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Grade Science Syllabus
Baker Intermediate School
Welcome to 6
grade science!!! We are going to be learning some
amazing things this year, and we hope you are as excited as we are to get
Keeping the lines of communication open between school and home is
essential for your students success at BIS. This syllabus is to serve as a
general guide as we kick off the new school year. Please know that the
components or pacing of your students science class may change at any
time to best meet the needs of our students. If questions arise, please
contact your students science teacher.
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Course Description
The science curriculum is planned around the new Next Generation
Science Standards (NGSS) to increase the students understanding of
science processing skills, life, earth, and physical sciences. The focus will
be on science inquiry and investigation with an emphasis on building a
strong science vocabulary.

Required Materials

Students are expected to bring paper and pencil to class daily.

Science Website

Please visit our school science website for information on whats happening
in all science classrooms at BIS! The link is:
Science Topics & Pacing


Thinking Like a Scientist

3 Weeks


4 Weeks

Earth Part A: Plate Tectonics 6 Weeks
Earth Part B: Earth
5 Weeks
Earth Part D: Weather and
4 Weeks
Earth Part E: Astronomy 4 Weeks

Matter and Chemical Reactions 4 Weeks
Force and Motion 3 Weeks
Energy 3 Weeks

Assessments and Grading (Aligned with NGSS Standards)
Students in science will have weekly quizzes, which will be called
Standards Checks. The Standards Checks will assess student
understanding of the current weeks science concepts and vocabulary. In
conjunction with the Standards Checks, students will have end-of-the-unit
assessments, which will be called Embedded Assessments. There will be
some additional assignments which will be counted as classwork and/or
homework grades. The grades will be weighted as follows:
Assignment/Assessment Weight
Weekly Standards Checks 35%
Embedded Assessments 55%
Classwork/Homework 10%

Student & Parent Acknowledgement Form

Parents/Guardians, please read over the 6
Grade Science Syllabus with
your student. After doing so, please return this page ONLY to your
students science teacher. The return of this form will be the first
classwork/homework grade of the new school year and will be due on
Friday, August 15, 2014.
By signing below, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the
guidelines set forth on the syllabus.

Students Signature: __________________________________________

Parents/Guardians Signature: __________________________________

Comments, Concerns, & Contact Information:

Please provide us with the best way to contact you via phone number,
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