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When do we NOT need a destination alternate?

Flight is less than 6hrs.

2 separate RWYs at Dest.
Ceiling at least 2000" or circling +500" and 5km vis.

When can we consider runways to be separate?
They are separate landing surfaces,
May cross, if one is blocked the other still usable,
Each RWY has separate approach proc and nav aids.

What is the planning minima for the take off alternate?
Minima for expected approach on one engine.
CAT IIIA 50"/200m

What is the planning minima for the dest alt if only NPA is
NPA min + 200"/1000m

How long is a tempo forecast expected to last?
TEMPOrary fluctuations of less than one hour and in aggregate
less than
half the period indicated.

What is final approach separation from a heavy?
5 nm

What is the reguired fire fighting category?
Category 6.
Dep/Dest may be downgraded to 4.
Alternernates may be downgraded to 5.

With an ECAM the affected system is underlined. How can you
differ between Independant and Primary and Secondary
Unboxed title - Independent Failure,
Boxed title - Primary Failure,
Starred System - Secondary Failure.

How do you reset boom headset mike after using oxygen?
Close left oxygen mask door & reset slide controller

Can I use APU bleed when a HP ground unit is connected?
No. It could damage the bleed system.

What does the grey boxes in QRH mean?
QRH only

What is the minimum height for auto pilot on takeoff?
100 ft. And 5 seconds after takeoff.

Minimum height for AP use on appr?
Circling - MDA-100ft
ILS (unless CAT2 or more in FMA) - 160ft
ILS (with CAT2 or more in FMA) - 80 ft
All other - 500 ft.

What bank angle can you expect from the FD with Eng Failure,
with flap 1 and 2?
25 with Conf.2. 15 with Conf.1
15 when speed is below the maneuvering speeds (F, S, Green
Dot) -10 kt.
Then linear increase to 25 up to maneuvering speeds -3 kt
25 above maneuvering speeds -3 kt.

What is min T/O vis for FO?

What is max X-wind?
38 kts

What is max windshield wiper speed?
230 kt.

What is max tire speed?
195 kt.

What is max runway slope?
+/- 2%

What is max load factor?
-1g to +2.5g - clean.
0g to +2g - slats and/or flaps

Max take off weight?
A320 - 73.5 ton to 77 ton.
A319 - 64 ton to 68 ton.

Max landing weight?
A320 - 66ton.
A319 - 61ton.

Max zero fuel weight?
A320 - 62.5 ton.
A319 - 57 ton.

What is the max runway altitude?

What is the max wind for pax door operation?
65 kt.

What is the max wind for cargo door operation?
40 kt. 50 kt if nose into wind.
The cargo door must be closed before wind reaches 65 kt.

What is max slats/flaps speed?
Lever - ECAM - Speed - Angle - S/F
1 - 1 - 230 - 18/0
1 - 1+F - 215 - 18/10
2 - 2 - 200 - 22/15
3 - 3 - 185 - 22/20
Full - Full - 177 - 27/35

What is max gear speeds?
VLE - gear extended - 280 kt
VLO - gear extension - 250 kt
- gear retraction - 220 kt

What is max altitude with the gear out?
25000 ft

Max speed for cockpit window open?
200 kt

Max altitude for slats/flaps extension?
20000 ft.

What is the taxi speed limit with tire deflated?
7 kt in turns.

How far north does the IRS work?
73 north
60 south

When should you check the oxygen limit?
When OAT is above 30 and it shows below:
800 psi for 2 crew.
1000 psi for 3 crew.

What is the wingspan?
34,1 m

What is the turbulense speed?
Below FL200 - 250 kt
Below FL200 - 275 kt
Below FL320 - M.75

What is the altimeter tolerance?
ADR vs ADR 20 ft.
ADR vs elev. 25 ft.
ADR vs ISIS 100 ft.

What is the max N1 with the P-brake on?
75% N1

What is the temperature limits for fuel?
Between -43 and +54 fuel temp.

