Minutes of NZALT executive meeting held at ACENZ, Wellington 30/31 July 2005 Present: Noeline Grant (in chair Saturday), Anne

Jacques ( in chair Sunday), Jane Lee, Janet Sirisomphone, Gretchen Badenhorst, Adele Scott, Jenness Riethmaier, Philippa Doig, David Hall, Jo Hawes (Saturday), Sue Sutherland (interim secretary) Welcome (Noeline Grant) Acknowledgement of Jo Hawes’exceptional organization of Langsem Victoria, 29 July. Thanks to executive for support with the presentation ceremony to Mary Gray, and to Sue Sutherland for the catering. Welcome to Philippa Doig, R.O. (Victoria) - philippa.doig@hvhs.school.nz. Apologies: Judy Gibb 1 Regional Round up Canterbury Sasakawa workshop for Japanese teachers in April was very successful – Anne de Kretser from the Melbourne Japanese Language Education Centre an excellent presenter. Langsem is being organized for 5 August. Year 7 and 8 and Spanish will be included. Janet reported on the difficulty of finding convenors; she will oversee the Spanish programme, as no convenor was able to be found. Keith Thomson, a careers adviser at Christchurch Boy’s High School, will be a keynote speaker. $2000 funding received from Ministry of Education Auckland Feedback on the essence statement has been completed and will be forwarded to Adele. Langsem feedback – high numbers. Separate section for Years 7 and 8. Rosemary Erlam, keynote speaker, on the topic, The ten principles of language teaching. The ten principles are on the tki web site. There was agreement that the acknowledgement of funding from Ministry appear in Polyglot. Applications for funding need to be made a year in advance. This year’s cut off date was 31st May. Victoria Langsem 29 July, 83 people registered.Received Min of Ed funding. Not enough numbers to run Spanish and Years 7 & 8. Possible reasons: 1) needs of Years 7 and 8 teachers being met through PD training and in-depth work in schools 2) changes to Min of Ed funding mean that fewer schools have money for release. Waikato The Annual German Talkfest was organized in Rotorua by Martin Weren. A meeting in the form of a song sharing session has also been also held. Langsem, 9 September, to include 5 languages, plus years 7 and 8. Expecting between 90 and 100 registrations. Ministry of Education funding received. NG requested models of Talkfest from David Hall Otago 31 March German Talkfest started at 4.30 p.m Thursday and continued Friday – a number of German exchange students successfully participated. French are having similar event next year and Japanese will have a one-day one.

Massey Langsem (30-31 August) is being organized. Min of Education funding received. To begin Tuesday evening and continue for a full day, Wednesday, to allow participants to arrive on time and take full benefit of the programme. In the evening there will be a mix and mingle, entertainment, half hour salsa class followed by dinner with three choices of restaurant. The Wednesday programme will begin at 8.45 a.m. There will be 20 sessions of 40 mins each with 5-minute turn around, four sessions running concurrently. Presenters have been asked to be non-language and non- level specific, where possible. The members of the organizing committee are from a broad spectrum of the Massey region - Wanganui, Hawkes Bay, Palmerston North. The presenters range from a principal of a tiny primary school to intermediate teachers. Richard Steel and Gail Spence are invitees. To avoid queuing, boxed lunches will be served. In the discussion which followed Regional Officers were urged to hold meeting meetings with local SLAs to improve communication between NZALT and SLAs 2 Minutes of the meeting, 12-13 March, 2005 were confirmed. The final draft has yet to be presented for signing. . 3 Correspondence Inward from Maki Yamada . She tabled her report at Langsem Victoria, 29th July from Human Rights Commission – invitation to participate in the New Zealand Diversity Forum, 23 August. FPLV responses to invitations to Mary Gray’s 29 July presentation. from Judy Gibb – she is willing to continue as secretary for the moment but would like to stand down. She sent her greetings to the executive from France. Outward To Gail Spence thanking her for sending the Curriculum Statement for Sign Language. Letters of invitation to Mary Gray’s presentation. Noeline agreed to represent NZALT at N.Z Diversity Forum at Te Papa Thanks to AFMLTA for their kind hosting of New Zealand delegates at the Melbourne conference Letters to principals of schools asking for release of executive members for Langsem, Victoria, and the NZALT 32nd AGM. To Min of Educ asking for extension for submitting a proposal to run the Level 3 internal assessment resource development. 4 Finance(Jane Lee) NZALT offers members a $30 subscription of Babel. 7 people took up offer. Cost: $210 + transfer charge paid of $15 for subscriptions. After discussion about the wisdom of NZALT continuing this offer, in view of service and production problems, it was agreed to discontinue a bulk subscription to Babel. N.Grant/J. Riethmaier Jenness to clarify with Megan McLaughlan, Treasurer of AFMLTA, that the $30 fee is valid for 2006 and ascertain the payment date. The Treasurer, Jane Lee, presented the budget April 05 – Mar 06 There are 566 paid up members It was moved that the regional officers be responsible for mailing out a letter of welcome to new members. J.Lee/A.Jacques It was agreed that the list of life members be published in NZLT as a matter of course and that the Treasurer forward list of life members to Regional officers.

