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14 Compressor extraction air processing system
The compressor extraction air processing system is a separate skid for processing air, on which the
extracted compressor discharge air will go through a process of reducing temperature and pressure and
removing moisture in order to provide the back-blowing system (i.e. self-cleaning system) for the inlet
air filters with proper air to carry out on-line cleaning . For the detailed operating principle of the system
see ! "#$% &'()T*(! +,- ././)+ -'01,T/' 2/,+*,&.
3.14.1 (perating principle
The purposes of using the extracted compressed air from the compressor of the gas turbine as the main
back-blowing gas supply are as follows3
'onveniently obtaining the filtered clean gas,
*eliably insuring the pressure of the back-blowing gas,
,nd improving the reliability of the system.
0owever, since the compressor discharge air is of relatively high temperature and pressure, it is
necessary to reduce its temperature and pressure, causing the air parameters to meet the re4uirements of
inlet air filters. 2uring the process of reducing temperature the water vapor in the pressuri5ed air will
condense to generate moisture, which is not acceptable for the inlet air filter cartridge, so it is necessary
to carry out drying process for removing moisture. For this reason, on the air processing skid a finned
tube cooler is provided to achieve convective heat exchange between the extracted pressuri5ed air and
the atmospheric air and thus reduce the inside air temperature . , pressure regulator valve 6.*78 is used
to regulate the air pressure, and a set of dual air driers which allows automatically changeover is used to
dry the air, reaching the purpose of moisture removal.
3.14.2 -ystem layout
The air processing skid is an independent system. The customer may locate it in a proper place according
to the site condition. , stream of compressor discharge air is piped via a filter to the outlet flange on the
turbine base side face. The piping connection from the unit outlet flange to the inlet flange on the air
processing skid should be done on site by the customer. The pressuri5ed air passes through the finned
tube cooler, the pressure regulator valve and the air drier se4uentially. ,lso, the customer should
complete the piping connection from the outlet flange on the air processing skid to the inlet flange of the
back-blowing air for the inlet air filters. (see ! "#8$ &/)!1T -9-T1 ,)2 1:0,;-T -9-T1
F!(< 2/,+*,&)
/n order to drain the condensed water, an ad=ustable intermittent drain valve is located after the finned
tube cooler. /ts opening and closing actions are controlled by a solenoid valve.
3.14.3 -ystem control
The air processing skid is e4uipped with a local control box. The >>"6 power source from '' is
divided into two circuits3 one circuit directly sent to the controller of the air driers, the other circuit used
for the solenoid valve to control the drain.
The air driers have its own controller to achieve the automatic changeover of the dual air driers and the
other functions. The details are given in the instruction of the product provided by the manufacturer.
The opening or closing action of the solenoid valve for drain control is controlled by a timing relay
mounted in the local control box. -uch timing relay is ad=ustable, and the customer may carry out the
ad=ustment of the open and close times according to the actual draining condition of the drain valve. For
details see ! ?%8>$ &'()T*(! @(: F(* ,/* .*('1--/)+ -A/2&.