Lesson B A- What sport is as popular as soccer? B- I image volleyball is as popular as soccer. A- No way!

Soccer is much more popular than Volleyball. I imagine / I think / I suppose / I guess / In my opinion No way! / No kidding! / You don’t say! / Cut it out! / Yeah right! Lesson D - Countable and Uncountable Many - countable (apple) Much - uncountable (sugar) - How much is this? ($) Ps.: Few / Little - not used in the negative sentence Much is more used in affirmative sentences in very formal style or with too (I drink too much coffee) Synonyms - synonyms are similar in meaning Clever - smart - intelligent Cute - pretty Awesome - great - terrific Usually - often Weird - strange - odd Tough - hard - difficult Picky - fussy (exigente) Sting - tightfisted - cheap (pão duro) Neat - tidy - organized Timid - shy Foolish - silly - stupid - dorky Pleasant - nice Plump - chubby - fat Nuts - crazy Jerk - idiot Idiot - jackass - stupid person Pricey - Rip-off Chip - bargain Bad - miserable - crummy See-through - transparent Yummy - delicious Stiff - rigid - not soft rundown-extremely tired-bushed-exhausted silly-stupid, foolish

Antonyms (opposite) Light x heavy Loud x conservative Smart x dumb, silly Lazy x hardworking Terrible, awful x great, terrific Polite x rude Calm, easygoing x nervous, hot-tempered Boring x interesting Generous x stingy, tightfisted, cheap Modern x old-fashioned, conservative Messy x neat Shy x outgoing Easy x difficult, tough Chubby x thin, skinny A bargain x a rip-off Sweet x sour Usually x seldom

Straight x curly (hair) Alive x dead Structure build up All of my parents are alive. None of them are deadk Both of them are elderly One of them are grumpy (ranzinza) - stingy (PÃO DURO) My grandparents are: easygoing - grumpy - dynamic - lazy - generous - stingy - tightfisted - cheap What does your father look like? My father is strong - athletic - overweight - energetic - skinny - active Do your parents give you an allowance or pocket money? Are elderly people usually active / dynamic / energetic ? Is your father a couch potato? What kind of fabric are you looking for? I’m looking for a cotton / linen / silk (seda) / denim shirt. Why you looking for a natural fabrics? Because I’m allergic to synthetics. I was looking for a floral / striped (listrado)/ checkered / plain (xadrez) / polkadot (bolinhas) This dress is fashionable, but it´s too pricey This dress is cheap, but it’s dorky This skirt is nice, but it’s too conservative The Jacket is fancy, but it’s too flashy This t-shirt is colorful, but it´s too loud This shoes rea stylish, but they´re too stiff I’ll call the salesperson if the jacket is too big I won’t buy the tux (=tuxedo) if it’s too price I won’t take it unless it’s on sale How does it look? It looks cool / awful / terrible How does it feel? It fells nice / soft How does it taste? It tastes delicious / yummy / awful How does it sound? It sounds ok / nice / like fun How does it smell? It smells wonderful / marvelous / fantastic How does it seem? It seems ok / interesting / like a good idea I cant decide = I can’t make up my mind How does it look? Everything looks great This woolen pullover is beautiful and so is that one This silk dress is too tight and so is the cotton one If I get sleepy, I’ll go to the bed If I get drunk, I’ll throw up (=vomit) If I get hungry, I’ll grab a sandwich If I get nervous, I’ll take it easy If I get angry, I’ll count to ten If I get upset, I’ll try to keep calm If I get held up (hold up = assaltar), I’ll keep very quiet If I get robbed, I’ll call the police I want to use the bathroom, but the toilet is dirty I won’t use the bathroom unless you flush the toilet Not to be + much for + something / doing something - Attention: ING after prepositon I am not much for drinking beer I’ll send you an e-mail and so will my brother

