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cost-effective communicative flexible secure
What inkjet printer can produce an entire brochure? Is a laser printer that does
nothing but print an economical solution? In a modern-day office where time is always
in short supply it makes sound business sense to choose a printer that does much
more than just print. The Develop ineo
250p is just such a solution– 25 pages per minute
in black and white or colour with all the benefits of copier-style finishing features.
The ineo
250p saves office workers time
and effort in producing ready-to-use punched or
stapled documents – and even automatically cre-
ates entire brochures with printed cover sheets
from different cassettes. This time-saving flexi-
bility is also evident in the printer’s paper-han-
dling qualities. Heavy paper of up to 256 g/m
no problem from the standard cassette and in
the duplex and bypass functions. Besides saving
office workers time and effort, this printer
also saves a business money by cutting paper
consumption through duplex output. As a print-
er-plus-finisher, the ineo
250p is good for your
bottom line.
Whether you print in b/w or colour, the
Develop ineo
250p gives you a cost-effective
25 A4 pages per minute, easily beating inkjet
printers in terms of performance and economy.
This printer’s superiority is particularly appar-
ent in the crisp, clear quality of printed text,
the most common office application, and the
economical way it prints in full colour. The
250p is an ideal solution for cost-effective
colour printing in an office environment.
Fast and efficient data exchange is essential
in a modern office. The ineo
250p is designed to
make the most of that networked environment.
This printer’s key networking feature is a digital
mailbox that enables any print file to be stored
for future use and retrieved as and when re-
quired. This Box can store up to 1,000 individual
mailboxes, with or without an access code, and
the hard disk is big enough to take up to 9,000
pages, e.g. phone lists, forms or standard docu-
ments. In this way, the ineo
250p opens the door
to communicative business networking.
The ineo
250p can help companies keep a
tight control on their data security and cost of
printing. As data security becomes an increas-
ingly important factor in an office environment,
the ineo
250p is in a different league from ink-
jet or conventional laser printers with features
such as a password-secure hard disk and data
overwrite function to ensure data really get
erased. The ineo
250p allows access or function-
al restrictions to be imposed on users or cost
centres while, at the same time, enabling several
users to share an account on a joint project.
At a company-wide level the network adminis-
trator is provided with easy-to-use tools for
managing each ineo
250p and importing set-
tings from one device to another. Secure and
cost-conscious networkability is an integral part
of the ineo idea.
A better printing performance in colour or b/w –
the Develop ineo
All specifications relating to paper capacity refer to A4-sized
paper of 80 g/m
All specifications relating to scanning, copying or printing
speeds refer to A4-sized paper that is scanned, copied or printed
crosswise in multipage, simplex mode.
We reserve the right to make changes to the technical design
and specifications. Illustrations include accessories. The technical
specifications refer to maximumperformance. The technical data
shown are as applicable at time of printing – this invalidates any
previous publications, including the specifications they contain.
Some of the above names are brand names or registered trade
marks of the relevant manufacturer. Develop does not accept
any liability or guarantee for these products.
54901101100 | November 2005
Printed on chlorine-free bleached paper
Develop GmbH Europaallee 17 D-30855 Langenhagen
General data
Printing/copying speed
> A4
max. 25/25 ppm (colour/black and white)
> A3
max. 13/13 ppm (colour/black and white)
Print system
Grey scales
Paper feeder
> Standard: 850 sheets, 3,350 sheets maximum
> 250-sheet universal cassette, 100-sheet bypass
(A6–A3++, 64–256 g/m
) for standard paper,
cardboard, OHP, labels, envelopes
> 500-sheet cassette (A5–A3, 64–90 g/m
) for
standard paper
Paper format A3++
Max. 311 x 457 mm
Printable area
Max. 305 x 449 mm
Warm-up time
Less than 110 seconds
Dimensions (w x h x d)
653 x 601 x 712 mm (without options)
Approx. 76 kg (without options)
Power connection
220–240 V, 50/60 Hz
Printer specifications
embedded 466 MHz (standard)
1,024 MB RAM, 40 GB hard disk (optional)
Max. 600 x 600 dpi, interpolated 600 x 1,800 dpi
Network protocols
IPX/SPX (for NDS), TCP/IP, NetBEUI, Ethertalk,
Port 9100, IPP
PCL 5c, PS 3
Ethernet 10/100 BaseT, parallel/ USB 2.0
Windows 98/NT4.0/2000/ME/XP/2003,
Mac OS 9.x/10.x
> Duplex unit (max. 256 g/m
> Booklet Finisher with optional Punch Kit
> Finisher with single-position stapling and
optional tray for faxes/printouts/copies
> 1 x 500-sheet cassette (A5–A3, 64–90 g/m
> 2 x 500-sheet cassette (A5–A3, 64–90 g/m
> Large capacity cassette for 2,500 sheets
(A4, 64–90 g/m
) for standard paper
> Large cabinet
> Parallel/USB 2.0 interface
> 40 GB hard disk
Workflow utilities
> dots Pilot 2 imposition (optional)
> Job Spooler
> Data Administrator
> Inepro cost centre management (optional)
> Jtman jobticket (optional)
> Unix/Linux support
> SAP support
> IBM AS/400 support
> Plug-in Web JetAdmin
> WLAN (optional)
> NDPS Gateway
> EMS plug-in
> Network Setup Device Management