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Its Never Too Early

Its sunny and warm now but, before we

know it, the holidays will be here. Gift
buying and planning company events
can be overwhelming and stressful,
but we are here to help! Consider the
following unique ideas:
Corporate TributesLooking for a way
to say thank you to valued colleagues or
clients? Make a gift to Kalamazoo Loaves
& Fishes in their honor.
Host a Food and Fund DriveMake it
a challenge to beat last years amount
or create friendly competition between
departments. Incorporate the drive
into your holiday party. We can help
you make a memorable activity for your
employees or friends.
Individual TributesHaving trouble
finding that gift for that person who
has everything? Make a donation
to Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes in
someones honor. We will provide an
acknowledgement of your gift that can
be mailed or given in person.
Volunteer Would you like an activity
to help build teamwork? Consider
volunteering. We receive a large
number of food donations near the
holidays and always need help in the
Our brains are wired to visualize certain images when we hear or read words. When
someone says summertime, thoughts of sunshine, barbeques, and beaches often
come to mind. We read a novel and begin
picturing the main characters. These
images are shaped by not only our own
experiences and memories, but also by
societal norms and expectations.
When you hear the word hunger,
what images come to mind? What
does hunger look like to you? Do you
immediately think of an individual who is
homeless or perhaps your mind goes to
young children in third world nations? The
truth is that hunger afects more people
in our community than we will ever know
and is often an invisible problem. There
are over 37,000 individuals, including
more than 10,000 children, in Kalamazoo
County who are experiencing food
insecurity and dont know where they will get their next meal. The faces of hunger
remain ever-changing, and are often individuals that you would never suspect. The
hard-working family on your street, the person in the cubicle next to you at work,
the elderly woman at your church, the little boy in your childs class who is always
getting in troublethe face of hunger may have even been your own at some point
in your life.
Unexpected situations occur daily to all of us. Even the most diligent, budget
conscious person may fnd themselves with little left to buy groceries at certain
times in their life. A medical emergency or necessary car repair can completely
derail ones budget and leave nothing left to purchase food. With over 20 pantry
sites throughout Kalamazoo County, Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes remains dedicated
to serving our hungry friends and neighbors when they need us most. Not only do
we provide food to fll cupboards, but we also help preserve dignity, health, and
family togetherness.
During the 2013-2014 fscal year, we served nearly 2.8 million mealsa 10%
increase from last year. We project that our service numbers will increase once
again during the 2014-2015 fscal year, and we thank you in advance for supporting
our eforts to work towards a hunger-free
community. We truly cant do what we do
without you. Your generosity and time make
a tremendous diference.
August marks the final month to contribute to
KLFs Food Is Fuel Summer Kids Campaign.
For too many children in our community, the fun
and sun of summer is coupled with uncertainty
surrounding from where their next meal will
come. Already this summer, Kalamazoo Loaves
& Fishes has experienced more than a 20%
spike in meals served to children through its
Grocery Pantry Program.
Every dollar counts! Visit to
donate today.
The third-annual Dollar Drive Thru event, developed by
the passion and generosity of OnStaf USA and 107.7 FM
WRKR, will once again help feed thousands of children
in our area.
More than 10,500 kids in Kalamazoo County struggle
with hunger on a daily basis, and the money raised
by our community on July 16 will go directly towards
building a bright future for our talented youngsters.
Generous individuals from all corners of the county drove through and
made meaningful gifts ranging from spare change out of their cars cup
holder to larger donations collected in the ofce throughout the day by
coworkers. The Crossroads Mall, one of the events host sites, even donated
all of the change from the bottom of their wishing fountain to help feed
hungry children in our area.
Not only is the event intended to raise funds, but also to create unity
within Kalamazoo County. Every little bit counts, and donations ranging
from a nickel to a $100 bill ofered the opportunity for everyone to Drive
Thru and make a diference in our community.
Thank you to OnStaf USA and WRKR 107.7 FM, our dedicated group
of volunteers who collected donations in the unusually temperate July
temperatures, and to all of you who helped fuel the future of Kalamazoo
County with your generosity. The total amount
raised was not yet known at the time of printing, but
we hope to surpass last years total.
