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For Good Society…..

a beginning

I regularly noticed the comments of different people in the blog’s

and I appreciate the comments on the political situation which
helped to encourage the corruption. The police and I.P.S.
personnel who joined police service are not coming with corrupt
background rather they joined service with full energy and vigor
to do something better honestly and to help society for the
betterment. Time passes and gradually they experienced the
return of their honesty, which were not good for themselves.
Everybody knows what is going on in the administration, so the
police personnel forced to forget the way of honesty and adopted
the paths which are smooth for the betterment of themselves and
not the society as a whole. We, everybody noticed the behaviors
of the politicians, irrespective of party. If all of us, in the society,
joined together and protested the corrupt practices of the
politicians, we must one day stop the corruption in the society. As
we know the corruption in the society comes from the politicians.
We watched that in every office and department, there are party
cadre, who never fearful in wrong practices in the office and the
common man are fearful to protest their beheaviour.Now a signal
have been received that the times come to stand together to
protest the atrocities of party and partymen, who are more
dangerous than the party’s higher level politicians. If the ruling
party noticed earlier the atrocities, the low level party worker are
doing in every Mohall’s and the police personnel are compelled to
obey their instructions ,knowing the actual facts, and do what
request the low level political workers are instructed because if
they disobey them they must be transfer to the remote and
difficult area. Out of this fear the police personnel, irrespective of
high and low-level police personnel are obeying the wrong
instructions of the politicians’ I don’t know why they are fearful on
their transfer, if they are honest? Nobody can snatch out their
service and salary because they got the service through the
competitive examination and not on the mercy of politicians. If
they are honest then they must disobey the wrong instructions
and act according to the law of the land demanded. In this way
we can served the society better and the black image of the
police department can be washed out.

Now, the time has come to work together for the betterment of
society and washed out the fear of police uniform from the mind
of the people. Everybody, even children, youth and old persons,
CHATTISH GHA”.It is my earnest request to the head of the police,
irrespective of Kolkata police and W.B.Police please washout this
image of the police and come forward to be social so that
common people are not to be fearful to see the police but to
come forward to help each other.

Jai ho