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IUBAT (International University of Business, Agriculture & Technology)

Research Paper on
Cell Phone (How it has changed us socially)

Presented By
Sharmin Shultana Shathi 12102036
Sarmin Sultana 12102046
MD. Saidur Rahman Said 12102053
Pial Mahmud Rupu 12102051
Sajib Sarker 121022002

Presented To
Kazi Khaled Shams Chisty
Faculty, College of Business Administration (CBA)

Date of Submission: 5
August, 2014

In recent decades, technology has introduced people pieces of modern products and gradually
and gradually changed our lives. Our society is in respect of technological revolution and the
communication phone gives us. In the past decades the number of phones has increased all over
the world. Cell phones have increased a lot by their excellent features. In the past, phones were
used to interact with people who just wanted to talk. Now today we use cell phones for many
different purposes. Cell phones make peoples life better by communication because good
communication proves good relations and makes relationships strong.
Phones began as limited only using voice services. Most phones today provide a data service
which allows you to have access to your emails, getting picture messages, watch movies, take
pictures and more. All the advanced technology keeps people entertained and connected. Over
the years cell phone application such as text messaging, music, gaming, global positioning
system and so forth has grown since the very first phone as we know today. With all the smart
phones out there applications are endless. Cell phones are offer pc like function while it still lets
you talk on them. Most phones today are advanced which allows you to have email and other
internet base application. By using these application it makes it easier to navigate the internet,
its like using windows for your phones.
Cell phones have had a major effect on our society and the way we perform everyday task.
Many of the changes may be notice, while others we are not even aware of. They have brought
a whole new meaning to the definition multitasking. About twenty years ago, it was impossible
to talk on the phone while you were at the grocery store getting your needs. You could never
have a 3-way call while you were fixing supper etc. Cell phones have made us today where we
can use them while doing many other things needed to get done.
They have made us where we could communicate with our families to keep in touch. Kids can
use cell phones to contact you if they need something important, need something at school etc.
Couples can contact each other if they are stuck in traffic to tell each other that they are going to
be late for dinner or about anything. Teenagers can call their parents to ask if they can go
somewhere besides going all the way home just to ask. Also with the invention of gps on some
cellular devices you can locate them to see if they went where they ask to go.

Broad objectives
1. To find out the impacts of cell phone in our social life.
2. To find out the necessity of using cell phone
3. To know how cell phone have changed with the decades in terms of uses/feature.
4. To find out the negative aspects of cell phone that affects us socially.
5. Improve report writing skill
6. To accumulate practical work experience.

Specific objective:

1. To figure out the social changes occurred by the cell phone.
2. To know the positive and negative sides of cell phone.
3. To find out the changes which happen periodically?
4. To find out the positive and negative impact of mobile phone on society and social
5. To make awareness among the people about the danger cause because of cell phone.

The research paper uses both primary data and secondary data. The report is divided into two
parts. One part is the theoretical part and the other part is the practical part. The data of this study
has been collected through questionnaire interview. The information for the theoretical part of
the report was collected from secondary sources like published reports and internet.
The aim was to explore how the mobile phone is integrated into daily lives and routines, what
role the mobile phone plays in terms of personal identity and perceived purpose of
Population Size
We conducted our research through sample survey of .. cell phone subscriber. The population
size of the research is based on the students (Male and Female) of IUBAT, of all departments.
Sample frame
The sample frame of this study has been drawn from the students of the IUBAT ( International
university of Business, Agriculture & technology). A total of 31 respondents have been
conducted. We simply used Simple Random Sampling to choose the respondents). The Likert
scale & open end questionnaire has been selected. The population has been defined by
convenience sampling who are the responsible of this area.
Time frame
To collect the Primary Data we conducted our survey from July 15 to July 22, 2014.

Analysis of data
For analysis of data Ms Word, Ms Excel has been used. Parametric and non- parametric
statistical tools will be used to derive a meaningful conclusion from the empirical data. In
addition, basic statistical techniques of different measures of central tendency have been used in
analyzing the data.

Scope of the Data
The research paper mainly focuses on the impacts of cell phone in our social life & find out the
changes which happen periodically. The research paper also indicates the negative & positive
effects of cell phone.
Limitation of the study
Although it has been tried on the level best to make this research paper based on facts and
complete information available, there are some limitations that are inevitable. On the way of our
study, we have faced the following problems that may be termed as the limitations/shortcoming
of the study. The main limitations encountered in producing this report are:
As it was our first job to prepare any research paper, inadequate knowledge about the job was
our first difficulties. We carried out such a study for the first time so inexperience is one of the
main constrains of the study.

Secondly, inadequate access to information, which has hampered the scope of analysis required
for the study.

Third, Due to time limitations we didnt discuss the detail.

