to some people.
A. Some people are a complete mystery to alternative medicine.
B. Alternative medicine is some peoples complete story.
C. Some people are completely mystified by alternative medicine.
D. Some people are completely mysterious with alternative medicine.
Question 8. His comment bears little relation to the topic.
A. His comment is close to the topic.
B. His comment is directly to the point.
C. What he said is irrelevant to the topic.
D. His comment and the topic are not the same.
Question 9. It is my opinion that there is no advantage in further discussion.
A. Further discussion is not to my advantage.
B. I see no point in further discussion.
C. I think we need further discussion of advantage.
D. I think further discussion needs to be advantaged.
Question 10. Although the dog appeared harmless, it was, in fact quite dangerous.
A. Contrary to its harmless appearance, the dog is hardly dangerous.
B. Harmless as it appeared, the dog was quite dangerous.
C. The dogs harmless appearance prevented people to realize it was quite dangerous.
D. Because of its harmless appearance, people thought the dog was dangerous.
Question 11. The Prime Minister is unlikely to call an early general election.
A. Its likely that the Prime Minister will call an early general election.
B. The likelihood is great that the Prime Minister will call an early general election.
C. The likelihood is that the Prime Minister will call an early general election.
D. There is little likelihood of the Prime Minister calling an early general election.
Question 12. Lins success took us all by surprise.
A. Lin was successful, which surprised all of us.
B. We took all of Lins successes surprisingly.
C. We were taken aback by all of Lins successes.
D. Lins success was surprised to all of us.
Question 13. You are in this mess right now because you didnt listen to me in the first place.
A. If you had listened to my advice in the first place, you wouldnt have been in this mess right now.
B. If you had listened to my advice in the first place, you wouldnt be in this mess right now.
C. If you listened to my advice in the first place, you wouldnt be in this mess right now.
D. If you listen to my advice in the first place, you will not be in this mess right now.
Question 14. Fiona goes to the theater once in a blue moon.
A. Fiona goes to the theater when the blue moon is on.
B. Fiona goes to the theater only once a month.
C. Fiona goes to the heater when the moon is full.
D. Fiona occasionally (rarely) goes to the theater.
Question 15. What the politician was saying fell on deaf ears last night.
A. No one listened to what the politician was saying last night.
B. What the politician was saying deafened the listeners last night.
C. No one listened to what the politician was saying last night because they had deaf ears.
D. The politician fell deaf when he was speaking last night.

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following
Question 16 : Its a serious operation for a woman as old as my grandmother. She is very frail(yu ui). I hope she

A. gets away B. comes round C. pulls through D. stands up
Question 17 : .any other politician would have given way to this sort of pressure years ago.
A. Really B. Practically C. Actually D. Utterly
Question 18 : After several months of hard work, the police are finally .... somewhere with their
A. getting B. going C. making D. doing
Question 19 : Theres no danger in using this machine as long as you to the safety
A. comply B. adhere C. observe D. abide
Question 20 : The test results will be released at 9 am tomorrow! Will it ? _________________.
A. Can I wait for it? C. Could it wait ?
B. Yes, please. D. I cant wait!
Question 21 : .drivers endanger their lives and those of other road users.
A. Drunk B. Drunken C. Drinking D. Drunkard
Question 22 : _________________ _ I love it. Its great, especially at night.
A. When do you often listen to classical music?
B. How do you like classical music?
C. What kind of music do you like?
D. How often do you listen to classical music?
Question 23 : cars usually have special and unique things that the owners wish to have. They are
certainly more expensive.
A. Man - made B. Custom - made C. Well - kept D. Well - dressed
Question 24 : I may look half asleep, but I can assure you I am awake.
A. broad B. full C. well D. wide
Question 25 : Left - hand traffic, a custom existing in Britain only, ..back to the days when English
people went to and fro on horseback.
A. dated B. dating C. dates D. to date
Question 26 : I am sorry . I broke the vase. _________________.
A. Dont worry. Things break. C. OK. Go ahead.
B. Yes, certainly. D. Id rather not.
Question 27 : The tourists refused to . the poor service.
A. stand in for (thay th) B. put up with (chu ng) C. get away from D. get
on with (c mqh tt)
Question 28: I havent got the time to do my own work, you with yours.
A. leaving aside B. let alone (hung chi l) C. apart from ngoi tr D. not
Question 29 : Professor Lockwood recommended that Michael .. in chemistry.
A. not to major B. not major C. wouldnt major D. isnt majoring
Question 30 : Luggage may be placed here ..the owners risk.
A. at B. by C. under D. with
Question 31: Legend that Robin Hood fired an arrow from his death - bed and was buried where the
arrow landed.
A. tells it B. says it C. makes it D. has it
Question 32 : Browns business is not going well; he is finding it difficult to keep his head water.
A. on B. in C. off D. above
Question 33: Please dont it amiss if I make a few suggestions for improvement.
A. think B. judge C. take D. assume
Question 34 : Ill be kind to hershe decide to leave me.
A. in case B. so as not C. whereas D. lest
Question 35 : Some plays are so successful that they ..for years on end.
A. play B. perform C. run D. act
Question 36 : Its very kind of you to help me out, John. _________________.
A. You can say that again. C. Im glad you like it.
B. Thats the least I could do. D. Thanks a million.
Question 37: ..of half- starving wolves were roaming the snow- covered countryside.
A. Packs (GI) B. Flocks (n) C. Swarms (nhm, by)
D. Herds
Question 38 : The telephone rang and interrupted my .of thought.
A. chain B. series C. line D. train
Question 39 : The choir stood in four rows according to their heights.
A. respectable B. respectful C. respective D. respected
Question 40 : He was tried for forgery in a law court but was lucky enough to .
A. get by B. get to C. get through D. get off
Question 41 : To what extent will future scientific discoveries make possible the ..of the human
life span?
A. increase B. expansion C. prolongation D. growth
Question 42 : The police a good deal of criticism over their handling of the demonstration.
A. came in for B. brought about C. went down with D. opened up
Question 43 : Jill: Can you save my place for me, please? Natures calling.
Stranger: ________________.
A. No, I cant. Im in a hurry. C. Yes, please. But in a minute or so.
B. Sure. But hurry. The line is moving fast. D. No problem. But the line is moving fast.
Question 44 : This man is so arrogant that he is completely to all criticism.
A. impervious B. unaware C. regardless D. unconscious
Question 45 : His speech was careful and ..but his words seemed to make no sense.
A. distinguished B. distinct C. distinctive D. distinguishable

