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Please go to https://fundly.

com/dikembe-disembe-fundraiser and help me fund-raise

for a Kenyan writer who is being incarcerated with trumped up charges by Kenya's
oppressive regime. Dikembe Disembe is a Kenyan blogger who was part of a oung
!frican "eader's #nitiative$ but had to cut short his fellowship to answer to trumped
up charges slammed on him by Kenya's increasingly paranoid regime currently
being led by #%% inductees President &huru Kenyatta and 'illiam (uto.
Dikembe$ a )ournalism college student had been held in remand prison where his
human rights were grossly violated after the courts imposed prohibitive bail terms
that legal analysts described as punitive for a )obless !frican college student in his
*+s. ! ,-+$+++ bail for a college student was described as %hinese style of )ustice
aimed at causing mental anguish and despair on this blogger who hails from a poor
background. .he amount was reduced after a public outcry that accused )udge
/from the President's tribe0 of open bias.
.he court summonses$ coming )ust a week before he was to attend a town-hall style
meeting conducted by President 1bama$ have prompted analysts to believe that the
charges were aimed at embarrassing Dikembe Disembe$ because the paranoid
Kenyan 2tate actors feared that Disembe may brief 1bama about the oppression
currently being e3ercised by the 4ubilee regime which recently begun discussions
with the %ommunist Party of %hina.
1ne wonders why the 2ino-Kenyan ruling parties would get into bed with each other
if it were not for an intent to ideologically align themselves with each other.
Dikembe's incarceration is coming at a time when President Kenyatta signed into
law oppressive media bills that greatly limit speech and media freedoms.
!nd this is not hard to understand because President &huru Kenyatta himself was
one of the most litigious leaders before he became president. 5ven before he
became president$ the well connected son of Kenya's founding and dictator
President is famed for getting favorable rulings as a plainti6 in cases that analysts
believe were aimed at intimidating )ournalists and media houses into desisting from
making balanced coverage and analysis of him.
Kenyatta and (uto are #%% inductees being tried at the 7ague for Darfur type of
8mass murder$ genocide$ rape and forcible transfer of populations8. Disembe's
articles which normally shape the national debate and discourse have rubbed the
government the wrong way.
!ny amount$ ,9+$ ,*+$ ,:+$ hundred$ anything$ will go a long way in helping
Dikembe who is currently a )ournalism student to put up a formidable defense to
push back the trumped up allegations made against him by the dreaded Kenyan
security system. 4oin me in helping this 8David8 prevail over the ;oliath Kenyan
regime. !ny landmark ruling in his favor would elevate speech freedoms in Kenya.