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Stessy Nyaga
Full Speech by Stessy Nyaga, during 3 course Dinner Hosted By Mount Kenya
University In London. Engaging with the Diaspora on 02 August 2014, at the
Holiday Inn, Bloomsbury, London.
First of all Id like to offer my vote of thanks to Mount Kenya University, Reverend
Raphael and the other hosts for facilitating this opportunity.
My name Stessy Nyaga I am 23 years of age, & its funny because the last time I was in
this building I was receiving a UK Kenyan achievers awards for young star of the year. I
am currently in my last 6 months of my degree studying forensic science with human
biology and president of Diaspora youth empowerment.
Diaspora Youth Empowerment collaborates with youth orientated organisations created
by various Diaspora communities, our mission is to promote global citizenship and raise
cultural awareness in order to mould active and engaged members of society in order to
facilitate future leaders today.
When I learned about this event it excited me, and it excited me for one very simple
reason: Education is important.
I was hoping that we could explore this through the Three E`s of DYE which are
Excite; Educate; Equip!!!
Whats the hype about education, why should young people be excited, why should
anyone be excited?? Focussing on young people
Are we aware that 60% of the population in Africa 16-25year olds, the potential and
human capita in the 16-35 age groups is immense. One thing we are all aware of is that
Africa and the rest of the world is developing at an alarming rate, the years to come will
be a critical and defining period for global societies to explore the potential of
sustainability. Now this is the exciting part: Africa has the potential to make a difference,
to both create and contribute wealth. Anyone who has read my story will know that
completed my GCSE`s in Kenya. AT first as an east Londoner this was not very exciting.
However I found the people warm, hardworking and I could see the potential for
development. Since then Kenya has changed massively.
We need to be excited about the possibilities of change, and what that means for
us as Kenyans on the global stage.
We need to be excited about what you as an individual has to offer
We need to be excited about the opportunities that are emerging every day.
We need to be excited about working together. University is an amazing
opportunity to build your networks and get to know people that could pave your
way to success.
I believe education, just the fundamental right to learn and access to education is critical
in any community, so I would like to commend mount Kenya university for their desire
Stessy Nyaga
to engage with the Diaspora community. I also belief education is a cycle; its the
opportunity to learn the necessary skills and knowledge needed to make an impact to
yourself, family, and country. As I said Im studying forensic science with human biology
and the skills Im learning leaves me with two options: Keep them to myself or share
them with my peers. And thats where USSKE was born, I plan to launch a diagnostic
laboratory in Kenya, I never used to sleep reaching out to people and slowly but surely
my vision is beginning to come to light. So think about education on a bigger scale.
If you want to be a Dr think about opening a hospital
If you want to be a teacher, why cant you build a school
If you just like cleaning, do a business course and open a cleaning agency.
Get excited about what you have to offer and be prepared to educate others.
Kenya has 52 tribes, we need to merge our culture with development, learn that
collaboration is key. the Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity from 2001 states:
"... cultural diversity is as necessary for humankind as biodiversity is for nature; it
becomes one of the roots of development understood not simply in terms of economic
growth, but also as a means to achieve a more satisfactory intellectual, emotional, moral
and spiritual existence".
Education equips you with necessary skills to go and be an active and engaged member
of society. It enables you to educate and equip yourself, your community, your family
and your country. Education equips you with he networks, communication skills and
connections you need to thrive in your environment and contribute to it.
I returned from Scotland two weeks ago where I was chosen by the Commonwealth of
Nations to take part in 33fifty: Where they equipped 100 young leaders from the 53
commonwealth nations to take part in a global leadership programme. We tackled the
challenge what role can young people of the commonwealth play towards a low carbon
economy. This opened my eyes to opportunities that are emerging in the low-carbon
sector because institutions globally are actively contributing to ensuring environmental
sustainability is achieved and introduced me to 99 amazing young leaders passionate
about creating a positive socio-economic change in their communities.
So let me equip you with some facts for all those wondering where the jobs are: In
Kenya investment grew from virtually zero in 2009 to US$1.3 billion in 2010 across
technologies such as wind, geothermal, small-scale hydro and bio-fuels placing Kenya as
the most active in Africa within the renewable energy sector. It also became Africas first
country to produce geothermal power and is currently world leaders in the number of
Solar Power systems. So lets clap for Kenya.
Equip yourself with the knowledge that surrounds you, UN development goals are
available online, so as young people lets be excited, educated and equipped about your
future as individuals and global citizens; and Im going to leave everyone with a final
Whats inside you that change the world: we all have the ability to shape the change we
want to see. Again let us be excited, educated and equipped about higher