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State Aid Lies

I first came across the issue of State Aid in late December early January. The fans of the dead football
club Rangers went into meltdown on Twitter claiming Celtic Football Club had been benefitting from
corrupt land deals involving Glasgow City Council, East Dunbartonshire Council, NHS Greater Glasgow &
Clyde and The West of Scotland Housing Association. They also claimed this had been covered up by
Historic Scotland, a list of Chartered Surveyors & Engineers, various MPS MEPS & councillors and the
boards of directors of CFC, GCC, EDC, NHSGCC & WOSHA.

This was followed up by it featuring online from the bastion of truth when it comes to Scottish football,
The Daily Record.

The rumours must have been true, The Unseen Fenian Hand wasnt a myth after all. The Loyalists
zombies were in turmoil, not only had their club died, but now Scotland was coming under control of
those damn taigs. Not only was Peter Lawwell the CEO of Celtic Plc, but he was also controlling the
Scottish Government and various private firms. What a time to be a Celtic fan I thought to myself.

I read some of the Twitter feeds of the main perpetrators, one being a mentally unstable person who
goes by the name of Stevens and followed by a deluded bunch whos tweets and retweets are filled with
content about child abuse, Pro-Israel, Anti-Catholic, Orange Order and Irish hating sectarian bile. They
really are Scotlands shame. It really is a sad state of affairs when this type of behaviour is normal to me.

I have only mentioned the sectarian hatred to highlight the intelligence of people whore pushing this lie
about state aid. I have noticed that a percentage of the mainstream fans of the New Club have distanced
themselves from this underbelly of hatred and bile.
The New Club were formed in 2012 under the name of Sevco Scotland Ltd and played Brechin City on
29/07/2012 in the fish supper cup before changing their name the following week to The Rangers
Football Club.

Regarding these claims, Ive been in touch with various members of Scottish Government Departments,
but they have watched as prominent public figures including politicians & employees of Celtic have been
targeted for abuse, in some cases assaulted or sent bullets and nails bombs in the post. Most are too
scared to get involved for fear of the zombie retribution.

I have been able to access information on the record from EC officials and some off the record from a
member of the Scottish Government who I wont be naming.

The first person I came across was a highly intelligent chap on TSFM who goes by the name of Echoboy.
Im sure some of you recognise his work. Ive added a link to some of his work
This is only a small part of various pieces that the esteemed Echoboy has written that completely
debunks the state aid myth.

The state aiders had been caught doctoring maps, photographs and publishing false information to their
drooling mob of zombies followers who dont have the intelligence to figure out the truth for
themselves. Theyre a very similar breed to fans of RFC 1873-2012 who died owing over 260 creditors
millions of pounds. They perished in a mountain of debt after chasing the dream of winning the big cup
which their arch rivals Celtic had achieved in 1967.

Various other tweeters have uncovered more information I have posted some emails sent to me by
various members of the EC and the Scottish Government which have been verified to be genuine by
Tweeters who Ive emailed them too. I can only give you the information, its up to you to decide for
yourself what you believe to be the truth.

Stevens claimed that Mr Almunia had visited Scotland in October to questions CFC and GCC regarding
state aid. It was proven through contact with the EC that Mr Almunia has never visited Scotland before.
Above are links proving this was false or you could just call it outright lies.

Not for the first time Fruity Stevens had been exposed as a glib and shameless liar. Amazingly he must
have imagined that he was a Man in Black and used an electro bio-mechanical nearul transmitting zero
synapse repositioner on our minds and wiped them.
As he then claimed Mr Almunia hadnt visited Scotland but indeed hed met with Celtic and GCC officials
in Brussels on 24/102013 which had then led to the EC investigation becoming a preliminary
Us smart chaps at the Celtic family exposed him again as a glib and shameless liar .An EC official
confirmed Mr Almunia hadnt met any officials from Celtic or GCC as he had in fact been at other
engagements all day and evening as the links above show. Better get that Neuralyzer out again zombie.

After waiting on information from a source in the Scottish Government who shall remain anonymous. I
was emailed the following information regarding the alleged investigation into Celtic PLC last week. I
have no reason to doubt the credibility of the source or the information theyre giving me. This
information again exposes the flaws in the state aiders claims, especially the mentally challenged
zombie, Shakin Stevens.
If all this wasnt enough to make Cabbage Stevens head explode. This deluded zombie continued to
peddle more lies to his ilk who are pure lappin it up so they Ir

The emails Ive received are anonymous and the source will never be revealed but it didnt stop shaky
crying foul play and claiming to report the confidentiality leaks to the European Ombudsman (Even
though hes proclaiming to his klan theyre fake) . Sadly for Dunderheid Stevens I already knew the
process for reporting a department to the European Ombudsman and you had to seek redress from the
EC department youre dealing with before the European Ombudsman will get involved.Caught telling
porkies again Cat-fish Stevensthis is becoming a common occurrence. Just to stick the knife in a little
more, the complete bellend then claimed the EC was on holiday for the month of August after mis-
reading one of my leaked emails. Does this bigoted inbred oaf never learn.

The comedy gold from these imbeciles never ceases to amaze me and Im sure well all look forward to
more money laughs at the expense of the state aiders.