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speed quality economy security
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The colour printing market is growing fast – especially in office environments
where colour-capable copier-printers are increasingly taking over from monochrome
or analogue devices. The new Develop ineo
450p combines speed with quality
and economy with security to provide the perfect solution for office applications.
you need
that makes a difference
With the Develop ineo
450p it’s never speed at
the expense of quality. This system gives you
first-class image quality in colour and black and
white. Whatever office documents need to be
printed – mainly monochrome Word documents
or colour-rich PowerPoint presentations – the
Develop ineo
450p will deliver the goods. These
days, companies are increasingly judged by the
print quality of their external communications.
The Develop ineo
450p ensures that printed
documents conform to a company’s colour code
and enables colour to be used to highlight im-
portant messages. Colour has never been more
important in business communication. And
never so good.
35 pages per minute in colour, 45 in black and
white – that’s the kind of speed a modern-day
office needs. As one of the fastest black-and-
white printers with full colour capability up to
A3 full bleed, the Develop ineo
450p is the ideal
solution for any office environment. What’s
more, the machine’s A3 printing capability
opens up numerous possibilities A4 doesn’t give
you, e.g. booklets, holiday schedules, etc.
Wherever it is deployed – as a group or depart-
mental printer or even in a corporate print-
room – the Develop ineo
450p with its standard
PostScript controller is ideally equipped to cope
with time-critical office print jobs. As an inte-
gral part of the ineo family, this new system is
easy to operate and comes with networking
capability and identical drivers. After all, effec-
tive speed is not only measured in ppm but also
in time to print.
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The Develop ineo
450pp offers an attractive
combination of speed, quality and economy. It
easily outperforms ink-jet printers by delivering
superior-quality documents in colour or black
and white and printing much more economi-
cally. These cost advantages become increasingly
attractive as the print volume rises. In addition,
the Develop ineo
450p offers the kind of sophis-
ticated finishing qualities usually associated
with a digital copier: booklet-making, stapling
and punching. This features are far from com-
mon in conventional office printers but save
office users a lot of time. The Develop ineo
can deliver ready-to-use documents with no
need for time-consuming manual intervention.
where it counts
where it matters
Data security is becoming an increasingly criti-
cal issue. Digitisation has undoubtedly brought
many benefits, particularly in networked envi-
ronments, but also facilitated access to data. The
Die Develop ineo
450p is ideally equipped to
meet today’s demands for greater data security
and help a business keep its document produc-
tion costs under control. Users can be allocated
access codes,which not only prevent unauthor-
ised usage but also enable print jobs to be
tracked to individual departments, groups or
individuals. And that saves wastage. A confi-
dential print function also stops unauthorised
access to restricted documents.
Develop ineo
– the system for all office applications, coulour or black and white
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All specifications relating to paper capacity refer to A4-sized
paper of 80 g/m
All specifications relating to scanning, copying or printing
speeds refer to A4-sized paper that is scanned, copied or printed
crosswise in multipage, simplex mode.
We reserve the right to make changes to the technical design
and specifications. Illustrations include accessories. The technical
specifications refer to maximumperformance. The technical data
shown are as applicable at time of printing – this invalidates any
previous publications, including the specifications they contain.
Some of the above names are brand names or registered trade
marks of the relevant manufacturer. DEVELOP does not accept
any liability or guarantee for these products.
54901102100 | October 2005
Printed on chlorine-free bleached paper
Develop GmbH Europaallee 17 D-30855 Langenhagen
General data
Console system (printer)
Printing/copying speed
> A4
max. 35/45 ppm (colour/black and white)
> A3
max. 19/24 ppm (colour/black and white)
Copy system
Grey scales
Paper feeder
> Standard: 900 sheets, max. 3,400 sheets
> 250-sheet universal cassette, 150-sheet bypass
(A6 – A3++, 64 – 256 g/m
) for standard paper,
cardboard, OHP, labels, envelopes
> 500-sheet cassette (A5-A3, 64-256 g/m
) for
standard paper, cardboard
> Duplex unit max. 256 g/m
Paper format A3++
Max. 311 x 457 mm
Printable area
Max. 305 x 449 mm
Warm-up time
Less than 99 seconds
Dimensions (w x h x d)
706 x 765 x 908 mm (without options)
Approx. 125 kg (without options)
Power connection
220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Printer specifications
Embedded 600 MHz
1,024 MB RAM
Hard disk
40 GB
Max. 600 x 600 dpi, interpolated 600 x 1,800 dpi
Network protocols
IPX/SPX (for NDS), TCP/IP, NetBEUI, Ethertalk,
Port 9100, IPP
PCL 5c/6, PS 3
Parallel/USB 2.0 (optional), Ethernet 10/100
Windows 98/NT4.0/2000/ME/XP/2003,
Mac OS 9.x/10.x
> Booklet Finisher with optional Punch Kit
> Finisher with single-position stapling,
Punch Kit and optional tray for
faxes/ printouts/copies
> 1 x 500-sheet cassette (A5-A3, 64-256 g/m
> 2 x 500-sheet cassette with copy table
(A5 – A3, 64 – 256 g/m
> Large capacity cassette for 2,500 sheets
(A4, 64 – 256 g/m
) standard paper
> Large cabinet
> Parallel/USB 2.0 interface for standard
> Mechanical counter
Workflow utilities
> Web Spooler
> Data Administrator
> IPC cost centre management (optional)
> Jtman jobticket (optional)
> DOTS Pilot II imposition (optional)
> Unix/Linux support
> SAP support
> IBM/AS 400 support
> Plug-in Web JetAdmin
> WLAN (optional)
> NDPS Gateway
> EMS plug-in
> Network Setup Device Management
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