August 3, 2014


One person can make a difference!
One couple can make a difference!
One LifeGroup can make a lot of impact!

Have you heard about the plan to LAUNCH a NEW SITE for the Lord Jesus Christ this
OCTOBER 2014? This is another exciting new work for and with the Lord.
I am personally leading the TEAM for our NORTH POINT AYALA Courte Launch in Talisay City this
coming October 12, 2014 (the 7pm SUNDAY Worship Experience). This entails lots of FAITH,
We are will be turning 22 years old as a ministry in the Philippines by February 2015.
Tremendous potential. Tremendous strength. Tremendous responsibility. Tremendous harvest
of multitudes in the waiting. They are waiting for YOU!
We now have what it takes due to the grace of God. We now have what it takes due to
experience, journey and submission to God’s desires and will.
YOU can make a difference in the spiritual climate of Talisay City, our neighbor city, next to
Bacolod to the NORTH.
Pray and Seek the face of the LORD regarding this opportunity to serve HIM and our Church here
at His Life Ministries – PHILIPPINES this October 2014.
We would like to connect with people and their families who frequents the NORTH POINT AYALA
Mall, especially during Sunday Evenings. We believe that they can be discipled in Jesus Christ,
specifically young families, mall goers and Heads of Households around the subdivision.
Come and heed this call that is worth giving our energy, time, effort and talents.
Making Disciples is the GREAT COMMISSION Jesus left for us to do -- We take this seriously and
with great expectations here at His Life.
May I request you to pray, fast and listen to the Lord regarding SERVING in this Vision?
I believe that as we make ourselves “busy” in the things of the LORD, He will grant a
supernatural turbo rest in the middle of this all. God will provide you all your needs.
God will take care of your family. God will take care of the rest as you take care of His best.
We will start meeting for organization, prayer, planning and visualizing every Sunday 7pm at the
AYALA NORTH POINT area [in one of the coffee shops], until there will be a clear signal for us to
START, STABILIZE and SEE a thriving Church Community in the heart of AYALA North Point Mall,
Talisay City!

Pastor JR here :-)

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