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NT#330 Client$Server Net%or&in II
Wee& 3, 'nit 3 ( )vervie% o* Active +irectory +o,ain Services,
I,-le,entin Active +irectory
.or this /0ercise
Please evaluate the information provided and after reading in the lessons for this week, answer the scenario deliverables.
This exercise is due at the beginning of the next class meeting.
Unit 3. Exercise 1. Company Merger Scenario
Course )12ectives an! Learnin )utco,es
In this Exercise, ou will determine the necessar information to design a solution in a merger scenario.
Assin,ent 3e4uire,ents
!eview the scenario below"
#s an IT #dministrator, ou have been tasked with designing the technical strateg for the merger of our compan with
another compan. Develop a list of $uestions that ou will need answered to effectivel design a solution for allowing
seamless sharing of information resources between the two companies. %our compan has a single, &indows 'erver
())* +unctional,-evel #D D' +orest. The new compan has a director service but that is all the information ou have
been given thus far.
!espond in detail. .onsider trust relationships, compatibilit with other director services /previous versions of &indows,
other operating sstems, for instance0 in our response.
Su1,ission 3e4uire,ents
1,( pages, 2icrosoft &ord
Times 3ew !oman, 1( pt. font
4tili5e #P# 6 formatting
Ensure that ou include a cover page and reference page.
3T177) .lient,'erver 3etworking II Page 1 of ( &eek 7, 8),69) -essons 1 and (
'teve Todd
Davonte Brown
Do you have a DNS Server set up with your company? If so, what kind? This is a great example of a
question to ask your customer !nother good question to ask is what is the I"v# address range? $ill %oth
companies %e under one roof or two separate locations? Tasks that would need to %e done,
Set up a Domain that will let the two locations connect to the same information
&ake sure %oth locations have same kind of DNS Server running &ake sure %oth are running !ctive
&ake sure %oth servers are a%le to communicate ! seamless %ackground is a pattern, design or texture
that covers the entire $e% page Seamless %ackgrounds, or seamless tiles, are small graphics, normally
'(( %y '(( pixels or ')( %y ')( pixels, of muted or plain colors, light or heavy textures, scenic views, soft
or %old designs or various other patterns There are so many different questions you could ask a%out
shemless there are also so many different reasons why sharing them %etween two companies can have its
ups and downs *ne is that one of the seamless can %e running great and everything a%out it is great %ut
once copied it goes cra+y That was my essay on seamless hope you en,oyed
3T177) .lient,'erver 3etworking II Page ( of ( &eek 7, 8),69) -essons 1 and (
'teve Todd