Years of tradition have taught us to grow and harvest the best beans coffee can give, as well as to process

products that satisfy the most demanding tastes.Founded in 1933, “Gabriel Kafati S.A.” is the largest and most modern Coffee Roasting Plant in Honduras. Our firm is one of the most recognized and respected companies in the country and in Central America . The fact that we are vertically integrated, from crop to cup, allows us to exert strict quality controls during every phase of the coffee process, therefore permitting us to guarantee the quality of our products. Every day, thousands of satisfied consumers savor the exquisite flavor and aroma of “Café El Indio,” one of the most recognized brands in Latin America. Seventy three years ago, a young and dynamic Gabriel Kafati and his wife Elena had a dream: to roast and grind coffee beans. In June of 1933, they began to make their dream a reality. With the economic support of Don Gabriel’s father-in-law, Saleh Kafati, he bought his first roasting machine. They began at dawn; roasting, grinding and handpacking their coffee to conserve its freshness and aroma. At 5:00 AM, Don Gabriel was already knocking on the doors of businesses offering his coffee. Due to his great effort and dedication, Don Gabriel was given a piece of land by his father-in-law to build and install his factory in a more permanent place. This also was the place where he settled his wife and three children Erlinda, Nicholas, and Oscar, in a humble home. Doña Elena took advantage of the land surrounding the property to plant and harvest vegetables which she later sold. In spite of the poverty that reigned in their home, five more children were born: Kathy,Luisa, Estela, Marina, and Jesus. Due to the slow coffee sales, Doña Elena installed a mill to grind corn, so she could help support the family. During the difficulties that reigned during World War II, Don Gabriel had to change his gasoline powered roaster to a firewood one built by himself and Ramon Rosa Valladares. He set a strict work routine for himself traveling constantly to El Paraíso, La Paz, Marcala and other towns in search of coffee beans for his production. By truck or by mule, he started in the wee hours of the morning returning late at night to start all over the following day. During this period, his wife and children and two employees, took over the roasting tasks. After World War II, Café El Indio obtained its fame with the first radio commercial, prepared by Humberto Andino of Radio Comayagüela. The hand-packing was modernized with the acquisition of the first automatic packing machine. Later on, Don Gabriel started Agricola de Oriente S.A., a farming entity, to plant and harvest his own coffee beans. By 1957, Compañia Exportadora de Café S.A. (CECSA) was established with the purpose of exporting coffee beans from his own farm. Today, CECSA has the most modern equipment available in Latin America. In 1976, Gabriel Kafati and Compañía introduced its gourmet vacuum-sealed export package, the first in Latin America. At present, Gabriel Kafati S.A., CECSA and Agricola de Oriente combined, offer jobs to 225 rural families rising to 2,000 families during the harvest season that lasts from October to March of each year. During the 90s, and as part of Gabriel Kafati’s policy of innovation, CAFÉ EL INDIO launched a new line of gourmet flavored coffees, which at the date ranks among one of the finest gourmet coffees in Latin America. In 2005, GABRIEL KAFATI, INC. was established in Florida, with the vision of offering all of our premium quality coffee in North America. Facilities in the Amarateca Valley The dedication and the perserverance of the founders and the generations that followed, have made of Café El Indio the prefered coffee amongst national and foreign consumers. Social Awareness At Café El Indio, we have always been aware of the needs of the less fortunate, and we have always attended the petitions of our fellow citizens and charitable institutions. In our coffee farms, we have built houses and schools for our workers, assuring the well being of our workers and their families. Amongst our extensive social activities in Honduras, some of the institutions that receive our constant support are: La Teletón, El Arca de Honduras, Centro de Cáncer, Operación Sonrisa, Aldeas S.O.S., La Casa del Niño, Hogar de Ancianos Salvador Aguirre, ASOHSEL, INFRACNOVI, PREPACE Additionally, every day our company delivers several truck loads of fresh water to the communities who need it the most, and distributes it, free of charge, to those families

who don't have access to fresh water.

One of the most difficult tasks in the coffee or any other industry is that of creating and maintaining an ideal achieved an excellent recognition of the brand Café El Indio, and an impeccable record in terms of honesty a history of excellence in its management as well as in its production; this is a history of excellence that has honest work, and ideals of constant auto improvement along the history itself of our own family from genera excellence in our home land has crossed borders and is now recognized throughout North America. Being Kafati, S.A. Honduras as its parent company, GABRIEL KAFATI, INC. must follow the principles set by this maintained name for so many decades. At Gabriel Kafati INC. one of our most valuable assets is this histor not allow to be broken by any means. We guarantee that all of the principles achieved along our history, as current achieved position, are being brought to application in our operations as we have a reputation to ma Our consumers can rely on the fact that the integrity of our name and the qualities of our brand are going to present.

The features that we offer through Café El Indio consist not only on a product of an excellent quality, but a v tradition. Since created, in 1933, we have been able to maintain the original recipe that has made our coffe have managed to come up with innovative varieties of coffee in terms of the kind of grinding of the bean, in roasting, or in terms of the size of the bean used in the process, yet insuring that our original recipe and the an important place, are maintained intact.

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