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Topic: Alternative Energy

Submitted to: Ms Sathela Sravanthi
Submitted by: Navdeep Singh
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The Energy that do not use up the earth' s natural resources or harm
the environment that avoid the use of fossil fuels or nuclear power
In other words alternative energy is any energy source that is an
alternative to fossil fuels, since there is a need in this date to reduce
pollutants and greenhouse gases, alternative sources are vital in
Alternative sources are considered alternatives because they can be
future replacements for the fossil fuels that now meet a considerable
portion of our energy needs.
Alternative or renewable energy, sources show significant promise in
helping to reduce the amount of toxins that are by-products of energy
use and help preserve many of the natural resources that we currently
use as sources of energy.
Alternative energy sources are renewable and are thought to be free
energy sources. They all have lower carbon emissions, compared to
conventional energy sources. These include !iomass Energy, "olar
Energy, #eothermal Energy, $ind Energy etc
Alternative Energy has the following features%-
Solar Energy% - "olar energy is used commonly for heating, coo&ing,
the production of electricity, and even in the desalination of seawater.
It wor&s by trapping the sun' s rays into solar cells where this sunlight
is then converted into electricity' "olar power uses sunlight that hits
solar thermal panels to convert sunlight to heat water or air.
)ind Energy: * $ind energy uses the power of the wind to propel
the blades of Turbines. The rotation of turbine blades is converted
into electrical current by means of an electrical generator. Electrical
turbines are used for providing electricity to isolated locations or
individual homes.
+eothermal Energy% - It means earth heat. #eothermal energy
uses the heat energy present underneath the Earth. (ot roc&s under
the ground heat water to produce steam. $hen holes are drilled in the
region, the steam that shoots up is purified and is used to drive
turbines, which power electric generators
%iomass Energy:* The farming industry, among other industries, are
using corn and other plants as a biomass alternative energy source that
can be put into the gas tan&s of cars and truc&s that can replace earth-
damaging fossil fuels.
(uture Scope
Alternative sources of energy are a fundamental role in today) s world
and will have an important scope in future . *oming to the present
situation, India is facing an acute energy scarcity which is hampering
its industrial growth and economic progress. "etting up of new power
plants is inevitabl y dependent on import of highly volatile fossil fuels.
Thus, it is essential to tac&le the energy crisis through +udicious
utili,ation of abundant the renewable energy resources, such as
biomass energy , solar energy , wind energy and geothermal energy .
Apart from augmenting the energy supply, renewable resources will
help India in mitigating climate change. India is heavily dependent on
fossil fuels for its energy needs. -ost of the power generation is carried
out by coal and mineral oil-based power plants which contribute heavily
to greenhouse gases emission.