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Common Chord Progressions

I-IV-V in all keys

C: C-F-G
G: G-C-D I-IV-V progressions are all over music!!!
D: D-G-A Some songs that use this progression are:
A: A-D-E !ist an" Shout# $a %am&a# $ouie# $ouie an"
E: E-A-% 'il" hing(
%: %-E-F)
F): F)-%-C)
F: F-%&-C
%&: %&-E&-F
E&: E&-A&-%&
A&: A&-D&-E&
D&: D&-G&-A&
I-vi-IV-V in all keys
C: C-Am-F-G
G: G-Em-C-D I-vi-IV-V progressions are every!here!
D: D-%m-G-A *otice that the +oman *umeral ,or vi is
A: A-F)m-D-A lo!er case( his in"icates a minor chor"(
E: E-C)m-A-% Stan" &y -e# $ast .iss# an" %lue -oon
%: %-G)m-E-F) are popular e/amples o, this progression(
F): F)-D)m-%-C)
F: F-Dm-%&-C
%&: %&-Gm-E&-F
E&: E&-Cm-A&-%&
A&: A&-Fm-D&-E&
D&: D&-%&m-G&-A&
vi-V-IV in all keys
C: Am-G-F
G: Em-D-C vi-V-IV progressions are popular in rock an"
D: %m-A-G roll( For e/ample# Stair!ay to 0eaven an"
A: F)m-E-D All Along the 'atchto!er use this
E: C)m-%-A progression(
%: G)m-F)-E
F): D)m-C)-%
F: Dm-C-%&
%&: Gm-F-E&
E&: Cm-%&-A&
A&: Fm-E&-D&
D&: %&m-A&-G&
I-V-vi-IV in all keys
C: C-G-Am-F
G: G-D-Em-C he %eatles1 $et it %e an" %o& -arley1s
D: D-A-%m-G *o 'oman *o Cry are e/amples o, this(
A: A-E-F)m-D
E: E-%-C)m-A
%: %-F)-G)m-E
F): F)-C)-D)m-%
F: F-C-Dm-%&
%&: %&-F-Gm-E&
E&: E&-%&-Cm-A&
A&: A&-E&-Fm-D&
D&: D&-A&-%&m-G&
I-V-IV in all keys
C: C-G-F he 'ho1s %a&a 21+ielly an" I, I ha" a
G: G-D-C -illion Dollars &y the %arenake" $a"ies
D:D-A-G use this progression(
A: A-E-D
E: E-%-A
%: %-F)-E
F): F)-C)-%
F: F-C-%&
%&: %&-F-E&
E&: E&-%&-A&
A&: A&-E&-D&
D&: D&-A&-G&
vi-IV-I-V in all keys
C: Am-F-C-G his is a relatively mo"ern progression(
G: Em-C-G-D 3oan 2s&orn1s 2ne o, 4s as !ell as the +e"
D: %m-G-D-A 0ot Chili 5eppers use this progression(
A: F)m-D-A-E
E: C)m-A-E-%
%: G)m-E-%-F)
F): D)m-%-F)-C)
F: Dm-%&-F-C
%&: Gm-E&-%&-F
E&: Cm-A&-E&-%&
A&: Fm-D&-A&-E&
D&: %&m-G&-D&-A&
ii-V-I in all keys
C: Dm-G-C
G: Am-D-G
D: Em-A-D 2ne o, the most important progressions(
A: %m-E-A Especially common in 6a77# also ,oun" in
E: F)m-%-E -aroon 81s Sun"ay -orning(
%: C)m-F)-%
F): G)m-C)-F)
F: Gm-C-F
%&: Cm-F-%&
E&: Fm-%&-E&
A&: %&m-E&-A&
D&: E&m-A&-D&