I’ll do some research and so will my secretary I’ll prepare a report and so will my accountant I’ll play tennis at the club and my uncle will too I´ll work out at the health club and my nephew will too If I have a chance, I’ll buy the tickets If I have a chance, I´ll drop by tonight (to visit) If I have a chance, I´ll give a ring (=a phone call) If I have a chance, I’ll take my wife out If I have a chance, I´ll brush up on my English(=to review, to get better, to improve) They won´t take a part in the play and neither will their brother They won’t scold their children and neither will their cousins They won’t ground their kids and neither will their in-laws They won’t argue about the trip and their parents won´t either They won’t complain about the meals and their children won’t either They won’t complain about the weather and their relatives won’t either If there aren’t enough swimmers, we won’t be able to have a competition What facilities are there at the mall? There are rest rooms on every floor There´s a food court across from the arcade There is a post office next to the bank There is a subway entrance in the park lot There are staircases, pay phones as well as elevators Do you usually have plenty of (a lot) things to do in the morning? How do you feel? I’m feel Beat (=exhausted) - confused - shocked - bored - hysterical - sad - frustrated - lonely - anxious - ashamed - happy - depressed - in love - enraged - jealous - confident Do you usually wake up in a good mood? I’m seldom in a bad mood I’m rarely grumpy Where can I find a Bank? I´m lost. How can I page (call) my friends? Go down one floor and … Go all the way to … Go all the way down Turn right after you see … Turn left when you get to …. You’ll see it .. in front of the bank /next to the post office / across from / just around the corner VOCABULARY Allowance - money one gets for expenses I usually spend all my allowance To come along - to come with your group We are going to the movies. Do you want to come along? Elderly - past middle age John’s grandpa is an elderly man Pocket money - money for smal daily expenses Tightfisted - stingy, not generous, that doesn´t spend money easily My uncle is tightfisted and saves all his money. He gives cheap present.

Pick up - I’ll pick you up in half an hour. To let out = to loosen x to take in = to tighten To let down = to lengthen x to take up = to shorten Dorky - in bad taste (sem graça) To sound - to seem - Shrimp for lunch sounds “yummy” It draw attention - chamar atenção Arrange = set up a meeting with - Will you arrange the manager? To be up to something (=está tramando algo) - What are you up to this weekend? To clear up (weather) - to become nice an pleasant If the weather clears up this weekend, I´ll go water skiing To get help up - to be robbed with the possible of violence Some foreign tourist got held up near the beach last night To get robbed - when someone takes your personal property without permission Many people get robbed on the buses in Rio To brush up on - to review, to get better, to improve I won’t be able to brush up on my English unless you help me To cool off - to get cooler In NY the weather cools of in October To drop by - to drop over, to visit I’m sure Marsha won’t drop by unless we give her a ring To get a lift - to get transportation from someone, to get a ride I´ll get a lift to the stadium with Sam because my car is the garage Downstairs - the first of a house r the floor below you. X Upstairs spare time = free time = leisure time ( time when one does not have to work)/ (available time) Reference Vocabulary - furniture (movable articles for use in a home or office) / household appliances - Bedroom - bed, sheet, pillow, pillow case, mattress, wardrobe, chest of drawers - Kitchen - refrigerator, freezer, microwave, oven, stove, burner, can opener (device used to open metal cans), pot (container used for cooking), pan, counter (bar), blender (mixer), dishwasher (machine for washing dishes), toaster, spice rack, sink, tap - Dining room - diner room table, chairs, china cabinet, place mats, tablecloth, napkins - Bathroom - bathtub, shower, toilet, towel rack, medicine cabinet, mirror, scale, hamper - Office - desk, filing cabinet, computer, printer, fax machine, stapler, scissors, sharpener

GRAMMAR EVEN IF - is used in a supposition or Hypotheses My brother is a surfer. He will go to the beach even if is not sunny SO/TOO - is used to agree with a + or - or ! Statement a) I like chocolate b) so do I (= I like chocolate too)

