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Pearl Global Industries Ltd.

Existing Group Turnover
Sales Group 20112012
Apparel Manufacturing 250 million
Lerros Brand Germany (Apparel)
125 million

Education and Real Estate 60 million

Total 435 million
Note: All figures in U.S. Dollars.
Multi-Country Manufacturing
Enables flexibility and cost-effective sourcing
Over a decade of presence in most of these countries culturally attuned
Global presence provides flexibility to offer complete product mix
India Bangladesh Indonesia Jordan
Core Center
for Cotton Fabrics
in Handmade Knit
Tops, Woven Tops,
Skirts and Dresses
Most competitive CMs
for labor-intensive
Large and highly
skilled apparel
Excellent quality
stitching and garment
washing capabilities
Cotton and Polyester
fabric base
Clean needle
and ability to handle
sheer fabrics
Faster lead time than
Duty-Free option
to the U.S.
for woven bottoms
and active wear
Multi-Country Manufacturing
Products Location Factories Machines
Total Monthly
Capacity Status
Knits North India 3 1,500 600K Owned
Knits Bangladesh 3 1,800 1M Owned
Performance Knits Jordan 1 400 400K Joint Venture
Total Knits 7 3,700 2M
Woven Bottoms South India 1 700 250K Owned
Woven Bottoms Bangladesh 2 1,000 350K Joint Venture
Woven Bottoms Bangladesh 1 1,000 350K Owned
Woven Bottoms Jordan 1 375 300K Joint Venture
Total Woven Bottoms 5 3,075 1.25M
Woven Soft Separate North India 3 2,500 650K Owned
Woven Soft Separate Indonesia 2 1,600 500K Owned
Woven Soft Separate Indonesia 1 500 200K Joint Venture
Woven Soft Separate South India 2 600 250K Owned
Woven Soft Separate South India 1 400 200K Owned
Woven Soft Separate Bangladesh 1 400 200K Joint Venture
Total Woven Soft Separate 10 6,000 2M
Grand Total 22 12,775 5.25M
Our Valued
Working with the most dynamic
retailers around the globe provides Pearl
incredible exposure to feel the pulse
of the market
Planned Growth
Division 20122013 20132014
Knits 105 115
Woven Tops 110 120
Woven Bottoms 60 65
Total 275 300
Two Year Strategy
India: Expanding capacities in embellished knit and woven tops
Bangladesh: Increasing Capacities for bottoms and knit tops
Indonesia: Outerwear factory by late 2012/early 2013
Jordan: Increasing knit and woven bottom capacities
Turnover in Million USD
Vertical Integration
will enable us to manage the Supply
Chain better ..
Pearl Globals new BD factory was set up
with in-house knitting. We were able to
create a capacity of 5 million pieces in our
second year of operation and expect to
double this capacity by end of Y2014.
We have made strategic tie-ups with best
dyeing mills in Bdesh for dedicated
Strategic Partnership with large mill
in North India for cotton and rayon fabrics.
Capacity1.0 million yards/month
Special Processes
Pearl Globals in-house World
Class Infrastructure for Washing,
Embroidery & Hand Work
Dedicated in-house Work Center for Hand
Work in North India.
One of the largest in-house Embroidery
capacity in North India with total 500
installed heads across 3 units.
In-house washing capacity in North India
50,000 pcs / day.
In-house embroidery set up in Bdesh with
100 installed heads.
In-house washing set up in Bdesh with a
capacity of 50,000 pcs / day in 2013.
Plan to set up garment dyeing facility in
Bdesh with a start up capacity of 10,000
pcs / day in 2013.
Commitment to
All manufacturing units are using SAP, an
integrated software system to run day to day
operations and monitor key performance
Internal team is responsible for all
enhancements and reporting
System integration has created important
checks and balances, allowed for more
accurate material ordering and more
complete analysis by customer
and season
Product Design
& Development
Pearls Design teams are located
in New York, Hong Kong, U.K., and Delhi.
Design team takes inspiration from
European and New York designers,
runway shows, and through extensive
travel to identify future trends
Design team creates innovative collections
each season for presentation to customers
LERROS: Pearls European Brand
Lerros is our premium casual brand established in 1979 in Germany
Lerros covers 1,250 points of sales across Europe
Lerros has vibrant designs that are exhibited through 12 collections a year
for both Men and Women covering Woven and Knits tops, Dresses, Bottoms,
Jackets, Sweaters as well as NOS
(Never Out of Stock articles)
Pearl Home Decor
Opened Home Furnishings unit in Sept. 2010
Working with Bed Bath & Beyond, Laura Ashley, Yves Delorme (France),
Chakra (Turkey), etc.
Installed capacities
Handmade quilts: 20,000 pcs/month
Machine made quilts: 36,000 pcs/month
Cushions: 28,000 pcs/month


Management &
With a presence in New York, Pearl is able
to manage replenishment for
any customer
Pearl is able to take customer demand
orders and create corresponding
production plans with the factory ensuring
inventory is on-hand for the right delivery
Corporate Social Responsibility
Pearl Global received the CSR Award in 2008 from J.C Penney
Our CSR initiatives in the field of Education
Pearl Academy of Fashion started in 1993 with the vision to provide students
the ability to take up future leadership positions in the fashion business
PAF rated as 2nd best fashion institute in India and the Best in the Private
education sector
PAF faculty rated the Best in India by the Wall Street Journal in 2009
PAF Jaipur campus won The Best Learning Building award at the World Architecture
Festival Awards, 2009 held on November 6, 2009 in Barcelona, Spain
Indian Retail School 2005
Little Pearls/Arpan Society
Our CSR initiative in the field of Health/Medicine
Mina Seth Charitable Clinic for underprivileged
Thank You