If you were not able to participate on July 16, its
not too late! You can still contribute to our Food Is
Fuel Kids Campaign by visiting
During its infancy in the early 1980s, KLF was led by an eccentric
and community-minded man named Pat Rothi. On a sunny, cool
fall day over three decades ago, Rothi was taking a casual stroll
when he saw a local supermarket deposit a large quantity of
day-old bread into its dumpster. Realizing the magnitude of local
individuals this bread could feed, he dove in to salvage the carb-
flled food resource with the intention of distributing it to those in
need in our community.
Within minutes, KLFs frst executive director found himself
knee-deep in discarded food and was confronted by a confused
store manager. After briefy explaining his intentions and the value
of the soon-to-be wasted bakery products for so many in our
neighborhoods, the once-skeptical grocer not only allowed Rothi
to claim the bread, but also pledged to continue to donate excess
food to Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes. More than 30 years later, the
local store continues to donate food on a weekly basis, which KLF
distributes to those in our community who need it the most.
While dumpster diving is no longer a means of food
procurement for Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes, the relationships
built from our meager beginnings continue to be critical in our
eforts to end hunger in our community.
The contributions from our communitywhether from
local businesses, groups, organizations, individuals or young
philanthropistshelp us continue our eforts to fll the growing
food gap in our area.
As we enter our new fscal year, we want to say thank you to
everyone that supports our missionevery dollar, every action is
truly makes a meaningful diference.
KLF is pleased
to introduce
Greta Faworski as
its new Resource
Development Director.
Greta can be
contacted at
269-488-2617 ext. 208
Mike and Stefani from The Rocker Morning Show collected
donations all day at The Crossroads Mall.
Join the
Are you interested in helping make Kalamazoo
a hunger-free community? Weve got a place for
you! Attend a brief volunteer orientation to get
Volunteer Orientation dates:
Wednesday, August 20
Saturday, September 13
Wednesday, September 24
Sign up with Volunteer Coordinator
Cherise Buchanan at 269-488-2617 ext. 209
or at
A Partnership With KLF:
1. Increases brand loyalty
2. Strengthens brand image
3. Builds deep community
4. Highlights your commitment to
Kalamazoo County
5. Helps create a sustainable
future for your consumer base
By partnering with Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes in our mission to feed
hungry people and engage our community in the fght to end hunger,
not only are you helping build a brighter future for thousands of
Kalamazoo County residents, but you also helping create a strong,
benefcial community infrastructure for your business .

93% of American consumers have a more
positive brand image of a company that supports a cause.
90% of American consumers are more loyal to a
company that supports a cause.
90% of American consumers are more likely
to do business with a company that supports a cause.
(According to a 2013 study by Cone Communications)
To learn more about partnering with KLF, contact Resource
Development Director Greta Faworski at 269-488-2617 ext. 208
or at
Whole grain pasta
Canned meat
Did you know that with just
$1, KLF can feed an individual
three meals for a day? Please
consider making a fund
donation as well.
KLF August Giving Coupon
AMOUNT $ ________________
August is a particularly tough month for local families because of the lack of
free and reduced-price school lunches and federal childhood food assistance
programs. Your support is more important now than ever before!
Please send your contribution by August 23.
KLF September Giving Coupon
AMOUNT $ ________________
School is back in session! Your donation helps fuel the minds of area children as
they return to the classroom.
Please send your contribution by September 24.
Old National Bank has displayed its commitment to a hunger-free
Kalamazoo County through donations and monthly volunteer
eforts in our in-house Mary K. Melzer pantry.
Old National Bank believes that community partnership isnt a
one-time event. At Old National, it means an ongoing, dynamic
commitment through a combination of Foundation grants,
sponsorships and associate volunteer eforts.
For more information, visit
2.8 Million: KLF served
nearly 2.8 million meals during
the 2013-14 fscal yearmore
than a 10% increase from the
previous year.
1,000: KLF provides food to
nearly 1,000 local residents per
Mackenzie* is an honor student at a
local college studying early childhood
development. She also has a passion for
food justice.
While these two interests may not
appear to lead one on the same career
path, the 18-year old sophomore has
based her career aspirations on the desire
to give back.
Im not going to lie, there were times
growing up where I was hungry, she said.
