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A world wlde sporLs for Lhe physlcally handlcapped
lndlvlduals whlch ls played ln more Lhan 164 counLrles
across Lhe world. All such sporLs played ln Lhe Clymplc
games and oLher nauonal, local games are played by
physlcally challenged aLhleLes also known as
Þaralymplcs across Lhe world.
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Cne of lLs klnd evenL ln Lhe world where ace para-
aLhleLes across Lhe nauon and Lhe sLaLe come LogeLher
Lo have Lhelr share of fame and honour whlch Lhey
have been deprlved for long. CLher paruclpanLs
lnclude school and college sLudenLs and chlldren from
dlñerenL dlsablllLy schools and organlsauons. Well-
known celebrlues has always been an acuve face of
Lhe Walk.
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Lack of Medla, 8roadcasLlng rlghLs, lnfrasLrucLure and
awareness ln Þaralymplcs. LquallLy for ulsabled people
ln sporLs ls sLlll a new Lhlng ln lndla. Lack of lnlLlaLlve Lo
organlse Lhe secLor for proper lnvesLmenL also adds on.
28th August, 2PM,Thursday, 2014
Jadavpur University to Deshapriya Park
Sponsorship Brochure
Civilian Welfare Foundation
www.cwforg.com info@cwforg.com
Facts & Figures
Walk for Paralympics
CWF is India’s only NGO
promoting Paralympics
8 out of 10 people in West Bengal came to know about Paralympics through CWF
India caters to highest no.
of disabled people
London 2012 showed the
highest investment in Paralympics
Rio 2016 awaits the largest
Paralympics event ever
I n c o mp a r i s o n t o
ge ne r al ap o l i t i c al
walks in the city,
Walk for Paralympics
have a far greater
CSR friendly
Unique Social Investment
OVER 30 Publications in 2013
World’s only Walk for
General Paralympics
3rd Year of WALK
Primary Target : 18-35 yrs
Secondary Target: 35-50 yrs
Local, National and International Media publications include Times Of India, Hindustan Times,
Anandabazar Patrika, Ei Samay, The Hindu, Bartaman, Indian Express, Global Times
Title Associate Co-sponsor Others
Share of Visibility
Press Conference
0 10 20 30 40
Percentage of mode of visibility
News paper Electronic
Digital (Blogs, Website etc) Social
Percentage of Type of Media
Walk for Paralympics
Title Sponsor : (Max 1)
Amount : Rs 200000
Deliverables: 1.logo in all print
and publicity inclusive of a
hoarding , posters and POPs,
press conference and online
mar ke t i ng 2. 1 b anne r
exclusively for the title sponsor
during the walk 3. CEO/
Representative in PC
4. Mention during emceeing
5. Sponsor material for all
Associate Sponsor:( 3)
Amount : Rs 75,000
Deliverables: 1. logo in print
and publicity inclusive of
po st e r s and POPs, pr e ss
confe r e nce and onl i ne
marketing 2. Mention during
emceeing 3.Highlight in Press
Co-Sponsor : (Max 5)
Amount : Rs 60,000
Deliverables: 1. logo(small) in
print and publicity inclusive of
p o s t e r s a nd POPs , p r e s s
c o nf e r e nc e a nd o nl i ne
2. Mention during emceeing
Sponsors : Media/Print/Food
& Beverage
Amount : Rs 50,000 each
Deliverables: logo(small) in print
and publicity inclusive of posters
and POPs, press conference and
online marketing

Previous Sponsors
Full Sponsorship : Rs 3,00000
Ask for a detailed budget
Celebrate Life…Celebrate Ability
Contact Us
Shuvojit : 9830167177
Harsh: 9674914744
"#$% &' 7"8 /
CWl ls a youLh based, non-hlerarchal, non-proflL worklng
ln Þaralymplcs & ulsablllLy 8lghLs for Lhe lasL 3 years. CWl
promoLes Þaralymplcs Lhrough varlous pro[ecLs, naLlonal
and sLaLe level sporLs evenL, sponsorlng aLhleLes, maklng
documenLarles and ls assoclaLed wlLh sLaLe and naLlonal
Þaralymplc bodles. CWl also works ln !"#$"% '()*+,-
./,(0 1"/2+*0/%" /#$ 3*(2$ '()*+,4 1o sponsor or lnvesL ln
oLher lnlLlaLlves/pro[ecLs of CWl please emall us aL
lnfo[cwforg.com 5% safecwf[gmall.com
925 %2 .23%)&:6%4 /
Þaylng by cash or cheque (ln favour of º65$$/% 6/%7
3(8(2(/# 9"2:/%" ;5<#$/=5#") or 8ank Lransfer (SLaLe bank
of lndla, Þrlnce Anwar Shah 8oad 8ranch, AccounL no:
32446481361, llSC: S8ln0003371, MlC8: 700002082,
8ranch Code: 3371) for Lhls presuglous evenL.