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Babri Masjid. Did the slap leave a mark?

Shame on us. Shame on us. Shame on us. We are still alive and the mosque which lived with our
ancestors is no more. Shame on us.

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A common Indian does know about Babri Masjid demolition, the events leading to it and the
events that followed it. But I am writing this essay for the international audience. I know it is a
sensitive issue and when you belong to one of the communities which was related to it you cant
part with the bias. I know my language will be criticised and I know it will be termed as a biased
work by non-muslims. But my purpose of writing this article is to develop an awareness among
common masses. I just want you people to research on your own. Being from Kashmir you
always have that anti-India sentiment in you, and why should it be there when you kill us. This
article is going to get bitter as we go on. I apologise in advance if it hurts anyone‟s feelings and
if anyone has some problems with it I am ready to debate. In this article of mine I have used a
significant portion from wikipedia.
The Babri Mosque (Hindi: बाबरी मसजिद, Urdu: دجس م یر با ب, translation: Mosque of Babur),
was a mosque in Ayodhya, a city in the Faizabad district of Uttar Pradesh, on Ramkot Hill
("Rama's fort"). It was destroyed in 1992 when a political rally developed into a riot involving
150,000 people. This happened despite a commitment to the Indian Supreme Court by the rally
organisers that the mosque would not be harmed. More than 2,000 people, especially Muslims,
were killed in ensuing riots in many major cities in India including Mumbai and Delhi.
The mosque was constructed in 1527 by order of Mir Baki, the themn general of the area. The
Babri Mosque was one of the largest mosques in Uttar Pradesh.
Hindus a living proof:
Muslims have been the overlord of this country for almost 800 years. Had we Muslims used any
kind of compulsion, even economic, there wouldn‟t have been a single Hindu left in the country.
Yet, the Hindus of the country accuse us to be barbarians. Out of evry 100 people living in India
more than 80 are Hindus, they are a living proof that we Muslims didn‟t do the job for which
they call us barbaric people. Had we Muslims used our might there wouldn‟t have been a single
temple left in India and yet they accuse us of bringing down a temple which never existed on a
place when the person who never existed was borrn. Yes they call it the “Ram Janam Bhoomi”.
It is the same Ram whose wife was kidnapped and he accumulated a Monkey army (and some
bears) to take on the super powers of the then known world.
Historicity of Rama has been debated for a long. If we base our judgement on the arguments of
both the sides we realise that the argument of those who deny Rama‟s existence are havier. Even
if he existed, one thing is for sure, that the events did not take place as they are mentioned in
various versions of Ramayana. Can any court of law base its judgement on a person whose
existence is debatable. Does this sound logical to you. I would like to ask my hindu brothers how
did Rama reach Sri Lanka when he was actually in the forests of Dandaka and Panchvati which
are on the banks of river Narmada almost 1000 kms away. May be the answers exist but I
couldn‟t find them.
Does it matter:
Even if Rama existed and even if he was born there, does it matter after thousands of years. Does
it matter when we see a structure there for 500 years. Oh no, no no…. it is my God‟s birth place,
he was born there. Okey, let us build a mosque where he was born. Any problem with that. I
want to ask Advani ji (the leader of the group that demolished the Masjid), does he know his
exact birthplace. If yes, I would like to know his fathers exact birth place. And on and on.
All of the sudden Ayodhya becomes Ramjanambhoomi (Rama’s birth place):
By 1900s British rule had been strengthened in India. They were always afraid of the Hindu-
Mulim unity which was visible in the 1857 uprising which was later confirmed at the first
partition of Bengal. The British started spreading rumours that Mughal Emperor Babur had
destroyed a Hindu temple in order to build the Babri Masjid.
Britishers get a tight slap:
Despite the fact that the seed of comunal discort had been sown Hindus and Muslims continued
to live together. Hindus worshipped at the site on the “Ram Chabutra” and Muslims offered the
“Namaz” inside the mosque. This compromise ended only because of Hindus in 1949. (Read
India Gaurds The Masjid a few paragraphs ahead)
Birthplace of Rama:
When the never existing Rama was born we didn‟t have any AIMS and all. Deliveries didn‟t take
place in sophisticated places. I wonder how the Hindus came to know the exact place of his birth.