I dont mean hungry like my stomach was
rumbling. Im talking about going to bed
with an empty stomach on Tuesday night
and going to school the next morning
without eating. Those were long mornings.
All I could think about was fnally waiting
in line for a warm school lunch. It was
really, really hard to focus.
Fortunately for Mackenzie, her siblings and
her father, there was help right around the
My dad worked two jobs, but
it wasnt always enough, she said.
Luckily for us, he is very resourceful.
He heard about Kalamazoo Loaves
& Fishes at a community event, and
from that point on, we used the
pantries and the mobile food sites
every once and a while when we
needed just a little bit of food to make
it to the next week.
As she continues to delve deeper
into her collegiate studies, learning
more about the development of
children and food security have
given her a stronger appreciation for
charitable food assistance programs
and a passion for giving back.
I feel very fortunate, she told KLF.
When you learn about just how much
hunger efects growing kids, I feel blessed
to be where I am at today.
Without the help that we received, I
dont know that I would be here studying
something that I am passionate about.
I want every kid in every
neighborhood to have the same
opportunities that I have had.
Despite a heavy course load during
the school year and working multiple
jobs in the summer, Mackenzie has found
ways to help make a diference in her
communityincluding through KLFs
Social Media Ambassador volunteer
I am in college, I am on Facebook and
Twitter all the time, she smirked. By just
taking a few seconds out of my day to
share and retweet stuf from [Kalamazoo]
Loaves & Fishes, I feel accomplished
because I know that I am helping to raise
If you are interested in becoming a
Social Media Ambassador for KLF, contact
Communications Coordinator Kevin Minor
at or by calling 269-488-
2617 ext. 218.
*Name changed for anonymity
Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes prides itself on continuing to evolve
to meet the demand for food assistance in Kalamazoo County.
During the 2013-14 fscal year (July 1-June 30), our organization
provided more food to local residents than ever before.
In part due to a combination of legislative cuts to
government nutritional programs, underemployment among
many in the local workforce and our eforts to increase capacity
in our pantry system, KLF distributed more than 2.8 million
meals during its 32nd year of operation.
When we talk about service numbers, the true impact of
what our community provides to all of us can sometimes get
overlooked in the statistics, said Services Director Art Cole. Our
clients, our volunteers, our supporters, our staf members are
all invaluable to us. We are talking about our family, our friends,
our neighborsand that is why we work so hard to expand our
services every year.
KLF has always focused our strategic development on
reaching as many hungry individuals as possible, and because
of that, we built this facility, and one of our highest-trafc food
pantries, in the Edison neighborhoodone of the highest areas
of need in our community. In the future, our steadfast goal is
to continue to enhance our service capabilities throughout
Kalamazoo County.
These eforts would not be possible without the support of
our community. Thank you for your generosity and, together,
we can work towards a hunger-free Kalamazoo County.
Local businesses and companies provide valued support to KLF through the donations of food, funds, products or services.
Employees rally together to collect food donations and business owners support our mission through their generous gifts.
These are the businesses that supported Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes from 7/1/2013 to 6/30/2014.
If you are interested in learning more about partnering with KLF, contact Resource Development Director Greta Faworski at
269-488-2617 ext. 208 or at
359 Corporation
A. M. Todd Company
Abraxas Worldwide
Advance America
Advia Credit Union
Agility Health
Alamar Systems, Inc.
Alamo Drafthouse
All Seasons Marine, Inc.
Alpha Xi Masters Chapter of Beta
Sigma Phi
Alta Resources
Ameriprise Financial Annual Giving
Anderson Bros Steamatic
Apple Bus
Aunt Millies Bakery
Awake & Aware Yoga Studios
Bank of America United Way
Beamer, Lauth, Steinley & Bond, LLP
Bells Brewery, Inc.
Big Lots
Bingen & Associates, PLLC
Blake, Cassels & Graydon, LLP
Borgess Health
Borgess Hospital Outpatient
Borgess Medical Center
Bread & Roses Child Care Center
Bronson Internal Medicine Downtown
Bronson Methodist Hospital
Bronson Practice Management
Case Management Soceity of America
Centre Dental Association, PC
Charles River Labs
Child and Family Psychological
Collision Management Group, LLC
Comerica Bank Staf
Comprehensive Care Services-PA, LLC
Comstock Family Dentistry
Construction Labor Services, Inc.
