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A small footprint that offers fexible placement options and

high transaction volumes

NCR Personas 77 Solo provides the perfect cash dispense solution for any
indoor location. Whether in bank branches or in off-premise locations
such as supermarkets, shopping centers or airports, the sleek styling of the
NCR Personas 77 Solo will attract customers and handle even the highest
transaction volumes. At the same time, a very compact footprint provides
maximum placement fexibility where foor space is at a premium.
Offer more services to your customers
NCR Personas 77 Solo is able to deliver a wide range of non-cash
transactions using its high resolution 12.1 LCD screen coupled with a
powerful PC core that can run advanced Windows

based self-service
software applications.
Add new functionality when it suits you
Using NCR APTRA software, valuable revenue-generating and
customer-attracting functions can quickly and easily be added to
the core cash dispense capability.
Reach more customers
NCR Personas 77 Solos high-resolution 12.1 screen attracts more
customers and promotes your brand.
Security your customers can trust
NCR Personas 77 Solo maintains the integrity of your self-service channel
for you and your customers by incorporating security features, including
countermeasures to ATM fraud, Encrypting PIN Pad, support for EMV,
Triple DES and Remote Key Management.
Increased availability
With NCRs proven Personas technology and global service support, NCR
Personas 77 Solo provides maximum availability and convenience to your
customers around the clock.
NCR Personas 77 Solo
NCR Green - C=69, M=0, Y=100, K=0
NCR Platinum - C=10, M=1, Y=0, K=40
Experience a new world of interaction
NCR Personas
77 Solo
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Looking for high transaction volume
capacity in a compact footprint?

NCR continually improves products as new technologies and components become available. NCR, therefore, reserves the right to change specifcations without prior notice.
All features, functions and operations described herein may not be marketed by NCR in all parts of the world. Consult your NCR representative or NCR offce for the latest information.
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2009 NCR Corporation Patents Pending EB5876-1009
Key Features
Encrypting PIN Pad
12.1 or 15 LCD, touchscreen or FDK
Card reader with built-in fraud prevention
Bunch dispenser
NCR Personas 77 Solo
NCR Green - C=69, M=0, Y=100, K=0
NCR Platinum - C=10, M=1, Y=0, K=40
Experience a new world of interaction
Technical Specifcations
HEIGHT 56.1 (1426mm)
WIDTH 18.5 (470mm)
DEPTH 28.1 (715mm)
WEIGHT 939lbs (426kg)
Display - 12.1 or 15 LCD, touchscreen or FDK
Keyboard - EPP: supports Triple DES and Remote
Key Management
Card reader Smart Dip, IMCRW with
smart option
Integrated Media Entry and Exit Indicators
Audio - Optional high-quality public audio and/
or sound jack with volume control
2, 3 or 4 denomination options, bunch presenter,
retract and purge capability
Receipt Printer - 80mm 40 column 203dpi
graphics thermal printer
Journal Printer - 80mm 40 column graphics
thermal printer
Options - Fraudulent Device Inhibitor, Enhanced
Card Drive, Intelligent Fraud Detection, Camera
Safes - UL 291 Level 1 safe, Business Hours safe
Dial-up, TCP/IP, Leased line, Wireless
communications-enabled, Integrated Ethernet
Temperature - 50
F to 104
F (10
C to 40
Humidity - 20% to 80%
Acoustics - Sound power 65dBA idle, 68dBA
operating, sound pressure 65dBA operating
Power requirements - 120V, 50Hz to 60Hz, 220V
to 240V, 50Hz to 60Hz


Intel Pentium

Core2Duo 2.13GHz
Core2Celeron 2.00GHz
Microsoft Windows XP
NCR APTRA software suite
Electronic journal
Optional privacy wings
Optional alarms
Biometrics Support
Internal Camera (DVSS)
Secondary HDD
Why NCR?
With over 40 years of experience and knowledge, NCR is
the leading global provider of payments, assisted- and
self-service solutions. NCR has been the global number one
manufacturer of ATMs for more than 22 consecutive
years. We help our clients around the world improve their
customer interactions, implement change quickly and
proactively, and transform their businesses to become
leaders and change agents. We can help you, too.