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It’s About Rock Solid Infrastructure
The number of network-dependent applications continues to increase as organizations switch to IP-
based systems, such as Voice over IP, RFID or IP security cameras. These additional devices, along
with a growing IP infrastructure, put a strain on network services. Much of this strain is placed on an
organization’s DNS and DHCP infrastructure, which must now handle the name and IP assignment for
this growing network. Given the importance of these new IP-enabled devices, organizations need
to ensure that their IP infrastructure, and in particular DNS and DHCP, is robust enough to deliver
continuous uptime and performance to meet the growing demands of the organization. Organizations
need to invest in a DNS and DHCP infrastructure that can meet these demands while providing
continuous services, ensuring that their business is always up and running.
Adonis DNS/DHCP Appliance™
BlueCat’s award winning Adonis DNS/DHCP Appliances provide organizations with an enterprise-class
DNS and DHCP solution. Purpose-built to provide the highest level of availability and performance,
BlueCat’s Adonis appliances provide organizations with a powerful and robust DNS and DHCP solution
combined with an intuitive management interface to simplify DNS and DHCP management. Available
as both a physical and virtual appliance, BlueCat allows organizations to choose the appliance that is
most appropriate for their environment.
Comprehensive DNS and Powerful DHCP
All organizations have come to depend on DNS and DHCP for successful business operations, however
few have invested in an enterprise solution for either service. DNS and DHCP are often run on open-
source software or as part of a bundled solution with an existing server. While these solutions provide
basic functionality, they do little to provide organizations with a true enterprise-class DNS and DHCP
Powerful DNS That’s Easy to Manage •
Adonis’ flexibility ensures that it can be implemented into any DNS architecture to augment or
replace an organization’s existing DNS deployment. With advanced features like DNS views,
Transaction Signatures (TSIG) for authenticated updates and zone transfers, Anycast support for DNS
redundancy, and automatic reverse record generation, Adonis provides the functionality to meet the
DNS demands of any organization.
Comprehensive DHCP That Simplifies Administration •
With the ability to manage multiple DHCP servers from a single interface, Adonis provides a
comprehensive view into an organization’s DHCP infrastructure. Adonis’ DHCP Failover support
allows organizations to provide true DHCP redundancy and deploy a robust DHCP architecture that is
resilient to failure. Advanced features, such as class matching, vendor options and MAC authentication,
provide the functionality needed to meet the addressing demands of any organization.
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Information Security Magazine
Management Made Simple
Adonis’ centralized management, with delegated access controls,
provides administrators across the organization the ability to modify DNS
and DHCP. Using wizard-driven setups and deployment guides, Adonis
directs users through difficult DNS and DHCP configuration changes
to simplify administration. Automatic detection of configuration errors
before deployment, coupled with undo and redo capabilities, provide
the ability to delegate access control with the confidence that errors
can be detected before they are deployed, providing a DNS and DHCP
management interface that even novice users can use.
Reliable DNS and DHCP Services
Given the critical nature of DNS and DHCP services, organizations cannot
tolerate a system outage. In order to safeguard against potential service
outages, Adonis provides extensive failover, high availability and disaster
recovery features. Adonis’ high availability allows organizations to cluster
multiple DNS/DHCP appliances together to protect against a single
system failure. Adonis also supports DHCP failover and Anycast for DNS
to provide service level load balancing and failover support. Combining
these measures gives organizations a robust DNS and DHCP solution that
shields against costly network down time and service disruption.
Purpose-built for Security, Security, Security
The purpose-built Adonis appliance uses a hardened operating system,
developed by BlueCat Networks. The operating system includes a built-
in firewall and additional security modifications to ensure the most
secure operating environment for DNS and DHCP. In addition to system-
level security, BlueCat also provides application-level security for both
DNS and DHCP. DNS runs in a jailed environment, and both DNS and
DHCP come pre-set with strong defaults for added security. Additional
security features, such as Transaction Signatures (TSIG) for DNS data
authentication and ACLs for DNS and DHCP service limitation, provide
organizations with the ability to enhance security for their mission-critical
DNS and DHCP services.
Voice over IP and Active Directory Support
Adonis allows organizations to speed the deployment of Voice over IP. In
addition to providing advanced DHCP support for common vendor and
device classes, Adonis includes an integrated TFTP server, for distribution
and management of VoIP end points, and an integrated NTP server, for
network clock synchronization.
BlueCat Networks is a Microsoft certified partner in Advanced Infrastructure
for Active Directory. The Adonis Management Console’s Active Directory
Wizard simplifies the process of integrating DNS services with Microsoft
Active Directory®, allowing AD servers to dynamically register required
zones and records.
DNS/DHCP Appliance
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BlueCat’s Adonis DNS/DHCP appliances provide
organizations with a complete DNS and DHCP
solution. Combining BlueCat’s own secure
operating system with BlueCat’s enterprise
DNS and DHCP service applications, where all
software, patches and updates are handled
by BlueCat Networks, Adonis removes the
need for administrators to install and maintain
additional software or operating systems, saving
administrative time and effort. In addition to
this, Adonis also provides optional IPMI support
for out-of-band management in most models,
allowing administrators to access the system
remotely in case of a network or power failure.


BlueCat’s Adonis DNS/DHCP virtual appliances
are based on BlueCat’s award-winning physical
appliances. Combining BlueCat’s secure
operating system, along with enterprise-level
DNS and DHCP services, provides customers with
a virtual appliance that can be easily deployed
and maintained. Virtualization allows companies
to lower operational costs by consolidating
services, whether in the datacenter or at the
branch office, reducing hardware footprint and
lowering energy consumption. Organizations
will now be able to rapidly provision DNS and
DHCP for capacity handling, as well as relocate
services from one server to another for enhanced
disaster recovery support – all without having to
install any additional physical systems.
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