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Internet Banking Agreement and Disclosure

This Internet Banking Agreement and Disclosure (the Agreement) explains the terms and
conditions governing the basic Internet banking services and bill payment services oered by
International Bank o !hicago (Bank)
Internet Banking "ervices
#$In consideration o the Internet Banking "ervice ("ervices) to be provided by the Bank% as
described rom time to time in inormation distributed by Bank to its customer$ In this agreement%
!ustomer reers to the person(s) subscribing to or using the "ervice$ !ustomer may use a &ersonal
!omputer (&!) through an Internet connection to obtain account balances and transaction
inormation$ !ustomer may also use a &! to obtain statements on accounts and to transer money
bet'een accounts$ In addition% a &! may be used to electronically direct Bank to make payments
rom a !ustomer Account (Account) to third parties (payees) that !ustomer has selected to
receive payments through the "ervice$ &ayments may be made through the "ervice to any business
proessional% merchant% amily member or riend$ The Account means a designated bill payment
checking account at Bank rom 'hich Bank makes bill payments on !ustomer(s behal pursuant to
this Agreement$ By subscribing to the "ervice or using any Internet Banking "ervices (including but
not limited to making any payments to a third party)% !ustomer agrees to the terms o this Agreement$
All Internet banking services o any kind 'hatsoever oered or aordable by the Bank (including but
not limited to% unds transers% bill payment services% 'ire transers% and A!) transactions) 'ill be
reerred to collectively as Internet Banking "ervices in the Agreement$ This Agreement covers all
Internet Banking "ervices and is applicable to all ederal regulatory disclosures and the Deposit
Account Terms and !onditions$ All applicable ee schedules published by the Bank rom time to time
'ill apply to the Internet Banking "ervices$ *ou are responsible or the payment o any ees incurred
by you on any account% or any service% at any time$ *ou agree to pay all such ees upon re+uest o the
Bank$ ,urther% you agree to pay all telephone charges or ees incurred by you in accessing Internet
Banking "ervice$
*our use o any Internet Banking "ervice in connection 'ith your account at the Bank constitutes
your acceptance and agreement to be bound by all o the terms and conditions o this Agreement and
o the Deposit Account Terms and !onditions$ "uch use ackno'ledges your receipt and
understanding o this Agreement and the Deposit Account Terms$
-$ Personal Identification Number (PIN). Bank is entitled to act upon instructions received
through any Internet Banking "ervice under your &I. or &ass &hrase and 'ithout in+uiring into the
identity o the person using that &I. or &hrase$ ()o'ever% you agree that you 'ill not% under any
circumstances% disclose your &I. or &hrase by telephone or any other means to any person$) *ou
ackno'ledge that no person rom the Bank 'ill ever ask you or your &I. or &ass &hrase% 'hich
Bank employees do not need and should not ask or your &I. or &ass &hrase$ *ou agree never to
provide your &I. or &ass &hrase to any one% including anyone% claiming to represent the Bank$ *ou
are liable or all transactions made or authori/ed using your &I. or &ass &hrase$ The Bank has no
responsibility or establishing the identity o any person or determining the validity o a transaction$
0ach individual 'ho has access to Internet Banking% including each individual named on 1oined
accounts% must designate a personal Identiication .umber (&I.) and a user code$
*ou agree that i you give your &I. or &ass &hrase to any one or ail to saeguard its secrecy% you do
s at your o'n risk since anyone 'ith your &I. or &ass &hrase 'ill have access to your accounts$ *ou
agree to notiy the Bank immediately in the event your &I. or &ass &hrase is lost or stolen or is
other'ise compromised$ At any time% you may ask the Bank to disable your &I. or &ass &hrase and
issue a ne' one to you$ ,or 1oint accounts each person may gave a separate &I. or &ass &hrase or
each may use a 1oint &I. or &ass &hrase$ 0ach person on a 1oint account 'ill be liable or all
