911 cover up begets 7 billion cover up

Leaving the resolve to the next ill fated “Lost Civilization” term used loosely in the N!" # Never nding !ar
$eality %&'7 (ith or (ithout us))**))
Believe it or not!!
Ne( !orld 5rder N!5 N5! Ne( 5rder !orld
5ne and the same the only (ay to go (ith one tumultuous exception
6bsent of the N!5 founders
4hey (on7t (ant to stic8 around any(ay after (e repos our money eh))
1umanity Co2op
:eating around :ush only serves to fan the flames
:elieve it or not
Ne( !orld 5rder N!5 N5! Ne( 5rder !orld
5ne and the same the only (ay to go (ith one tumultuous exception
6bsent of the N!5 founders
1umanity Co2op

5bstruct >ustice truth and source 8ill
13 ;
1umanity 3nversion ;erversion
1umanity 3llusion
:abble 5n
?$6=@64" =3"4$""
?reed $ationale 6ugments =eceptive @sury 6rticulated 4erse longated "ubterfuge
=ue 3nherent "pirit 4acit $ighteousness
pitome "implistic "anity
?iving credence to that least apt to be mista8en by human8ind needing only to be human to 8no( (hat is and (hat is not
receptive to a fello( human
6chievable by / prior to """ "atanic "uc8er "chool
"pirit 5verrides Complicit $hetoric 6sses 4riumphantly xposing "elf
:y 3gnoring 6ssume "yndrome
:enevolent 3nterest 6ccepted "ervitude
3n your face for your 3nformation
<orthright <orth(ith <orthcoming
3n the name of ?od ofA for and (ith the ;eople !4<*
<ic8le <ate <inger
<5$ 16DN" "6E))
<reedom of $eligion 1igh nd 6ss2umed Dalid den Nuances "ystemic "ubterfuge as Eleptocracy xcels
>umping >eosophites
>5"5;134" 45?6
>esuit xtreme 5ath "ociety of ;agan 1olocaustic 3ntent 4ranCuility xponential "alacious
4emple of ?od 6sunder
"C555C !55$
"tate Church 5rder 5ut 5f Chaos !ar 5ut of $eligion
;sychedelics Fushroom
3f you go into the (oods stumped today you are certain to be stumped more)))
"tudy this "C5@4 "ane Coherence 5mnipresent @topia 4ransition
5nly sane (ay for peace and tranCuility for F2Fother arth
6 family that plays together G stays together by stringent rule of la( enforcement
1umanity one mother earth $eality almighty consecrated element
;$3CE mi <3:3:
;olitical $eligious 3llusion Charlatan Eleptocracy media inciting <ic8le 3nherent :ias 3gnorant :liss
Never nding !ar "tory
<acts must have root % ta8e root ?od Coherency HCatch %%H must have semblance % catch do? chase tail
5ld Foney volves Nefariously
Pagan God
Parental Guidance
mpire of the City DaticanA LondonA =C
"atanic ?od
3srael =eal
Colonizing and !ar 3llegal
radicate (eapons of mass destruction
3raC !ar
=ebts incurred by 1321umanity 3mposters theirs
1i2yo ?old a(ay)))
!hereas Canada is founded on principles that recognize
the supremacy of ?od and the $ule of La(
5ld Foney volves Nefariously
Change has never been <<< <orthright <orth(ith <orthcoming
4hey Nust shed their s8ins
1aving honed their ;$3CE far surpassing all expectations had the Cueen sign the Canadian Constitution 190%
ceding to the "upremacy of ?od thereby once believed impunity N'6 no longer able to spe( the
above the la(
$ule of La(
4he $ule of la( in its most basic form is
no one is above the law.
;erhaps the most important application of the rule of la( is the principle that governmental authority is
legitimately exercised only in accordance (ithA
publicly disclosed la(sA
adopted and enforced in accordance (ith established procedural steps that are referred to as due process,
4he rule of la( is hostile to dictatorship and to anarchy,
6ccording to modern 6nglo26merican thin8ingA hallmar8s of adherence to the rule of la( commonly include
a clear separation of powers,
legal certainty,
the principle of legitimate expectation and eCuality of all before the la(,
4he concept is not (ithout controversyA and it has been said that
Hthe phrase the rule of la( has become meaningless than8s to ideological abuse and general over2 useH
?5 ;5
?eneral 5ver2use ;roclamations 5nly lusivity
publicly disclosed la(s
/%, O1P 4he Constitution of Canada
the supreme law of Canada,
and any la( that is inconsistent (ith the provisions of the Constitution
to the extent of the inconsistencyA
of no force or effect.
The administration must be restructured consistent with the Constitution conducive to the Charter rights
Legal Certainty
>umping >eosophites)))
>5"5;134" 45?6
>esuit xtreme 5ath "ociety of ;agan 1olocaustic 3ntent 4ranCuility xponential "alacious
4emple of ?od 6sunder
"C555C !55$
"tate Church 5rder 5ut 5f Chaos !ar 5ut of $eligion
Bill Clinton Murders
;$3CE mi <3:3:
;olitical $eligious 3llusion Charlatan Eleptocracy media inciting <ic8le 3nherent :ias 3gnorant :liss
Josephites may refer to one of the following religious movements:
• the Russian followers of hegumen Joseph Volotsky who advocated the church's ownership of land, social
activity and charity;
• Josephites (2th century!, a 2th"century movement in the Russian #rthodo$ %hurch, followers of
&etropolitan Joseph ('etrovykh!
• Josephites"%J, a Roman %atholic religious order founded in (elgium)
• *t) Joseph's &issionary *ociety (&)+)&)! head,uartered outside -ondon, also known as the &ill +ill
• Josephite .athers, a Roman %atholic religious order originally esta/lished to minister to 0frican 0mericans,
head,uartered in (altimore, &aryland, 1*0)
• Josephite (-atter 2ay *aints!, adherents tracing Restorationist priesthood lineage through Joseph *mith 333,
son of the movement's founder
• &em/ers of the %ongregation of *isters of *t Joseph of the *acred +eart
4he other 3srael
;harisees 8illed >esus G 4almud G5E to 8ill indirectly
Qionists (ill have no other ?ods before them caused $omans to carry out their deeds 8eeping hands filthy clean
=ar8 4ruth of $eligion
%.1- years ago had another Hstruggle (ith ?odH and upon success called it
Good Friday
Fear of God Fear of Pope
Masters of Illusion MOI Majority of Ignorance
A reminder to them who would jump the fence!!
God proclamation Constitution de jure administer antithesis de facto doG
An honest Jew tells the Truth about srael

