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Specifc sources of funding for

educational research
Arts Councils
The Scottish Arts Council, the Arts Council of
England, Arts Wales, and the Arts Council of
Northern Ireland
Man small grants and bursaries that a"ailable to
arts/education pro#ects o$ered on a rolling basis.
Arts and Humanities Research Council"er"iew/resea
&he '()*+s )esearch programme supports post-
doctoral research in higher education institutions
throughout the ,-. &he programme has two strands:
)esponsi"e-mode .chemes and .trategic /nitiati"es.
The Association of Commonwealth ni!ersities
&hrough the pro"ision of .cholarships and 1ellowships2
the '*, demonstrates its commitment ear on ear to
increasing sta$ and student mobilit and institution-
building throughout the *ommonwealth and beond.
The "ritish Academ#
3rants are a"ailable to support primar research in the
humanities and social sciences. 'pplications are not
considered for less than 4566 and the maximum grant is
472566 o"er two ears. 'pplications for collaborati"e or
indi"idual pro#ects are e7uall welcome under this
scheme. 'pplications from international groups of
scholars are welcome2 pro"ided there is a ,--based
scholar as lead applicant.
"ritish Educational Research Association
89)' supports educational research through a number
of strategies2 including publications2 training and
de"elopment of researchers2 and partnerships with
other organisations.
&his page lists information about the 8rian .imon
9ducational )esearch 1ellowship and the :issertation
Calouste $ul%en&ian 'oundation
&he 1oundation supports research into arts2 education2
social welfare and 'nglo-;ortuguese cultural relations
and also fa"ours those which take place outside <ondon.
&o see current priorities for the four grant programmes
please click on the rele"ant links. &here is a limit of
4162666 per application.
The Centre for "ritish Teachers Educational Trust
&he *18& has an =e"idence for education+ programme:"idenceforeducation/
&his programme focuses on in"estment in educational
research and de"elopment pro#ects that help to inform
educational polic and practice2 in particular:
• ;ro"ision of schooling
• 1ocus on disad"antage
• Managing and deli"ering e$ecti"e learning and
• *ommunication2 language and multilingualism
(epartment for Children, Schools and 'amilies
1unding a"ailable through competiti"e tendering
process and commissioned work for education research
in general2 co"ered b the department+s current aims
and ob#ecti"es. /n particular:
• Moti"ation for participation and success in education
• /mpro"ing outcomes for di$erent groups in education
• /mpact of di$erent forms of education on indi"iduals
and econom
Economic ) Social Research Council*/nfo*entre/index%academic.
9.)* o$ers funding to new and established researchers
across a wide range of social science sub#ects. 1unding
initiati"es include postgraduate training2 postdoctoral
fellowships and centres competitions.
Esm*e 'air%airn 'oundation
9sm>e 1airbairn 1oundation is one of the largest
independent grant-making foundations in the ,-.
Grants are made to organisations which aim to impro"e
the 7ualit of life for people and communities in the ,-2
both now and in the future. &he 1oundation likes to
consider work which others ma ?nd hard to fund2
perhaps because it breaks new ground2 appears too
risk2 re7uires core funding2 or needs a more unusual
form of ?nancial help such as a loan. &he 1oundation+s
9ducation programme co"ers two broad areas of
interest: new approaches to education and hard-to-reach
9urodesk is a 9urope wide network pro"iding
information on 9, funding and mobilit opportunities
for oung people and those who work with them. &he
:irectorate 3eneral 9ducation and *ulture of the
9uropean *ommission has supported the piloting of
9urodesk and its subse7uent de"elopment into a
9uropean @etwork within the framework of the Aouth
for 9urope programme.
The European 'oundation Centre
&he 9uropean 1oundation *entre is an international
association of foundations and corporate funders
dedicated to creating an enabling legal and ?scal
en"ironment for foundations2 documenting the
foundation landscape2 strengthening the infrastructure
of the sector2 and promoting collaboration2 both among
foundations and between foundations and other actors2
to ad"ance the public good in 9urope and beond.
&he 91* pro"ides its members with original research on
foundations in the 9,2 and across the globe2 and collects
and interprets information and knowledge on the work
of foundations and corporate funding bodies.
The $ats%# Charita%le 'oundation
3rants for charitable acti"it which makes life better for
people2 especiall those who are disad"antaged. 3rant
categories include science and engineering education
and disad"antaged children.