Consumers Credit Union
Consumers Energy
Coopers Landing Apts
Corey Lake Orchards
Cottage Inn Pizza
CRB Consulting
Cummins Label, Inc.
Curves For Women
Denso Manufacturing Michigan, Inc.
Dimplex Thermal Solutions
Dr. Goodman, DDS
Drake Road Orthodontics
Drew Telecom Group, Inc.
Earthly Delights
Eaton Corporation
Educational Community Credit Union
Edwards Industrial Sales, Inc.
Family Dollar
Fitness Yoga, LLC
Flegal & Melnik
Flynn, Thiel, Boutell & Tanis, P.C.
Food Dance Cafe, Inc.
Frank Arcangeli, DDS
Fresh Food Fairy
Frizkin Enterprises
Gazelle Sports
Grainger Industrial Supply
Graphic Packaging International
Greater Horizons
Greater Kalamazoo Association of
Gun Lake Casino
Haworth College of Business
Healing Heart Psychic Services
Hodgson Enterprises
Hope Woods Senior Community
Horizon Bank
Husted Farm
Hyland Machinery Sales
J. Butler Enterprises, LLC
J.C. Penney Company, Inc.
JACS (Cekolas Pizza)
Jansen Valk Thompson & Reahm, PC
Java Joint
Jef K. Ross Financial Services
Kalamazoo 10
Kalamazoo County Farm Bureau
Kalamazoo Gastroenterology
Kalamazoo Log Cabin Quilters
Kalamazoo New Car Dealer Assoc.
Kalamazoo Sportswear & Regalia
Kalsec, Inc.
Keith R. Konvalinka, DDS
Kendall Electric
Keystone Community Bank
Klosterman Distributing
Knappen Milling Company
Kozar Construction, Inc.
Kzoom Video & Social Media
L & S Associates, Inc.
L. D. Docsa Associates, Inc.
Lam & Company
Learning Solutions Group, Inc.
Lewis Reed & Allen, PC
Lindsey Dedicated Services, Inc.
Loeks Theatres, Inc.
Louies Trophy House Grill
LPL Financial
LVM Capital Management, Ltd.
Maine Plastics
Mangia Mangia
Mann+Hummel USA, Inc.
Maple Hill Auto Group
Meijer, Inc.
Millennium Restaurant Group
MJ Raser & Associates
Niles & Associates, Inc.
Northwest Mutual
Nutra Blend, LLC
Oak Brook Estates Mobile Home Park
Old National Bank
Packer Sanitation Services, Inc.
Panse Greenhouses
Pepperidge Farms
Pepsi Bottling Group of Kalamazoo
Pfzer, Incorporated
Pine Lake Farm
Pinewood Glen Apartments
Pipedream Glass
Plazacorp Realty Advisors, Inc.
PNC Bank
PNC Customer Service Department
Premier Freight Management
Primerica Financial Services
Promotion Concepts
Prudential Preferred Realtors
Quality Air Service
Rajzer Farms, LLC
Rapids Capital, Inc.
Residence Inn
River Street Flowerland
Robinson Industries, Inc.
Rural Acres Farm
Russell Farm Greenhouse
Rx Optical
Sanitor Manufacturing Company
Schupan & Sons, Inc.
Shoemaker Inc. Heating & Cooling
Siemers Inspection Service, Inc.
SignArt, Inc.
Smoke Hut
Southwest Michigan Credit Union
Southwest Michigan Imaging Center
Spry, LLC
State Farm Insurance
Steeg & Glista, PC
Strategic Solutions
Stryker Instruments
Studio 33, Ltd.
Super Book
Teds Appliances
The Ample Pantry
The Canopeum, Inc.
The Grainery
The Old Dog Tavern
The Sign Center
Thermo Fisher Scientifc
Trillium Stafng Solutions
TSFR Apple Venture, LLC
Two Men And A Truck
United Bay Community Credit Union
United Healthcare Services, Inc.
Vans Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners
Varnum, Riddering, Schmidt & Howlett
Villas of Stonehenge
Visser Construction, LLC
Wal-Mart 5065
Walnut Manor Farms
Wedels Nursery & Garden Center
Weight Watchers
Western Michigan International Trucks
Westnedge Wellness Center
Wiser Financial Group
Workforce Strategies, Inc. (WSI )
Our Mission
Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes will feed hungry
people and engage our community in the
fght to end hunger.
