ABOUT MYSELF My name is Hadi Teguh Yudistira. I am final year student majoring Engineering Physics at Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia. I strongly believe that to achieve a great goal requires great awareness, sacrifice, and patience. Awareness about why the goal must be achieved, sacrifice about time, thought and power, also patience about what is being done. This way of thinking leads me to become highly motivated in achieving my goal, that is to be useful to a lot of people. This fundamental goal becomes my foundation in constructing my path of life. I have had a lot of extracurricular activities. I believe many lessons will be got in extracurricular activities, such as leadership, team work, communication, etc. I think my extracurricular activities help me to achieve my great goal. ACADEMIC BACKGROUND As human being who lives in such a great world, I was aware that a lot of fascinating phenomena to learn that nature provided for the good of society. I believe that exploring physical phenomena and make them useful to human life are the way to maximize nature potentials. This led me to choose Engineering Physics at Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), the most prestigious institute in Indonesia, as my major. By having strong understanding of basic scientific knowledge to solve engineering problems, I believe that my goal is coming to close. Therefore, Engineering Physics is obvious choice for me in academic career. Engineering Physics is a major that provides students with strong and broad understanding of fundamental knowledge in physics and mathematics together with practical skill in engineering. With strong foundations in fundamental principles, Engineering Physics is able to take part in multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary areas such as energy, instrumentation, control system, acoustic wave, electromagnetic wave, medical engineering, material science, signal processing, and thermal engineering. I have done two research, Pycoelectric Infra Red Sensor to detect Human and Spectral Analyzer using Periodogram (direct) method and Correlogram (indirect) method. I did Pycoelectric Infra Red Sensor to detect Human when I had Sensor Technology lecture. I knew picoelectric infra red sensor work when I had done this research. My research about Spectral Analyzer was done by two my friends and me. Prof Harijono was our assistant when we had done Spectral Analyzer Research. Now, I am doing about simulation phased array antenna use finite difference time domain research. Mr. Hermawan K. Dipojono, Ph.D.

is my assistant in simulation phased array antenna use finite difference time domain research. Research Interest I am interesting to continue my study. I want to study about electromagnetic wave for measurement, such as radar, infra red sensor, automotive radar. My main research interest is how to use electromagnetic wave for measurement nano scale. I believe electromagnetic wave has properties that used to measurement system. I think it’s a chance to do this research to improve our technology.

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