130909 The name of Sarah Mcglaghall is going to be used in recently August September in media to associate Dowtown East Side

Heroin Addiction with sex both in the Province and Fashion spreads. Flyer advertising is coordinated with each other especially the larger corporate companies who are more vulnerable to BB influence. If the Telivision is turned on in the mornings you will hear short audio clips of subliminal phrasing meant to dampening and minimize the occurence of copulation ie) <not this morning> <im too tierd> <dont be so bold> parents may still be half asleep with the Telivision or radio on. 96% of the general populace coupled are not comfortable with discussing sexual matters so these "short subphrases" will not usually be questioned and each spouse will assume the other said it, thinks it, of thought they heard you say it. this form of birth control is upon us. beware, prepare, educate yourself and Satans hold on you and your family will slip! Now regarding your Grandmother and Grandfathers being like little old people that just sit there, like they are senile old biddys. Or they exibit odd behavior. Downtown Eastside Residence, why are they all so weird you ask? the answer is very simple. As you saw with Ferrel Children, the Highly Resilient to Change Personality develops in the first 8 years of ones life. The reason why the street person acts like an animal and collects bottles is because for the first eight years of its life it lay in the corner of a rat infested crack addicts house and then went with crackdad on bottle collecting excursions. THATS ALL THE POOR SOD KNOWS! Try asking the next panhandler you see if they have an "exlemperary cocoffany of love in their family". A person or persons raised in more rural areas will have less of a problem with animals and this instict is allot more hardwired into the primal instinct than you think. if you have ever seen any forms of this kind of pornography, you will notice that the models used are between two and five, mabe a six at the most. Every form of sex, yes even incest is widely available and extremely expensive legal pleasure enhancing drugs and potions are all available at your local love shop. yes classy ones in the North Shore do a thriving buissiness. yet only 10% of the population will use these places because we ate too hung up about them. ~~~~FEDSFEDSFEDSFEDS~~~~BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB~~~~ORWELLORWELLORWELL~~~DIEDIEDIEDIEDIE~~ ~ which cast would you like for yourself and your family? Now replace those models in the pornos with the likes of Christina, Avril and Britney and put six year old Jhonas Brothers in the mix, and liven it up with 100 guests with bottles of resposible toxicity and now the stage for heaven is set. To put it bluntly, it is this group that will someday colonize another planet. it is this group that will perfect man and it is this group that will inherit the reighns of mankind.

Not since the Romans has man ever been given the opportunity to fullfill this lofty and logical goal. Fully supported concocted and sanctioned by us, man, god, the devil, and the Illuminate. What could possibly be evil about creating real love at its maximum intensity? And then carrying that into mankinds future? Mars will be at minimum a two and a half year voyage and what is the only thing that we get tierd of? Think about it and do it for the children. For this is the Perfect Child that is described by the Jehovahs Witnessesand the Holy Scriptures themselves. INTRESTED? &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& ~~~~mi5ciamossadfbinasaciamossadfbinasaciamossadfbinasaciamosadfbinasaciamossadfbi nasaMi5~~~~ Yet publically you will never hear the TV documentary explain it in that logical way. they will only emphisize the evils of drug use. they will hook it with Germany, Hn51, the diaper jelouse astronaught Nowak knowing that americas chilren are watching. the diseases and the disfunction is all boosted into your limelite. give heroin to someone who has been raised by drug addicted parent and nature will eliminate him. Give the same balloon to John Lennon or Mick Jagger and youll get a new album. and because BB created them in the first place because DNA technology was perfected in the late 50's and discovered as early as 1903 BB will have them in the 27 Club to use as he pleases. Curt Cocain, Court Knee Love, Swayzy just to name a few are all planned deliberate brainwash events desighned to dampen "SexY" and our instinctive need for sex and drugs. Farrah Faucet implies that shes a HOSER. Picture Merryl Streep spreading chichen leggs is nothing but a well desighned anti-pedo tag associating oral sex with strep throat. It is not a coincidence that her name was Ramses, the most popular propolactic available. it is no coincidence that his name is "DONE a He". Peplelike PHIL COLON are left alone because it subliminally tells you that if you engage in analsex you will age and go bald. Biff Naked, Chrystal Meth Apple Gate, sam ting. Jennifer Anus Tin. Paula Abdule. Jolly Angel. How will Satan next use his victums? Grandma sat there and cacklled because she was born into poverty and illiteracy. there was litterally no stimulus and education during those formative years and they are practically blank because the parents were too bizzy trying to feed them. But they did have love or did they not? Youcan tell be the amount of love they recieved. people reflect themselves the same way they were brot up because that is what we know. They collected things out of habit and enviromental instinct so kept doing it. We Evolved Peoples and you have been dupped all your lives by Big Brother. the higher being is just your Einstien Fellow Man! However education is the only way to break the chain and then practise can folourish into reality. The average North American plays private games once or twice prior to eight and

this is the only exposure to our own reproductive organs that one ever gets. and then there is this big confusing blank untill they are ousted into the nightclubs out of hormonal needs. they are big boned and semi obeste so that males have a difficult time trying to want their partners to any degree. the women are sown with competition and jelousy and the need to be wanted and domestic groupdenninginstinct is all scarred by the time they reach societys childbearing years. young children have been brainwashed to the point where they think that "Sex is Gross". they reach their early twenties and mother nature programmed the Wild and Crazy instinct to take the helm since biological maturity is reached and the eggs are begging to be fertilized. but they dont and her eggs end up in tampon in the garbage. So all the hi profile stories are meant to hide, cloud and confuse the real issues and reasons. But there is one instinct that we all will respond to and it does work. the threat of pain. although it does not produce immediate compliance it does garnish results. ask a child after a spanking if they want to continue with their deserving behavior. This is how chances and even deeply alternative Cheapness and Denile will be dealt with. God will give you three then Satan will strike at you. the notch will go up in increments. emmbeded habits will rise to meet the challenge because the is death as a mortal.

Plane and Simple Freeze Your Egg and Freeze Your Sperm Sept13th{sch256652hcs}

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