What is the normal HYD pressure?
3000 psi +/-200

At what OAT on the ground is the avionics ventilation limited?
Above 49

What is the difference between RLD and ALD?
Required Landing Distance is calculated according to
regulations. It is based on conditions which usually does not
correspond to operation conditions.
Actual Landing Distance is calculated in LPC In Flight landing
ex. WET RLD = ALD DRY x 1.67 x 1.15

What is the difference between Dispatch and In Flight in LPC?
Dispatch Landing performance calculation is to be used prior to
flight or in case of in-flight re-planning to compute a Regulated
Landing Weight.
The In Flight Landing performance calculation is an unfactored
Operational Landing Distance computed at the given conditions.
In other words, Dispatch is factored, In Flight is test pilot.

Summaries in the QRH? When and how can we use them?
Always complete the ECAM first. Then refer to Summary.
At bottom get ALD without REV.
Then from the top, get Vapp which is incl failure correction.

When "LDG DIST PROC.....APPLY" what does APPR COR
QRH p80.14. Depending on what you've added to Vref.
10kt - add 5 kt and 1.1 x LDG dist. Or 1/3 of H.wind if more.
10kt - 1/3 of H.wind, max 10kt.
20kt - APPR COR = 0kt.

With multiple failures and "LDG DIST PROC.....APPLY" which
failure do you base your computation on?
The Primary failure. (The boxed one).

When is an approach angle steep?
Between 3.5 and 4.5.
Use stabilised approach.
No CAT II/III or autoland.

With the landing gear compressed, at what pitch do you get tail
A320 - 11.7
A319 - 13.9

At what roll rate would you expect wing or engine to scrape the
A320 - 16.2
A319 - 16

How would you do a discontinued approach?
Push V/S
Push APPR PB (disengage G/S & LOC).
FLAP in one stage (when request).
GEAR UP (when applicable).
Use V/S to climb to desired alt.
Flap retract on schedule.
(Thrust levers never goes to TOGA)

What precautions would you take when fuelling with pax
Inform the CC.
CC shall brief the pax reg. seat belts.
CC visual check pax seat belts.
All doors are to remain disarmed.
Door 1L open with steps or jetbridge.
1 CC at all floor level exits.
Ground slide deployment areas clear.
Fuel truck/installation not impede exit.
Min CC onboard (4).
1 pilot in Flight deck visual with fuel'er.

What is the min fuel for Basic Planning?
Taxi, Trip, Contingency, Alternate, Reserve and.

EZY fuel policy is....
...carry min fuel but maintain flexibility.
State purpose EXTRA fuel.

What does the use of Alternative Flight Planning Procedures
To reduce the fuel below Basic Planning in accordance with
what is knowledge about actual taxi and trip with RWY in use.
Reduction of contingency to 3% ERA.
No Alternate.

What are the criteria for reducing contingency fuel?
Normally 5% of trip or 5 min at 1500 ft.
Reduce to 3% of trip or 5 min at 1500 ft if an en-route alternate is
available within 20% of the trip distance. And 25% of trip
distance away from Destination.

What is CNR?
Alternate fuel + final reserve fuel rounded up to the nearest 100

What is FOD?
Fuel Overhead Destination, after you have used what you planned
to use.
So Block fuel - Trip and Extra Fuel.

When can you use it CNR?
Normally you should land with at least CNR. You can use
Alternate Fuel to go to alternate or commit to Destination.
You can use Final Reserve in emergency only.

When/how would you tell ATC about low fuel?
If you MAY go below Final reserve - PAN.
If you WILL go below Final reserve - MAYDAY.

When and why do you commit to an airport?
Taking landing assured and EAT/know delay in to consideration.
Commit to best of dest. , alt. , or other.

How far is 60 min on one-engine cruise speed at standard
temperature in still air to reach an adequate Aerodrome?
(OM-B 5.1)
A319 - 380nm
A320 - 400nm

How far to a Take off alternate?
(OM-B 5.2.1)
Must be within 320nm.

