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What is ERP?

Oracle EBS:







Enterprise Resource Planing & Oracle
Oracle in ERP:



JD Edwards


Oracle HRMS Modules

Core HR

Self Service HR (SSHR)

Approvals Management (AME)

Asence Management

Oracle !ime and "aour (O!")

Oracle "earning Management (O"M)


Performance Management

Oracle Advanced #enefits (OA#)

Compensation $or% #enc& (C$#)


HR Anal'tics
Core Human Capital Management
• (efining Emplo'ees)
• Creating *ser)
• (efining Organi+ation and Hierarc&ies
• Creating ,os- .rades- Positions)
• Assigning to emplo'ees)
• (efining Responsiilities to a user)
• (efining Securit')
Self Service HR (SSHR)
Manager SS
Emplo'ee SS
• Appraisals
• "eave Management
• Personal /nformation
• Professional /nformation
• Candidate Offers
• Suitailit' Matc&ing
• Succession Planning
• Emplo'ee Histories
• Emplo'ee (irector'
• Appl' for an internal 0o
• Personali+ation
Emplo'ee Self Service
• Re1uesting emplo'ee status c&anges)
• Running managerial reports)
• Assigning delegates)
• .enerating a grap&ic organi+ational c&arts)
• Revie2ing 0os and 0o competencies in an organi+ation)
• Performing a gap anal'sis of emplo'ee and 0o competencies)
• Entering emplo'ee competenc' information)
• Revie2ing emplo'ee profiles)
• Revie2ing emplo'ee information- suc& as name and address- time entr'-
emergenc' contacts- paid time off alances- and s%ill competencies)
• Personali+ation
• Approvals
Manager Self Service
Oracle Asence Management
"eave Appl'
"eave Approval

Custom #usiness Rules

Carr' 4or2ard
Approvals Management (AME)
• Administrator (as&oard for ease of maintenance of AME run6time 
• #usiness Anal'st (as&oard providing an eas' to use- non tec&nical- launc& point for approval
rule definition 
• !est $or%enc& &elping to ensure validit' of approval policies 
• "ittle or no coding re1uired 2&en defining approval policies 
• 4le7ile frame2or% allo2ing for t&e &andling of custom &ierarc&ies or approver determination 
• !ig&tl' integrated 2it& $or%flo2 (irector' Services 
• E7tensive AP/s provided for o2n product integrations 
• Man' approval patterns provided out of t&e o7
Some of t&e E#S product modules integrated 2it& AME include8 6
• HRMS Self Service
• iRecruitment
• /nternet E7penses
• iProcurement
• Accounts Receivale
• Accounts Pa'ale
• Partner Management
• 9uoting
• /nternal Controls Manager
Oracle !ime and "aour (O!")
Complete Automated !ime Management Solution
Enter !ime an' 2&ere an' time
Ma%e !ime Entr' Eas' 2it& !emplates
Mass Edit
Configurale (ata :alidations and Approvals
Searc& !ime Card Histor'
Streamline Approval Process
Approvals via $or%flo2
Mass Approvals
.rap&ical (as&oards
Configurale #usiness Message
Entr' "evel :alidation (!ime Entr' Rules)
Retro !ime Entr'
Multi Org Support
C&ange and "ate Audit
Audit !rail Report
S&ifts - $or% plans and Rotation Plans
Earnings Polic' Management
/ntegration 2it& HR- Pa'roll- Pro0ects- iE7penses- EAM)
Oracle "earning Management (O"M)
"everage t&e Oracle e6 #usiness Suite to plan- deliver- and trac% learning
Competenc' management automation and integration
"earning pat&s and learning certifications
Course and class evaluations
Mandator' enrollment
On6line content management and assessment aut&oring
Collaoration via forums- c&ats- and 2e conferencing(add6on)
Administrative role6ased access control of t&e unified catalog
4le7ile resource management- including a dedicated instructor user interface
• Provide Eas'6to6*se 4unctionalit' for t&e ,o See%ers
• Manage t&e Recruitment Process for Hiring Managers and Recruiters
• /nvite and Manage Emplo'ee Referrals
• Sc&edule and Manage t&e /ntervie2 Process
• Effective Applicant Engagement
• !rac% Recruitment Activit'
• Automate t&e Entire ,o Offer Process
• .loal Support
• Oracle Configurale End6*ser Environment
• /ntegration 2it& t&e Oracle E6#usiness Suite and !&ird Part' Applications
Oracle Performance Management

• Manage Performance from #oardroom Strategies to /ndividual $or%ers
• !rac% O0ectives !&roug&out t&e ;ear
• Cascade O0ectives
• :ie2 Alignment of O0ectives
• Perform On6line Appraisals to Streamline Performance Management
• Otain 4eedac% 4rom Multiple Participants
• (esign Custom 9uestionnaires to Augment Appraisals
• Reporting and Anal'sis
• Manage Appraisals Off6line
• /ntegration 2it& ot&er !alent Management Products
Oracle Advanced #enefits (OA#)

Compensation $or% #enc& (C$#)

A2ard multiple t'pes of compensation to groups of emplo'ees at one time
Re2ard emplo'ees eit&er on a focal or anniversar' t'pe asis or ot& at one time
/ntuitive- configurale- user interface t&at minimi+es training costs and encourages earl'
/ntegration 2it& MS E7cel comines des%top productivit' 2it& enterprise compensation
#udgets can e rolled do2n t&e management &ierarc&'- automaticall' set using target
amounts- or modeled and set ' an administrator
Configurale approvals process
Supports full time- part time- &ourl' and salaried emplo'ees
E7tensive Audit Reporting
<=> criteria t'pes to determine eligiilit'
(efine conditional messages and comple7 calculations
Easil' s2itc& et2een different currencies and groups of emplo'ees
Create total compensation statements for emplo'ees
Payroll Cont…
•Rules6#ased Pa'roll Solution
•/nnovative Compensation Plans
•E7tensile- Efficient Administration
•!rusted Accurac' and Securit'
•Controlled Pa'roll Costs
•Multinational Support
•Paperless Pa'roll Processing
•Continuous Calculation Engine
•Retroactive Processing
•Complete Pa'ment Histor'
HR Analytics

!ime and "aor Anal'tics

Pa'roll Anal'tics

$or%force .ains and "osses

HR Performance Anal'tics

Operations Anal'tics

Compensation Anal'tics

"earning Management Anal'tics

"eave and Asence Anal'tics

Recruiting Anal'tics

Proactive /ntelligence

!alent Management Anal'sis
• Conversions ? Convert 'our e7isting data in to t&e Oracle HRMS S'stem
• /nterface et2een t&e Oracle HRMS modules
• /nterface 2it& ot&er Oracle E#S modules
• /nterface 2it& !&ird Part' Applications
• Reports
• E7tensions
• $or%flo2 Customi+ation
/nterfaces and Conversions
Oracle E#S E7pertise