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the
correct answer to each of the questions.

Question 46. What is the effect of television according to the author?
A. It causes intellectual laziness.
B. It confuses the viewers.
C. It makes the viewers think.
D. It is harmful to society.
Question 47. Televisions function is to make people _____________.
A. more interested in what is happening
B. more educated in society
C. confused of what is happening
D. more culturally oriented
Question 48. In the authors opinion, what is wrong with the attitude of some governments to television?
A. They do not think it is important.
B. They do not pay enough attention to its function.
C. They have too much control over it.
D. They do not use it effectively.
Question 49. The influence that television may have is possibly _____________.
A. ignored by almost everybody
B. greatly considered by governments
C. an enrichment and also a challenge to cultures
D. a substantial benefit for private companies
Question 50. The author thinks that television programs are in danger of ______________.
A. declining in popularity
B. trying to please too many people
C. preventing the development of society
D. losing their effect on our culture






Television, like language, can be a cultural challenge for better or worse, and this is what it is in
many of its activities, whether voluntarily or, on occasion, involuntarily. Although it may
sometimes be soothing (nh nhng), television is often provocative (khiu khch) in the sense that
it gives information and arouses interest. That being said, the new means of broadcasting and
communicating throughout the world increases the complexity of television even further.
An important question is what television is there to do and say. In actual fact, however, the issue
does not seem to have been put in this way by all governments and their officials, nor by private
television companies.
Since the primary aim is to get an audience (and who would want to make television programs
nobody looked at?), programs are becoming more and more standardized (tiu chun ho). The
cultural challenge represented by television must not turn into a challenge to culture. At all events
, television carries messages which influence, and will increasingly influence, trends in societies
one way or another. Either television will contribute to enriching(lm giu) our culture or to
enabling some of these cultures to dominate(chim u th) others.
Undoubtedly there are outstanding events, such as broadcasts of major occasions, but the out - of
- the - ordinary nature of a cultural message soon becomes part of life, part of the very air breathed
by those to whom the messages are sent. Living in a world of painting, literature and music is a
very different thing from the stardom (tr thnh ngi sao) of a composer, writer or performer.
While the heads of television channels sometimes display boldness, they do not seem to find it
necessary to do so when it comes to music (with the occasional exception), because they
themselves are not convinced of the emotional impact of music on television. And yet, in spite of
all obstacles( tr ngi), music is a challenge through its daily presence. This represents (i din) a
victory for whom? Pure music - that is to say, music, soberly presented through the playing of the
performers goes down very well on the small screen. Its presence on television makes it part of
everyday life.
Let us be optimistic and hope that those in charge of television of whatever kind are aware of the
importance of their function over and above audience (khan gi) surveys and ratings and that they
will call primarily on the talents of cultural people and give them priority over the salesman.

Question 51. What are the heads of television not convinced of its impact?
A. Fine arts B. Literature C. Music D. Painting
Question 52. According to the author, the heads of the television channels _____________.
A. have an adventurous approach to presenting music
B. broadcast only important musical events
C. do not want music to be part of everyday life
D. do not think music is effective on television
Question 53. Music has become _____________.
A. part of the cultural message
B. very important to television program producers
C. part of daily life
D. very important to policy makers
Question 54. What does the author hope will be the future of television?
A. More popular programs will be broadcast.
B. The right kind of program - makers will be appointed.
C. Audience will go on increasing.
D. Television controllers will change their attitudes.
Question 55. The best title for this passage is ______________?
A. The influence of television on governments and companies
B. The standardization of television programs
C. Television and its programs
D. The impact of television on culture

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