When regional officers receive the list of members in their region they were advised to check that journal members are indeed institutions, i.e. University library, The projected Budget was scrutinized. It was noted that $400 needs to be budgeted in non-Conference years for the AGM and $1500 in Conference years. 5 Human Resources ( Jo Hawes) 5.1 International Languages Week ILW. Schools are organizing ILW events internally. Previous practice of organizing public events has been discontinued due to insufficient publicity arising. It was agreed that NZALT offer $200 prize draw to schools who have sent in copies of ILW media coverage. J.Hawes/P.Doig NZALT pay $500 to ILW for the production of posters and postcards. J.Hawes/P. Doig ILW T shirts – remaining supplies are to be distributed as prizes after October.Until then the cost is 2 for $20. 5.2 Competitions – No separate Aquila competition this year. Peter has contributed $500 for use of 2003 wining logo entry (Languages take you places) on T shirts. Exec members ordered a T shirt for immediate delivery. Members are to be offered opportunity to order a T shirt from the Conference brochure. T shirts thus ordered to be collected from the NZALT Conference table Screen saver competition – only 3 entries. Reason – more detailed guidelines are necessary.. The three entries were judged - all to receive a prize. Winning entries: Adrianna Sullivan, St Peters School, Cambridge($80), Thomas Libeau St Peters School ($80) Rebecca Li, Sacred Heart Girls’ School, Hamilton ( $50). All to receive an ILW T shirt. Suggestion that next year’s competition be a Powerpoint presentation/ screen saver promoting languages. A set of guidelines will be provided. A good idea? Include an IT session for teachers in Conference/Langsem sessions so that they may prepare students for the NZALT competition. . 6 Conference(Gretchen Badenhorst) Gretchen gave notice of a change in the conference organizers. Now Auckland University CCE Professional Conference Organization Services who will provide administration services. Programme and fliers to be the responsibility of NZALT Projected number – 500 The NZALT Conf. was advertised in the AFMLTA conference booklet in Melbourne. Fliers were also distributed. Noeline personally invited AFLMTA conference delegates to attend the NZALT Conference in Auckland 2006. Recommendation: that the NZALT Conference Convener, attending the Australian conference, invite Australian language teachers to the NZ conference. Refereeing of conference papers has begun – a panel of about ten members is being put together by Martin East – two academics will be refereeing each plenary and keynote paper before it goes on the conference disk. Brochure with registration information is in the process of being prepared and will be submitted for approval at the October exec. meeting. Keynote speaker confirmed: Professor Richard Johnston, the Vice- Dean of Research at the Faculty for Human Sciences, University of Sterling, UK – his field of specialization is early language learning and minority language revival.

