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Company Background
Reliance Group of India is one of the leading private sector Petrochemical industries in the world
and it is also one of the Indias private business enterprises. It was founded by Dhirubhai H.
Ambani in 1966 as a small textile industry and later leads to global material and energy value
chain business. Mukesh D. Ambani is the Chairman and managing Director of Reliance Industry
Limited. Reliance groups annual revenue is in excess of US$ 58 Billion. Reliance Industry
Limited is also indicated in Fortune Global 500 Company and it is one of the largest private
sectors in petrochemical industry in this world. Initially starting business with textiles in 1966,
Reliance group pursued a strategy to increase business in various sector like polyester, fiber,
plastics, petrochemicals, petroleum refining and gas exploration production and energy value
business chain.
Petrochemical, production of oil and gas, refining of oil, polyester and fiber brought this industry
on the top of marketing and therefore now Reliance Industry Limited is the largest polyester
production in the world and one of the finest company to produce major petrochemical in this
world. Reliance groups major companies are Reliance Company Limited (RIL) and Reliance
Infrastructure Limited.
Milestones of Reliance Industries
As it is mention above that Reliance group was established with small scale of textile industry in
1966, later on it increased in various sector like, Reliance infrastructure, Reliance
Communication, Reliance movies, Petrochemical, oil refining and gas production. This all is the
milestones achieved in less than three decades and become to be listed as Fortune 500 Company.
Reliance industry is always determined to cross new and bigger milestones in its quest what is
known as Growth is Life.

Aims and objectives of Reliance Industry Limited
To achieve newer and bigger milestone in coming future is the main objectives of this comapany
and the main aim of Reliance industry is to chase the innovation and develop the core of business
in innovative manner. Reliance industry believe and follow the same quest that Growth is Life
therefore this group focus on the growth sector of business, stakeholders, employees, and
consumers for the equal development in all.


Organization Structure of Reliance Industries Limited
Basically, organization structure is always defined as the framework of task and authority
relationship in an organization. In the other words, it is a system of tasks, reporting and authority
relationship within which the organization works. An organization, thus, indicates the way in
which the organizational activities are divided, organized and coordinated. While determining
the organizational structure of any organizations there are four fundamentals building blocks
which are helpful while designing the organization structure. Design of job, grouping of jobs,
delegation of authority and coordination of work are the four basic building blocks which
determines while designing the organizational structure.

Functional organisation structure
1.1.Interrelationship between each department