NEITHER/EITHER - used to agree with - statement a) I don´t speak Chinese b) neither do I (= I don´t speak Chinese either) UNLESS - can be used in forming Future Possible = Conditional sentences- it means IF NOT I won’t pass if I don’t study = I won’t pass unless I study They’ll go swimming if it doesn’t rain They’ll go swimming unless it rain I will take it if it´s on sale I won’t take it if it isn’t on sale I won’t take it unless it’s on sale Will you go to the show? I’ll go to the show if I can get a cheap ticket I won’t go to the shop unless I get a cheap ticket I’ll go fishing if it doesn’t rain. I´ll go fishing unless it rain I can’t go snowboarding unless I borrow a board We can´t paly tennis unless we wear seat belts (cintos de segurança) We can´t in the front seat unless we buckle up (fechar a fivela) A friend / sister / cousin of mine (possessive pronoun) A friend of mine is attracted to soccer players A friend / sister / relative of John’s (possessive case) A cousin of John’s is interested in intellectuals To go …. Ing Let’s swim - let’s go swimming POSSESSION - have = have got = ´ve got / has = has got = ‘s got Do you have a raincoat? Have you got a raincoat? I have got a raincoat I have a raincoat ONE (=general) X IT (=specific) Have you got a digital camera? Yes, ´’ve got one (qualquer uma) Have you got a digital camera? Yes, ´’ve got it (específica) Verb + er = person who does the action swim - swimmer / teach - teacher / play - player CAN Past Present Future Could Can Can (was/were/won´t) able to (am/are/is not) able to will/won´t be able to REFLEXIVE PRONOUNS I - myself we - ourselves You - yourself your - yourselves Her - himself they - themselves She - herself PRESENT SIMPLE - I have lunch at 1 pm every day PRESENT CONTINUOS - I´m having a lunch now FUTURE - I’ll have a lunch at 1pm or I’m going to have a lunch at 1 pm PAST - I was having a lunch when peter called

PRESENT PERFECT I´ve already had a lunch. (Action finished - indeterminate time in the past) I’ve seem that film many times (repeated a action in the past) I´ve just had a lunch (action just finished) I´ve studied English since last year (action from the past to the present) I’ve studied English for one year PRESENT PERFECT CONTINUOS It shows a continuity of action which the present perfect doesn’t show I’ve been having a lunch at the restaurant for two years I’ve writing letters since early this morning You’ve cooked a meal (it is ready) You’ve been cooking a meal (you’re still cooking it) He´s taken that course (he has finished the course) He’s been taking that course (he still has classes) They’ve painted the house (the house is beautiful now) They’ve been painting the house (they are still painting the house) Attention: some verbs are not usually used in the ING form to believe to hear to need to seem to belong to know to prefer to think (to believe) to forget to like to remember to understand to hate to love to see to want PS.: PREPOSITION + VERB (ING) -use the ING form of the verb after preposition (i) Use the infinitive or ING form after the verbs: to prefer - to like - to dislike - to love - to hate - to start To begin - to continue - I love to sing or I love singing (ii) Use the ING form after the verb: to enjoy - to stop - to finish - to suggest - to avoid - to mind - I don´t mind waiting for you.


CONVERSATION What sport are you interested in? What sport are you crazy about? What sport are you good at? What sport are you afraid of? Are you attracted to athletes? - What athlete are you attracted to? Are you going to play tennis this weekend? I don’t know yet. I won´t play unless the weather clears up Will you do me a favor? Sure, I’ll be glad to Can you swim? No I can´t. If you teacher me, I´ll learn how to swim. Is there a Banana Republic at this mall? Sure, there´s one on the second floor. If you go up the escalators and turn right, you’ll see it immediately. You can´t miss it! Where do you usually shop for clothes? Where do you usually hang around with your friends?

Do your friends to hang out at the arcade? Aren’t prices at good malls a rip-off? How´s the foods there? It is pretty tasty / pretty good / cheap / pricey / spicy (=picante) / greasy (=oleoso) EXPRESSION - Do you enjoy doing housework? No way! I can´t stand it It´s really sucks! (=very bad) - extremely informal What a drag It´s the pits! To argue with sb (about/over)sth – discutir/brigar com alguem por algo

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