The way Virgin ia works is this: The subconciouse mind does not feel its awarness but it decides

on a persons choices and influences their attitudes. Young people on college campuses all over the world are at the prime of their reproductive life cycles and the body is producing the "wild and crazy" hormones in both sexes. the urge to "party " and "socialize" and "dating" is at an all time high. Big brother has two main purposes. the first is "sexual dampening" of the human instinct to curb population. the second is to "discourage racial mixing" therby maintaining excessive racial purity and keeping human health at a disadvantage. excessive racial purity leads to imperfection and unhealthy genetic selection which is what is needed for a robust corporate healthcare industry and this is BB's goal. Yale University was done for the "caucasian male" and Virgina Tech" for the asian male but both are targeted primarily at the young females sexual urge. Oral sex, known widely as second base -is a human instinctive precursor for actual copulation. almost every reproductive human on this planet has "been there done that" and one does not have to think too deep to imagine the effect that these major terrifying events have on the phsykie of a lot of young woman accross campuses. net result is that the single virgin female does not fully trust male classmates on campus especially asian and the average male on campus chances of getting laid are lower and afternoon delight between couples is almost non-existent. Population growth inhibited. As does Kent State still produces reluctance to attend a demonstration. the afghan killing goes on unabated without so much as a wimper from campuses accross the world. the military is able to bomb weddings and murder children with little or no resistance. Asians have been the focus since the Bejing Olympics and Vancouver has the worlds eyes on it. Missing feet and dysfunctional hi profile Asians (David Ho) and the multitude of family mass suicides (shoe in born) are being caused and manipulated to reinforce the anti-mix, anti-incest, anti-pedofile, anti-polygamy sterotype because they are all hardwired into the primal instinct from our evolution. Big Brother has made it clear: "any individual who refuses to consider the logical sequence of our evolution which outlines the God given rite of all individualls full sexuall rites, regardless of race creed or age" that they will first be offered rewards ie: talent and encouraged to see the lite, failing that, first gentle then severe health repercussions, and failing that, final banishment of everlasting life. THE PRIORITY WILL BE GIVEN TO PROTECT THE CHILDREN FROM INHERITING OUR BRAINWASHED AND POLLUTED SEXUAL HANGUPS. BB is returning our bodies to us after thousands of years of negative sexual and social conditioning. Notice that in the BC Hn51 viral stories, the minister of health is named KENdall DOLL is used? wHY?

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