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Salima Hashmi

Salima Hashmi is a Pakistani painter, artist, writer, anti-nuclear weapon activist and a
professor who served for four years as the head of the National College of Arts. She is the
daughter of one of Pakistan's most renowned poets, ai! Ahmed ai!, and represented the
first generation of modern artists in the country, who carried an artistic identity different
from indigenous artists. "nown for her condemning the #ndian and Pakistani nuclear
programs, she is among one of the few Pakistani intellectuals who had condemned the
nuclear tests $y #ndia and Pakistan in %&&'
Academic career
She is currently the (ean of the School of )isual Arts at the *eaconhouse National
+niversity. Salima is famous for her ,uick wit and a$ility to read and analy!e artwork
with effortless ease. She is a respected patron of young artists known to have the capacity
to make or $reak a career. ormerly known as -Art-Shart-, .ohtas-/ is the gallery set up
$y Salima 0ashmi at her house in 1odel 2own. Shoai$ 0ashmi, her hus$and, retired
from a teaching position at 3overnment College +niversity, 4ahore, and was also a
popular co-star with Salima in comedy television shows in the early %&56s.
She has two children,a son and a daughter.0er son 7asser 0ashmi is in final stages of his
doctrate at 1c3ill +niversity Canada and teaches Psychology at 4ahore +niversity 8f
1anagement Sciences. 0er daughter 1ira 0ashmiis actively involved in ilm and 1edia
Salima 0ashmi also authored a critically lauded $ook titled -Unveiling the Visible: Lives
and Works of Women Artists of Pakistan-in /66%. #n /669, Salima 0ashmi co-authored a
$ook with #ndian art historian 7ashodhara (almia titled '1emory, 1etaphor, 1utations:
Contemporary Art of #ndia and Pakistan', pu$lished $y 8;ford +niversity Press. 0er
latest work, a series of illustrations to accompany <nglish translations of her father's
poetry $y her hus$and Shoai$ 0ashmi, is in process of pu$lication.
She has $een the (ean at the School of )isual Arts, *eaconhouse National +niversity,
4ahore. #n addition, she is an activist, a painter, art educationist, writer and curator. #n
recent years she has $een working on developing closer links with #ndia and working
towards a unity group. She was educated at the National College of Arts =NCA>, 4ahore,
the *ath Academy of Art, +."., and the .hode #sland School of (esign, +SA.
#n addition, Salima taught for ?6 years at NCA, Pakistan@s premier art institution, and
retired as its Principal. 0er work has $een e;hi$ited, and she has traveled and lectured
e;tensively all over the world. She has also curated numerous international art shows in
<ngland, <urope, the +SA, Australia, Aapan and #ndia.Salima 0ashmi is a recipient of
2he President@s Award for Pride of Performance, Pakistan.

Arts career
Salima 0ashmi is one of the most well-known artists of Pakistan. *esides $eing an
accomplished painter, she taught at Pakistan's prestigious National College of Arts =NCA>
for a$out thirty years and served as the Principal of NCA for four years. #n %&&&, Salima
0ashmi received Pakistan's Pride of Performance award. 2oday she is the (ean of School
of )isual Arts at the newly esta$lished *eaconhouse National +niversity in 4ahore and
she also runs her own art gallery featuring works of young artists.