What does Aerodrome Category A mean?
Approved instrument approach;
1 runway with no performance limited procedure for T/O &
Circling min 1000 ft AAL; and
Night operations capability.

What does Aerodrome Category B mean?
Does not satisfy Cat A requirements or require extra
considerations such as:
Non-standard approach aids/patterns; or
Unusual local wx conditions; or
Unusual characteristics or performance limitations; or
Any other relevant considerations including obstructions,
physical layout, lighting etc.

What does Aerodrome Category C mean?
Aerodromes require additional considerations to Category B

Alcohol and duty?
Never on duty or 10 hr before.
Max 5 units 24 hr before duty.
In moderation 48 hr before.
Never in uniform in public place.
No alcohol container in flight deck.

Drugs and duty?
No drugs that have not been prescribed by a medical practitioner,

Alcohol and pax?
Pax may only drink alcoholic beverage aboard if served by CC.
CC may not serve alcohol to any one intoxicated.

Blood donation and duty?
Only if more than 24 hr to next duty.

Diving and duty?
Any scuba equipted diving need 24 hr to duty.
If you dive deeper than 10 m, you may not fly within 48 hr.

Duty and Anaesthetics?
No duty within 48 hr of general anaesthetic. Within 24 hr of any
local, including dental, anaesthetic.

Sick Cabin Crew?
A 4.1.4
Not depart home base. Only flight back to base.
CC need "fit-to-fly" cert from dr. to come as pax. Or CMD can
Max 50 pax/CC.

Boarding with less CC?
Operating SCCM must be present.
Pre-flight brief and safety checks completed?
No fuelling.
1 pilot on flight deck.
1 CC in front and 1 in rear.
Max 50 pax/CC onboard.

How many extension seatbelts?
What can you use them for?
16 on A319 , 18 on A320.
To secure infants on laps. To enlarge seat belt pax or instruments
or an assist dog to a passenger's seat belt.

Children onboard?
No unaccompanied minor under 14. Must accompany by over
16 year old may be responsible for 10 under 14.

Use of a spare cabin crew seat?
CMD has full discretion. Any unqualified person, including
passengers, over 16yr may travel on a cabin crew jump seat but
must be briefed on the procedure to follow in an emergency.

Inhibits slat retraction high AOA and low speed. (148kt unless on
ground under 60kt)

At what speed does Flap auto-retract?
210 kt from 1 to 0.

What ADR failure result in gravity gear extension?
ADR 1+3.

Do you need 2 ND for RNAV?
No only 1 for PF. PNF need 1 EFIS for ND switching.

What is Part-A?
Requirements for operation.

Part-A Chapters?
0-Admin. 1-Organisation/Responsiblity.
2-Control/Supervision. 3-Quality.
4-Crew. 5-Qualifications.
6-Health. 7-FTL. 8-OPS proc.
9-Dang.Good. 10-Secure.
11-Accident. 12-Rules. 13-Leasing.

What is Part-B?
Type Specific Operating Procedures and Requirements.

Part-B Chapters?
0-General. 1-Limits. 2-SOP.
3-Abnorm. 4-Perf. 5-Planning.
6-W&B. 7-Loading. 8-CDL. 9-MEL.
10-Emer.Equip. 11-Evac.proc.

What is Part-C?
Route Manual.
ei. Jeppesen + Aerodrome Brief.

How many start attempts can you have on the APU?
3, the 60 min pause.

Up till what altitude can you start the APU?
FL 390 with normal power.
FL 250 with only batteries.

Up till what altitude can you use the APU for engine start?
20000 ft.

Up till what altitude can you use the APU for packs?
15000 ft for 2 packs
22500 ft for 1 pack.

What is the minimum oil temperature ?
-40 for start.
-10 for takeoff.

What is the engine start limits?
4 cycles of max 2 min with 20 sec between.
Then 15 minutes cooling.

What is final reserve fuel?
30 min holding at 1500 ft, ISA, expected weight.