transactions that are made on that account% also each person on a 1oint account authori/es all
transactions made by any other person on the account$ 0ach person on a 1oint account agrees to be
liable or the actions o the other person(s) on the account$
3. Schedule Payments on the Bill Payment Service. Bill payment "ervice may be added to allo'
!ustomer to use a &! to electronically schedule payments 'ith the "ervice$ &ayments are posted
against !ustomer(s balance available or 'ithdra'al% as deined in the Bank(s policies$ Bank reserves
the right to decline to make payments to certain persons and entities$
4. Bank Liability for ailure to com!lete "ransactions. I Bank does not complete a transer to or
rom !ustomer(s Accounts on time or in the current amount according to this Agreement% Bank 'ill
not be liable or losses or damages$ The Bank 'ill not be liable or2
a$ i% through no ault o Bank% !ustomer does not have enough money in an Account to
make the transer3
b$ i the money in !ustomer(s Account is sub1ect to legal process or other encumbrances
restricting transer3
c$ i the system 'as not 'orking properly 'hen !ustomer started the transer3
d$ i circumstances beyond control (such as ire or lood or systems ailure) prevent the
transer% despite reasonable precautions that have been taken3
e$ i the &ayee mishandles or delays handling payment sent by Bank$
All payments% transers% and4or ees made 'ith the "ervice 'ill appear on !ustomer(s 5onthly
Account "tatement$ The &ayee name% payment amount% and date o the payment 'ill be sho'n or
each payment made through the "ervice during that month$
#. ees. ,ees or "ervices shall be payable in accordance 'ith a schedule o charges as
established and amended by Bank$ !harges shall be automatically deducted rom !ustomer(s
account% and Bank shall provide to !ustomer monthly notice o such debit(s) on !ustomer(s
$. %&ui!ment. !ustomer is solely responsible or the e+uipment (including in the case o Internet
Banking% &ersonal !omputer and "ot'are) used to access the "ervice$ Bank is not responsible or
errors% delays% or inability to access the "ervices caused by !ustomer(s e+uipment$ Bank is not
responsible or he cost o upgrading e+uipment to stay current 'ith the services nor is Bank
responsible% under any circumstances% or any damages t !ustomer(s e+uipment or the data resident
'. Business (ays)*ours of +!eration. Bank(s business hours are 6277 am to 8277 pm (!entral
time)% 5onday through ,riday% and 6277 am to #277 pm on 9ednesday except Bank holidays$
Although payments and transer can be completed on business days% the "ervice is available -8 hours
a day% seven (:) days a 'eek% except during maintenance periods% or the scheduling o payment
orders and transers$
,. Notice of -ustomer .i/hts and Liabilities. "ecurity o transactions is important to Bank$ ;se
o the "ervices may thereore re+uire a &I. or &ass &hrase$ I a &I. or &ass &hrase is lost or
orgotten% please call (::<) :=6>-?66 during normal business hours listed above$ Bank may accept as
authentic any instructions given through the use o !ustomer(s &I. or &ass &hrase$ The !ustomer(s
&I. and &ass &hrase must be kept secret$ .otiy Bank immediately i the &I. and &ass &hrase is lost
or stolen or i it is believed someone else has discovered the &I. or &ass &hrase$ Internet Banking
"ervices enables !ustomer to change the &ass &hrase2 Bank re+uires that the pass'ord be changed
&lease note that Bank reserves the right to (#) monitor and4or record all communications and activity
related to the "ervices3 and (-) re+uire veriication o all re+uested transers in the manner Bank
deems appropriate beore making the transer ('hich may include 'ritten veriication by !ustomer)$
It is agreed that Bank records 'ill be inal and conclusive as to all +uestions concerning 'hether or
not the &I. or &ass &hrase 'as used in connection 'ith a particular transaction$ I any unauthori/ed
use o !ustomer(s &I. or &ass &hrase occurs% !ustomer agrees to (#) cooperate 'ith Bank and
appropriate la' enorcement authorities in identiying and prosecuting the perpetrator3 and (-)
provide reasonable assistance re+uested by Bank in recovering any unauthori/ed transer o unds$
Tell Bank AT @.!0 i it is believed the &I. or &ass &hrase has been lost or stolen$ !ustomer could