CLANZ President to be invited. Registration will be on- line. 7 Certificates of Excellence (Gretchen Badenhorst) Teachers involved with baccalaureat do not want to use these certificates but teachers of Cambridge exams do. Discussion about the standard needed. So far Certificates of Excellence have been awarded to A and A* students. Gretchen agreed to collect, from the three schools offering the Cambridge exam, data of how many would be awarded certificates under the proposed criteria, namely, a B pass or better or a C pass with a distinction in the oral AS exam. Regional officers to report the number of Certificates of Excellence in stock to October exec meeting. 8 Asia/NZ (Janet Sirisomphone) Marion Chiu received an Asia:NZ grant of $200 to go towards her study costs. Kris Baker is to be paid the money granted in 2004-2004 –$ 466.90 NZALT’s report on the Asia:NZ fund must be presented to Asia:New Zealand by 30 June each year. Janet is to send a letter to Laytee George asking for a re-submission of her Asia:NZ request giving more details. 9 On line data base Rachel Williams of Katipo attended the meeting to present the case for an on-line data base. Treasurer Jane outlined the problem with the present Access base. Rachel Williams outlined its disadvantages, especially pointing to the risks of having all data on one computer. Rachel recommended using a MYSKL data base. The NZALT group, Anne, David and Jane, will scope the requirements of NZALT, and present these to Katipo by Sept 20. Katipo is expected to respond by 10th October with recommendations and costs. 29 October the NZALT the scooping group will bring their recommendations to the Executive meeting for a decision. If necessary the scooping group will meet together from 9 to 10 a.m. before the start of the full executive meeting. David sought clarification of financial arrangements with Katipo. On –going annual running cost/hosting fee for 12 months is $120. Specific help is charged out on a per hour basis 10 PD (David Hall) Maki Yamada was awarded $1500 for completion of her Master’s degree thesis. She has completed this and presented a 20 -page document. She is to be asked to produce shortened version of this for publication in the NZLT. David to confirm the word limit for NZLT. Special Projects Award, granted to NZAFT for production of video showing good teaching practice. $2000 has been paid and the additional $1000 will be paid when the video is complete. The completed video will be accepted in lieu of a report. Anne, incoming president, is to signal at Conference 2006, that provided the money is available a Special Projects Award will be available for 2007.

Alastair McLauchlan has requested $6000 for publishing costs associated with a three-year longitudinal project into why students discontinue their FL studies after Year 11 and 12. David moved that a letter be sent to Alastair McLauchlan to support him in requests he might make for funding for his project. D.Hall/P.Doig. Anne is to write the letter. David moved that NZALT write a letter to Alastair McLauchlan offering to publish his research in an expanded edition of NLT and the opportunity to promote his research in Langsems, ideally a lecture followed by a workshop. 11 Handover matters (Noeline Grant) Exec. send their best wishes to Jan Robertson, whose brother has been very ill; letter to Donella Aitken-Ferguson thanking her for her service on the Sasakawa Committee. Noeline reminded regional officers to ensure that their portfolio folders include the Constitution, Working Rules, membership data base, notes about organizing Langsem, notes for the regional Langsem, and description of own portfolio Noeline to write a report on Mary’s presentation for Polyglot and NZLT Adele is taking on the responsibility of collating the feedback on the definition of 1st language speakers and presenting them to Richard Steel at the October meeting. The administration of the Special Award Project was passed to the P.D. portfolio. Representation of NZALT at various meetings (e.g. PPTA, Human Diversity Forum. NZEI, The Principals’ Association) was discussed. It was agreed that NZALT co-opt S. Sutherland to represent the assoc at a PPTA subject assoc meeting on 10 Aug. A consultancy fee of $300 plus expenses will be paid. N.Grant/J.Lee 12 Curriculum and Assessment (Adele Scott) 12.1 The Scholarship Newsletter has been received. Scholarship is an award not a qualification. No credits can be gained. There is now no Level 4.The examination will be based on Level 8 of the curriculum and require high-level thinking, inter alia.. A student must be enrolled fulltime in a school, although they may be taking one university course, and must be a permanent resident of NZ to receive any money. The nzqa website has details. Jenness reported that a Dunedin Community is giving scholarship preparation courses to students - 20 sessions per subject. Adele tabled a letter to Richard Steel outlining members’ concerns about NCEA examinations. Adele will summarize the points made in NZALT letter and Richard Steel’s response for a Polyglot article. According to Richard Steel’s letter, markers are to be asked to include sample exam scripts in their reports. These will be excerpts. The desirability of producing a booklet of sample exam scripts for .5 assessments, i.e. writing tasks, at all levels of achievement for all languages was discussed at length. Points made during the discussion: Students must sign a slip to give permission for use of the script for sharing Clean copy required Level must be noted on the paper, permission slip attached