If tankering fuel, what is the max landing weight?
A319 - 61t
A320 - 66t

What is the extra burn with Eng A/I & Wing A/I in cruise, climb
& holding?
(OM-B 5.1)
Climb + cruise.
- Eng A/I 1kg/min
- Eng A/I + Wing A/I 2kg/min

- Eng A/I 2kg/min
- Eng A/I + Wing A/I 3kg/min

What is estimated fuel burn for APU and during taxi, holding,
(OM-B 5.1)
APU burn 2KG/Min
Taxi burn 10KG/Min
Taxi OETD 7KG/Min
Holding (1,500ft) 40KG/Min
Approach Fuel 17KG/Min

What is the min temperature for flying?
Down to -70 at FL390.
However when OAT get below -60, better check FCOM LIM-12

How would you reject a DCL on the ACARS?
Do not press ACCEPT prompt. After 3-5 minutes, the DCL
clearance will automatically be cancelled.

What is MORA?
Min Off Route Alt. Obstruction clearance 10nm both sides of the

Where would you look to find the area easyJet AOC is valid in?
OM-A chapter 1

When do we require two destination alternates?
If at ETA +/-hr weather at destination will be below applicable
planning minima
If no met information is available for the destination.

Planning minima for take off alternate?
Weather at or above applicable planning minima at ETA +/- 1hr
If only non precision available then cloud ceiling must be taken
into account
One engine inoperative limitations to be considered (Cat11/111

Planning minima for destination alternate if only non-precision
approach is available?
Visibility + 1000m
MDA + 200ft

What LMC can you accept before you need a new load sheet?
(OM-B 7.4)
+5/-10 pax.
+/- 500 kg FUEL.
+/- 500 kg in CP 3 or 4
+/- 100 kg in CP1
+/- 100 kg in CP5

How does LMC effect flex?
Negative LMC - No action.
LMC < 250 kg - reduce flex 1.
LMC > 250 kg - New LPC calculation
Flex already TOGA - New LPC calculation.

How much does crew and pax weigh?
Pilot - 85 kg. CC - 75 kg.
Adult - male-93 kg ; female-75 kg.
Child(2-12yr) - 35 kg.
Infant - included in adult.
Domestic bag - 11 kg.
Internatio bag - 13 kg.

What is the minimum oil quantity?
9.5 qts + 0,5 qts per expected flight hour

What are the RVSM requirements?
2 primary altimeters (max diff 200 ft in flight. 75 ft on ground)
SSR transponder with altitude reporting system connected to
primary altimeter.
1 Altitude alerting system FWC
1 Automatic altitude keeping device (A/P with altitude holding
capability) FCU

When does positioning count as a sector?
In a split duty

What is the max FDP when on SBY and ASBY?
(OM-A 7.1.11)
12 hrs

When can we extend a FDP by the use of a split duty?
(OM-A 7.1.13)
Rest = 3-10hrs. Extension equal to half of the consecutive hours
rest taken
Rest = <3hrs. Nil extension.

What are the maximum absolute limits on flying hours?
(OM-A 7.1.16)
100hrs / 28 days
900 hrs / 12 months

What are the maximum duty hours?
(OM-A 7.1.17)
55hrs / week can increase to 60 hrs if unforeseen delays.
95hrs / 2 weeks
190hrs / 4 weeks

How many hours can we go into discretion to extend a FDP?
1 sector - 3hrs
X sectors - 2hrs (3hrs just prior to the last sector)

By how much can you reduce a rest period?
(OM-A 7.2.2)
Away from base you must have a min 10hrs in the hotel.
At base min 12hrs for pilot and 11 hrs for CC.

What are the auto land wind limits?
Head/ 30 kts, Cross : 20 kts, Tail : 10 kts.

Which seats are restricted?
Row 1 seat A,B,C,D.
Over wing rows.
Last row seat C,D.

Who may NOT sit in restricted seats?
(OM-CSPM 2.4.5)
Children under 16 yrs
Hearing sight, or other dissability
Infants on laps
Pregnant, prisoners
Physical size