How did they know that a Mosque was built where he was born? They should thank the Muslims
who kept their Lord‟s birthplace alive. Isn‟t it? The myth is far from reality. There are dozens, if
not hundreds, of Hindu temples in and around Ayodhya claiming to be the birth place of Rama.
Who built the Mosque and what for? Debunking agniveer.
Some protestent Hindu chaps say that the Mosque wasn‟t a mosque. Agniveer writes, “And
the reason is that Babri Masjid is NOT a masjid or mosque in
first place. Because Babur was not a Muslim in first place. He
would long have been stoned to death if he were to live today
in any Muslim country!”. Sorry to say our Mr. Agniveer hasn’t read
any history books. This judgement of his based on the “facts” that
Babur was homosexual. I won’t go into details, and I need not,
because the Mosque was not built by Babur but by Mir Baki. This
becomes apparent from the three inscriptions which once adorned the surface of the
mosque. Mir Baqi was one of the generals of Babur's forces sent towards this region.
Pride of Humanity:
Agmiveer calls the demolition of the masjid “pride for humanity”. He writes in his paper,
“I would appeal to the government to officially declare 6th
December as Hindu-Muslim Unity Day or Day of Pride or
Bravery Day.” Did you notice the wolf in sheep’s clothing. I thought
the killing of Bali, Sugreev’s brother was a bigger pride for Hindus.
Hmm… Yes, the story refers to the incident when Rama killed Bali. This
story is a shame. Hindus try to hide it as much as they can. Rama hid
behind a tree (as the NCERT text books report) ordering Sugreev to
engage in a one on one fight with Bali. Sugreev did this and Rama hit
Bali with an arrow from behind the tree. I think this is the reason
Agniveer writes “Sri Ram – the greatest icon for entire humanit”. Or is it the
incident of Sita’s second exile which makes Rama the greatest icon for entire humanity.
This man Rama was actually a shame. He forced Sita into an exile for second time; she
was not only alone this time but also pregnant. Shame on such people.
Using Agniveer’s logic:
Agniveer say‟s, “The bottom-line however is that even if one proves
that there was no Mandir on this spot or Ram took birth in
some other country, still Babri Masjid would have deserved
outright destruction the moment India got independence. Kar
Sewaks merely did the work that government should have done 45
years ago. (because*) Babur was not a Muslim in first place……..
Babur was a disgrace in name of Islam….” So Mr. Agniveer the actual
bottom-line however is that even if one proves that there was a Mandir
on this spot or ram took birth here, still the Mandir should have
deserved outright destruction the moment India came under the rule
of Muslims.
What is more important? Ram janambhoomi or Ram
Ram Karmabhoomi is the area composing of Rameshwaram, Dhanushkodi, Adam's
Bridge, also known as Rama's Bridge where Rama is believed to have conducted his
fight against Ravana to rescue Sita. I ask the question. What is Ram known for? For his
birth or for his war against Ravana. The question answers itself. What is Ramayan
famous for? Ram‟s birthplace or Ram‟s war. What comes to your mind first when you
hear the word Ramayana? Ram‟s birthday or the Ramayan war.
The Temple and its Demolition:
There is no historical record pointing to the destruction of the temple. To be more
precise there isn‟t even any historical record pointing towards the existence of the Hindu
Temple. The nearest we come is the report by Archeological Survey of
India. The report is invalid because it is politically motivated. Certain evidences
from the Archeological Survey of India (ASI) also rule out a possible Hindu temple
rather than provide evidence for one existing before the mosque was erected. The
contradicting reports show some twisting of stories done. How can we say it was a
Hindu temple when we have no evidence. It could also have been a jain temple and for
that matter any possible structure. It could have been a Mosque also. A mosque built
prior to it. According to Jain Samata Vahini, a social organization of the Jains, "the only
structure that could be found during excavation would be a sixth century Jain temple".
Illogical archeoLOGICAL survey:
DN Jha is one of the authors of “A Historians Report To The Nation On Ayodhya”
published in 1990. The authors claim that early references to Ayodhya in the texts make
no mention of either the town‟s location or “Lord” Ram. In DN Jha‟s inteview to NDTV he
says “As far as Ram‟s association to Ayodhya is concidered, we don‟t have any
records.” He says we get some evidences after later half of 6
century but they also are
not strong enough.