The Heritage +otter# 'und
&he (eritage <otter 1und uses mone form the
@ational <otter to pro"ide grants to support a wide
range of pro#ects that open up the nation+s heritage for
e"erone to en#o.
&he (eritage 3rants programme2 support applications
for pro#ects o"er 4562666. /t is designed to support
pro#ects that Bconser"e and enhance our di"erse
heritage or encourage more people to be in"ol"ed in
their heritage or both. ;ro#ects should also make sure
that e"erone can learn about2 ha"e access to and en#o
their heritage.C
,oint Information S#stems Committee
D/.* funds pro#ects2 ser"ices2 de"elopments and
infrastructure. Most of these initiati"es originate from a
successful response to a circular or tender2 in"iting
organisations to bid for funding.
The ,oseph Rowntree 'oundation
&he D)1 seeks solutions to social problems and o$ers
intermittent funding opportunities.
The +e!erhulme Trust
&he &rust makes awards for the support of research and
educationE it emphasises indi"iduals and encompasses
all sub#ect areas. &he &rustees place special weight on
the originalit of the pro#ects put to themE the
signi?cance of the proposed workE the abilit to #udge
and take appropriate risk in the pro#ectE the remo"al of
barriers between traditional disciplines.
1ollow the link abo"e for a hand summar table of the
academic ear with rele"ant closing dates for grants and
awards o$ered b the &rust. *licking on the rele"ant
links will take ou to the particular award.
&he <ifelong <earning 1oundation
&he 1oundation supports original research into lifelong
learning2 co"ering all ma#or tpes and contexts of
learning: formal and informal2 "ocational2 institutional2
communit and famil-oriented. /t onl funds =pro#ects+2
not organisations or indi"iduals.
The Nuffield Foundation
*urrent supported work prioritises areas in which
inFuence on polic and practice can be brought to bear.
&here are four ke areas at the moment:
• 9ducation 1G-1H
• .peech and language di$iculties
• 'ssessment
• *urriculum polic and practice
@u$ield support a range of di$erent kinds of acti"ities
in these areas: research2 inter"ention studies2
de"elopment pro#ects2 re"iews2 seminars2 capacit
building and practical work.
The Spencer 'oundation
&he .pencer 1oundation is committed to supporting
high-7ualit in"estigation of education through its
research programs and to strengthening and renewing
the educational research communit through its
fellowship and training programs and related acti"ities.
&he )esearch 3rants programme accepts applications
that ?t within one or more of four areas of in7uir:
The Relation between Education and Social Opportunity
Organizational Learning in Schools, School Systems,
and Higher Education Institutions;
Teaching, Learning, and Instructional Resources;
urposes and !alues o" Education#
/n addition to proposals in these de?ned areas2 the
foundation accepts ?eld-initiated proposals outside
these areas.
Staff and Educational Development Association
.9:' is the professional association for sta$ and
educational de"elopers in the ,-2 promoting inno"ation
and good practice in higher education.
.9:'+s acti"ities are clustered into ?"e main areas:
professional de"elopmentE conferences and e"ents2
publications2 research and ser"ices to members.
.9:' also in"ites proposals for .9:' 'wards to support
the costs of de"elopment-related acti"it which
examines how is underpinned b good educational
research and principles.
9ducational de"elopment is taken in a wide sense to
mean the support for change in higher education2
including e-learning2 (9 in 192 supporting di"ersit and
de"eloping and implementing learning and teaching
The Sutton Trust
The Sutton Trust funds projects that provide educational opportunities for oung
people from non!privileged backgrounds. The onl fund organisations" not
individuals" and current priorities are:
• #esearch into alternative methods of assessment" in particular those that test
aptitude/abilit rather than educational e$perience
• %ualitative research into the e$periences of under!represented groups in &'" and
those involved in the application process such as teachers and staff
• School and universit selection policies
• (niversit intake and benchmarks
• )ractical impact evaluation of schemes and polic investigation
• 'arl *ears +0!,- looking at the stimulation of earl mental development
The Wellcome Trust,./8.html
&he Kellcome &rust+s education programme promotes
contemporar# science in the curriculum and supports
teachers in the deli"er of high-.ualit# stimulating
science education/