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Switch: VLANs

Spanning Tree
Seminar 5
Virtual networks – VLANs
Traffic separation on Data link layer (L2)
Software separation of broadcast domains
Ethernet frames are not transmitted between VLANs
Seeral lo!ically separated networks
"nterconnectin! more switches by Tr#nk ports
There is the information added to the frame header tellin!
which VLAN the frame belon!s to$ (problem with ma%$ si&e of
the frame)
VLAN topology analysis
2 VLANs connected to the switch S'( with
no VLAN confi!#ration
VLAN topology analysis
ex" – L# e$ui%" topology
2 VLANs connected to the switch S'( with
no VLAN confi!#ration
VLANs are #seless here) beca#se the frames will be mi%ed
on switch S'( anyway
VLAN topology analysis
example !
VLAN topology analysis
ex" ! – L# e$ui%" topology
VLAN topology analysis
example #
VLAN topology analysis
ex" # – L# e$ui%" topology
Assignment – '(S exam
"n the pict#re there is a network scheme which consists
of irt#al LANs (VLANs) named as V() V2 etc$ The
n#mbers with slashes stand for port n#mbers to which
the lines are connected (in the form* mod#le+port)$ Draw
e,#ialent L- topolo!y of the network (how it appears
to -$ layer of .S" model)$ Switches of e,#ialent L-
topolo!y representin! the ports belon!in! to VLAN/ on
switch 0 from real topolo!y mark as S' 0+/$ Draw tr#nk
links dashed$ 'rite down to the pict#re also the port
n#mbers of switches from the ori!inal topolo!y$ (it is
possible to write 1#st port n#mbers witho#t prefi% 23+2)
port n#mber of tr#nk link can appear m#ltiple times for
sin!le VLANs)$ 4se predrawed scheme$ "!nore #n#sed
items+VLANs) sketch in missin! ones$
Assignment – '(S exam
VLANs an) Cisco !*5+
VLAN names database (confi!#ration mode)
vtp mode transparent own VLAN names on switch
vlan <number>
name <name> 5 namin! VLAN
Assi!nin! port to VLAN (confi!#ration mode)
inter,ace ,astethernet+-
switchport mo)e access
switchport access %lan <number> 5 port in VLAN
Tr#nk port settin! (confi!#ration mode)
inter,ace ,astethernet+-.
switchport mo)e trunk 5 tr#nk port actiation
switchport trunk allowe) %lan /a)) 0 except 0
none 0 remo%e1 %lan2list
Definin! allowed VLANs (lan6list) on tr#nk link
VLANs an) Cisco !*5+
List of e%istin! VLANs (priile!ed mode)
show vlan [id <number>]
7rintin! the confi!#ration of specific interface
show running2con,ig inter,ace ,astethernet+-
show inter,aces ,astethernet+- switchport
Deletin! VLANs (at the end of the seminar)
no vlan <number> 6 deletin! one VLAN (confi! mode)
delete vlan.dat – deletin! VLAN database (priile!ed
Spanning Tree in VLAN
3xample o, usage ST' with VLANs
Let2s hae 2 VLANs
Eery ST7 has its own path in normal circ#mstances
7ath costs and root brid!es are set for each VLAN
8ed#ndand path is #sed in the case of line fail#re
Spanning tree an) VLANs on
Cisco !*5+
9han!in! the priority of the switch (confi!#ration mode)
spanning2tree %lan 4%lan2i)5 priority 4p5
The smaller p is) the hi!her priority is) don2t #se 3 (: it m#stn2t be
a root)
Settin! Spannin! Tree on port (confi!#ration mode)
inter,ace ,astethernet+-
spanning2tree %lan 4%lan2i)5 port2priority 4p5 (port is Tr#nk)
spanning2tree %lan 4%lan2i)5 cost 4cost5 (port is Tr#nk)
;indin! the state of Spannin! Tree (priile!ed mode)
show spanning-tree vlan <vlan-id>
5 state of Spannin! Tree protocol for VLAN
show spanning2tree acti%e
6 state of Spannin! Tree protocol on actie interfaces
Task – Spanning Tree an)
"nterconnect three switches to the trian!le
topolo!y #sin! tr#nk links
9reate VLAN2 and VLAN- on all switches
vtp mode transparent
9onnect two 79s to two switches (2 79s to each
switch) 5 one to VLAN2) second to VLAN-)
Ens#re that the switch with no 79 connected is a
root brid!e$
<y confi!#rin! port costs make s#re that ST7
doesn2t block the same port for VLAN2 and VLAN-
Draw the topolo!y for both VLANs and check the