Hindus ignore God’s birth place:
We have an 11
century text called Kritya Kalputaru which was written by the minister
of the Garhwal king ruling the area. This is the time when this temple might have
existed, if at all. This text gives a long list of pilgrim centres but it doesn‟t conciden even
a single temple from Ayodhya. There is no mention of Ayodhya. The excavations show
animal bones in heaps under the layers. How can we expect a mandir to be there.
Tulsiday makes fun of Hindus:
There is no mention of the destruction of the temple in much celebrated work of
Tulsidas named Ram Charitra Manas. And shocking is the fact that was composed
within 30 years of the supposed demolition.
What if there was a Majid prior to Babri Masjid?
The ASI findings revealed graves under the structure which prove beyond any doubt
that it could not have been a place where a hindu temple stood. Actually what it proved
was the fact that it was a muslim settlement. Otherwise why would Mir Baki build a
masjid therein. It can be surmised that some mosque existed on the site and that Babri
was built on the site of another mosque
Anti-Islamic sources support the Muslim stand point:
Richard M Eaton documented instances of destruction of Hindu temples between 1192
and 1790. He doesn‟t include “the grand temple” of Ram in his list.
Pillar Bases - The strongest Hindu argument:
ASI found some pillars which could possibly have been those of the temple and some of
them were even used in building the structure of Babri Masjid. This report was
published by B.B. Lal in 1975 and this report gave boost to the Ram Temple cause.
Sorry to say, the pillars belonged to different periods. They had never existed together.
This suggests that they where only a foreign material brought in to construct a Mosque.
India Gaurds the Masjid:
At midnight on December 22, 1949, when the police guards were asleep, statues of
Rama and Sita were quietly brought into the mosque and erected. This was reported by
the constable, Mata Prasad, the next morning and recorded at the Ayodhya police
station. The FIR lodged by Sub-Inspector Ram Dube, Police Station Ayodhya, on
December 23, 1949 states: "A group of 50-60 persons had entered Babri Mosque after
breaking the compound gate lock of the mosque or through jumping across the walls...
and established therein an idol of Shri Bhagwan and painted Sita Ram, on the outer and
inner walls with geru (red loam)... Afterward, a crowd of 5-6 thousand persons gathered
around and while chanting bhajans and raising religious slogans tried to enter the
mosque but were deferred.” The following morning, a large Hindu crowd attempted to
enter the mosque to make offerings to the deities. The District Magistrate K.K. Nair has
recorded that "The crowd made a most determined attempt to force entry. The lock was
broken and policemen were rushed off their feet. All of us, officers and men, somehow
pushed the crowd back and held the gate. The sadhus recklessly hurled themselves
against men and arms and it was with great difficulty that we managed to hold the gate.
The gate was secured and locked with a powerful lock brought from outside and police
force was strengthened (5:00 pm)."
India Gaurds Ram:
As the above event took place, the Hidus placed Rama‟s statues inside the Mosque.
District Magistrate K.K. Nair refused to remove the idols citing law and order reasons.
Why isn‟t the same applied in Kashmir? This man K.K. Nair later joined Hinu Nationalist
Party, the Hindu Jan Sangh. This proved beyond any doubts what his intentions were.
What happened next:
Despite court orders the Hindu pujaris kept on praying inside the courtyard and this
continues for some time. Even money was collected for building a Ram Mandir at the
place. This fact has been protected in videos.
What can be done when God intervenes?
All of a sudden a video is released showing Rama‟s presence in the Masjid. What a
coincidence? The moment the pujaris bring with them a camera, “Lord” Rama comes to
give a photo session. Imagine God intervening. If he had intervened when his temple
was being demolished there wouldn‟t have been any issues now. This was just to create
a scene by catching fishes. Woohoon…. He is selective. He never appeared in any
court of law. He never appeared to us Muslims. He never gave a statement and the
case would have been solved.
God intervention proves faulty:
It required direct intervention of Mr. Nayar to get Rama to the place.
