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What does SAS

Mobile BI do?
As a crucial component of SAS Visual
Analytics, SAS Mobile BI delivers analyti-
cal results and reports to mobile devices,
providing on-the-go business users with
a quick and easy way to interact with
important information from anywhere,
anytime. Users are able to use their
iPads and Android tablets to derive
insights based on information that is
always current and relevant, resulting
in the most informed decisions possible
and the ability to make those decisions
faster and more frequently.
Why is SAS

Mobile BI
Mobile devices provide self-service capa-
bilities that are vital to decision makers.
The ability to easily access, download
and explore reports is important to
business users who can see and explore
information themselves, regardless of
where they are or if Internet connectivity
is available. In addition, IT can ensure
that information remains synchronized
and up-to-date.
For whom is SAS

Mobile BI
SAS Visual Analytics is an enterprise solu-
tion designed for use by IT, data managers,
data scientists, analysts and modelers as
well as business users. The mobile apps
of SAS Mobile BI are designed for use by
any business user who needs access to
information from anywhere.

Mobile BI
Providing insights gleaned from SAS

Analytics to mobile devices
The widespread adoption of tablets
and smartphones has created demand
for organizations to adopt and sup-
port mobile devices. The popularity of
mobile technology has also increased
pressure on IT to supply business
users and executives with current and
relevant information delivered to their
mobile devices.

Mobile BI is a critical component

of the powerful SAS Visual Analytics
solution. SAS Visual Analytics uses
in-memory capabilities to quickly
examine data to fnd patterns and
analytically determine if and how the
data is related in just minutes or
seconds, no matter what size data
you have. But, in addition to identify-
ing new insights, SAS Visual Analytics
provides an easy way to show and
share information gleaned from data
discovery with all information consum-
ers from executives on the go to the
most accomplished statistician.
In particular, SAS Mobile BI enables IT
to provide synchronized, up-to-date
information as a basis for analysis and
reporting. It enables analysts and report
designers to create and deliver reports
and information to mobile devices. And,
it lets executives and other decision
makers access and explore insights
from an Apple


