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Punctuations in the anagrams may be ignored. Spaces may be added

or omitted according to the question.They are mostly irrelevant.
Q1. Thorn, Shout, Seat & Stew
What am I talking about?
Q2. Identify the food related thing(one word).
Clam n Sodd
Q3. Our final destination is Undone Too in Fee Sting.
Solve the anagrams underlined.
Q4. Here is a famous symbol.
Built to Stay Free
Q5. Tell the name of the famous newspaper.
Monkey Writes
Q6.Name this famous political figure.
He Bugs Gore
Q. Name famous cars.
7. A Rental
8. My Car
Q9. Name this US president.
O, Short Names Jeff
Q10. Japan is a country having two capitals at different time which
were anagrams of each other. Just name them.

Q1.Identify the famous and critically acclaimed movie.
Tim taken, showed harsh pen
Q2. Figure out this big, cant tell you what it is.
Attaineth its cause, freedom
Q3.Identify the famous personality related with roni.
That great charmer.
Q4.Figure out these personalities, with different ideologies and
ways but the same goal.
Hah Diamond Sang ; Hang Tab Sigh
Q5. Coming to another president-
A darn long era
Q6. Identify the movie.
Ford, the real star is OK
Q7.Another movie-
A tight ordeal
Q8. Solve Sirs, such jets to pick out correct phrase from the
sentence to solve( the answer would point towards the answer of
March sits on the head of april.
Q9. Identify the movie and the so called source.
Movie Theorised It ; Source - Even IIT spoof em on
Q10. Identify the person, his field stated in the anagram itself.
Ill make a wise phrase

Q1.Find out the name of once CM of New Delhi from the sentence.
Point out the name and the anagram(Anagram may consist of more
than one word).
All thecavalry was marching forward but the Hussar was jam.
Q2. Rearrange the letters of the sentence to reform into the
headline of news( there is amples clue in the anagram).
Famed Praying Saint! So more fames on then? Peace prize?
Q3. The most difficult one according to me also the most beautiful.
Guess the title of the poem after realizing a peculiar feature.

Q4. Decode the anagram giving a famous quotation and the person
who gave it.(Give the exact quotation)
Thin man ran; makes a large stride; left planet, pins flag on moon!
On to Mars.
Q5. Pick up the anagram(just one word) from the sentence and tell
the name of the celebrity it indicates.
The Presbyterians church in Ireland is the largest Presbyterian
denomination in Ireland.
Q6. Film the Handcar while Will withdraws room.
Three important words of a quote and the person credited for it are
separated by while. Figure out the quote and the person. But first
of all, find what is on which side?
Q7. Dream snip; Insobriety slip
Connect them.(Obviously after rearranging)
Q8. Hijack acne precisely on two.
Identify the actor and the important movie series of his/her career.
Q9. Hard Uses, All Fill Now Cuber of root.
Obtain the important information from these three fragments.
Q10. Name the company and the product.( You would have to place
an extra the before it).
Machines apt to help.

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