In his cross examination the Vishva Hindu Parishad leader had to
accept at last that he wont talk about it because government can
arrest him. He said he had a dream in which Rama came down while
the videos released potrayed him seeing Rama coming down. He
claimed he kept the idols inside while in the video he claimed that the
idols were kept by Rama himself. In cross examination he said he
organised the poojas afterwards, while in the video he claimed he was
asleep and others did the poojas. In crossexamination he says him
“tapsya” made Rama come. In the video he claims Rama had already
come and he later saw him and when he came into conciousness he
saw the doors open.
The Liberal Atal Bihari Gives a Speech 12 hrs before the
There are some curious words that are open to interpretation. "TheSupreme Court has
allowed bhajan-kirtan. One man cannot perform bhajan alone. And many people need
to gather for kirtan. And kirtan cannot be performed standing up. How long can we
stand?" Now comes the extraordinary punchline: "Sharp stones are emerging from the
ground. No one can sit on them. The ground has to be levelled (Zameen ko samtal
karna padega)." Vajpayee goes along with the mood of the crowd. "I have heard that
because of the excitement of the karsevaks and because of the large crowds already
at Ayodhya, it has been difficult for many to even walk in Ayodhya." Then he adds: "I
have been instructed not to visit Ayodhya and I shall abide by this. I have no wish to
visit the court and get tried in any case. The court has also decided to give their verdict
on 11 December (1992). I shall not criticise the court."
India Gauds The Demolition:
Babri Masjid was demolished on 6
of December by Hindu Karsevaks. On 6
December 1992, the BJP and other supporting organizations organised a religious
ceremony to symbolically start the building of a temple at the sacred site. A crowd of
about 150,000 people had assembled to witness the ceremonies, including speeches by
BJP leaders L. K. Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi. I want to know how many of us
Muslims and the Hindus knew about this issue before the politicians highlighted so as to
get the 80% of vote bank.
India Gauds it again:
Supreme Court had prohibited any gathering near the disputed area. The ruling
politicians knew very well that they had the supreme court backing, They could have
easily stopped the gathering like they stop it these days in Kashmir. But they think, if we
stop we may loose votes. So they let the gathering take place.
Lathi Charge on the Masjid:
Reports have it that spontaneously Kar Sevaks gathered there. Spontaneously people
rushed to the site. Spontaneously they attacked the Masjid (by lathis and trishuls). And
spontaneously it came down. All this, spontaneously. A structure comes down by
stricking it with lathis. You know Greek god‟s and Biblical Samson couldn‟t do anything
like this. How can we get down a structure with trishuls and lathis. Why are we wasting
our money on controlled demolition? Comeon lathis and trishuls will do it.
Mosque kisses the Ground:
Many satellite TV channels recorded the demolition and many videos are still available.
They had planted explosives to bring down the structure. You don‟t have to be a military
expert you can see it with your eyes.
Preplanned Demolition:
It was all preplanned. Explosives brought down the structure, can trishuls and lathis do
it. In a 2005 book former Intelligence Bureau (IB) Joint Director Maloy Krishna Dhar
claimed that Babri Masjid demolition was planned 10 months in advance by top leaders
of RSS, BJP and VHP and raised questions over the way the then Prime Minister P V
Narasimha Rao, had handled the issue. Dhar claimed that he was directed to arrange
the coverage of a key meeting of the BJP/Sangh Parivar and that the meeting "proved
beyond doubt that they (RSS, BJP, VHP) had drawn up the blueprint of the Hindutva
assault in the coming months and choreographed the „pralaya nritya‟ (dance of
destruction) at Ayodhya in December 1992... The RSS, BJP, VHP and the Bajrang Dal
leaders present in the meeting amply agreed to work in a well-orchestrated manner."
Claiming that the tapes of the meeting were personally handed over by him to his boss,
he asserts that he has no doubts that his boss had shared the contents with the Prime
Minister (Rao) and the Home Minister (S B Chavan). The author claimed that there was
silent agreement that Ayodhya offered "a unique opportunity to take the Hindutva wave
to the peak for deriving political benefit."
The Liberhan Commission satated about the demolition:
“The preparation was accomplished with phenomenal secrecy, was technically
flawless with consistency and assured results.... The theme was power. It
attracted clusters of young men to support the hidden agenda. Leaders know
how passions are aroused and how to prevent the same; they however always
see what would be beneficial to them rather than what would be good for the
nation. This is what happened in Ayodhya.”