This research paper was one of the most difficult, time consuming and most interesting papers
that we have done. We think that we found out what we wanted to know about how cell phones
changed us socially. The first thing that we learned is the history behind cell phones. There are a
lot of differences from the beginning stage of cell phones & today its multipurpose uses.
The next thing is, using Internet through cellular devices has made an evolution in Internet
world. The numbers of Internet users has significantly increased by the grace of cell phone. In
various field such as, Education, medical, Social Networks, Official conversation, File
transformation, news, entertainment, etc cell phone is being widely used. Communication around
the world has become easier, that makes us to be more social.
Another thing that now a days is more concerning, interested subject that is Developers are
developing millions of Application for various work, and Games from mini to HD which makes
another dimension in cell phones using purpose.
As we know everything in the world has its demerits too. Cell Phone is not excluding of this
nature. Lucrative offers make users especially the youth generation to talk for long time,
avoiding sleep. Numerous social crimes are taking place by misusing cell phones. Porno,
scandal, kidnapping, stealing personal information, threading etc are occurring & cell phone is
being used to execute these crimes. Social Networks likes Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp,
Nimbuzz etc sites are killing our valuable times. Especially students are spending most of their
time in Social sites rather that their study. Besides, Medial Science let us know that there is a
health risk in using cell phone. Cell phone has a negative impact on our body and environment.

Whatever we say, the positive site of cell phone is more weighted than negative site. It has
enriched our life, given us freedom of communication. Our daily works gets easier because of
various applications. Definitely it is a very important device for our life if we can ensure its
proper apply.


For The Government
Require Pre-Market Cell Phone Emissions Testing: The government should test the emissions
of existing and new cellular devices.

Set Exposure Standards to Protect Human Health: The government should set exposure
standards to protect human health. These standards should include an adequate margin of safety
for susceptible populations.

Conduct Scientific Studies to Determine Health Risks: The government should be authorized
by Congress to offer competitive grants to independent academic researchers to examine the
health effects associated with cellular technologies.

New Tax on Cell Phones to Fund Studies: Funding for the health, safety and environmental
studies should be provided for by a designated cell phone sales tax.

Prohibit Advertising to Children: The cell phone industry should be prohibited from marketing
their products, applications, and software to children.

Stop unauthorized use of cell phone: The mobile operator should stop unauthorized uses of cell
phone. Every subscriber should have to submit their original information in times of becoming

For the individuals
Use Speakerphones: Try to reduce the amount of time spent with the cellular device held
against your ear and head. Use a speakerphone, if possible, or a wired headset to reduce your
exposure to RF radiation.

Avoid Sleeping With Cellular Devices: Sleeping next to cell phone causes unnecessary
exposure to electromagnetic fields. The cell phone should be kept several feet from the bed.

Carry Your Cell Phone Safely: While in standby mode, cell phones normally send and receive
signals. Carrying a cell phone in your pants or shirt pocket will emit electromagnetic radiation to
nearby tissues. Try to carry your cell phone away from your body.

Learn the Emission Rating for Your Phones: Learn about the emissions and antenna location
for your phone. When purchasing cellular devices, consider the relative emission levels of
different brands and models, and be especially cautious if you are providing children with access
to the device, or if you are a woman of childbearing age.

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Appendix Part
Honorable Sir/Madam,
We are the students of IUBAT (International University of Business, Agriculture & Technology)
in BBA program. As a part of our course (BUS 301- Business Research) we are assigned to
make conduct a survey on the topic How have cell phone changed us socially? To conduct the
research we need your valuable opinion regarding to our below questionnaire. The information
will be used for study purpose only. All responses will be of course, treated anonymously and
Respondents Profile:
Gender Male Female
Age (In years) 15-20 20-35 above 35
Education Under Graduate Graduate Others (Please specify) .
Profession Student Teacher Service Holder

1. Do you use cell phone?
Yes No (Tick please)
[If No, please brief the reason below and stop interviewing]
2. Which of these applications do you have on your phone or PDA?
Text Messaging

3. How often do you use each application?
Never Once A couple times Everyday

4. Does the use of your cell phone or PDA make you feel less connected from people due
to lack of face to face communication?
Yes No

5. Would you say that you could not live without your cell phone or PDA?
Yes No

6. 9. How many years have you had a cell phone or PDA?
<1 1-2 2-3 3-4 5-7 7-10 11<

7. Do you believe that cell phone hamper education and kills time?
Yes No
[If No, please brief the reason below and stop interviewing]

8. Cell phones improve the social interaction
Strongly Disagree Disagree Agree Strongly Agree

9. Cell phone cans causes health problem
Strongly Disagree Disagree Agree Strongly Agree

10. Cell Phone has a significant effect in our social life
Strongly Disagree Disagree Agree Strongly Agree

The answers to this survey are going into a research paper and if you would like, you can add
any comments that you feel are relevant and I will put them into my paper.