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Product Manager Mobango

For Mauj/ Mobango in Mumbai

| Relevant Experience: 4-6 years |
The Company
At Mauj Mobile, we are constantly innovating on Mobile Internet proucts an
services! Mauj Mobile is a "irect to consumer mobile proucts company! #aving
been a pioneer in Mobile internet subscription services in Inia, we manage
premium subscription services $or telecom operators! %e own an manage
Mobango!com, &op '( )lobal Application *tore as rate by &+e ,conomist
Maga-ine! %e are one o$ t+e $ew global mobile prouct companies, base out o$
Inia! Mobango +as recently won t+e .e #erring ,urope '(( awar $or
tec+nology innovation! Mobango +as also won t+e m/illiont+ awar 0('0, *out+
Asia, $or Innovative mobile *ervices, an t+e /ron-e at t+e 1int+ International
/usiness Awars!
I$ you want to be part o$ a $un team t+at gets to wor2 on ieas an prouct
innovations use by millions o$ global mobile internet users, t+en Mauj Mobile is
t+e place $or you! &ec+nology an prouct evelopment is core capability $or Mauj
mobile! 3ou will wor2 amongst a very +ig+ caliber peer group an colleagues an
+ave opportunity to mentor buing stars in t+e process!
4ob "escription
&+e 5rouct Manager is primarily responsible $or strategic prouct planning,
e6ning, elivering, an continuously innovating Internet base consumer
proucts an services $or mobile evices 7incluing tablets8! &+e 5rouct manager
s+oul strive to create worl-class proucts t+at are mar2etable an be
instrumental in getting t+e same implemente! #e/*+e is e9pecte to:
'! :nerstan customer nees an consumer be+avior t+roug+ researc+,
customer $eebac2 analysis, using internal an t+ir party analytics on prouct
engagement metrics an irect interactions wit+ customers an partners!
0! :se t+e above learnings $or prouct innovations an improvements!
;! <onucting regular competition analysis an recommening plan o$ action =
s+oul master t+e etails o$ competitive lanscape! Innovating an elivering
proucts t+at i>erentiate us $rom competition! &+is will inclue new proucts as
well as en+ancements to e9isting proucts!
4! %or2ing closely wit+ ,ngineering, .esearc+, ?uality Assurance, "esign an
Mar2eting teams to create synergies leaing to a +ig+ @uality prouct!
6! <reating prouct speci6cations ocuments an conucting prouct
speci6cation reviews wit+ 2ey sta2e+olers suc+ as ,ngineering, ?uality
Assurance, "esign A ot+ers!
B! ,nsuring timely elivery o$ projects t+roug+ proper planning, sc+euling an
&+e caniate s+oul +ave aroun 4- 6 yrs o$ relevant inustry e9perience $rom
repute organi-ations in t+e 6el o$ 5ortal / 5rouct evelopment / mobile prouct
evelopment / mobile apps evelopment!
<aniate s+oul be base in Mumbai or s+oul be open to relocating to Mumbai!
,ucation )rauation C M/A, /, or e@uivalent
"epartment 5rouct "evelopment
,9perience 7years8 4-6 years .elevant ,9perience
.ole 5rouct Management, :ser ,ngagement an .etention!
.esponsibilities 5rouct strategy an business planning - Dverall
responsibility $or prouct planning an prouct
:nerstaning customer nees an consumer be+avior
t+roug+ researc+, customer $eebac2!
<ompetitorEs analysis an ienti$ying areas $or
5rouct evelopment - "e6ning t+e prouct vision,
conceptuali-ing, creating prouct speci6cation
ocument, conucting prouct speci6cation reviews
wit+ 2ey sta2e+olers, e9ecuting t+e implementation o$
t+e overall prouct roamap!
,nsure attractive esigning an goo user Fow $or t+e
website t+at pulls in more auiences!
%or2ing closely wit+ esigners, engineering team,
@uality assurance team, content writers to create
synergies leaing to a +ig+ @uality prouct!
,nsuring timely elivery o$ projects t+roug+ proper
planning, sc+euling an e9ecution!
:tili-e web analytics to trac2 an evaluate prouct
port$olioGs success an continually ienti$y new
opportunities to en+ance t+e prouct suite!
"omain Hnowlege $or t+e 5roucts! %eb Internet an
%A5! "0< /usiness moel!
*2ill *et .e@uire *trong consumer $ocus
,9perience in managing Internet base consumer
proucts or a service is an avantage! Hnowlege o$
mobile plat$orms / mobile internet is strong avantage!
Innovative an capable o$ t+in2ing out o$ t+e bo9
Mar2et researc+ tec+ni@ues!
Analytical an Iogical &+in2ing
"etail oriente, +owever, oes not lose t+e big picture
o$ 6nal prouct an time to mar2et
*trong results orientation = is able to $ocus an eliver
Ability to unerstan t+e tec+nology be+in t+e
)oo 5resentation an communication *2ills
&eam 5layer =ability to rive consensus, leverage
synergies $rom cross $unctional teams
About Mauj Mobile an Mobango
Mauj Mobile is part o$ t+e 5eople )roup, w+ic+ owns large igital properties
incluing *+aai!com an Ma2aan!com! Mauj Mobile is $une by top tier investors
suc+ as Intel <apital, *e@uoia <apital an %estbrige <apital! 5eople )roup was
$oune by Mr Anupam Mittal, w+o is IniaEs $oremost igital entrepreneurs an
rate by /usiness %ee2 as J( most inFuential leaers in Inia!
Mauj Mobile is a pioneer o$ mobile internet services in Inia! Mauj Mobile provies
worl class mobile internet plat$orm an content istribution services to Inian an
International telecom operators! Mobango, rate as worls top '( mobile apps
store by &+e ,conomist is owne an promote by Mauj Mobile! Mobango is one
o$ t+e worlEs largest inepenent mobile applications stores an +as over 6
million registere users!
5eople )roup +as won t+e "eloitte Fast J( Inia Awar $or ; consecutive years as
well as t+e "eloitte Fast J(( Asia Awar! It is a recipient o$ t+e prestigious .e
#erring '(( Asia Awar an t+e ,merging Inia Awar +el by <1/< an several
more awars!
5eople )roup is recogni-e as a pre$erre employer by our current team an our
alumni! 5eople )roup oes signi6cant investment in 5eople Acaemy 7our in+ouse
training initiative8, our employee networ2ing events 7brea2$ast meetings $or senior
management or mont+ly Fun Friay parties8 an +as built a strong set o$ values
t+at $oster innovation an e9perimentation in t+e group! *ee +ttp://www!people-
group!com/culture!p+p $or more about w+at it means to wor2 wit+ us!
%ebsites: www!mauj!com | www!people-group!com | www!mobango!com