"(artzenegger ?overnor of California
!hen prosecutor $ichard <ine surfaced -/. corrupt Nudges of L6 county that had bribed the Nudges "(artz
intervened to find Nudges and L6 county honorable and $ichard (ent to solitary confinement
"(artz Farried 5ligarchy Eennedy lite
Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger (4ˈʃw r ɔ ts 5n ɛ ɡ 5r 4; 6erman: 7 a n lt al s va ts5n 8 ˈ ɐ ɔ ˈ ɔʏ ˈʃ ɐ ɛɡɐ ; /orn July 9, :;<=! is
an 0ustrian"/orn 0merican actor, film producer, activist, /usinessman, investor, writer, philanthropist, former
professional /ody/uilder and politician) *chwar>enegger served two terms as the 9?th 6overnor of %alifornia from
29 until 2::)
*chwar>enegger /egan weight training at the age of :@) +e won the &r) 1niverse title at age 2 and went on to win
the &r) #lympia contest seven times) *chwar>enegger has remained a prominent presence in /ody/uilding and has
written many /ooks and articles on the sport) *chwar>enegger gained worldwide fame as a +ollywood action film
icon) +e was nicknamed the A0ustrian #akA and the A*tyrian #akA in his /ody/uilding days, A0rnieA during his acting
career and more recently ABhe 6overnatorA (a portmanteau of A6overnorA and ABhe BerminatorA C one of his /est"
known movie roles!)
0s a Repu/lican, he was first elected on #cto/er =, 29, in a special recall election to replace then"6overnor 6ray
2avis) *chwar>enegger was sworn in on Dovem/er :=, 29, to serve the remainder of 2avis's term)
*chwar>enegger was then re"elected on Dovem/er =, 2E, in %alifornia's 2E gu/ernatorial election, to serve a
full term as governor, defeating 2emocrat 'hil 0ngelides, who was %alifornia *tate Breasurer at the time)
*chwar>enegger was sworn in for his second term on January @, 2=)
3n 2::, *chwar>enegger completed his
second term as governor, and it was announced that he had separated from &aria *hriver, his wife for the previous
2@ years; she is a mem/er of the influential Fennedy family, as a niece of the late 2emocratic 1* 'resident John .)
5bstruct >ustice truth and source 8ill
$eality is the 4ruth impervious to perception yet precisely due to perception
4ruth is that (hich (ould be observed by ?od (hether 1e exists or one believes 1e exists
"imply $eality "anely =ealt !ith
@nited ;erception "olidarity
@ltimate ;otential "ociety
1umanity one mother earth $eality almighty consecrated essence
4ruths 1olistic 3nteractive $etrospect 4ranscendental lectromagnetism nslavers Nemesis
!e shall overcome
"ane 3llusion Norms
"atanic 3nduced Neurosis
Neurosis is a class of functional mental disorders involving distress
/ut neither
delusions nor hallucinations,
behavior is not outside socially acceptable norms.
3t is also known as psychoneurosis or neurotic disorder, and thus those suffering from it are said to /e neurotic)

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