lose all the money in an account (plus your maximum line o credit)$
BA.A !A..@T A!!0&T .@TI,I!ATI@. @, B@"T @C "T@B0. &I."% &A"" &)CA"0"% @C
;.A;T)@CID0D TCA.",0C EIA 0>5AIB$
0. Indemnification. *ou hereby indemniy and release International Bank o !hicago rom any
and all liability and agree not to make any claim against the Bank or bring any action against the
Bank honoring or allo'ing any actions or transactions 'here you have authori/ed the person
perorming the action or transaction to use your account or 'hen you have provided your &I. or &ass
&hrase to that person$ *ou agree to reimburse the Bank or any losses it suers or any damages%
in1uries% costs or expenses it incurs (including attorney(s ees) as a result o the bank(s honoring or
allo'ing transactions on the account 'here the &I. or &ass &hrase 'as used$
The limitations o liability set orth in this Agreement are sub1ect to% and limited by any state or
ederal la' to the contrary$
12. 3uthori4ation to +btain Information. !ustomer agrees that Bank may obtain and revie' a
credit report rom a credit bureau or similar entity$ !ustomer also agrees that Bank may obtain
inormation regarding &ayee accounts in order to acilitate proper handling and crediting o
11. 5aivers. .o 'aiver o the terms o this Agreement 'ill be eective% unless in 'riting and
signed by an authori/ed oicer o Bank$
16. 7overnin/ La8. The la's o the "tate o Illinois shall govern this Agreement and all
transactions hereunder$ !ustomer ackno'ledges that Agreement has been revie'ed and understands
the terms and conditions set orth herein% and agrees to be bound hereby$
13. 3mendments. Bank can change a term or condition o this Agreement by mailing or delivering
to !ustomer a 'ritten notice at least thirty (<7) days beore the eective date o any such change$
Bank does not need to provide !ustomer 'ith any prior notice 'here an immediate change in the
terms or conditions o this Agreement is necessary to maintain or restore the security o the system or
an Account$ )o'ever% even in these cases% i the change is to be made permanent Bank 'ill provide
!ustomer 'ith a notice o change 'ith the next regularly scheduled periodic statement sent% or 'ithin
thirty (<7) days% unless disclosure 'ould 1eopardi/e the security o our system or an Account$ .otices
mailed or delivered to the !ustomer as discussed n this paragraph 'ill be considered eective i
mailed to the most recent !ustomer address in either !hecking or "avings Account records% or e>mail
address in 'hich !ustomer authori/ed to receive such notices and4or disclosures$
14. Security Procedures. By accessing the "ervices% !ustomer hereby ackno'ledges that the
service is o'ned by International Bank o !hicago% and that the service 'ill only be used or
authori/ed purposes$ The Bank may monitor and audit usage o the system% and all persons are
hereby notiied that use o the "ervices constitutes consent to such monitoring these 'eb sites are
strictly prohibited and are sub1ect to prosecution under the !omputer ,raud and Abuse Act o #6?=$
1#. "ermination. To terminate access to the "ervices% call (::<) :=6>-?66$ Ater receipt o the
call% a 'ritten termination authori/ation or signature and return 'ill be sent$ In order to avoid the
next monthly ee% the 'ritten authori/ation to terminate must be received three (<) days beore the
service charge is schedule to access$
Bank reserves the right to terminate the "ervices% in 'hole or in part% at any time 'ith or 'ithout
cause and 'ithout prior 'ritten notice$ In that event% or in the event that !ustomer provides a
termination notice% Bank may (but is not obligated to) immediately discontinue making previously
authori/ed transers% including recurring transers and other transers that 'ere previously authori/ed
but not yet made$ Bank also reserves the right to temporarily suspend the services in situations
deemed appropriate% in the Bank(s sole and absolute discretion% including 'hen a breach o system
security has occurred or is being attempted$ Bank may consider repeated incorrect attempts to enter
the &I. or &ass &hrase as an indication o an attempted security breach$ Termination o the "ervices
does not aect !ustomer(s obligation under this Agreement 'ith respect to occurrences beore