Scripts must be good examples of not achieved, achieved, achieved with merit, achieved with excellence. Might be best to begin with Levels 1 and 2. Booklet to be for sale to members, non-members to pay a higher price. Noeline to contact Gail and Richard to present the idea and discuss implications, e.g. intellectual property issues. The matter will be discussed with them at the October R.O’s will inform members of the possibility of this development in their newsletters Levels 1 and 2. A languages update from Curriculum Project will published on the website. 12.3 Review of Level 3 standards, resources and exemplars on the tki website. Min of Education is calling for expressions of interest in this process People required: 2 people as resource developers, 1 independent critiquer, 1 project manager. moderator, MOE person, NZALT contact , Advisory Services person A brief description of roles will be drawn up Process 1 Appoint Project Manager 2 Contact SLA’s 3 SLA’s identify and appoint personnel 4 Project Manager decides on the administrative process and calls a meeting of all. (August) 6 Big meeting of all involved to set parameters (November) 7 Languages groups carry out the review of resources and produce new ones. (January) 8 Whole group meets to critique the tasks/work produced – a bring and share 9 Re-write and final submission (Feb) Budget RD’s Preparation 2 days Meeting 2 days Writing 6 days (2 per AS) Meeting 1 Final submission 2 Reference group Advisory 2+1+1 Moderator 2+1+1 NZALT 2+1+3 Independent Critiquer 1 day per standard including report writing Project Manager 2 days administration project management 5 days meeting 3 + preparation 6 +6 for visiting the team reporting 3 (1/2 day per lang) Flights, accommodation, and $350 per day (consultancy fee) + expenses 14 Publicity and Marketing.( Jenness Riethmaier) Hilary Smith, editor (hilary_smith@xtra.co.nz) or Systemetrics Research Ltd, P.O.Box 150, Palmerston North has all the info for Polyglot. Articles for Polyglot are required by 31 August. RO’s to include a request for articles, class room tips, trips they have been away on, etc. in their newsletters. Regional officers all need to supply a report.

Year 7 and 8 Publicity ideas needed. 15 General Business 15.1 Application by Mary Gray Budget of $15000 + travel offered by TRCC, the Teacher’s Refresher Course Committee, for teacher refresher courses. Application must be used by 3-6-07 Mary’s proposal: 3 day course Morning devoted to generic sessions; p.m. language sessions – money should cover 80 teachers. Mary did not spell out the aims, but the following were suggested • To strengthen leadership in middle management • To support existing leaders • To schedule strategic planning. It was decided that NZALT continue with Mary’s proposal with a focus on leadership in languages that Mary’s approval of the above aims be sought to ask Colleen McClymont of TRCC for criteria/ template that Judy, Noeline, and Anne work on and submit the proposal 15.2 Collection of data for pro languages lobbying The progress with the collection of data for the lobbying for languages in the PPTA forum (March) was reviewed Survey Y12, 13 with an interest in primary teaching – Anne/Adele Supply of secondary teachers data is complete. Yr 9 Diversification what prior learning do students come into Yr 9. It was decided to omit this. Survey of pre-service primary grads –survey form has been prepared. Noeline will get colleagues like Sylvia Insley to peer-review it. Data to show number of hours required to achieve proficiency in the various languages. Rod Ellis/David Does NZALT support compulsory 2LL Yr 7-10 – discussion paper. Nos. of Yr 7/8 2LL trained Teachers” Source of data? The MOE data management unit ACENZ,SSS. More important to get the number of schools teaching langs at year 7 and 8. Jane This data is to be ready for the October meeting. It was suggested that in the longer term the tki website record language- teaching schools and communities, and the languages taught and levels. 15.3 There has been an informal request from FPLV – that NZALT support a small member nation by paying its FPLV fee of $10. It was not clear whether this is just a one off request, if neighbouring countries have been approached It was decided to ask FPLV for a formal approach. Noeline will follow this up. 15.4 NZ Diversity Forum -Developing a National Languages Policy. - Noeline plans to attend this event. Her role and contribution was discussed – she is to seek clarification of the terminology on the point of difference between a National “Languages Policy” and a National Languages Policy and to present NZALT’s definition of a National Language Policy.

15.5 AFMLTA Conference . Delegates gave feedback. It was regretted that the booklet did not give a detailed description of what each session was about. Commended sessions included those on Big Books, Partial Bi-Lingual Learning, Task Magic, a programme which generates games (just search “taskmagic” in Google). Adele reported ion the activities developed by the Learning Federation. The meeting closed at 3.05p.m


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