Investigating what is already known:
On 16
December 1992, Liberhan Commision was to investigate the destruction of
Mosque. It was headed by a retired judge M.S. Liberhan.
A tight slap on India’s face:
According to this report the events that took place in Ayodhya were “neither
spontaneous nor unplanned”.
Hindutva Unveiled:
The Liberhan report indicated that top Bharitiya Janta Party leaders were actively
involved in the meticulous planning of the demolition of the mosque.
L.K. Advani and Atal Bihari Vajapyee:
The report held 68 people culpable including L.K. Advani and A.B. Vajpayee. The report
accused the RSS of being the chief architect of the demolition and names it as the core
of Sangh Parivar. Justice M S Liberhan termed Atal Behari Vajpayee, L K Advani, Murli
Manohar Joshi as pseudo-moderates, pretending to keep a distance from the Ram
Janmabhoomi campaign when they were actually aware of the whole conspiracy
Who killed Whom?
After the demolition there where riots throughout the country. Who is to be blamed?
Hindus. Majority killed where Muslims. These were the largest riots that took place in
India after partition. You still call Hindus innocent. Innocent. Give me a break. In
Bombay the number of Mulims killed was more than the the number of Muslims that
died at partiton.
India Gaurds the Muslims:
The police, if they wanted, could have easily prevented the riots. With the backing of the
CRPF and Military they could have easily done it. They do it in Kashmir but the rules
don‟t apply when Hindus are the revolutionaries. Most of the policement were silent
Librehan Commision Report:
Kalyan Singh, who was the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh during the mosque‟s
demolition, has come in for harsh criticism in the report. He is accused of posting
bureaucrats and police officers who would stay silent during the mosque‟s demolition in
Ayodhya. Indicting the BJP government in Uttar Pradesh, the one-man commission said
in its report: "Kalyan Singh's government was the essential component needed by the
Sangh Parivar for its purposes. Kalyan Singh lived up to the expectations of the
Justice Sri Krishna pleases Muslims:
Later the government appointed a commision to please the Muslims.
Justice Sri Krishna was a devoted muslim but an upright judge also.
Sri Krishna commision publishes the reports favouring the Muslim side.
It did not go down the throat of the government. Justice Sri Krishna
had individually visited more than 20 police stations, questions
hundreds of policemen and politicians. He did a lot of research which is
immpossible for me to mention here. You can guess the deapth of his
research by reading the book “Damning Verdict” in which he published
his verdict. It is a 300 page book (the pdf which I have).
The Blood Bath:
On 12 March 1993, there was a series of 13 bomb blasts in Bombay.
Justice Sri Krishna said it was not meticulously planned but it was a
retaliation. See the difference, it was not done by main street muslims
but by Muslims “underworld” as Indian reports tell us. Compare this
with the killing of more than 1500 innocent Muslims in the streets of
Who is to be blamed:
The chain of events makes one realise that it was the Kar sevaks
which catalysed the whole drama. The demolition was a just a start of
what was planned to happen. Prevention is better than cure. If the BJP
would not have used Babri Masjid as a trump card in politica the
killinmgs would not have taken place.
Muslim Terrorists:
Stop the wrong done to the people. Go to the root cause. Stop the
injustice. Redress the wrongs done to a particular community. That’s
how Muslims become terrorists. Kashmiris are denied rights they turn
to weapons. Palestinians are denied rights they turn to weapons. On
and on and on. When we the victims seize to be the victims you call us
The Second Blood Bath:
At least 58 people were killed in Godhra, Gujrat, in an attack on a train
believed to be carrying Hindu volunteers from Ayodhya.
Even more Blood Bath:
Riots followed in the state and over 3000 people died mostly Muslims.
Muslims are Slapped:
Supreme Court of India orders splitting the site into three parts. 2/3

goes to Hindus and 1/3
goes to Muslims.
Forget that we slapped you:
Manmohan Singh, the prime minister, makes as appel to people.
“…maintain peace and tranquility…”
The Solution:
We are a poultry population living in India. Muslims are persecuted.
The war is not to be fought on ground but this time it has to be more
intellectual. Join hands and write to World Organisations. Gather
support fromevery nook and corner. Remind Hindus of what they did.
Don’t let the thirst quench. If you can’t do anything, let Exploring Faith
Organisation do it for you. Sign the petition by liking the page
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