From: Sheree Rainbolt-Kren <slivermoon22@> To: 11_11_11@yahoogroup, thependulumforum@ yahoogroups.

com Date: Wednesday, February 11, 2009, 9:48 PM I GOT THE URGE TO ADD THIS PHRASE: THE LAST LIFE OF SHEREE DENISE GEDNEY RAINBOLT ….which would be my birth name if I include my mothers name of Gedney. What came up is stunning to me. I suggest you run yours. Then, I added THE ANGEL OF (same name) The ones who designed this system know the future. I have NO doubts about that now. When I saw the first entry on that search listing, something very deep and strange came over me, like a quiet whisper of someone - some thing trying to explain to me, WHY .....the why. You would have to know more about me to understand, but you already know about my interest in religions - and their role here for us, and their covenants, and all that. My primary interest of course has been mormonism, since that is how I grew up, and the intuitive guidance I get is about the USA, which is deeply connected to Freemasonry, and roots with Mormons as an extension- I imagine. The first match to THE ANGEL OF (my birth name) is this: BECAUSE THEY KILLED THEIR BELOVED PROPHET.

I totally get this. In fact, I feel it on a level within that brings me to tears. But, look at the wordage that is matching, as if someone outside of the church is explaining it to me. An angel? I have seen this match with other things, and it always sets me back. It makes me sad, because I know it makes them sad. it makes them sad that the man they believed in, when times were very rough was shot and killed. That would be Joseph Smith. And it must have been very painful for his followers to lose their beloved leader, no matter what others may have thought of him. So, I understand the very message that I typed into Felix myself.. I had to have known it was the reason. As in THEE reason. But, of course, it's not all that simple and I know this. Because I see beyond it many thousands of years- and into the space time dream that created the first actions of it. An alignment with people and places that sounded good on it's face. As many secret things appear in the beginning. As I go on and look at the other things that align with THE ANGEL OF (me) I find this: SUFFER THE LITTLE CHILDREN WHO COME UNTO ME The very intense dream I had in about 1995 or 1996 was about a 747 bursting into flames in the night sky above a childhood neighborhood and breaking in half to fall to earth in front of me, lighting all the front yards of all the houses on fire. Then, a booming God voice came out of the sky: SUFFER THE LITTLE CHILDREN WHO COME UNTO ME. Then I awoke. I learned it means, Do not keep my children from me. I understand this now, numerically. JCN is going to keep this Master's baptized children from him perhaps. I had no idea that my legal birth name would total 747 using the reverse.

Then this: THE BIRTH OF THE DATE OF APRIL TWENTY SECOND That would be the birth date of my daughter Chanel (which is oddly sync with the word CHANNEL) who was still born on April 22. It is her life here that brought me and my husband together and she is without question MY ANGEL. There's more- but it's almost too much to consider. How is it that all the letters of my name, aligned with all these events, long before I came, and long before airplanes ever took to the sky? Long before Chanel #5 perfume, and long before Joseph Smith, the prophet of a church that would be my home for 14 years would be killed. Do your own. THE ANGEL OF you. THE FIRST LIFE OF you THE LAST LIFE OF you and lastly, do the astrology for the time and date of your loved ones death. It's not just the birth chart that matters. Moments later…. I WENT BACK IN AND RAN THE ANGEL OF (me) without my mothers name, and none of the items below show up. Isn't that funny? Because it was precisely these items that really impressed me. The mothers name is important as I have said many times. .

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