or Android tablet.
SAS Mobile BI:
Is interactive, engaging and easy to use.
Promotes faster decision cycles
by providing immediate access to
information and removing the depen-
dency on others to constantly deliver
updated reports.
Supports decision making on the
go by allowing business users and
executives to easily carry and update
information wherever they are.
Provides uninterrupted workflow
because up-to-date information is
always available.
Key Benefits
Delivers approachable analytics
anywhere. SAS Mobile BI is designed
to be used by anyone and does not
require technical skills only an Apple
iPad or Android tablet. The reports
and information published to mobile
devices are based on insights derived
from the analysis of data using SAS
Visual Analytics.
Provides a centralized view of criti-
cal data. Using SAS Visual Analytics
and SAS Mobile BI, users can easily
design, create and share information.
With the mobile reporting capabilities,
organizations can create a centralized
view of critical information that is
always current and available.
Enables fact-based decision
making based on real analytics.
Business users love their mobile
devices. With insights produced by
SAS Analytics, mobile devices can
provide information to users on the go
when they need it rather than having
to wait until they return to their offices.
Being able to view reports with the
most current and relevant facts
empowers users and accelerates
decision-making processes.
Improves employee productivity.
SAS Mobile BI improves the productiv-
ity of employees by providing informa-
tion without delay and allows users to
have the information they need with
them all of the time. Employees can
make fact-based decisions regardless
of their location or time of day.
Product Overview
SAS Mobile BI is one of the critical
components of SAS Visual Analytics,
one of SAS newest and most powerful
solutions. SAS Visual Analytics renders
reports and visualizations that can be
easily shared with others using iPad
and Android mobile devices. This pro-
vides rapid insights for decision makers
on the go, and delivers secure, interac-
tive information anytime, anywhere.
While information can be delivered
nearly instantaneously to mobile
devices, IT still maintains control of the
underlying data and security over-
coming one of the main concerns with
providing organizational information via
mobile devices. SAS Visual Analytics
provides easy-to-use report design
tools that enable the fast creation of
executive level reports with the ability to
publish them via the Web, in Adobe
PDF fles or published to mobile
devices. This greatly accelerates the
distribution of vital information, increas-
es knowledge sharing and facilitates
faster decision making.
Interactive experience
SAS Mobile BI provides a very visu-
ally rich and interactive experience for
users. All of the reports are interactive,
using native iPad and Android interac-
tions such as pinching, zooming, swip-
ing, content grouping and one-touch
navigation to drill into the data.
Swipe containers are visual containers
that can be used to hold several report
objects or visuals. A swipe container is
usually put within a section and con-
tains more objects and visuals than can
be viewed on the screen at one time.
Using fnger swipes, report consumers
can scroll through all of the objects or
visuals of interest. This provides reports
designers and report consumers with
a way to logically organize graphs and
tables together within a report.
The touch-driven drill-anywhere feature
gives users the ability to easily navigate
through their data, reports and visual-
izations without having to negotiate the
structure of a hierarchy. A single touch
delivers you to your destination. This
increases productivity by enabling us-
ers to access the information they need
more quickly. It also enables mobile us-
ers to explore data more quickly. They
can answer questions as they think of
them and can navigate the data just as
Rich reports and dashboards with KPIs
SAS Mobile BI provides support for
more types of graphical visualizations
and analytically based visualizations
than many other solutions, providing
business users with the power of SAS
Analytics at their fngertips. With SAS
Mobile BI, business users have access
to forecasts, segmentation, box plots
and much more. In addition, SAS
Mobile BI displays the results from SAS
Stored Processes, giving our custom-
ers the ability to use their existing SAS
assets to provide mobile users with the
most current information based on
real-time analytics.
Ability to navigate, drill, filter and interact
with report objects
Extensive interactions between report
objects provide unlimited possibili-
ties for report design and information
consumption, from the highest level
overviews to deep-level details.
Using the SAS Visual Analytics report
designer, report creators can provide
various levels of detail using fltering,
data brushing or section linking, which
provides a link to a completely new
section within the report. The new sec-
tion could then have multiple objects
that are fltered based on the initial set
of data.
Data brushing is the highlighting of
related objects in another object within
the reports. For example, a pie chart
might display a percentage of revenue
by geography. By linking the pie chart
(the report object) to another object
and fltering based on one slice of the
pie, a bar chart could be displayed to
With SAS Mobile BI there are a wide variety of reports, charts and analytic visuals that you
have at your finger tips, making it easy for you to quickly understand your organizations
most important information.
show revenue by areas that make up
that particular geographical territory (in
essence, the details for that territory).
Support for custom themes
With support for custom themes, report
designers can create reports and report
styles that adhere to their organiza-
tional brand standards by creating and
using custom colors. Report designers
can also take advantage of important
design capabilities, including condi-
tional highlighting to associate colors
with data variables and various layout
options. Flexible and precision layouts
allow report designers to stack, overlay
or place report objects anywhere within
a report.
Collaboration capabilities
SAS Mobile BI provides a unique set of
collaboration capabilities that promote
intelligence that can be acted upon im-
mediately. It enables idea sharing and
saves valuable time. Users are able to
easily comment on reports and share
their comments with others. When
viewing a report, users can quickly
and easily annotate screen captures of
reports and email them to others. The
annotations provide a fast and easy
way to share thoughts, ideas and ques-
tions. You can even capture comments
using video and audio if you prefer.
Mobile tethering and offline connectivity
SAS Mobile BI provides expansive offine
capabilities so that users on the go
have the ability to explore and interact
with their reports even when there is
no Internet access available giving
them the ability to derive insights from
their most important data anytime,
anywhere. As an IT-managed option,
mobile tethering provides control and
fexibility, allowing the organization to
dictate which users or user groups can
access information while offine.
Key Features
Interactive experience
Interactive reports that use native mobile device interactions, including pinching, zooming,
swiping, etc.
Swipe containers with filtering and context passing.
Easy navigation with drill-anywhere capabilities.
Rich reports and dashboards with KPIs
Multiple chart types, including bar, targeted bar, waterfall, line, pie, time series, bubble, tree
map, dual axis-bar line, dual axis bar-bar and box plots.
Geo maps with the ability to overlay bubbles, polygons and other data visualizations on maps.
Support for tables, including lists and cross tabs.
Ability to drill and/or expand and collapse cross tabs.
Ability to display the output of SAS Stored Processes on mobile devices without having access
to SAS applications.
Ability to navigate, drill, filter and interact with report objects
Report creators can provide various levels of detail by using filtering, data brushing or section
Link one report object to another.
Use KPIs as a source for filtering.
Use tables as a source for filtering.
Support for hierarchies and synchronization of hierarchies when drilling into reports.
Support for custom themes
Enables report designers to create reports and report styles that adhere to their own corporate
brand standards using custom colors, etc., and then publish the reports to mobile users.
Conditional highlighting for associating colors with data variables.
Flexible layout options, including stacking, overlaying or placing report objects anywhere within
a report.
Use concepts such as send to the back or bring to the front grouping capabilities.
Ability to read, write and share comments on reports.
Create screen captures of reports.
Capture finger-driven annotations.
Record video and audio comments to share with others.
Mobile tethering and offline connectivity
Ability to access reports anytime, anywhere, even when no network connectivity is available.
As an IT-managed option, mobile tethering provides the control and flexibility to determine
which users or user groups can access information when disconnected from the enterprise.
Support for enterprise security, including VPN, SLL, HTTPS, black listing and remote wipe
Provides application passcodes.
Easy availability
SAS Mobile BI is available as a native app for the Apple iPad and is available free from the
Apple App Store.
SAS Mobile BI is available as a native app for the Android tablet and is available free from

Mobile BI System
To learn more about SAS Mobile BI,
view screenshots and see other
related material, please visit
(Above) Get different views of
data on your iPad or Android
tablet using filters. Your data
visualizations change based on
the selected filters. (Shown here
on the iPad.)
(Left) Rotate your images
for flexible viewing. With
SAS Mobile BI, you can
easily scan your executive
dashboards for the most
current financial information
anywhere, anytime. (Shown
here on an Android tablet.)
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