Our Values
Diversity & Inclusion
Stewardship & Accountability
TRIBUTES 5/1/2014 6/30/2014 . Special thanks to those who honor friends and family through contributions to KLF.
Victor Beauchamp
Larry Boelman
Susan Caulfeld
Brenda (Kean) Darling
William Decker
Sis DeWitt
Nancy Diment
Connie Douglas
Dick Dunshee
William Furstenau
David Gillespie
Harold Heikes
Phyllis Hepp
Richard Hutson
Jennifer Johnson
Anne Wend Lipsey
Barbara & Brian Menlen
Emily Pearson
Colleen Prichard & William
Zach & Kate Risley
Jan Roadhouse
Lynne Smith
June Swanson
The Voter Volunteer Ladies
Tom & Jan Tiderington
US Postal Workers who
volunteered for the
National Letter Carriers
Food Drive
Joan and Charles Van
Susan Atkinson & Rick
Derald Blake
Marion Branch
Len Bridge
Richard R. Buck
Karen Cernik
Marcia Charkowski
Patricia Coleman
Johnny Collins
Rose Marie Contos
Colleen Copeland
Tom Crooks
Ethel Dejony
Frank & Mark Deschaine
Joseph Dillon
Karen Elwell
Richard Evans Jr.
Mary Ellen Evans
Jerald Finnegan
Faith Flanagan
John P. Flynn
Carolly Gluek
Bud Guidmond
Doris Hamilton
Shirley Hamming
Eileen Holaday
Joanie Hough
Dennis Hutchins
Marcia Jackson
Sarah Jackson
Robert Jones
John Karnemaat
Marguerite Kolb
Audrey Kurka
Lance Lambert
Linda Mary Renauld Lutz
William Manifold
Kathy Mizeur
Terry Moorlag
William Moreland
Walter Mullin
Archie Murrish
Marjorie Nendorf
Ruth Nickel
Leone Nielsen
Dan Nimmer
Brian Oman
Jaimie Oorbeck
Thomas Oorbeck
Frank Ossif Jr.
Rick Ostericher
Doris Peekstok
Jack Price Sr. & Virginia Price
Jessica Renauld
Oswald & Alvina Renauld
Richard Evans Sr.
Mary Roche
Antonia H. Rostami
Darrell Rostami
Marion Rumble
Abe Ryskamp
James H. Schaap
Marilyn Scheel
Dr. Peter Schmitt
Martin & Emma Schmitt
Elmer Schmuhl
Juanita Shelley
Foster L Sherwood Jr
Victor Siemers
Joani Siwik
Tom Sonday
Doug & Marie Renauld
Robert Struble
John & Margaret Sture
June Tackaberry
Richard Dick W. Tanner
Babette Trader
Roon Visser
MaLinda Webster
Franklin Weinberg
Don, Ruth & Bob Wisser
Donald Wolf
Dave Hafer, Warehouse Coordinator 211
Phyllis Hepp, Organizational Development Director 210
Jennifer Johnson, Executive Director 208
Deb Josephson, Services Coordinator 214
Marvin King, Procurement Specialist 224
Ruth Matteson, Call Center Coordinator 201
Kevin Minor, Communications Coordinator 218
Sue Raskin, Finance Coordinator 222
Jackie Smith, Services Coordinator 221
Carolyn Tyler, Operations Coordinator 222
Laura Winther, Donor Database Coordinator 206
Staf / Business Ofce
269/488-2617 EXT.
Joan Atwell, Call Center Coordinator 201
Cherise Buchanan, Volunteer Coordinator 209
Paul Bushek, Warehouse Assistant 211
Art Cole, Services Director 207
Joe Cook, Warehouse Assistant 211
Bob Dekker, Warehouse Assistant 211
Greta Faworski, Resource Development Directir 213
Joe Galaviz, Warehouse Assistant 211
Kathy Gernaat, Operations Director 212
Connect With Us:
FOOD REQUEST LINE: 269/343-3663
P 269/488-2617 F 269/343-3669